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Phone Doctors Review

Friday, February 23rd

2024 iPhone Repair Company Reviews

Phone Doctors Review 1.5 Star Rating

Phone Doctors

1.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing only available from calling in
  • Some DIY inventory
  • 1 year warranty

Phone Doctors claims to have over a decade of experience in the cell phone repair industry. Originating from humble beginnings, they initially sold refurbished phones door to door before establishing their presence in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they not only provide repair services but also sell refurbished devices. Today, Phone Doctors has expanded to become one of the largest mobile repair companies nationwide.

Three steps to like-new devices

Getting your device repaired by Phone Doctors is a breeze. Here's a simple breakdown of the quick three-step process:

  • Step 1: Fill out the user-friendly mail-in form with some basic info about your device. It's quick and interactive.
  • Step 2: Grab a secure box, pack your device safely with some bubble wrap or packing peanuts, attach the provided mailing slip, and ship it off.
  • Step 3: In just 3-5 business days after Phone Doctors receives your device, it'll be back in your hands, all fixed up.

Wait for estimate to know more about devices

The shopping process is a little different at Phone Doctors than at other services. Instead of telling you which phones they work on, they wait and see your device and let you know how they can help. While it doesn't say which devices are serviced by Phone Doctors on the site, you can see what services are available. If you do want to go ahead with this service, you can find the following repair options open to you:

  • Same Day Service
  • Price Match Available
  • Protection Plans Available
  • Complete Screen Replacements
  • Battery Replacements
  • Back Glass Repairs
  • Charging / Sync Repairs
  • Audio & Microphone Repairs
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Data Transfers

No price transparency

Since they don't list phone types on the site, it's no surprise that there are no prices available either. In order to get a quote from them at all, you'll have to call, which is much more old-fashioned than many services in our review. On the bright side, you don't have to ship your phone in to get an estimate, but it still feels like a lot of effort on the customer's part. You can bet that most tech-savvy customers will choose a site that has an online chat or prices that are listed transparently.

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Low DIY inventory

Phone Doctors does have a selection of parts if customers want to try repairing their iPhones themselves. However, the page for iPhone parts only has 23 items on it, and many of these don't have photos or are completely out of stock. It's not the most impressive inventory, and without clear indications of the items with photos, it seems a little sketchy at worst and out of date at best.

1-year warranty

To make up for some of their low points, Phone Doctors offers a comprehensive warranty and refund policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Defective merchandise can be replaced within one year from the purchase date, excluding damage caused by improper installation or postage handling. Warranty claims may require a return merchandise authorization number. For replacements, they provide a one-time courtesy replacement part at cost if accidental damage occurs during installation within one year of receiving the order. Return shipping for defective parts is covered by Phone Doctors and returned replacements must be mailed within seven business days for a refund.

No buzz for Phone Doctors

When we checked out Phone Doctors on the Better Business Bureau, we couldn't find a page for this business. The same happened with third-party reviews. The company doesn't appear to have any buzz anywhere. Customers may be particularly confused because there's a business with a similar name that has plenty of reviews, but we triple-checked while researching, and Phone Doctors and "Phone Doctor" are definitely different companies. With no reviews out there to confirm the claims at Phone Doctors, we see a pretty big red flag with this company overall. It might be safer to go with a more popular and reliable service instead.

Seems kinda sketchy

While there's some good stuff going on on paper, the complete lack of reviews or BBB presence for Phone Doctors is pretty concerning. On top of that, Phone Doctors doesn't have the fastest turnaround, doesn't have price transparency, and while they offer DIY inventory, it's pretty low compared to other sites. And with out-of-date listing photos and missing information, the site comes across as a little sketchy. Basically, you can do better than Phone Doctors, so scroll up to one of our higher-rated services to get the iPhone repair you need. Better to be safe than sorry.

Where is the Best Place to Get Your IPhone Repaired?

The iPhone, a technological marvel that has revolutionized communication, has become an indispensable part of our modern lives. One of the most popular cellular devices, the iPhone is a household staple gadget. From its inception, when it disrupted the mobile phone industry, to today, the iPhone has captured the hearts of users across the globe.

However, like any device, the longevity and performance of your iPhone may depend not only on your appreciation for technology, but also on the quality of maintenance and repair it receives. Reputable iPhone repair providers are equipped with genuine parts and expertise, and can significantly enhance your device's lifespan and restore it to peak performance. In today's digital age, locating trustworthy iPhone repair services has become more convenient than ever before.

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iPhone Repair Company FAQ

The most common iPhone repairs are glass screen replacements and new batteries. You may also be able to get your phone fixed if it has water damage, a cracked back, a faulty charging port, faulty buttons, or many other issues.
Unless you purchased AppleCare+ or a third-party insurance plan, most problems due to damage or misuse will not be covered by the original product warranty. You'll have to pay a repair company to fix it.
That depends on the repair shop you choose and the problem that you're having fixed. Expect costs ranging from $20 to $500.
That's always an option, especially if you're very familiar with iPhones and have the expertise to fix it without causing further damage. But, for the average user, a professional repair will save a lot of time and hassle - and maybe even money, by getting it right the first time. You could run the risk of invalidating the Apple warranty if you try to fix it yourself.
Maybe. If the LCD is malfunctioning or has been damaged, it might be a simple fix. You'll have to send it in for a diagnostic test to determine if it can be repaired.
The entire process, from sending in your phone to having it fixed and returned to you, may take less than a week. Many repair shops offer prepaid shipping labels for sending in the phone and then offer two-day air on the return.
Most of the time. Be sure to read the policies of the repair provider you select to see what warranty they offer on their repairs. The warranty may cover just the parts, labor, or both.
Yes, but it's important to choose one that's reputable. See what other clients have to say, look for a solid rating from the Better Business Bureau, and read the fine print before sending in your phone for repairs.
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The iPhone's seamless blend of innovation, functionality, and style has propelled its popularity, attracting millions of devoted users worldwide. According to industry data, there are over a billion active iPhones globally, spanning different models and generations. Whether you're an iPhone user from the early days or a recent convert, the world of iPhones offers a diverse range of possibilities and experiences.

When an iPhone breaks, many people opt to have their devices repaired by the manufacturer - however, this can be an expensive and lengthy process. Instead, there are a multitude of businesses that specialize in addressing iPhone issues. These highly skilled iPhone repair companies service both new and older devices, and fill the gap in the market for affordable repairs.

The online landscape facilitates easy comparisons of repair options, guaranteeing that you can make informed choices. So, for those seeking expert care to rejuvenate their beloved iPhones, extend battery life, or repair a cracked screen, these specialized repair services are ready to help.

With so many places out there to get iPhone repairs, it can feel like there are just too many options to choose from. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry - we've checked out all the top services for you, so you don't have to stress out about anything except keeping your phone in top condition.

Check out these few factors to consider to help you decide on the best option for you:

  • Cost. Repairing your phone is a must, but a lot of places are pretty expensive. Making sure that you're getting a good deal is important. There are plenty of iPhone repair services that don't break the bank, so knowing how much you can (and want) to spend can help you narrow your options.
  • Warranty. Sending your precious phone out to someone can be nerve-wracking. So, making sure that the service you choose has a solid warranty is a great way to feel more comfortable. There are different warranty lengths and coverage options with iPhone repair services, so make sure you find one that makes you confident before you spend.
  • Phone models. Everyone has a different iPhone and not all repair services will cover every type of phone. Make sure that the service you choose has options (or parts) for your specific model.
  • Reputation. If you've picked out your top repair shops and you're still stuck between a few, check out the reviews and ratings to see how other customers like you felt about the iPhone repairs at specific providers. Knowing which sites other iPhone users think are reliable and reputable can help you make that final decision.

To take your technology back to that out-of-the-box condition, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best places to go for iPhone repair services out there today. We hope this helps you get your iPhone back in tip-top shape, so you can stop stressing about cracked screens or broken home buttons and get back to doing what you love with your favorite device!

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