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Smileie Review

Monday, June 17th

2024 Invisible Braces Reviews

Smileie Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Starting at $699
  • Day or nighttime aligners options
  • 4-6 month treatment period
  • Free shipping
  • HSA and FSA-eligible
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Fabulous customer reviews
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Smileie (we assume is pronounced like "smiley" ) has offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, New Zealand, Italy, and Sweden. The company is only a couple years old and some of their markets have only been operating for a few months. The company aims to make direct-to-consumer invisible braces as easy and affordable as possible. Articles about Smileie have been published by Buyers Guide, Invisible Braces, Smile Prep, Aligners, Dentaly, and New Mouth.

Full at-home process

If you're already familiar with at-home dental aligners, the process at Smileie will be comfortable to you. First, you'll receive an impression kit with detailed instructions on how to make a mold of your teeth from home that will take about 20 minutes. It will come with a return shipping label you can use to send back your impressions to Smileie's headquarters. They will make a 3D treatment plan for you to view before moving forward.

See changes in 6-8 weeks

Through the Smileie patient portal, you can track your entire journey and be able to approve the plan created just for you. They'll get to work making your aligners and then they'll be delivered to your home. An average treatment takes 4-6 months to completion, but you'll likely see results in just 6-8 weeks. After you've completed the length of time you need to wear aligners, Smileie will send you retainers that should be worn every night to maintain your new smile.

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Single or dual arch options

If you don't want to commit to buying the whole treatment plan right away, you could just get the impression kit and treatment plan for $49.99. As far as aligners go, there are 4 options depending on your needs and lifestyle. For day-time single arch aligners, the cost is $699. All plans include the impression kit, 3D preview, aligners, 2 sets of retainers, a whitening kit, the option to pay with an FSA/HSA account, and free shipping. If you need dual aligners, you'll pay $849. The daytime invisible braces should be worn at least 20 hours a day for 4-6 months.

Wear day or night

If you'd rather wear your invisible braces for a shorter time each day, you can pay $799 for single arch aligners or $1,049 for dual arches. These should be worn at least 10 hours a night and it takes 6-8 months to complete a treatment plan on average. You'll pay a bit more if you go this route since it takes longer overall and the company will need to make and send you aligners for a couple extra months.

Refunds and guarantee

The refund policy and satisfaction guarantee from Smileie cover 3 things. The first is if you receive your 3D preview of your projected smile and don't want to move forward even after a modification of the preview, they'll refund you any amount you've paid aside from the impression kit cost of $49.99. If they instead decide that you aren't a candidate for their services at all, Smileie will refund you for any amount of money you've spent with them. If you go through an entire treatment and don't get the results you expected, Smileie will provide additional aligners for free until you've adjusted your smile completely.

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Happy customers

If you have any questions, Smileie boasts that their chat is live 24/7 and you can ask anything you want. The only thing we see missing here is the option to have check-ins with a dentist or orthodontist. It doesn't seem like you have direct access to a doctor who can oversee your case or help you stay on track if you run into problems. However, there are fantastic reviews from customers about this service, so direct-doctor communication must not be too big of an issue. There is no Better Business Bureau rating for Smileie, but nearly every customer who has left feedback about them online has nothing but good things to say.

Give them a chance

Smileie isn't a unique business by any means, but they have all the processes and materials to provide their customers with the smile adjustments they want. Their prices are comparable to what we've seen other places, so if you want a simple, easy, practical solution for invisible braces, give Smileie a chance.

What Are the Best Invisible Braces?

Who doesn't love the idea of perfectly straight teeth? Everyone knows that a beautiful smile can make you feel better about yourself. Fewer people realize that it can also help in your relationships, both personal and at work. And while traditional braces are often viewed as unattractive and cumbersome, invisible braces have soared in popularity.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of invisible braces is their discreet appearance. Unlike traditional metal braces, which are conspicuous and often draw unwanted attention, invisible braces offer a subtle and nearly invisible alternative. Made from clear aligner trays or tooth-colored materials, they blend seamlessly with the natural teeth, allowing wearers to undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling self-conscious about their smile.

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Invisible Braces FAQ

Invisible braces are an alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces. A dentist will scan your teeth and create a clear mold that is printed with special technology to make a perfect fit that clips over your teeth. They can be removed for eating or other activities, whereas traditional braces cannot. The invisible braces are as their name suggests: nearly invisible unless you look up close. The set you're wearing is often referred to as "trays" or "aligners" .
If you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gap teeth, or malocclusion (problems with how your teeth fit together) invisible braces could work for you. Depending on the severity of your case, invisible braces can take longer to fix the issue you're dealing with when compared to traditional braces. However, the fact that they are easy to remove and not noticeable often make the extra time wearing them worth it to people.
If you only have one or two teeth that need a small adjustment, you might be done with invisible braces in just a few months. If you have a more complicated case, invisible braces may have to be worn for years. The process will drastically vary person-by-person. People opt for invisible braces because even when used long-term, you're frequently getting a new set that feels clean and fresh and since they are harder to see, a person's appearance isn't altered in a negative way while they have them.
When your dentist scans your teeth initially, they'll come up with a comprehensive plan of where they want your teeth to end up by the time the process is over. This involves multiple small adjustments to different areas of your mouth. Every couple of weeks, you'll get a new set of invisible braces that are especially tight around the teeth as each set has its own job and slowly moves your teeth through controlled force to where they should be. Some sets have "buttons" that click onto little dots on your teeth that your dentist applies so that they have better grip as they slowly, gently pull your teeth to where they should be.
Although you can easily remove invisible braces, they should be worn at all times, except when eating or sometimes drinking. Other potential short-term instances where you might remove your aligners are for special occasions like a job interview, speaking engagement, wedding, or playing a sport. During the periods of adjustment, your teeth are extra "loose" and can easily move back into their original, incorrect places. If you go without invisible braces too long, you may risk going backwards in your overall process. The more you wear your invisible braces, the shorter your treatment plan will have to be.
The cost of your invisible braces will vary a bit by company and how long you need to wear them. Oftentimes, if you have dental insurance, it will cover a big portion of the cost. Some of the most popular brands of invisible braces say their prices can range from $3,000 to $9,000. These are similar numbers to what you might pay for traditional braces, so depending on your case, invisible braces may be just as affordable or even cheaper than metal braces.
If you've ever dealt with metal or ceramic braces before, you know that food easily gets stuck in them and it's harder to keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Since invisible braces can be removed, you avoid this altogether. However, some people notice that their invisible braces start to get a film over them after a couple of days and need to be cleaned. Your dentist will direct you in the best way to care for your exact type of invisible braces, but a great way to keep them clean is to brush your teeth well after you eat and remove your invisible braces for meals and even when you drink anything besides water. Aside from this, invisible braces can be brushed with a soft-bristle toothbrush and rinsed well. Some brands of invisible braces offer a cleaning solution that you can use to soak your trays every few days.
Of course you should always remove your aligners to eat or drink (this includes chewing gum). The beauty of invisible braces is that you can eat and drink whatever you want, though. Hello popcorn, caramel, and chips! Invisible braces are the easiest way to keep your mouth fresh and clean while still getting the benefits of achieving straight teeth. The key is just to make sure your teeth are flossed and brushed well between every meal and snack.
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Many people also find invisible braces more comfortable and convenient that traditional metal braces. This is because invisible braces are crafted from smooth, comfortable materials that minimize irritation to the gums and soft tissues. Additionally, the removable nature of some invisible braces, such as clear aligners, allows patients to enjoy greater freedom and flexibility in their daily activities such as eating and brushing their teeth.

No one ever loves having their dentist tell them that they have issues of crowding, gaps, or misalignment and that they are going to need braces. Usually this is because traditional metal or ceramic braces are bulky, limit the foods you can eat, sometimes painful, and can really alter your appearance. With the new technology of invisible braces, everyone has the freedom to get the perfect teeth they dreamed of without anyone else hardly noticing the process. You'll be able to remove the aligners easily to eat and drink or for special occasions, so having braces is no longer a big deal.

Invisible braces (often referred to as aligners or trays), come in a top and/or bottom set depending on the teeth you're working to move. They can easily be clipped on or off to eat or brush your teeth. They are made through a comprehensive scan of your mouth using dental technology. This allows your physician to create a treatment plan for how your teeth should gradually adjust over time with new sets of aligners every few weeks. Invisible braces are usually made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) because it is transparent, durable, and strong.

Oftentimes people look back on photos from their youth and laugh about the awkward times when they had a funny choice in clothing, were growing into their bodies, and had giant braces to top it off. It's hard finding your confidence as a kid and needing hunks of metal in your mouth while you do it. The same goes for adults. Many people who could benefit from braces later in life often opt not to do it because of the way traditional braces look. With invisible braces, kids as young as six or as old as a hundred could benefit from them without some of the unwanted side effects that came with metal braces.

Since invisible braces work in phases where different sets of aligners are formed to shift specific teeth into place, it is a gradual process. In young kids, a dentist may identify a potential problem with the way their permanent teeth are growing in and recommend a short stint of aligners to nip the problem in the bud. Years down the road as all their adult teeth have settled, they may need another round of invisible braces to straighten things out for good. It's a flexible process that works great for people of all ages and is the least life-altering or noticeable way to get perfect teeth.

As invisible braces have gained popularity, quite a few companies have emerged that offer services to provide them. It can be hard to know which company will give you the best results, so we recommend taking the following things into consideration when deciding who to trust with your smile:

  • Price. How does the cost of a treatment plan through one company compared to another? Do they give you upfront costs depending on how long you'll need the aligners? Do they accept insurance or the use of an HSA or FSA account? Does the company require payment upfront or can you set up a payment plan for the duration of your treatment?
  • Customer reviews. One of the best ways to gauge the efficacy and reliability of a company is through the feedback of other people who have used their service. Does the company have a good Better Business Bureau rating? Do they have unfiltered testimonials on their site with before and after pictures? Do your research to find out if people have genuinely had a good experience with the invisible braces and the company's service overall.
  • Guarantee. Do the invisible braces come with some sort of guarantee? If you're paying for a treatment plan, it's imperative that you get the results you were looking for, otherwise the company should adjust the process or provide some sort of discount or refund.

You're well on your way to perfectly straight teeth. This can boost your overall confidence and also has a wealth of health benefits as well. We're glad you discovered invisible braces as it will be the easiest way to achieve your desired results. Our experts at Top Consumer Reviews have researched a variety of the top companies out there for aligners and hope this information helps you find the perfect fit for your pearly whites!

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