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Korean Class 101 Review

Sunday, December 5th

2021 Korean Lesson Reviews

Korean Class 101 Review 4 Star Rating

Korean Class 101

4 Star Rating
  • Five levels of Korean instruction, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced
  • Several paid plans to choose from
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Content refreshes weekly
  • 7-day free trial of Premium features
  • Get one-on-one help from professional teachers with Premium Plus membership

Korean Class 101 is part of the Innovative Language Learning family. You'll find many options for language studies there, usually under the Pod 101 label: if you've taken Spanish Pod 101, Russian Pod 101, or any of the other "pods" , you'll be very familiar with the structure of this program. But, if you're brand-new to the platform, don't worry. We'll tell you everything you need to know to decide if it offers the right Korean lessons for you.

A little heavy on the sales pitches

But first, a heads up: Korean Class 101 feels very sales pitch-y at first. You can sign up for free lifetime access, but you'll have to provide your email address and confirm it to get access. As you do that, you'll be hit various times with "limited-time offers" and "$1 to get all of these perks" . Take advantage or don't, but it's completely okay to skip past all of that and just see what Korean Class 101 is all about. At the time we created our no-cost account, it came with a 7-day trial of Premium features (more on those later).

5 levels of difficulty to choose from

You'll be asked to self-assign your current level of Korean knowledge, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced. There are brief descriptions of what you might be able to do at each level: Absolute Beginner would be "just starting out, but might be able to introduce yourself" , while Intermediate students already "understand the three levels of politeness, connect clauses, and know particles" . You can always adjust your level if you get started and find that the one you picked is too easy or too difficult.

Don't get overwhelmed by the pretest

From there, you'll be taken to your Korean Class 101 dashboard. Assuming you chose Absolute Beginner as your level, you'll see that your first lesson is the Level 1 Korean: Diagnostic. Just click on the blue Study button to begin. Be prepared to spend a little time, because it's a pretest with 32 questions! To be truthful, we're not sure why they do a diagnostic like this for someone who has said they're an absolute beginner: it's all full sentences in Korean, asking you to fill in a blank of what comes next, and we couldn't do anything but select "I'm not sure" .

Well-rounded Korean lessons

The next lesson populates automatically to your dashboard. Most lessons follow a pattern of Audio Lesson (don't miss the big Play button/triangle in the big box at the top of the page), Dialogue (can be viewed in Korean only, with Romanization, in English, or all three), Vocabulary from the dialogue that you can listen to and record yourself (then compare the two on your own: there's no speech recognition here), and Lesson Notes that may include cultural insights, grammar, and so on.

Best Korean Lessons

So much to learn here

We could say a lot about the content on Korean Class 101 - because there's a ton of Korean lessons to choose from! Not only do you have hundreds of lessons with all of the learning pathways, but there are also audio and video lessons on your dashboard that you can use whenever you want. We really liked the video "All About Korean Names" : it's a great tool for understanding how to write and pronounce them, and it gives you some advice for choosing your own Korean name.


  • Free access to thousands of lessons
  • Basic membership: plans range from $8/month to $96 for two years
  • Premium membership: plans range from $25/month to $240 for two years
  • Premium+ membership: plans range from $47/month to $549 for two years

Subscribe to Premium Plus for 1:1 help

Frankly, there's almost too much to choose from: it's nice that Korean Class 101 lets you follow the pathway they suggest or add your own, but if you have a hard time staying focused you could wind up in the weeds here. One way around that is to choose the top subscription level, the Premium Plus. It's a little spendy at $47/month (or discounted when you pay for up to two years in advance), but it gets you assigned to your very own Korean teacher. She or he will personalize your learning plan, give you specific assignments and feedback on them when you're finished, and keep an eye on your written and spoken fluency in Korean.

Two lower-cost plans available

There are two less-expensive plans at Korean Class 101. The Basic level gives you full access to all of the Korean lessons they offer (because your free account only provides limited lessons and features); you'll pay $5/month. For $25/month, the Premium package opens up all of the features you'll likely discover during your one-week trial, like lesson quizzes and spaced repetition flashcards, audio dialogue transcripts, and much more.

Generous satisfaction guarantee

All of Korean Class 101's paid memberships are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. That's a lot more generous than many of their competitors, and it's plenty of time to try out the Korean lessons and see how you like them.

Good Korean lessons for most students

Korean Class 101 is a fantastic, if sometimes overwhelming, resource for learners at all levels of Korean fluency. It's not easy to find a platform that has lessons for total newbies to more advanced students, but this one definitely does. We could live without the sales pitches, but it's a great service once you get past that.

Where Can You Get the Best Korean Lessons Online?

The language is surging in popularity: just look at the number of K-Pop songs on Spotify and the K-dramas on your favorite TV streaming services and you'll see what we mean. Spoken by 72 million people in North and South Korea plus another 3 million throughout China, Japan and the US, Korean is anything but a dead language!

However, it's not easy to find somewhere to learn it. Sure, you could try and watch a familiar movie with the audio set to Korean, use Korean subtitles, or look for a dusty textbook somewhere, but that's probably not going to help you master the language in a meaningful way. And, unless you happen to have a Korean-speaking community or a university near you, in-person lessons aren't going to be an option either.

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Korean Lesson FAQ

Over 75 million people speak Korean across the globe. That includes nearly 50 million in South Korea and 25 million in North Korea, plus significant Korean-speaking communities in China, the US, and Japan.
Yes. The dialect used in Seoul is the one you'll hear and read most commonly. North Korea has its own dialect, which is heavily influenced by the Russian language.
Korean is ranked as one of the most challenging languages for English speakers to learn, according to the Foreign Service Institute within the State Department. (Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese are the only other languages with that level of difficulty!) Of course, any language is within reach if you put in the work!
Begin with studying the Hangul alphabet: just 14 consonants and 10 vowels, many of which have similar sounds in English. Next, get a feel for basic grammar and some commonly-used phrases - and be aware that basic word order in Korean sentences follows a subject-object-verb pattern (unlike English's subject-verb-object structure). And, of course, feel free to enjoy K-pop, K-dramas and any other entertainment that will help you pick up on the language naturally!
You may have a hard time finding any other way to study Korean! Unless you live near a large university, you probably won't have the option of attending in-person classes. That's okay: studying online gives you access to lessons that fit your schedule and for much less than you'd spend for a semester or two at a college. There's no need to ask a teacher to repeat a phrase so you can catch the pronunciation: just hit "replay" and listen as many times as you want!
There are a couple ways you can use your computer to write in Hangul (the Korean alphabet). The easiest is probably to enable a Korean keyboard; the steps differ by operating system, so search based on whether you're using a Mac or PC. Otherwise, there are online Korean keyboards that don't require you to change your computer settings.
Not at all. You can choose among many different language programs, some of which offer monthly subscriptions and others that give you an entire course as a one-time purchase. You could pay as little as $17/month for a membership or $150 for a complete Level 1 package.
Sometimes. Depending on which language platform you choose, you might get a satisfaction guarantee of up to 60 days or the ability to cancel your subscription without penalty. Many Korean language lessons have a free trial or sample lessons, and we encourage you to make full use of those before committing to a program. That's the easiest way to determine if the Korean lessons are presented in a manner that will be a good fit for your preferences and learning style.
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Lucky for you, there are lots of ways to get effective, affordable Korean lessons online. It doesn't matter if you're learning the language for travel, business, or just for fun: you'll have no shortage of options to get the type of instruction that's right for you. Do you want an app that can be used for bite-sized lessons on the go? Video clips with native speakers? Live lessons with your own private tutor? All of the above? You guessed it: there are Korean lessons that deliver in all of those ways.

How can you tell which Korean language program is your best fit? While some of that depends on you - how much time you have to study, your learning goals, your budget, and so on - there are several factors that you should look for as you decide which service to choose for Korean lessons:

  • Sample Lessons. The best way to know is to "try before you buy" . Many Korean lesson platforms give you a sample lesson, either on their main page or through some kind of (limited) access to their program. You may want to steer clear of companies that require you to pay for trial access.
  • Type of Instruction. The days of learning from a used textbook and dry lectures are over. Today's Korean lessons are delivered in many ways, from animations and slideshows to live video calls with instructors who can help you with conversational skills. Think about your preferred way(s) of learning and choose Korean lessons that match.
  • Value. While you can use many services for free, you'll often get the most out of their platforms with a paid subscription or one-time cost. If you're considering a membership, what features will you be able to access? How much content is offered? Will you be able to continue to use the Korean lessons as you progress through different levels of fluency?
  • Refund Policy. Once you've paid for your Korean lessons, are you able to get your money back? Some companies give you 30-60 days to really put their program to the test, while others offer no satisfaction guarantee whatsoever. If you really like a provider that doesn't have a refund policy, you may want to choose a month-to-month plan first instead of paying for an annual subscription.

To help you in your language studies, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the top options for Korean lessons today. We're confident that you'll have all of the information you need to find the right program for you!

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