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The Best Limo Services

Where Can You Find the Best Limo Service?

Limos as a mode of transportation are classy, fun, and efficient when you're heading to an event in a group. They're more popular now than they've ever been, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a challenge to find a reputable service when you need one. Whether you want a limo for a fancy night out on the town or a formal business meeting, it's important to have a go-to service that can take care of your transportation needs.

Many nationwide limo companies provide more than just the stretch limo service most people think of. You can usually select from a fleet of vehicles that allow you to ride in luxury while efficiently taking care of the number of people in your group. This might be a small Toyota, a Ford Flex, a 14-passenger limousine, or even a mini-bus. Whatever your needs, limo services have come a long way to make your travels safe, comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

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2024 Limo Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award All Points Limousine Review 5 Star Rating

All Points Limousine

5 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • 11 types of limo services available
  • Contact customer service by phone 24/7
  • 11 vehicles in the fleet
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

All Points Limousine aims to be reliable, efficient, and convenient for people needing transportation. They have a long list of regions they serve, so we recommend jumping on their website and seeing if you are eligible for their services. All Points Limousine has a professional website that makes it easy to understand what they can do for you and how to book transportation right away.

Minimum effort needed to book service

To book a service through All Points Limousine, you just have to fill out a bit of information to get pricing and plans set in stone. They'll first ask the type of service you need (airport arrival/departure, point-to-point, train arrival/departure, and seaport). You'll specify your pick up date, time, and location as well as the number of passengers traveling together and luggage count.

11 limo services

All Points Limousine has a long list of services they offer their customers. They include:

  • Charter bus rental
  • Airport transportation
  • Transportation to/from meetings and events
  • Corporate travel
  • Employee shuttle
  • Student and athlete shuttle
  • Casino transportation
  • Brewery tours
  • Wedding limo
  • Special occasion limo service
  • Prom limo service

11 types of limos

Customers will get to choose from one of the 11 types of vehicles in All Points Limousine's fleet. You can easily see how many guests can comfortably be seated in the vehicle and how much luggage will fit. To secure your booking and get pricing information, you'll log into your existing account or continue as a guest with your name and email address. Then you can submit the quote request and finalize booking once you've heard back from the company.

Best Limo Services

Serious about customer care

When it comes to taking care of customers, All Points Limousine takes their job seriously. They have a "Duty of Care" page that outlines their commitment to safety, professional chauffeurs, a well-maintained luxury fleet, insurance, and the privacy of their customers. The company is open to feedback and suggestions from customers to make sure they offer the most superior service possible.

Straightforward cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your limo service, it must be done within 12 hours of pickup time for a full refund. Within 8 hours of pickup time, you'll qualify for a partial refund, and within 5 hours no refund will be given. If you're emailing to cancel, note that All Points Limousine only monitors emails Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. The most effective way to contact the company is by phone since they are answered live 24 hours a day.

Highest rating without hesitation

Across the board, All Points Limousine has fantastic ratings. People say the drivers are always very pleasant and on time for pick-ups and drop-offs. Customers agree that this company is reliable and makes you feel safe and comfortable. Without hesitation, people would use All Points Limousine again after their first experience. Aside from their rave reviews, they also have an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have no reservations (see what we did there) about giving All Points Limousine our highest rating for limo services.

Carmel Limo Review 4 Star Rating

Carmel Limo

4 Star Rating
  • Service in 350 major cities worldwide
  • Earn airline mileage points with every booking
  • Special occasion bookings
  • Easy to reach customer service

Carmel Limo originated in 1978 and prides itself in being a New York limo service that serves over 350 major cities throughout the world. The company holds partnerships with more airlines and travel partners than any other transportation company in the world. Their services cater to people doing both vacation and business travel who want a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Instant quotes and bookings

One of the first things you'll see when you reach Carmel's site (besides the fact that it needs a makeover) is the option to request a quote. You can select a market within the US, internationally, or search by airport. Once you specify the location you want to be picked up from, you'll provide flight information, and your end destination. Once you then specify the date of service, time, number of passengers, and luggage quantity, you'll see a list of available car types and the fares associated with them. At the end of the booking you'll pay for the service and receive an itinerary.

Special occasion bookings

For more specific bookings, Carmel offers a page for customers to secure a wedding limo, prom limo, or even theater transportation. If you're an individual or group looking to treat yourself, this is the place to look.

See rates upfront

Before making a booking, we appreciate that Carmel has a car and limousine rates page that you can view to get a ballpark idea of how much you might expect to pay based on the type of vehicle you book and where you're going. There is a "NYC to Airports" list, a "Airports to NYC" list, an "NYC Hourly" list, and a "Nationwide/Worldwide list" .

Earn mileage points with bookings

When you book through Carmel, you can earn mileage points towards Delta, American, Alaska, United, and Hawaiian Airline flights. To earn these points, you'll need to link your airline account to your Carmel VIP account. Step-by-step instructions can be viewed on Carmel Limo's website.

Best Limo Services

No fleet images

Carmel Limo has a fleet of nearly 800 sedans, minivans, SUVs, stretch limousines, and large passenger vans. However, we found less detailed information about Carmel's fleet of vehicles on their website than what is usually provided by limo services. At the time of booking, you can see the type of vehicle available, but they don't show any pictures to give you an idea of what to expect. They say they have late-model vehicles, but it would be nice to be able to view them online. In addition, they don't go into detail about the vetting process they put their chauffeurs through like some companies do.

Helpful in resolving questions

We found Carmel's FAQ page to be extremely helpful, especially if you're new to booking limo services. It covers questions about luggage charges, airport tolls, wheelchair accessibility, child car seats, lost and found items, and more. If you have additional questions, Carmel Limo asks that you contact them by phone or email and lists information for 7 different individuals and their titles. You can reach out directly to the person who most closely represents your concern, which is impressive and unusual.

Cancel quickly if you must

If you need to cancel Carmel's services, you'll want to do it within 6 minutes from when your reservation was made in order to avoid being charged the no-show fare. No-show fares are 100% of the basic fare, which is something you definitely want to avoid. There are other specific terms and conditions as it relates to the cancellation policy that we highly recommend customers read before booking through Carmel in order to avoid paying for a service you don't end up using.

Majority of people are pleased

Despite all their big promises we were sad to see that Carmel Limo has a "D-" Better Business Bureau rating. This low rating is due to their failure to respond to 6 customer complaints. Although each customer is important, we are less worried about this rating after reading thousands of positive reviews about the company. Promptness, professional drivers, safety, and cleanliness are some of this company's strong points. Since this is such a widely used service, we've given them a high rating.

Carey Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Instant quotes
  • 13 vehicle types in the fleet
  • Intuitive, comprehensive dashboard
  • Award-winning company

Carey is a leader in innovative ground transportation solutions that spans over 1,000 cities worldwide. They've been assisting travelers since 1921 through their global franchise network. Since 2014, Carey has been winning awards for the best ground transportation, best mobile app, best luxury chauffeur services, and best loyalty program from a variety of different organizations.

Complex list of services

Because Carey is a complex company with a lot of areas of service, it's slightly less straightforward than some of their competitors. This is definitely not somewhere you go for a prom limo, but rather a good choice for travel, especially in business situations. The three areas of services that Carey provides include transportation services, travel management services, and special services like hotels, cruises, tours, and non-emergency medical transportation.

Pricing based on service requested

On the transportation side of things, Carey has transfer services where you can be picked up/dropped off at airports, train stations, cruise ports, and other transit hubs. These are billed at a single, all-inclusive, flat rate. Point-to-point services are also billed at a flat rate unless the passengers add destinations past the original destination, the pick-up/drop-off exceeds standard distance or drive-times, or the vehicle type chosen features hourly minimums. As-directed services are billed at an hourly rate using "garage to garage" calculation (time is added to a trip to account for the travel time to a pick up location and back to the point or origination). Group transportation, recurring service, and city-to-city service are billed at a single, all-inclusive flat rate.

Instant quotes

To get a quote on the service you need, Carey will ask the pickup date and time, number of passengers and bags, the type of trip (point-to-point or as-directed), the pickup/drop off location, drop off time, trip duration, and special instructions. You'll get an immediate quote with fleet options (13 vehicle types in the fleet), a breakdown of costs, and an estimated total.

Best Limo Services

Manage trip details through your dashboard

The Carey Connect Travel Management Platform is touted as an innovative tool to assist customers in the booking and travel management process. It gives you real-time control to manage your booking by:

  • Updating, canceling, or booking individual or multiple reservations at once from a single dashboard
  • Anticipating arrival times through GPS technology
  • Visualize and prioritize multiple trip statuses simultaneously on a map
  • Accessing reservation and traveler information in real time across all platforms (online and mobile application)
  • Receiving and sharing notifications whenever travelers or arrangers make changes
  • Accessing credit cards, receipts, and reports

Create a free account

To access the Carey Connect Travel Management Platform, you'll need to sign up for an account and either use the website or download the mobile app to track all your trip details. To register you'll just need to provide your email address, create a password, input your first and last name, and input your cell number.

Cancellation details are emailed

When you receive your email confirmation for your booking through Carey, pay close attention to the cancellation policy listed. Unfortunately, they don't post it on their website, but rather hold customers to the information they are privately provided. If you don't cancel within the minimum time specified, a $75 fee will be applied to all reservations. For hourly reservations, the change fee or late cancellation fee is equal to the base rate times the hourly minimum.

Fewer ratings than expected

We were surprised to find that Carey is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau, especially since they've been in business for so long. They also have very few customer ratings, but everything we've seen from them has been positive. This company has a long and specific Duty of Care standard for upholding the highest quality service and fleet. Their chauffeurs go through extensive screenings, background checks, and investigations to ensure they are safe, reliable, and professional. In short, Carey offers a lot and we trust that they would make a great asset to people looking for high-quality transportation services.

ECS Transportation Group Review 3.5 Star Rating

ECS Transportation Group

3.5 Star Rating
  • Serving over 600 cities
  • Woman-owned business
  • 8 types of transportation services
  • Good for business or vacation needs
  • Positive customer reviews

ECS Transportation Group is a family-owned, Dallas-based company with full-service worldwide ground transportation services. They began in 1992 and grew from a single-car operation to a full fleet of late-model vehicles. ECS Transportation group is woman-owned and you can see names and faces of all the people behind the company right on the website.

8 vehicle types

You can easily view ECS Transportation Group's fleet of 8 different vehicle types right on their website. It includes an Executive Sedan, Luxury Sedan, Sport Utility Vehicle, Sprinter Van, 28 Passenger Mini Bus, 35 Passenger Mini Bus, 39 Passenger Mini Bus, and 56 Passenger Coach Bus. You can see more info and photos of each vehicle you're interested in to make sure it comes with all the features you require.

8 areas of service

The list of services offered by ECS Transportation Group include:

  • Corporate meetings and conventions
  • Airport transportation
  • Worldwide transportation
  • Groups and special events
  • Wedding transportation
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah transportation
  • Shuttle service
  • Sports event transportation

Reservation glitches

Customers can either request a specific car and provide trip details for their booking or get a quote before confirming the trip. It's as easy as giving a pickup date, time, location, traveler details, and the amount of luggage you're bringing. You're supposed to see an estimated price and confirm your itinerary as soon as you're sure everything looks correct. However, each time we tried to book (regardless of the location), the estimated total only showed $0.00, so we weren't able to get accurate information. We assume this is a glitch on the website, but it made it much more complicated to make a reservation.

Best Limo Services

Little chauffeur-vetting information

We like to know the specifics of the vetting process of the chauffeurs that drive for limo companies and unfortunately, there's not a lot about that on ECS Transportation Group's website. This doesn't mean they are lax with their hires, but it would be nice to know how often they go through a background check, random drug testing, if they complete any special courses, and other details that ensure the safety of passengers.

Cancel by phone

The only way to cancel or change a reservation through ECS Transportation Group is to call them on the phone. They require at least 4 hours' notice before the scheduled pickup time to avoid cancellation charges. Limousines, buses, and vans require a 48-hour notice for cancellation. Coach buses need to give a 14-day notice. If you don't cancel a reservation within the allotted time, you are subject to the full fare, including gratuity.

Sparse but positive customer reviews

Although ECS Transportation Group says they are an active member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), their link only takes you to the main BBB page and we aren't able to find a profile for them. There aren't a ton of customer reviews for ECS, but the people who have commented about their services report that they are prompt, courteous, professional, and provide great customer service. There are no reports of major issues or problems with ECS Transportation Group, so although they don't shine above their competition, this is still a good option for limo services.

1 800 Book-A-Limo Review 3 Star Rating

1 800 Book-A-Limo

3 Star Rating
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Extensive chauffeur quality control
  • Serves over 1,000 cities nationwide
  • Over 5,000 vehicles in the fleet

Based out of New York, 1-800-Book-A-Limo provides global car and limo services for thousands of small, midsize, and Fortune 1000 companies. They've been in the transportation business for over 36 years and have grown to include chauffeur services in over 1,000 cities worldwide. In addition to providing transportation, 1-800-Book-A-Limo can help you with travel plans, arranging business meetings, and touring you around new areas of the country.

Clean, modern fleet

1-800-Book-A-Limo's fleet consists of over 5,000 corporate sedans, limousines, motor coaches, vans/SUVs, and other vehicles from their affiliates. These include new Cadillacs, Mercedes, and Lincoln Town Cars all with $2 million of insurance coverage. 1-800-Book-A-Limo can handle last-minute ground transportation requests since their company is available in so many areas nationwide and their fleet is extensive.

Extensive areas of service

Some areas 1-800-Book-A-Limo prides itself on are having professionally-trained chauffeurs (subject to drug tests, rest hours enforced, background checks, police records checked, and routine quality control rides), a modern fleet, proprietary reservations, 24/7 customer service, and a special events coordinator to assist where needed. Their list of services includes:

  • Point-to-point
  • As-directed (flat hourly rates)
  • Round trips
  • Ground logistics
  • Worldwide tours
  • Greeters
  • Private jets
  • Road shows

That pretty much covers everything, right? Regardless of why you need 1-800-Book-A-Limo's services or how many people you travel with, they've ironed out the details to make things as easy as possible for you to plan your trips and pay for them without feeling like you're being nickel-and-dimed.

Request a quote online

There are a couple different options when it comes to making a reservation through 1-800-Book-A-Limo. You can either call them directly or request a proposal/quote through the website, which is by far the easiest way to go about it. You'll be asked to provide basic information like your name, phone number, email address, pickup and drop off location, date of service, total hours, number of passengers, preferred car type, and event type. You can add any extra comments or instructions before submitting the form as well.

Best Limo Services

Pay after you ride

The cost to use 1-800-Book-A-Limo will depend entirely on the details of your trip. However, they have discounted prices for high volume and round-trip booking that you should be sure to ask about. You'll know about how much your trip will cost ahead of time, but once you've been picked up and dropped off by your chauffeur, you'll receive an invoice for the services provided.

No listed cancellation policy

One thing missing from 1-800-Book-A-Limo's website is a cancellation policy. This is important for people who have a change of plans and need to make adjustments to their itinerary or cancel services altogether. We recommend reaching out to their customer service before making a reservation so that you know what to expect if you have to cancel your ride.

They'll take care of you

1-800-Book-A-Limo has a "B-" rating from the Better Business Bureau because of their failure to respond to one customer complaint. We can cut them a break here, but it would be nice to see more customer reviews for reassurance that this is a well-liked and reliable limo service. They don't have testimonials on their website or really anywhere else for that matter. However, nothing about this company makes us leery of their professionalism, so we've given them a decent recommendation. They offer a lot of services to fit the needs of all their customers, so we are confident that they will get you taken care of.

Sunny's Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation Review 2.5 Star Rating

Sunny's Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

2.5 Star Rating
  • Guaranteed 15 minutes early
  • 550 cities worldwide
  • Track drivers through app GPS

Sunny's Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation operates in over 550 cities worldwide. Their services include corporate travel, road shows, weddings, and charter services, so there aren't as many specific services offered here as you'll find elsewhere. Sunny's doesn't give background information about their company or give a lot of specific details about their policies and procedures like we'd hope to see.

Book within minutes

To book your trip through Sunny's, you can give your basic itinerary details, location, the amount of travelers and luggage, then view the vehicles available to you and the cost. Once you select your ride you can immediately provide payment details and confirm your booking. If you have questions, customer service is available 24/7 by phone or you can send Sunny's an email if you aren't in a rush for information.

Guaranteed on time

Sunny's Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation guarantees that your chauffeur will show up 15 minutes early. If they're even one minute late, your whole trip will be free. You can track your driver through Sunny's mobile app and make any adjustments to your reservation there as well. There are no details about a cancellation policy on Sunny's website, so be sure to look into this before making a reservation in case you need to change your plans after a booking.

Best Limo Services

6 vehicle types

There are 6 vehicles displayed on Sunny's website that are part of their fleet. You can't view the specific makes or models they have, but rather they list executive sedans, luxury sedans, luxury SUVs, luxury vans, executive mini buses, and executive coaches. Sunny's Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation doesn't say how big their fleet is or show pictures of their vehicles either.

No specifics about chauffeurs

The chauffeurs at Sunny's are said to be professional, highly trained, and all drug and alcohol tested. The specifics of their training and how often the chauffeurs are trained is not made clear.

Average company

The Better Business Bureau doesn't have a rating for Sunny's Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation and they aren't accredited either. There aren't a lot of customers who have posted about their experience with this company, but there are a few. Sunny's has average reviews from their customers who say that customer service often seems like they are in a rush, pricing can be misleading, and vehicles aren't always maintained. Some people have a fine experience here and don't have any complaints, so it seems like it's luck of the draw as far as the chauffeur you get.

Nationwide Chauffeured Services Review 2 Star Rating

Nationwide Chauffeured Services

2 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Long list of classy fleet vehicles
  • 24/7 customer service

Nationwide Chauffeured Services doesn't give a lot of specific company details and we aren't sure how long their company has been in business. What we do know is that they offer a long list of services, many of them catering to parties and special occasions. They list 44 locations they serve on their website, but many of them are airport-specific or particular to the Washington DC area, so you can't just go anywhere you want. You'll need to request a quote to know if Nationwide's services are available to you.

No instant quotes

Instant quotes and bookings aren't available from Nationwide Chauffeured Services. To find out the cost of your trip and what vehicles are available to you, you'll need to provide your contact information and all the dates/times/locations to meet your transportation needs. Then you'll submit an online form and wait to hear back via email. An email address and phone number are provided if you need additional help or faster information. Nationwide says they are available 24/7 to assist with itinerary details.

Lots of reading

For all the services offered by Nationwide, you can view a description of how it works, but it's mostly just a lot of reading. Regardless of what you need, you'll need to submit a form to request a quote. Their website is much less comprehensive than some of their competitors and there isn't a lot you can learn or do on your own without waiting for them to reach back out to you.

Best Limo Services

Fancy fleet

You can view a list of Nationwide's fleet vehicles with pictures and details about how many passengers they hold. Most of them come with a fresh newspaper, candies, and fresh water. We aren't sure how big their fleet is, but Nationwide's vehicles consist of a Lincoln Continental Sedan, Lincoln MKT Sedan, Escalade SUV, GMC SUV, Mercedes Benz, 8-passenger Lincoln Stretch Limo, MKT Limo, Excursion Limo, Hummer Limo, 13 passenger van, Mercedes Sprinter, 32 passenger party bus, Mega 40 party bus, 20-24 passenger minibus, 28 passenger minibus, motor coach, and an executive minibus.

No cancellation policy listed

If you have to cancel a reservation once it's been made through Nationwide Chauffeured Services, you'll need to contact customer service. They don't list any information on their website regarding their policy, which is disappointing. This is something you'll want to know before booking with this company.

Customer issues

Nationwide Chauffeured Services lets you view "all" their online reviews straight from their website. However, what we found was a screenshot of what their reviews must have been in the past when they had a 4.8 star review from 57 customers. At the time of this review, they had over 110 reviews and their score had dropped to a 3.9. They have an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but the majority of people say they've received bad service from Nationwide. Claims of late pickups, fraudulent credit card charges, and last-minute cancellations have created major issues for customers. Because of this, Nationwide Chauffeured Services has earned one of our lowest ratings.

Limos Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Save 10% with discount code
  • Instant price estimates

Limos says they offer the widest variety of limo and car services on the market today. Their fleet consists of sedans, SUVs, stretch limos, stretch SUVs, sprinter vans, shuttles, and coaches. They don't specify how many total vehicles are in their fleet or even what cities they serve. In addition, this company doesn't give information about their history, procedures, chauffeur vetting system, or goals. Besides some basic information about how to book a reservation, Limos is somewhat a mystery.

Pricing explained

There is a pricing page on the Limos website, but it doesn't include any actual costs. Rather it explains what additional fees you might expect at the end of your ride (tolls, stops, wait time, parking, extra hours, car seats, fuel surcharges), how much tip is usually included in your price, and the difference between hourly and flat rate pricing. Quoted rates include the base rate as well as taxes and gratuity. This might be hourly (garage to garage) or a flat rate depending on the service you request. A discount code is provided on the site to help customers save 10% at checkout if they book their airport car service through Limos.

Submit a quote request online

To find out how much your trip will actually cost, input your pickup location, drop off location, trip date, and number of passengers. You'll see a list of available times and the price. Right away you'll be asked to provide credit card information to finalize your booking. The services offered by Limos include corporate events, hourly, to and from airport, prom/school events, point to point, wedding, birthday/anniversary, night on the town, concert/sporting event, bachelor/bachelorette party, funeral, and more. For event transportation, an online form is provided so you can give all the details to Limos about the event type, hours needed, passengers, dates, and submit a quote request.

Best Limo Services

Vague cancellation details

If you need to adjust a reservation through Limos, you'll do it through your online account. However, to cancel you'll have to call customer service directly. There are no specific details about cancellation fees or how soon before a reservation you need to reach out because Limos says it will be disclosed at the time of booking in your individual itinerary.

Refer to FAQ page

If you have questions or concerns about Limos, you can contact customer service by phone or email. The company says they will be available 24/7 to take calls from customers. They also have an FAQ page that covers some basic topics like how to enter credit card information, what's included in a quoted rate, when you'll receive a final receipt, how to view reservations, and more.

Not a good option

If we're solely going off of company names, Limos seems like a pretty obvious place to book one. However, Limos is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an "F" rating from them. They don't have hundreds or thousands of reviews like some of their competitors, but the few people who have posted about this company don't have good things to say. Even their past employees aren't fans of the business and wouldn't recommend Limos because of dishonest upper management, lack of care about service quality, and poor processes. This is more than enough for us to discourage people from relying on Limos for safe, trustworthy transportation.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Securing a limo online could not be easier. With most companies, all you'll need to do is specify the type of vehicle you want to book, service type (airport departure, point-to-point, train arrival, to seaport), the pickup date, location, number of passengers, and the amount of luggage you'll have (if any). You can request a quote right away and book as soon as you're ready to secure transportation details.

There are many companies that offer limousine services, but they can vary in professionalism and reliability, so we have provided important information for you to consider which company to work through:

  • Fleet Selection: Does the company have a good variety of vehicle options to meet your needs or your group's? Are the vehicles new and professional-looking? Or does it look like the company hasn't been investing in their fleet?
  • Order Process: Booking your limo should be simple. Does the platform make it easy to view the entire fleet and get clear details about how, when, and where you'll be picked up and dropped off? Find a company that is transparent with their pricing so you feel confident through the entire process.
  • Company Guarantee: What happens if the limo you book doesn't show up on time? If their fleet isn't well-maintained or you don't feel safe at any point, how will the company compensate you? You'll want to make sure you can easily contact their customer service if any issues arise.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best limo services available today. We hope this information helps you get your transportation needs met in luxury and style. "

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Limo Service FAQ

Yes! Whether it's for a luxurious ride to the airport or celebrating a special occasion like prom or a wedding, plenty of people are still using limos today.
Weddings and prom/homecoming are still the two most popular times that people hire a limo service. But there's no reason not to get creative! Night on the town to celebrate a divorce? Epic birthday party? New job? Why not!
You probably picture a stretch limo when you think about limousines, but there are many other types of vehicles available. You could choose a smaller Lincoln Town Car, a bus for a tour group, or a stretch SUV complete with LED lighting and a drink bar.
That depends on the distance or driving time, the type of limo you choose, and where you live. It's easy to get a free quote for the service you need.
For smaller limos (like Lincoln Town Cars and other four-door sedan models), expect a maximum capacity of four passengers. Stretch limos can carry anywhere from 6-18 passengers. The longest limo in the world carries up to 32 people and even has a dance floor!
Use an online reservation platform! That's the easiest way to connect with limo services near you, get a quote, and book your ride. Some platforms let you see drivers and their customer ratings, too.
Check the terms of service before you book your limo. Most services will allow you to cancel up to 48 hours in advance of your trip without penalties, but that varies widely by company. If there's a good chance you'll need to change or cancel your reservation, look for a provider with a more generous cancellation window: some offer no-penalty cancellations as close as two hours before the scheduled pick-up.
20% is the standard. See if your tip has already been included in your final price, though. You may also be able to add your tip to your booking, in case you don't like to carry cash and tip in-person.

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