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Home Depot Review

Sunday, December 5th

2021 Lamp Store Reviews

Home Depot Review 3.5 Star Rating

Home Depot

3.5 Star Rating
  • "A-" Better Business Bureau rating
  • 90-day return policy
  • Free in-store pickup and returns
  • Over 10,000 lamps to choose from

Headquartered in Cobb County, Georgia, Home Depot is the king of home improvement stores. They are the biggest in the United States and supply tools, construction products, and other services. You'll likely recognize them by their bright orange and white logo and stores. Some of their popular brands include Hampton Bay, EcoSmart, StyleWell, Everbilt, Defiant, Home Decorations, and more.

Timeless rather than trendy

Between table lamps, floor lamps, and desk lamps, there are over 10,000 options at Home Depot. You can search lamps under $30, $50, or $100 for a quick list of inexpensive choices. The lamp designs found at Home Depot cater to quality and functionality over anything else. They sell classy, timeless styles rather than what is trendy.

Easy to navigate website

You can buy lamps individually or in sets of two at Home Depot. Since there are so many options for lamps here, you'll want to use their simple filtering tools and narrow down your options by color, price, shade material, switch mechanism, features, review ratings, size, shape, and much more. Home Depot doesn't skimp on details, so you can get exactly what you're looking for as well as all the parts and accessories you can imagine.

Shop online, pick up curbside or in-store

If you provide your zip code on Home Depot's website, they'll connect your online shopping experience with your nearest Home Depot. If you want a lamp that they have in stock at your location, you can order it online and pick it up right away. All you have to do is either walk into the store or wait outside in your car for curbside delivery depending on the method you select at checkout. Some purchases come with free 2-day delivery, so you don't have to wait long for your lamp if they have it in stock!

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90-day return policy

In addition to easy shipping options, you can return your purchase online if needed or take it back to your nearest store for a full refund. You have 90 days to return products for a full refund: one of the most generous policies we've found among lamp stores.

Reliable customer reviews

Something that makes Home Depot's site stand out is that customers can leave reviews on all the products. Since Home Depot is such a popular retailer, there are reviews on almost all lamps. Some have a couple hundred reviews that will give you good insights about the quality of the lamp.

Mixed customer reviews, but still reliable

Home Depot has an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, they have considerably bad reviews from customers other places online. However, this isn't too concerning to us since Home Depot is a well-established company overall and they have over 2,000 brick-and-mortar locations throughout the United States. Many reviews refer to experiences with staff members in-person and don't necessarily relate to lamp purchases. In general, Home Depot is a reliable place to shop. We can't guarantee they'll have the lamp style you want, but it's worth checking!

Where is the Best Place to Buy Lamps?

Aside from the fact that they add necessary lighting to a room and can change the ambiance, lamps are an important design element. Some people even buy lamps for a space and never turn them on because they are an inexpensive way to add color and style that doesn't take up too much room.

There's a good chance you've never been in or seen a brick-and-mortar store that specializes in selling lamps. That's because they hardly exist, so you can't really go "lamp shopping" without visiting tons of different home goods stores. Fortunately, shopping online allows you to have the biggest variety of lamp styles at your fingertips while comparing prices and getting the best deals. You'll almost always find better prices online, so you can stretch your budget and get lamps you really love!

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Lamp Store FAQ

Trends come and go, but some of today's most popular lamp styles include buffet, arc, tripod and swing arm lamps. Overall, though, the lamp you buy should fit your lighting needs, your decor, and your available space - and then you can worry about whether or not it's on trend.
Lamps let you "customize" your lighting, in a way. Have you ever turned on the built-in lighting and felt like they were too bright - or too dim? Or maybe the light didn't quite reach your cozy reading nook, computer desk, or craft table? Lamps can give you the light quality you want for any purpose, and they are a nice accent piece for your decor.
You won't find a better selection anywhere else. Shopping for your lamp online gives you a true panorama of all current options for indoor lighting. Plus, if you're buying an oversized lamp, shopping with an internet retailer means that you'll get your order delivered right to your home: no need to wrestle it over to your car and hope that it fits!
Read the product description or packaging. You'll usually find information about what kind of bulbs will fit the lamp you're buying. From there, it's up to you to choose how many lumens (for example, 1600 lumens = the light of a 100-watt incandescent bulb), what color "temperature" (warm or cool), how energy efficient you want your bulbs to be, and so forth.
As much or as little as you'd like! You can get plenty of lamps for under $50, all the way up to one-of-a-kind statement pieces for over $5,000!
Many online retailers will deliver your lamp for free. That's just one more great reason to buy your lamps online!
Check the return policy before you place your order. Most retailers accept returns of unused lamps within 30 days of purchase. You may have to pay a restocking fee and/or return shipping costs that will be deducted from your refund, though.
Most lamps last a very long time! (Haven't we all gotten at least one hand-me-down from Grandma's house?) As long as you take good care of it, keeping it dust-free and avoiding any unfortunate accidents, your lamp could easily last a decade or more.
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Whether you're looking for table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, or arm table lamps, you'll find thousands of options online. You can specify the lamp size, stand color, shade color, and choose whatever type of lightbulb you want for most lamps. If you want something ornate, modern, flashy, or plain and functional, you'll have no shortage of choices.

As you browse different lamp stores, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Selection: Does the retailer sell a range of styles, sizes, and colors of lamps to choose from? Are you able to find all the different types of lamps you need in one place?
  • Pricing: How does the cost of lamps at one retailer compare with another? Can you find similar items that cost less elsewhere? How much do they charge for shipping?
  • Return Policy: If the lamp doesn't look as good in your space as you hoped or you need to return it for another reason, can you do so easily? Will you have to pay restocking fees?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best lamp stores available online. We hope this information helps you find lighting that transforms your home and fits your style!

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