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Even though lacrosse was first played in the 1600's, in recent years it has found its stride as a more common, widely-played sport. Schools and cities are starting to organize more teams as lacrosse gains popularity among youth and adults alike.

Even though lacrosse is gaining a following, equipment for the sport is a bit harder to find than it is for other sports like soccer, baseball, or football. Running into your local sporting goods store isn't necessarily going to provide you with all the equipment needed to play lacrosse like goals, helmets, nets, or lacrosse sticks. To find a wide selection of styles, prices, and sizes for lacrosse equipment, your best bet is to turn to an online store.

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2023 Lacrosse Store Reviews

Sport Stop Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Sport Stop

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Sport Stop is a family-owned business that has been selling lacrosse and field hockey equipment since 2001. They carry a variety of high-quality brand names, have great customer satisfaction, offer a smooth return policy, and price matching. There is no reason not to shop at Sport Stop for lacrosse gear, so we suggest checking them out first when making your next purchase.

LAX Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

At LAX, customers can purchase lacrosse gear, apparel, footwear, and even check collegiate scores, stats, and game dates. LAX has the potential to cater to their lacrosse-playing customer base by offering everything they could be looking for. LAX's best price guarantee, generous return policy, and LAX point system help customers afford all the lacrosse gear they want. However, their inventory is slim within some categories and even offers no results for some products.

Lacrosse Unlimited Review 4.5 Star Rating

Lacrosse Unlimited

4.5 Star Rating

Lacrosse Unlimited is a robust shop featuring name brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and STX equipment. In addition to shopping by brand, Lacrosse Unlimited carries a long list of collegiate team-specific gear for their fans. Customers have great things to say about their shopping experience with Lacrosse Unlimited, making it a top place to buy lacrosse equipment.

Universal Lacrosse Review 4 Star Rating

Universal Lacrosse

4 Star Rating

Universal Lacrosse aims to make shopping for lacrosse gear an exciting experience. Lacrosse players have lots of great options here with a variety of sticks, stringing equipment, protective gear, apparel, accessories, and more. Browsing their website is as easy as can be and with a price match guarantee, you really can't go wrong at Universal Lacrosse.

Lacrosse Monkey Review 3.5 Star Rating

Lacrosse Monkey

3.5 Star Rating

Lacrosse Monkey sells affordable, high quality performance lacrosse equipment. Major brands can quickly be found on their easy-to-navigate website. They are a division of MonkeySports, Inc. that also specializes in selling gear for baseball, softball, and hockey players. But, customers report slow order processing times at Lacrosse Monkey, causing the Better Business Bureau to give them a B- rating.

Lacrosse Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

Lacrosse is an online lacrosse equipment store selling everything men, women, and youth need to play the game. They have an impressive selection of inventory at fair prices. However, their outdated website copyright and massive site-wide sales make us concerned that they won't be in business for long.

Dick's Sporting Goods Review 2 Star Rating

Dick's Sporting Goods

2 Star Rating

DICK'S Sporting Goods carries equipment for just about all the sports imaginable. From gloves, to heads, to cleats, there is no shortage of lacrosse equipment here. The main reason DICK'S has not earned our highest rating is due to a slew of negative customer comments regarding their shopping experiences here. In fact, they earn a concerning "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau.

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Shopping online not only lets you compare pricing between competing lacrosse equipment brands, but also allows you to see all your options at once. Some retailers might even make it so customers can leave reviews for the individual products, which helps you find the best, most well-liked products easily. Playing lacrosse is fun, so shouldn't shopping for lacrosse equipment be fun too? Buying online will make your shopping a much more enjoyable experience.

Before purchasing any lacrosse equipment online, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Cost. How does the pricing of a specific product compare with the cost of the same product through another retailer?
  • Return Policy. Sometimes what you see isn't what you get. If you need to return an item for any reason, make sure the company you buy from has a generous, no-hassle return policy that makes it easy for you.
  • Selection. When it comes to sporting equipment, it's okay to be picky with the quality and style you want. Having many lacrosse equipment options online gives you the freedom to make a purchase you are satisfied with.

To help you find the best lacrosse equipment, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of retailers to give you an idea of which choice might be the most effective for you. We hope this information helps you find all the gear you need for your next lacrosse game!

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Lacrosse Store FAQ

Yes, most lacrosse players would say that as you progress you'll want the highest quality equipment. This means you'll be paying top dollar for your lacrosse stick and other accessories, but it will be worth it to have good gear. For example, some youth lacrosse leagues or beginner adult teams use soft mesh lacrosse sticks because they hurt less if players get hit and it's easier to string. Hard mesh makes for better throws and doesn't lose its shape as easily. Small factors like this may play a role in what type of lacrosse equipment you choose to use once you get more familiar with what's available.
Since lacrosse equipment includes a long list of items you might need, the total cost can vary. If you're mostly concerned about the cost of major items like a lacrosse stick, you can find them at affordable prices as low as $40, but you can spend over $100 if you want to do a lot of customization. There are a lot of helmet options for under $100, as well as gloves, cleats, elbow and shoulder pads, and anything else you need. If you're starting from scratch, you might end up spending a few hundred dollars, but hopefully your equipment will last a long time, keep you safe, and allow you to enjoy playing lacrosse!
The main list of lacrosse gear you'll need before playing in a game includes a helmet, cleats, goggles, a mouthguard, gloves, elbow and shoulder pads, and a stick. Keep in mind that some equipment that is required for men's lacrosse is not required for women's lacrosse and vice versa. Men's lacrosse players are all required to wear helmets with face masks, while women are not (unless they are the goalie). However, women are required to wear eye protection, while men are not.
Hopefully the league or team you're playing on will provide you with a list of what is required to play in a game. If not, do an online search to get a full list of what is needed for men's or women's lacrosse, depending on which one you're participating in. Start with the basics and add to your lacrosse equipment if additional needs arise.
Most retailers allow customers to return lacrosse equipment for a refund if it is in new/unused condition anywhere from 30 to 90 days after delivery, depending on the company policy. In some cases, you'll even be able to send your equipment back after it's been used (usually applies to lacrosse sticks). Some companies offer a satisfaction guarantee because they realize that to really determine how much you like your lacrosse stick, you have to play with it for a while.
Before making a purchase, check the warranty for the lacrosse equipment you buy! A lot of manufacturers offer at least a 1-year warranty on their products. This means if your stick, helmet, or other major piece of equipment breaks or is defective in any way, you'll be able to send it back and get a replacement free of charge.
Not all lacrosse sticks are made of the same material. Most are made of aluminum, titanium, scandium, or alloys, but some are still made of wood, plastic or fiberglass. Scandium is becoming one of the most popular materials for lacrosse sticks because it is strong without being too heavy and works well for all positions. Try holding different types of lacrosse sticks to see what feels most comfortable for you.
If you're new to lacrosse, you could watch some videos online of lacrosse games to get an idea of how they are played. Read as much as you can about the different positions and rules before getting started! There are tons of resources online to teach you all you need to know before actually trying lacrosse out for yourself. If you're feeling ready, look for a lacrosse team in your local area to join. It's a fun sport that's gaining popularity, so you might as well jump on board!
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