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Head Hunters Review

Sunday, June 26th

2022 Lice Product Reviews

Head Hunters Review 4 Star Rating

Head Hunters

4 Star Rating
  • Eliminate lice at all stages
  • 30-day return policy
  • Conditioning formula
  • Natural ingredients
  • Free standard shipping

Head Hunters is not a company out looking to recruit you for a job like it may sound, but rather self-proclaimed "Head Lice Specialists." Through rigorous testing on live lice, the company has developed a salon-quality product line to repel and wipe out lice. Depending on your situation and the tools you need, Head Hunters has 8 different kits to get the job done.

Hair shampoo and comb combo

A popular kit offered through Head Hunters is their "Pro-Lice Treatment Kit" for $24.95 with free standard shipping (we're trying to overlook that the name of this product makes it sound like it works in support of the lice since we know this isn't the case). It's meant to be a professional lice-killing kit and contains one 12 oz bottle of WipeOut, a natural product, and a comb that is designed to remove deceased lice and their nits through its steel, micro-grooved teeth.

Safe, but penetrating formula

WipeOut is formulated with a blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients that penetrate and kill all strains of lice from the inside out without using chemicals. The product coats the lice and penetrates the exoskeleton which then causes a physical reaction that kills the insect within minutes. With the use of the WipeOut comb, you'll be able to remove the nits and dead lice one by one until they are gone completely. It isn't specified whether or not WipeOut is meant to be used on children, but in their product description it mentions a lot about children, so from this we assume that this formula was created to be sensitive and safe for their skin.

Use on dry hair

Unlike most other products, WipeOut is meant to be used on dry hair. Head Hunters says this is because lice are able to sense water in their environment, so they shut their bodies down as a defense mechanism. This closes their orifices and makes it harder for lice products to penetrate them. So, to apply WipeOut, you'll saturate the entire head of dry hair with the product and focus on coating the scalp.

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Gentle and fresh

After massaging it thoroughly into the scalp, you'll let it sit for 20 minutes. From here, you can shampoo and condition your hair if you want before detangling your hair. With the lice comb, you'll remove any lice remnants or nit casings. WipeOut is gentle enough that it can be used repeatedly if needed. Another bonus of using Head Hunters' products is that their products have a sweet smell, so you feel fresh after using them.

Refunds offered for unused products

Head Hunters will let you return your lice removal kit within 30 days of purchase, but not if it has been used. Unfortunately, you aren't able to get your money back if the product doesn't work for you since the only way to qualify for a refund is if you send back your product in the same condition you received it.

Not a bad option

Head Hunters isn't accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau and doesn't have customer reviews on their website. However, after doing some digging we found that they have hundreds of comments elsewhere about the effectiveness of their product. People mostly say this product is a lifesaver and works well. After trying a lot of other products, many customers are relieved to find WipeOut and have it take care of their lice. We wish they had a more generous return policy or satisfaction guarantee, but it's still a great option.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Head Lice?

No one wants to face the nuisance of having lice, but unfortunately it's a common problem, especially among kids. These pesky, tiny, six-legged insects cling to the scalp and neck to feed on human blood (rude, right?) and cause an estimated 6 - 12 million infestations yearly. Contracting lice has nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene, but rather it spreads easily from person to person.

Lice can be picked up at school, during a sports activity, on a playground, at a friend's house, or anywhere that head-to-head contact might occur. You or your child might have lice if you're suffering from an itchy, irritated scalp. Scratching at the lice can cause infections, so it's important to take care of it as soon as possible.

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Lice Product FAQ

Head lice are parasites that are most commonly found on the scalp, but you can also find them in a person's eyebrows and eyelashes. They feed on human blood (yuck!) but they do not spread disease.
Wrong! Head lice actually prefer nice, clean hair because it's easier for them to move through and lay their eggs. Lice move by crawling, not jumping or flying, so they spread by direct contact: from head-to-head, most often, and sometimes by contact through shared articles of clothing and combs/brushes. Hygiene and cleanliness are not a factor in the spread of head lice.
The first sign is usually an itchy head: the skin reacts to the louse bites and makes people scratch. People with lice might also feel a tickling sensation of something moving in their hair, close to the scalp, especially at night. You can also spot eggs attached to the hair strands, immature lice in nymph form, or fully-grown lice. (Gross, we know.)
Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a long process. While you may want to run to the drugstore and buy the first product you find on the shelf, take the time to decide how you want to tackle the problem: over-the-counter products, a prescription from your doctor, or even an in-person "lice clinic" . Whichever route you go, it's going to take some time to completely eliminate the lice.
Unfortunately, yes, that's what the CDC recommends. You can take your chances and just treat the person with a detected lice infestation, but the smartest bet is to take care of everyone at the same time.
Choose a treatment product to kill the hatched insects and make sure to buy more than enough for the people in your household (consider long hair vs. short when determining quantity). The medication will probably come with a lice comb (yes, that's where the phrase "go over it with a fine-toothed comb" comes from!): you'll work the medicine through the hair and comb out the bugs. Be sure to flush the living bugs down the toilet! You'll want to wash any clothing, bedding, towels and hair accessories worn by your child in the previous two days in hot water if possible and run them through the dryer; otherwise, seal them in a plastic bag for two weeks. Unfortunately, you may have to repeat the process in 7-9 days, because lice treatments don't kill and remove any eggs laid by the lice you removed.
Yes. Many people don't like to use lice treatments based on pyrethrins or permethrin (or any other insecticide), and fortunately there are some effective all-natural products for getting rid of lice. There's also a way to use heat treatment to kill lice; you can either buy the specialized device or go to one of the manufacturer's clinics throughout the US.
If you treat a case of head lice effectively the first time, you should be in the clear within a week. If not, you could experience reinfestation over and over again. Make sure to follow all of the instructions carefully, no matter what lice treatment you choose, especially when it comes to the critical 7-9 day period after the first application: you must get rid of any newly-hatched lice before they can lay eggs! Consult with your physician if your first treatment didn't seem to work: there are some lice products that should not be applied more than once for the same infestation, and your doctor can recommend what you should try next.
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Continued from above...

Luckily, head lice is generally not dangerous and doesn't spread diseases, but it is extremely annoying and can take quite a bit of effort to get rid of. It will likely take at least a few days to eliminate the lice completely.

Aside from doing a deep clean of your house, bedding, towels, stuffed animals, clothing, and anything else that comes in contact with the lice, there are quite a few proven products that can be purchased over-the-counter to gently and effectively kick those nasty bugs to the curb. Although some people try to use natural remedies like vinegar, mayonnaise, or olive oil, they aren't as strong as products engineered to fight lice, and you may end up dealing with more lice nits (white lice eggs that attach to your hair) that hatch later on.

For best results, purchase a highly-rated product and apply it based on the included directions. Check your hair every 8-12 hours to monitor the reduction of active lice. You may need to switch products if it doesn't seem to be working. Expect to use multiple applications of the lice product to make sure that any newly-hatched lice are killed before they create a re-infestation that makes you have to restart the whole process. Try to be patient and know that although it may take some time, you can eliminate lice completely and get back to your normal routine.

There are many companies that sell lice products, and we have highlighted the most important criteria to help you decide which one to use:

  • Effectiveness: What do customers say about the effectiveness of the lice product? How many applications are recommended before it begins to work? Is the process easy to understand and manageable? Or is it time-consuming and complicated?
  • Price: Dealing with the discomfort of lice would make a person willing to spend nearly any amount of money to get rid of it. However, make sure that what you're buying is reasonable compared to competing products. Keep in mind you may need to deal with multiple family members and do a few rounds of application, so you might need to purchase a few of the products.
  • Guarantee: What if you follow all the directions and the lice product doesn't work? Are you able to get your money back if you're unsatisfied with the results?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best places to purchase lice products online. We hope this information helps you find the most effective solution to eliminate lice from your life quickly and completely.

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