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The Best Light Fixture Stores

Who Has the Best Light Fixtures?

Light fixtures are often considered the jewelry of the home and can make or break the overall aesthetic. Why choose the same old typical light fixture when you can choose something unique, that you really love?

Lighting specialty stores are generally far and few between in most towns. Many shoppers are limited to the small and often unimpressive lighting selections found at the big box hardware stores. What customers don't know is that thousands of unique and beautiful lighting fixtures are available with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Thursday, January 21st

2021 Light Fixture Store Reviews

Lumens Review TopConsumerReviews.com Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating TopConsumerReviews.com Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Lumens earns our top ranking in the lighting market. Excellent customer service, easy returns, and no restocking fees are features every shopper will appreciate. Lumens also has the widest selection of products with more than 200 brands from which to choose.

Louie Lighting Review 4.5 Star Rating

Louie Lighting

4.5 Star Rating

Shopping at Louie Lighting gives you the opportunity to work with a professional lighting designer, and is likely to give you an amazing fixture for your home. Their customer service is excellent and their return policy is one of the more generous in the industry.

Y Lighting Review 4 Star Rating

Y Lighting

4 Star Rating

YLighting strives to bring the "Best in Modern Lighting" to its customers. With over 190 brands their large selection is one of the largest online. Their selection, along with competitive pricing and return policy, makes yLighting a website worth looking at for your next lighting purchase.

1 800 Lighting Review 4 Star Rating

1 800 Lighting

4 Star Rating

1-800 Lighting stands out with its well-established history in the lighting industry. Their outstanding price match guarantee and waiving of restocking fees make them a solid choice for your next lighting purchase.

1 Stop Lighting Review 3.5 Star Rating

1 Stop Lighting

3.5 Star Rating

1 Stop Lighting offers some unique benefits to customers, such as loyalty and referral programs and on-time delivery guarantees (or your money back). However, some website snafus prevent us from giving them a higher rating.

Wayfair Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Wayfair has many attractive features, such as low-cost or free shipping on more than 480,000 products in stock and a self-service return process. However, a number of customer reviews have indicated potential issues with product quality, leaving Wayfair with a three-star rating.

Lighting For You Review 3 Star Rating

Lighting For You

3 Star Rating

Lighting for You does not have many offerings in the lower end of the lighting retail market. However, they offer very competitive prices for higher-end items such as chandeliers. Shipping costs are higher than many other retailers, but with most items being on the more expensive side, the majority of orders would qualify for free shipping.

e Faucets Review 2.5 Star Rating

e Faucets

2.5 Star Rating

eFaucets delivers on pricing and selection but comes up short on customer satisfaction. While you're not likely to find better prices elsewhere, you may have issues if you receive a product that needs to be returned, from hefty restocking fees to lackluster response from the customer service department.

Lamps Clinic Review 2.5 Star Rating

Lamps Clinic

2.5 Star Rating

Lamps Clinic is unique in its customized, one-of-a-kind lighting products. However, we thought their overall selection was very limited and their shipping costs a little too high.

Elite Fixtures Review 2 Star Rating

Elite Fixtures

2 Star Rating

Elite Fixtures has a variety of products and great search capabilities. An apparent disconnect with their toll-free customer service number on more than one occasion and vague information regarding shipping policies earns them a two-star rating.

Elite Home Style Review 1.5 Star Rating

Elite Home Style

1.5 Star Rating

Elite Home Style has very limited product availability in the lighting market. Their 35% restocking fee on all returns is significantly higher than other retailers. We feel you'd be better off with one of our higher rated selections.

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Literally thousands of light fixtures are available from hundreds of companies and unfortunately most of us will only see a tiny fraction. However, shopping online greatly opens the doors to the world of light fixture options. Online companies are able to provide a significantly larger selection in the thousands from a huge selection of manufacturers.

Prices of light fixtures are often more competitive than those found local as these online companies have smaller overhead costs.It's important to know what to look for when shopping online for light fixtures. Before you make the move to purchase a light fixture, you should consider the following:

  • Selection. How large of a selection of lighting fixtures can you expect to find at each store?
  • Pricing. How do the prices compare to other online retailers? Is the shipping affordable?
  • Return Policy. In the event you're not satisfied with your purchase, does the company enable you to return the light fixture? Will you encounter a restocking fee?
  • Customer Service. Are their representatives available to assist with questions and how satisfied have previous customers been while shopping at each company?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Light Fixture Stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find that perfect light fixture to compliment your personality and style!

The Best Light Fixture Stores Compare Light Fixture Stores Compare Light Fixture Store Reviews What are the best Light Fixture Stores Best Light Fixture Store Reviews

Light Fixture Store FAQ

A light fixture is an electric device used to illuminate a room. They can be used to beautify a space and add to the aesthetic. Buying a nice light fixture is like buying a piece of furniture because they can make such a statement in a room. Some light fixtures are basic and nearly unnoticeable, such as can lights, while other light fixtures are large, hang from the ceiling, contain ornate details, and use multiple light bulbs.
Most light fixtures are going to differ in the way they are installed in the ceiling or wall. You'll usually have to assemble the light fixture before you can even begin the installation process. Every light fixture comes with step-by-step details for assembly as well as an inventory of all the parts included and what they are for. Follow the instructions for assembly and installation. If you need additional help, you could look up a video online or hire an electrician.
The price of a light fixture depends on the brand, materials, size, weight, and style. If you're going for something simple and timeless, you could stay in the $100 price range. However, for a modern, stylish light fixture you could easily spend $500 or more. Some retailers offer crystal or diamond chandeliers that cost upwards of $50,000. There are thousands of light fixtures to choose from in all different price ranges. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the light fixture will be a staple part of your home that you might have forever. Make sure you select something you love, even if it is priced slightly higher than you planned for!
Whether the style of your space is farmhouse, modern, chic, industrial, or bohemia, there are light fixtures you can buy online to match. There are eight main categories of light fixtures that you might choose from depending on the design of your walls and ceilings. They include architectural, recessed (like can lights), track, undercabinet, pendants, chandeliers, ceiling, and wall sconces. Selecting which of these designs will work best for your space is one of the first steps when you shop for light fixtures online.
Some light fixtures will come with the bulbs they need, so you won't have to make a trip to the store or spend extra money on them. However, most light fixtures have a particular size of bulb they need, but you can choose the temperature of bulb you prefer. The primary colors are soft white, bright white/cool white, and daylight. Depending on if you like a room to have more yellow or white lighting, you can select the type of light bulb that creates the ambiance you like best.
Yes, it is possible to return a light fixture. Maybe it doesn't match your decor like you hoped or the size is different than you'd imagined. Either way, most light fixture retailers will offer anywhere between a 30- and 90-day return policy for unused items. You'll usually be able to send it back for a full refund or a store credit so you can exchange it for a new light fixture.
Some of the most stunning light fixtures end up being big and heavy. To stay on the safe side, it is best to buy a brace to support the weight. The drywall of plaster on a ceiling is not meant to support heavy objects, so to avoid any issues you can purchase a brace for around $20 at your local hardware store. There are plenty of online videos to walk you through the installation process safely.
If you have the money and the eye for it, adding a beautiful light fixture to all your rooms will stun everyone who walks through your doors. However, it is not necessary to have unique lighting in every room. Some of the main areas where fancy light fixtures can make a big difference are your entryway, dining room, living room, home office, and kitchen. These are high-traffic areas where the light fixtures will both be used and enjoyed often.

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