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Memrise Review

Friday, May 24th

2024 Italian Lesson Reviews

Memrise Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Price: Starts free, with plans from $8.74/month
  • Desktop and app access
  • Offers AI chatbot for practice
  • User-friendly and engaging interface
  • Teaches useful phrases for real-life situations
  • "Learn with Locals" clips for immersion
  • Missed words added to "Difficult Words" for review
  • Good amount of content in the free version

Created by a team of friends who met while studying neuroscience at Oxford, Memrise is a platform that uses memory techniques, neuroscience, and innovative methods of second language acquisition to significantly simplify and speed up language learning. It's also fun to use.

Watch popular Italian music videos to gauge comprehension

On Memrise, you'll find Italian lessons that are made up of Scenarios, Videos, and Conversations. In Scenarios, you'll learn words and phrases based on different themes. For example, you might learn how to ask for directions, or talk about seasons and holidays. In Videos, you'll be shown clips that contain vocabulary you've practiced, ranging from 10-second skits to popular Italian music videos (sadly, we didn't spot any Maneskin). Then, in Conversations, you'll meet MemBot, your AI language buddy. This part will give you a chance to practice speaking and get feedback, helping you feel more confident when you start chatting with real people. We really like that Memrise doesn't make you level up before you can access more challenging topics. If you think you're ready to learn it, so do they.

Practice conversations with an AI chatbot

Memrise organizes its Conversation topics into "Missions". These can range from asking for local tips to meeting your partner's parents or choosing a Halloween costume. If you find yourself struggling during a conversation with the bot, you can ask for hints or use the built-in translation tool to convert your English sentences into Italian. Should a conversation seem too challenging, we'd encourage you to push through and use the hints as a learning tool. After completing a conversation, you can replay it and try to recall the hints you used earlier.

Follow your fun

You can spend as much time as you like hanging out in the Scenarios tab, watching Videos, or chatting with the MemBot - or you can go to the Home tab and complete tasks in the order Memrise recommends for you. You'll cycle through learning new vocab, reviewing it, chatting with the bot, and watching videos without having to make a choice about what to learn yourself. Any words you miss in a Scenario will be added to your Difficult Words for later review.

Best Italian Lessons

Teaches you phrases you can put to use

In addition to our research for this review, we at TopConsumerReviews used Memrise a few years ago to learn Italian ourselves. Even though we didn't complete the course, the phrases and vocabulary we learned have stuck with us since then. Encountering real-life situations from the scenarios Memrise employs often causes us to remember these phrases, like when checking into a hotel - Avete delle camere con vista mare? C'e il wifi? That's why we always prefer language courses that teach you phrases you may actually use in your everyday life, rather than silly phrases like, "The cat is in the oven" . (At least, we sure hope you wouldn't use that one in your everyday life!)

Speak like a native with "Learn with Locals" clips

One of the things we really love about Memrise is its "Learn with Locals" videos. These are quick video snippets, each lasting about 10 to 15 seconds, where native Italian speakers use phrases you're learning right in their natural environments. Imagine seeing someone order coffee in a bustling Milan cafe or asking for directions on the picturesque streets of Florence, with the famous Ponte Vecchio in the background. These videos do more than just help you get familiar with how Italian really sounds; they immerse you in the everyday culture of Italy and let you catch a glimpse of the places you might dream of visiting. It's like taking a virtual tour while sharpening your language skills.

Free version has a good amount of content

Even if your budget is zero for learning Italian, you can still get a lot out of using Memrise. We like that they let you filter out the paid content when looking at your dashboard. If getting rid of ads and unlocking all Scenarios, Videos, and Conversations is something you're interested in, you have a few different ways to pay for the Pro plan:

  • Monthly Plan: $22.99 per month
  • Yearly Plan: $104.79 per year (originally $130.99, equates to $8.74 per month, a 20% discount on Pro)
  • Lifetime Plan: A one-time payment of $124.99 (down from the regular price of $249.99, a 50% discount on Pro)

If that 50% off discount isn't there when you visit Memrise, just be patient - they run this deal frequently. We'd recommend you check back around holidays if you can't seem to catch it.

Best Italian Lessons

Memrise has undergone some changes recently

As longtime users of Memrise, we're sad to see some things phased out: for example, the ability to download lessons for offline learning. A lot of people prefer gamified apps like Memrise for learning on the go, and you won't always have access to cell service when commuting. In addition to this change, there has been uproar about the removal of Community Courses in early 2024. Previously, Memrise allowed users to create their own language courses, and you could find some really unique stuff there, from fictional languages like Klingon to more obscure regional languages like Scottish Gaelic. Many people feel like Memrise has lost sight of what made it so unique, and we would agree.

Still a great choice

However, we'd still rate Memrise well for Italian lessons. We found it easy to spend an hour or two a day on the app, and unlike some other gamified apps we've tried in this review, the vocabulary we were learning actually stuck with us for a long time after. For all of the reasons we've listed in this review, we give Memrise a high rating for online Italian lessons.

Where Can You Find the Best Italian Lessons?

Learning any new language opens up a world of opportunities, and Italian, with its rich history, captivating culture, and melodious rhythm, is no exception. Learning Italian online has become an increasingly popular choice for people around the globe, thanks to the convenience, flexibility, and variety of resources available at their fingertips.

It's no wonder that learning Italian online has surged in popularity. You've got plenty of options to fit just how you like to learn. If you prefer to learn by listening and getting the hang of how Italian sounds, there are programs made just for that. They help you get used to the language's rhythm and pronunciation. And if you love games, there are fun platforms where you can learn new words and grammar through play, earning points and badges along the way.

The Best Italian Lessons Compare Italian Lessons Compare Italian Lesson Reviews What are the best Italian Lessons Best Italian Lesson Reviews

Italian Lesson FAQ

As many as 85 million people speak Italian as their native language. Besides Italy, it is an official language in Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City, and Italian has official minority language status in Croatia and Slovenia.
Yes, but the one you'll learn and hear spoken most widely is the Tuscan dialect. Anywhere you travel in Italy, you'll be understood if you speak in the Italian commonly taught in schools and used in Italian media. But, with more than 30 regional variations of Italian, some of which are mutually understandable and some that are not, don't panic if you venture into Sicily or the wine region and find yourself struggling to grasp what's being said!
Good news: Italian is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn! Because English borrowed from Romance languages (like Italian, Spanish and French), people studying Italian find a lot of familiar words and grammatical concepts. If you put in the time and effort, you should have no problem speaking Italian as fluently as you like.
Start with the type of vocabulary you'll need for your intended use of Italian: travel, business, family history research, and so on, Italian uses gender for nouns, so memorize which ones are masculine and which are feminine (because it doesn't always make sense!). Another great tip for studying any language is to watch movies and TV shows with the captions on: you'll pick up accents, phrases and even some slang without even realizing it!
Italian is a fun, popular language, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to find in-person classes near you. On the other hand, online lessons are plentiful and you can study whenever (and wherever) you prefer, at a price that is almost always much less than tuition for a college course.
Fortunately, the Italian alphabet is the same as English, with the exception of accented vowels. If you're using a smartphone, holding down the base letter (a, e, i, o u) will usually pop up all of the available options for accents. On a computer, you can use an online Italian keyboard that lets you click on accented letters, or you may be able to use keyboard shortcuts.
They're surprisingly affordable. You can find month-to-month subscription plans for anywhere from $6 to $25, depending on the platform and features, or one-time purchases for under $250 for multiple levels of Italian lessons in one package. Either way, you'll be able to learn Italian for much less than you'd pay for a college course.
Yes, sometimes. If you're on a monthly subscription, you can usually cancel future payments with no penalty but you might not get your money back for previous months. With one-off purchases, you often have a 30- or 60-day trial period in which you can request a refund if you're not satisfied with your Italian lessons. We always suggest that interested students look for sample lessons or free trials; most platforms want you to know exactly what you're getting beforehand, so that you can choose the Italian lessons that are the right match for your goals and your learning style.
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Continued from above...

If you're someone who likes a clear and structured plan, there are courses that mix video lessons, quizzes, and even writing tasks. This way, you can get better at reading, writing, speaking, and listening to Italian, all in a balanced way.

Prefer talking to real people? You can connect with native Italian speakers through tutoring services. They can talk with you in real time, which is a great way to learn how people actually use the language and learn more about Italian culture.

Whether you're drawn to Italy's enchanting cities, passionate about its cuisine, an admirer of its contributions to art and music, or simply looking to connect with family roots, learning Italian can enrich your life in myriad ways.

Imagine strolling through the cobbled streets of Rome, ordering gelato in flawless Italian, or enjoying the operas of Verdi and Puccini in their original language. Or perhaps you're an avid cook, eager to dive into authentic Italian recipe books without the crutch of translations. Learning Italian can also be a stepping stone in your career, especially if you're involved in fashion, architecture, or the culinary arts, industries in which Italy holds a prestigious position. Moreover, for those with Italian heritage, learning Italian could be a bridge to understanding your ancestry and connecting with relatives in a more meaningful way.

When comparing the process of learning Italian to other Romance languages, like Spanish, there are a few unique aspects you might encounter. Italian's pronunciation is often more straightforward than a language like French, with most letters having a consistent sound, which can make speaking it a bit easier for beginners.

However, Italian has its share of challenges, such as the use of gendered nouns and a plethora of verb conjugations, aspects that are also present but differ slightly in Spanish. The musicality of Italian, with its emphasis on the flow and melody of speech, offers a distinct learning curve but can be incredibly rewarding to master.

Not sure where to start? Think about these things as you weigh your options:

  • Your starting point. Are you brand new to Italian or do you know a bit already? Pick lessons that match where you're at.
  • How you like to learn. Do you prefer using apps, listening to audio, or sitting down at your computer? Choose a format that fits your routine and how you learn best.
  • What skills do you want to focus on. Do you want to get better at talking and listening, or are you more into reading and writing? Or maybe you want to work on everything! Knowing this will help you choose the right lessons.
  • Different Italian accents. Some programs might teach a specific regional accent in addition to the standard Italian that's used all over Italy. Italy's full of different accents, but everyone understands standard Italian.
  • Cost. Some lessons are free, while others cost money either upfront or through a subscription. Think about what you're willing to spend and what you get from free versus paid lessons.
  • What other learners say. Look for reviews from people who've used the lessons before. Their experiences can tell you how effective the lessons are and how quickly you might learn.

To steer you towards the best Italian lessons that align with your goals and preferred learning style, our team at Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated today's leading options and provided honest feedback on what each one offers. So, what are you waiting for? Start your Italian learning journey today!

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