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JDog Junk Removal Review

Thursday, July 18th

2024 Junk Removal Company Reviews

JDog Junk Removal Review 4.5 Star Rating

JDog Junk Removal

4.5 Star Rating
  • One-stop shop
  • Online truck and size estimator
  • Final price during in-person estimate
  • Offers cleanout services
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Charity donations
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Open since 2016, JDog Junk Removal sets itself apart as a junk removal service owned and operated by military families and veterans. Their core values align with their military background, emphasizing respect, integrity, and trust in every aspect of their service. Not only do they specialize in junk removal, but they also offer additional services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and basic pressure washing.

One-stop shop for home tasks

JDog is equipped to assist with other household tasks, including appliance moving and furniture assembly, providing a comprehensive solution for various home projects. They have a full list of all the things they are comfortable moving - and it's impressive. While many companies refuse to move more complicated items like pianos, JDog Junk Removal doesn't shy away. On top of that they offer staging services, help with moving and packing, as well as cleaning.

Truck size estimator

JDog Junk Removal offers a great online booking service. All you have to do to get started is put in your personal information and you're ready to go. Additionally, they offer a size estimate tool that shows how many items you can expect to fit in their transport. It's worth noting that their transports are a little smaller than some competition, so this tool can help you eyeball how many items you have and how much of it will fit. They do offer larger truck sizes if you call in advance and chat with them about it, though this will understandably cost more.

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Price is calculated based on item type

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling promises to offer transparent pricing to ensure customers know what to expect before their service. They have different price points to accommodate items of various sizes, and the guaranteed price provided includes labor and any related fees. For heavier and high-volume hauls such as appliances, hot tubs, and construction debris, pricing is based on the volume due to the additional labor and equipment required.

Surcharge for specific items

While JDog may pass on surcharges for specific items, they prioritize informing customers if there are any additional charges for the disposal of those items. To get a clear price estimate, you do need to input your information and know that the final price depends on the number and volume of items when the JDog Junk Removal team members arrive. However, as this practice is standard in the industry, we're not surprised there aren't any prices listed in dollar values on the website.

Cleanout services

One thing we love about JDog Junk Removal is their Cleanout Services. If you've got a huge task ahead of you, like cleaning out a family member's home or flipping a house for sale, JDog Junk Removal offers room-by-room services including Attic Cleanout, Foreclosure Cleanout, Garage Cleanout, and more. Like their junk removal services, the pricing is based on the total labor and estimates can be provided after seeing the space. But we love that JDog Junk Removal will help you not just with taking out your junk, but cleaning it too. If you're looking to be hands-off, this is the service for you.

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High focus on eco-friendly donations

JDog Junk Removal is committed to responsible disposal practices, striving to recycle and donate items whenever possible. JDog Junk Removal is dedicated to serving its community and providing excellent customer service, making them a trusted choice for all junk removal needs. They make every effort to donate or recycle items whenever possible, ensuring that 60-80% of the materials they collect are diverted from landfills. By providing a donation receipt for eligible items given to non-profit organizations, JDog encourages sustainable practices while benefiting charitable causes.

Few reviews but positive feedback

As JDog operates through independently-owned franchises, its reputation varies by location. However, as an overall business, the company has earned an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. In terms of reviews, the feedback is a little sparse. Customers haven't left a large number of reviews on third-party review sites. For example, on Trustpilot there was literally one single review: though that review was 5 stars, praising the same-day service they got from JDog Junk Removal, this doesn't give us a clear idea of the business as a whole. The company also only has 16 total reviews on sites like Yelp. The reviews that are out there are generally positive, which is a bonus, and JDog is definitely worth checking out despite the low total number of reviews.

Great service options with veteran support

We love JDog's support of military families and veterans, and with online features and bonuses that are competitive with some of the top companies in the industry, JDog Junk Removal is a standout service with demonstrated dedication to environmentally-friendly practices. With a full range of services including helping you do the cleaning, JDog Junk Removal is a top-tier one-stop shop with positive reviews and a great rating with the BBB.

Where is the Best Place to Find Junk Removal?

We all know that feeling: cleaning is great, but what do you do with all the leftover stuff you can't resell or can't move on your own? Junk removal services are here to save the day. With just a few clicks, you can say goodbye to your unwanted items and hello to a tidier space. Whether it's a bunch of old clothes, random knick-knacks, or other unused stuff, these services make decluttering a breeze.

While parting with your belongings might be tough, junk removal services provide a convenient and responsible way to dispose of unwanted items. With their expertise in sorting and recycling, they ensure that your junk is disposed of properly, minimizing environmental impact. Plus, they often partner with local charities, giving your items a chance to benefit those in need.

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Junk Removal Company FAQ

It's just like you'd imagine from the name: a service where you can have anything you want to get rid of hauled away - for good! You don't have to try and sneak your stuff into a community dumpster or hope that Goodwill accepts it if you can hire a junk removal service to take care of it.
Almost anything can be gotten rid of by using a junk removal service. Even items that you can't ordinarily put in the trash pick-up, like electronics and car tires, can usually be included in your service. Most junk removal sites have a detailed list of what they'll pick up and haul off.
Not usually. Your service fee typically covers the employee labor required to get your stuff loaded up. Some providers don't even require you to be present at the time of service: just leave your junk in a designated place (like the curb) and it'll be gone before you know it.
Many junk removal services are committed to keeping things out of the landfill whenever possible. Your items may be sent for recycling or refurbishing when appropriate. Usable items might be donated to a charity or resale shop. As a last resort, your stuff will be disposed of properly.
The list of items that junk removal services will accept is pretty lengthy. However, if you have anything potentially hazardous, you should call the company prior to scheduling a pick-up, to see if they'll be able to take it.
Pricing is based on how much stuff you have to pick up. You can get a ballpark estimate in advance, but final costs are determined at an in-person appointment (usually at the same time as your scheduled service). Expect to pay at least $50 for a very small load and up to $500 or more if you have enough junk to fill a truck.
Some junk removal services are available same-day. However, for best availability, schedule as early in advance as possible.
There are many junk removal services that have been in business for 10 years or longer. You should have an easy time finding customer reviews and a listing with the Better Business Bureau for those companies. If a junk removal business has lots of compliments from previous clients and a strong rating from the BBB, feel confident that you're making a good choice!
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Maybe you're tired of staring at that old pile of junk cluttering up your space - those hand-me-downs from your great aunt or the broken trinkets that have seen better days. Well, guess what? Now's the perfect time to declutter.

Simply gather up your unwanted items, schedule a pickup, and let the professionals handle the rest. Who knows, that dusty old chair you never sit on could be the key to reclaiming your living room or that broken gadget could be recycled into something new. So go ahead, declutter your life, and enjoy the peace and extra space that comes with it.

So whether you live alone and can't carry your junk yourself, or you just don't have the time to drive back and forth to the junkyard, there's a service for junk removal out there for you. The online market has made it much easier to find and book junk removal services. With just a click of a button, you schedule a day to say goodbye to your unwanted mess.

Another great benefit of using a junk removal service is that a lot of times they'll take your items and repurpose or donate them to charities. This way your usable items can be repurposed or given new life. The most sustainable services make sure that all of the items that can be donated are donated, keeping as much out of landfills as they can. This can be a great perk rather than trying to deal with unwieldy items yourself or sending them to the curb.

With numerous junk removal services available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. Don't worry - we've done the heavy lifting for you (just like your ideal junk removal service will). Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a junk removal service:

  • Price. While most options for junk removal don't tell you any final prices online, you can find a few with price estimators. These will help you get a ballpark idea of what to expect, so check out the options that are as transparent as possible if you want to be comfortable about the price.
  • Services. Some junk removal services offer other options beyond just taking away your unwanted items. Some offer cleaning services, dumpster services, or even moving services on top of junk removal. If you're looking for a one-stop shop, check out all the options at a particular company.
  • Sustainability. While some people might not think too hard about where their junk ends up, many are worried about adding to landfills. Look for the sustainability statements from different companies to see how your items can be donated, repurposed, or even help plant new trees.
  • Customer satisfaction. If you're still not sure where to go, make sure you check out the customer reviews and feedback. Companies that have numerous positive reviews or enjoy an outstanding reputation with the Better Business Bureau can offer evidence and testimonials of their trustworthiness.

To help you get from the messy post-clean junk piles to a completely spotless home, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best options out there for junk removal. We hope this helps you let go of unwanted items and enjoy the peacefulness of a happy, freshly-cleaned home.

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