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Junk King Review

Friday, August 12th

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Junk King Review 4 Star Rating

Junk King

4 Star Rating
  • Locations: 32 states plus Washington DC

Started in California by two friends who wanted to offer junk removal services with fantastic customer service AND more recycling than their competitors, Junk King has emerged as a top-rated service brand throughout North America. And they do, in fact, recycle, reuse or donate up to 60% of what they haul. (You might even enjoy seeing the process for yourself - just look for the video on their Recycling page!)

4 ways to get an estimate

One of our favorite features of this junk removal service is that they give you four different ways to get an estimate: on-site, online, toll-free number or even texting in photos! Of course, your final price won't be determined until your Junk King representative sees your items in person, but we love that prospective customers can get a ballpark estimate ahead of time that should be pretty close to the actual cost.

Promotion code

You might also get savings by booking your junk removal online: during our most recent visit to the site, there was a promo featuring a $20 discount for doing that. We also spotted a discount of up to $30 at the top of the site for any scheduled curbside pick-up. Better yet, Junk King guarantees that they'll beat any written estimate from another licensed, bonded and insured junk removal company.

Online estimates

Just be sure to click on their Pricing Estimator, not the Book Online Now button if you want to start by getting an idea of what you'll spend for your particular haul-away. It's fairly detailed: you can click on individual items in your pile like couches and dressers, or by how much truck space you might need (half or full). Their truck capacity equals approximately 6 pick-up trucks, for reference - so when you're clicking on "add full" or "add half", they're asking you to estimate how much of a regular pick-up truck it would fill, not a moving van-sized vehicle. Your estimate will populate at the top of the page.

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Straightforward pricing

In our zip code, a full pick-up truck load would be anywhere from $148 to $206, and a half of a pick-up truck was $105 to $148. Other estimates were $98 to $118 for a refrigerator, king-size mattress, or a large TV; $206 to $248 for a 3-piece sectional sofa or upright piano; and $395 to $435 for a hot tub. Heavy materials like concrete, dirt, gravel and roofing material can't be estimated using the tool because it's charged by the bed load.

Items removed right away

When you settle on a date and a two-hour window, you'll get a call 15 minutes before your Junk King team arrives to give you the finalized quote. If you accept the price, your items can usually be removed right away. Unlike many of their competitors, Junk King doesn't specify how many people they send to a job or if they take care of clean-up, sweeping, etc. once your items have been removed.

Thousands of positive customer reviews

However, Junk King has a particularly good reputation. The company has earned an Angie's List Super Service award and we found not hundreds, not thousands, but over 39,000 customer reviews with an average score of 9.8 out of 10 stars. Impressive! While we weren't able to track down a BBB rating for the company as a whole, we spotted many franchise locations around the country with "A+" ratings.

Strong choice

If you live in one of the 30+ states where Junk King operates, it's worth your time to get a price quote and compare them with our two other top-rated services - especially since this company promises to meet or beat competitor pricing. Junk King is a solid option for junk removal.

Where Can You Find the Best Junk Removal Company?

Whether you have a whole houseful of unwanted furniture and broken appliances, or just a few rolls of old carpet to get rid of, a junk removal company will probably be your most convenient, affordable way of making it go away.

In the past, people had to rely on costly, space-hogging dumpsters to deal with construction remnants and other trash. Fortunately, today's junk removal companies are reliable, efficient, and won't cost nearly as much.

The Best Junk Removal Companies Compare Junk Removal Companies Compare Junk Removal Company Reviews What are the best Junk Removal Companies Best Junk Removal Company Reviews

Junk Removal Company FAQ

It's just like you'd imagine from the name: a service where you can have anything you want to get rid of hauled away - for good! You don't have to try and sneak your stuff into a community dumpster or hope that Goodwill accepts it if you can hire a junk removal service to take care of it.
Almost anything can be gotten rid of by using a junk removal service. Even items that you can't ordinarily put in the trash pick-up, like electronics and car tires, can usually be included in your service. Most junk removal sites have a detailed list of what they'll pick up and haul off.
Not usually. Your service fee typically covers the employee labor required to get your stuff loaded up. Some providers don't even require you to be present at the time of service: just leave your junk in a designated place (like the curb) and it'll be gone before you know it.
Many junk removal services are committed to keeping things out of the landfill whenever possible. Your items may be sent for recycling or refurbishing when appropriate. Usable items might be donated to a charity or resale shop. As a last resort, your stuff will be disposed of properly.
The list of items that junk removal services will accept is pretty lengthy. However, if you have anything potentially hazardous, you should call the company prior to scheduling a pick-up, to see if they'll be able to take it.
Pricing is based on how much stuff you have to pick up. You can get a ballpark estimate in advance, but final costs are determined at an in-person appointment (usually at the same time as your scheduled service). Expect to pay at least $50 for a very small load and up to $500 or more if you have enough junk to fill a truck.
Some junk removal services are available same-day. However, for best availability, schedule as early in advance as possible.
There are many junk removal services that have been in business for 10 years or longer. You should have an easy time finding customer reviews and a listing with the Better Business Bureau for those companies. If a junk removal business has lots of compliments from previous clients and a strong rating from the BBB, feel confident that you're making a good choice!
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One reason people prefer to use such services is because many of them are committed to keeping things out of landfills when possible. So, instead of your old sofa being carted off to the trash heap, it might be cleaned up and donated to a local charity - at no extra cost to you. That's a win for you, a win for the charity, and a win for the environment.

Another big perk of junk removal company is that they often come with professionals who not only do the heavy lifting to get rid of your unwanted items but also take care of the clean-up once everything is loaded onto their truck. In fact, some companies don't even require you to be present during the appointment, as long as your junk is accessible (like placed at a curb or in a driveway).

While there are a number of junk removal companies hoping to earn your business, they're not all created equal. How can you make the best decision when choosing a service for your project? Here are several factors to look for when evaluating which junk removal business to hire:

  • Service Area. Some companies operate in nearly all 50 states, while others have a more limited range. Your first step should be to determine if a given junk removal company has any teams where you live.
  • Convenience. How easy is it to schedule an appointment? How much lead time do you need to give the company? Can you get same-day service?
  • Reputation. What do customers say about their experiences with the junk removal company and its employees? It can also be helpful to consider whether or not the business has a good rating with the BBB.
  • Pricing. Some providers will give you an estimate before coming to your location, while others do a free in-person evaluation to give you the most accurate cost. Either way, you'll want a

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