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K5 Learning Review

Sunday, July 14th

2024 Learn to Read Program Reviews

K5 Learning Review 3.5 Star Rating

K5 Learning

3.5 Star Rating
  • $23.95 per year for individuals.
  • $265 per year for all staff at a single school.
  • Access to free worksheets without a membership
  • Affordable yearly subscription
  • Free e-book for parents
  • Membership allows free sharing to Google Classroom

K5 Learning has been around for 11 years. While they are not a website that will help children learn to read, they do offer supplemental work to use with other instruction. They offer worksheets for 7 subjects as well as the option to purchase additional workbooks for some subjects. The subjects include math, reading, science, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and cursive.

Pay a la carte or get a membership

At K5 Learning, workbooks vary in price from $1.70 to $68. They offer access to some of their worksheets for free if you want to try some without paying. Alternately, you can choose to subscribe: it is one of the more affordable ones at only $23.95 per year and gives you access to more worksheets, no ads, sharing to Google Classroom, the ability to separate questions and answers, download complete sets of worksheets, and exclusive content. Parents and teachers will also gain access to a free ebook How To Help Your Kids Succeed In School. If you're interested in giving K5 Learning a try, you can sign up and cancel for a full refund within 7 days.

Updated website is a plus

The K5 Learning website was remastered in 2021, and we were able to navigate it with ease. Prior to the update, K5 Learning had received some negative reviews based on their higher price for a membership, parents having to select lessons each day instead of the program selecting the lessons, and material not appropriate for the designated grade level. Since the website update, we haven't spotted any current negative reviews.

Best Learn to Read Programs

Parents and teachers are pleased with this program

The testimonials on the K5 Learning website are positive. The National Parenting Center describes it as a great website to keep your child on their academic toes. A teacher left a review stating that her students loved the program. They worked on it after school and from home - and they wanted to use it during the school day too. A mom said that each program was created for every individual child and their needs, letting them work at their particular skill level. A former educator looked at K5 Learning and found the website extremely useful for both parents and teachers especially with the option to share to Google Classroom.

"A+" BBB grade

Another positive fact worth noting is that the BBB has given K5 Learning an "A+" rating, so they have an exceptional reputation. The only complaint filed with the BBB was from someone who purchased a digital download and wasn't able to get a refund. K5 Learning responded to the review that it is in their terms to not refund digital downloads.

Worth giving it a try

Overall, K5 Learning appears to have come a long way and is a great additional resource for families. They offer a wonderful option if you are looking to supplement school learning or keep your children's minds sharp over summer and holiday breaks. We recommend taking advantage of the 7-day refund period to see if K5 Learning works for you, risk-free.

What's the Best Program to Help a Child Learn to Read?

The most common tools used to teach literacy to children are phonics and sight words. Phonics tends to be an easier skill for children as they are able to sound out the letters to create a word. Sight words can be trickier because they are words that just need memorized as they do not follow the rules when it comes to reading the English language.

Learn to read programs can be helpful for children as they tend to be game-based. Children love to play games and they do not necessarily realize they are learning. When looking at a learn to read program, you can expect it to offer some type of fun activity for children to do. Some programs go above and beyond this with other school subjects being covered or worksheets to print out.

The Best Learn to Read Programs Compare Learn to Read Programs Compare Learn to Read Program Reviews What are the best Learn to Read Programs Best Learn to Read Program Reviews

Learn to Read Program FAQ

All ages can use these programs. Programs and courses have material suitable for all ages to use. Whether it is Pre-K, Elementary, middle school, high school levels, or adults there are programs that can help anyone learn and improve their reading skills.
Most learn to read programs are self-paced and allow the customer to learn the material at their own time. On average each course can take about 20 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the length of the material given. For most effective learning, it is recommended to plan out the courses ahead of time, and to review course material, when available.
Depending on the company and type of course, the cost can range anywhere from $49.99 to $199.99. Monthly plans can range from $6.99 to $30 per month. Having additional students on one course plan, with some companies, can reduce the cost per month.
Depending on the company you consider, there are typically multiple levels of learning from beginner to expert. Most companies organize difficulty with the age of the student. Courses are typically divided into the following structured categories: Pre-K, Elementary, middle school, or high school levels. Keep in mind, several companies only go up to 8th grade, rather than offering levels for high-school students. Be sure to read the details before selecting a plan.
Yes, depending on the type of plan you choose. Be sure to read the details of any course you intend to purchase.
Of course, companies offer several different learn to read programs and are committed to customer satisfaction. Some companies even offer a free 2-week trial (no commitment), 30 days from the date of delivery to request a full refund, 14-day money-back guarantee, and more.
Kids learn to read when they can identify individual or combinations of letters. Next, they connect those letters to sounds (talking and listening). Having a good program that has systematic teaching about phonics is key for a child to being able to learn how to read. Phonics is a method of teaching a person to read by correlating sounds with individual or combinations of letters.
On average, most children begin to read around the age of 6 or 7 years old. Some children even learn as early as 4 years of age. As a bit of advice, keep in mind that even if your child has a head start in learning how to read, his or her peers may eventually catch up - and that's ok.
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Also, spelling can be an important part of learning to read. This helps children find patterns in words and how to read multiple that follow the same rule. An example is if you can spell light and know that the "gh" is silent, then you can read might, tight, and so on.

As you consider different learn to read programs, there are a few key aspects you'll find to be most important:

  • Price. How much does the learn to read program cost? Does it offer a good value for the money?
  • Age range. Is the program suitable for the age of the child(ren) you want to help with their reading progress?
  • Teaching method. Does it follow a phonics-based or sight word-based approach? Is there another way it teaches?
  • Reviews. What are parents and educators saying about this program? Does it have a positive or negative reputation?
  • Spelling program. Does it include a program to teach spelling to your child(ren)?
  • Full program or supplemental. Does the program offer a full reading curriculum (like a homeschool curriculum)? Is it simply to be used with other programs as a reinforcement?

To help your child learn to read, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the top programs available today. We're confident that this information will make it easy and even fun!

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