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Insurance Quotes Review

Wednesday, May 18th

2022 Life Insurance Plan Reviews

Insurance Quotes Review 2 Star Rating

Insurance Quotes

2 Star Rating

Insurance Quotes provides loads of insurance information on their website, but the information is text-heavy and hard to filter through. Grammatical errors are scattered throughout the website and ongoing blocks of text make everything appear messy. Since Insurance Quotes also caters to people looking for auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, and business insurance, the life insurance information is hard to isolate from the other topics.

Once we provided our name, date of birth, height, weight, some basic health history questions, email address, phone number, and zip code in an online form for a free quote, we were redirected to a new page. Here we were shown five companies that we could go through to find life insurance. This isn't very helpful considering we could have gone straight to these companies' websites in the first place and skipped Insurance Quotes as the middle man. Once we clicked on one of the life insurance companies we were interested in, we had to start all over to get a quote from the new company. Insurance Quotes does not actually provide life insurance, but rather makes money through referrals to companies that do issue the policies.

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The number of life insurance companies that Insurance Quotes referred us to was few and fairly unhelpful considering no quote is initially provided, and therefore we weren't even sure which company to look into.

But, if we had to highlight something helpful that Insurance Quotes offers, it would be the expert Q&A about life insurance. In that section of the website, there are 17 questions answered about topics like term vs. whole life insurance, borrowing money from a life insurance policy, how much life insurance to buy and more. These are frequently asked questions that could easily be found elsewhere, but they are compiled on the Insurance Quotes site if you want to quickly browse for answers.

Overall, Insurance Quotes broadly covers so many types of insurance that we don't feel it guides new customers to life insurance information without causing frustration. The platform was both messy and unprofessional, which is concerning if they are wanting you to trust them with personal information. We suggest going with one of our higher-rated sites when searching for life insurance plans.

Where Can You Find the Best Life Insurance?

It may not always be at the forefront of your mind, but the payment of a death benefit to your beneficiaries is an important decision we make for loved ones. A life insurance payout provides financial protection to dependents once we have passed on. These funds might be used for covering basic family expenses like mortgage payments, tuition, car loans, funeral costs, and much more. Essentially, life insurance policies help beneficiaries survive financially until they can get back on their feet without us.

It's estimated that about 40% of Americans don't have life insurance. In very few cases this accounts for individuals without beneficiaries or people with lots of assets that could easily be sold. However, most people without life insurance simply misunderstand the reasons for needing it and how affordable it actually is. Since people are living longer and healthier, life insurance is becoming less expensive than ever. Quite a bit of life insurance can be purchased without breaking the bank.

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Life Insurance Plan FAQ

Life insurance is a type of coverage that pays a benefit when you die. Some policies are offered as part of an employment package, while others are purchased separately by anyone who wants coverage.
The need for life insurance depends on your circumstances. Do you have a spouse, children or other dependents who would be significantly impacted financially if you passed away? Would you leave behind debts that they couldn't pay off? A life insurance policy can help lessen the blow of your death by providing the resources to replace your income, cover funeral expenses, and so on.
Generally speaking, insurance either covers you for a specific time period or for your lifetime. The first kind, known as term insurance, usually has lower premiums that make it more affordable. Permanent insurance, sometimes known as universal life or whole life coverage, builds in cash value that can be withdrawn if you cancel your policy while still living. You'll pay higher premiums because of the cash savings component inherent in the coverage.
It depends on the coverage you select, your age and gender, your overall health and lifestyle, and so forth. Term life insurance policies are almost always the most affordable but offer fewer benefits.
That's a personal question. Start by taking into consideration your income and how your loved ones would provide for themselves in your absence, your mortgage and other debts you might want to have paid off, any estimated costs for your final arrangements, and any children's educational expenses you would like to cover. A good rule of thumb is having life insurance benefits of five to eight times your current income.
For most life insurance policies, yes. There are companies that sell coverage with no physical exam, but they come with higher premiums - and you'll still have to answer some broad health-related questions during the application process. Some of the biggest factors that will affect your coverage, both in terms of being able to get a policy and the amount you'll pay, are tobacco use and body weight relative to height.
You can buy an insurance policy for anyone in whom you have an "insurable interest" . That usually includes the members of your immediate family.
Absolutely. The process is simple and straightforward, but make sure you choose an insurer with a strong reputation before making the commitment. A long history in the insurance industry and positive customer reviews are two good indicators that you've chosen a trustworthy provider for your life insurance policy.
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It's suggested that individuals evaluate their life insurance policies yearly to make sure their coverage is sufficient for future needs. Premium costs are determined based on age, current health and health history, and occupational hazards. Depending on the policy, you'll typically be paying premiums either monthly or annually. Finding the best policy for you is quick and easy with online tools that connect you to the right company and terms for you and your loved ones.

Before signing up for a new life insurance policy, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind when choosing a program:

  • Cost. There are lots of companies offering life insurance. Make sure you get a competitive price that allows you to put money toward your policy without interfering with your other expenses.
  • Insurer. Is the company you're buying from reputable? Are they going to be around for the duration of your policy? This is one of the most important things to look into before buying into a new life insurance policy.
  • Convenience. Find a company that helps you understand exactly what your policy entails. It's important that they cater to you in both signing up and maintaining your policy. Check if you can make electronic and/or automatic payments and easily contact customer service if needed.

To help you identify the best life insurance plans, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best life insurance companies available. We hope this information helps you find a life insurance policy that will give you and your loved ones peace of mind!

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