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The Best Lobster Companies

Where Can You Find the Best Lobster Stores?

Whether you're a lobster aficionado, or someone who simply relishes a delectable shellfish feast, finding a trustworthy online lobster store can feel hard to do. Modern lobster catchers offer tons of options, including live lobster, lobster tails and meat, lobster rolls, and even fun extras like chowder, bisques, or steaks for a surf and turf dinner.

Exploring the diverse array of lobster stores is made easy with the convenience of online shopping, enabling you to peruse and select from the comfort of your own home. While some people worry about buying something like lobster online, with next-day shipping practices it's now much easier to get lobsters from the ocean to your table with no risk of spoiling.

Tuesday, April 16th

2024 Lobster Company Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Lobster Anywhere Review 5 Star Rating

Lobster Anywhere

5 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $29.95 to $339
  • Schedule your delivery
  • Sustainable fishing practices
  • Rewards program available
  • Free shipping options on some items
  • Gift cards available
  • "A+" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Lobster Anywhere boasts an impressive 30-year history of supplying live Maine lobsters and top-quality seafood to hotels, high-end restaurants, and large institutions nationwide. Fortunately, their exceptional service extends beyond these establishments, allowing the general public to indulge in the delight of direct access to extremely fresh lobster without any middleman interference.

Deliver fresh lobsters

When it comes to lobster shipping, Lobster Anywhere ensures a seamless journey from the trap to your table, no matter where you reside. They have gained a reputation for delivering fresh lobsters and seafood throughout the United States, with successful shipments made to even the most remote locations, including Hawaii and the North Pole. However, please note that international shipping was on hold at the time of our review.

Best website design

When it comes to shopping for lobsters, Lobster Anywhere's website sets itself apart by offering an enjoyable and entertaining experience. From the moment you land on their site, you're greeted with a visually appealing design, engaging stories, and informative links that immerse you in the world of lobsters. The graphics are eye-catching and cleverly designed to make your browsing journey a pleasure. It's hard not to crack a smile when you encounter humorous statements like "Lobsters will arrive ALIVE and FEISTY!" sprinkled throughout the site. The blend of fun and information makes exploring their offerings an engaging and memorable experience. On top of this, the listings are easy to find, and they include crisp photos of the products, upfront pricing, and star ratings to help you get a clear picture of each product before you even click on it.

Competitive pricing across the site

To conduct a price comparison among different retailers, we examined three specific products at Lobster Anywhere. First, we looked at the prices for lobster across the site, the prices for a non-lobster item, and the prices for any package or bundles available at Lobster Anywhere. Lobster Anywhere boasts a variety of ways to buy lobster, including live, frozen, and just the tails. Lobster prices start as low as $29.95 for a single 6-7 oz tail and up to $289.95 for a live giant lobster. For their non-lobster items, Lobster Anywhere offers a competitive array of shrimp, scallops, and chowders. Next, we looked at their chowder options. The prices ranged from $12.95 to $99. Finally, the packages at Lobster Anywhere provide 13 meals including "surf and turf" products. The pricing for Lobster Dinners ranges from $139 to $339. With its wide price range, Lobster Anywhere proves to be highly competitive in the market. Lobster, crab, and fish enthusiasts can explore a comprehensive selection that suits their preferences and budgetary constraints.

Best Lobster Stores

Choose your delivery date

Lobster Anywhere understands the importance of convenience when it comes to receiving your lobster order. During the ordering process, they provide the option to specify the desired delivery date. This feature ensures that your lobsters arrive precisely when you need them, whether it's for a special occasion or a planned gathering. However, it is essential to consider the type of lobsters you are ordering. If you opt for non-live lobsters, remember to allocate sufficient time for thawing to guarantee optimal enjoyment of your seafood. Otherwise, your live lobsters will arrive fresh and right on time for your next meal.

Top-notch sustainability

Lobster Anywhere prioritizes sustainability in the seafood industry by adhering to rigorous regulations and employing environmentally friendly practices. Their commitment to responsible fishing includes sourcing the best live lobsters from fishermen and women who follow industry best practices and use eco-friendly traps. Lobster Anywhere supports measures such as size limits, "V-Notch" protection for berried lobsters, escape mechanisms in traps, trap limits, limited entry of licenses, and designated fishery areas.

Get rewards for your lobster

Lobster Anywhere has a great perk to help returning customers save a little money. They provide the Sand Dollar Rewards program, which allows you to earn points on every purchase. By taking the simple step of registering for the service, you immediately receive 15,000 points as a welcome gift. From there, for every dollar spent on your seafood orders, you earn 100 Sand Dollars.

Best Lobster Stores

Transparent shipping with free shipping options

One of the standout features of Lobster Anywhere is the offer of free shipping on many of their listings. The website has an entire tab dedicated to showing customers which products qualify for free shipping before they even add them to the cart. If you do have to pay the regular shipping price, it gets a little complicated. While Lobster Anywhere is completely transparent about their pricing model, it's a lot to take in. They base the shipping rate on your order total and offer 2nd-day, Next-day, Priority, and Saturday shipping options.

Shipping price tiers

Here are the shipping price tiers based on the total order amount:

  • Up to $24.99 in cart: Shipping costs $29 to $49
  • $25 to $49.99 in cart: Shipping costs $32 to $52
  • $50 to $74.99 in cart: Shipping costs $35 to $54
  • $75 to $99.99 in cart: Shipping costs $38 to $57
  • $100 to $124.99 in cart: Shipping costs $41 to $59
  • $125 to $149.99 in cart: Shipping costs $44 to $62
  • $150 to $174.99 in cart: Shipping costs $47 to $64
  • $175 to $199.99 in cart: Shipping costs $50 to $66
  • $200 to $224.99 in cart: Shipping costs $53 to $69
  • $225 to $249.99 in cart: Shipping costs $56 to $71
  • $250 to $274.99 in cart: Shipping costs $59 to $74
  • $275 to $299.99 in cart: Shipping costs $62 to $79
  • $300 and up in cart: Shipping costs 14%- 6% of order value + $19.00

While this can be complicated overall, we appreciate the complete transparency for shipping prices at Lobster Anywhere.

No stated guarantee

The return policy of Lobster Anywhere revolves around the nature of their perishable seafood products. Due to the sensitivity of these items, returns are generally not accepted. If a refund is warranted, it will be processed exclusively to the original credit card used for the initial purchase. However, the website does not clearly state what conditions warrant a refund, so this isn't ideal for customers looking for a guarantee. For non-perishable items and gift certificates, customers have a 30-day window from the date of purchase to initiate a return for a full refund.

Best Lobster Stores

Free shipping on gift options

Among the gift options at Lobster Anywhere, you can buy any of the free shipping lobster dinner boxes for your loved ones. These make perfect gifts as most of them include everything you need for a complete lobster-based meal. If you want your family, friend, or someone special to be able to choose their treats, you can send them a gift certificate instead starting as low as $25.

Highly rated and top-notch reviews

In terms of company reputation, Lobster Anywhere stands out from the crowd. With thousands of user reviews at verified third-party review sites as well as an impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, Lobster Anywhere is one of the most well-liked lobster stores online. Reviewers gave the retailer an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, which is incredibly impressive. Customers love the on-time shipping, the flavor of the lobster, and the easy gifting opportunities offered by Lobster Anywhere. With such high praise, this is definitely a lobster store to remember.

Top option overall

With all the amazing perks of Lobster Anywhere and the option for free shipping on many of their orders, this sustainable lobster store stands out from the rest of the competition. The site is well-designed and easy to shop, and customers are raving about the high-quality seafood from Lobster Anywhere. Even with complicated shipping prices, this company stands out as top-notch. Lobster Anywhere is easily our #1 pick as the best lobster store online today.

Get Maine Lobster Review 4.5 Star Rating

Get Maine Lobster

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $74 to $579.99
  • Completely sustainable practices
  • Gift cards available
  • Perks Club with reward points
  • Flat rate shipping only $19.99 to $34.99
  • Satisfaction guarantee within 4 hours of delivery
  • "A-" rating from the BBB

Get Maine Lobster is a Maine-based lobster store that specializes in curating modern culinary adventures that bring the enchantment of the sea right to your doorstep. Recognizing that the freshest seafood should be more than just a meal, they strive to create an experience unlike any other. From succulent Maine lobsters to scallops and wild-caught swordfish, their diverse selection is packaged with the necessary tools and personalized touches to transform your dining into an extraordinary event.

Standout website experience

Considering all the lobster stores out there, Get Maine Lobster is one that has a particularly impressive website. The design is clean and modern and definitely inspires confidence in the business. All of the key elements of the business are easy to find and accessible including sustainability statements and rewards programs. In terms of the listings, the photo quality is HD and each listing clearly shows the price and how many customers have reviewed individual products.

Competitive value for money

In order to compare prices among different retailers in our review, we examined three specific products. We looked at the prices for just lobsters, non-lobster products, and any bundled packages. Get Maine Lobster has live lobster, lobster tails, and just lobster meat. Across the lobster products, the prices range from $99 for 4 petite lobster tails to $399.99 for 12 live lobsters. In terms of non-lobster products, Get Maine Lobster has a host of "fresh catch" options that include scallops, salmon, and bluefin tuna. The prices for these products range from $74 for 2 lbs of mussels to $154.99 for 2 lbs of fresh Maine scallops.

Bundle pricing

The bundles available at Get Maine Lobster are called "Lobster Dinners" and there are 9 different listings that include lobster as well as side treats like chocolate desserts or mac and cheese. The prices for these dinner packs range from $119.99 to $324.99. The pricing at Get Maine Lobster is competitive, especially when you look at how much food you get for the prices they charge. Their dinner boxes are a standout feature and make them highly competitive for providing a full culinary experience. However, if you're looking for smaller shipments or budget prices, this may not be the ideal option for you.

Best Lobster Stores

Great variety of 3-month subscriptions

The Get Maine Lobster subscription boxes offer a convenient and exciting way to enjoy a feast right at your doorstep - on the regular. By subscribing to your favorite GML Box, you'll receive monthly deliveries for 3 months, with the potential to save money by making a one-time upfront payment. As a subscriber, you'll also gain access to exclusive benefits such as private sales, limited-edition culinary experiences, exclusive recipes, virtual cooking demonstrations, and priority access to promotions.

Subscription choices

Each subscription box contains a selection of sustainably sourced Maine lobster and premium seasonal offerings, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience. The options include:

  • 4 Large Lobster Tails for $299.99
  • The Lobster Tail Lovers' Box for $359.99
  • Monthly Mystery Box for $374.99
  • 6 Live Maine Lobster Box for $409.99
  • Captain's Mystery Box for $434.99
  • 4 Large Tails and 4 Beef Wellingtons for $449.99
  • 10 Cull Live Lobsters for $579.99

Fully sustainable lobster fishing

Maine lobster harvesters, committed to sustainability and the preservation of the marine environment, employ various eco-friendly practices. These include returning pregnant lobsters to the sea, measuring for size restrictions, using eco-friendly traps with escape vents and biodegradable panels, implementing local management zones, and promoting an apprenticeship program. Additionally, a plan was established to end overfishing, incorporating mandatory v-notching and a zero-tolerance policy for harvesting v-notched lobsters. With the addition of trap limits, and responsible harvesting methods, including the use of escape vents and biodegradable escape hatches, lobster from Maine is proudly recognized as eco-friendly, and Get Maine Lobster is fully compliant with the state's sustainability practices.

Best Lobster Stores

Boxes and gift cards for loved ones

In terms of gifting options, Get Maine Lobster has a decent variety. Not only can you send the boxes to a loved one (and pre-pay for a subscription to give them 3 months of lobster treats.), but Get Maine Lobster also has standard gift cards. You can purchase anything from $10 to $500 on a single card. The gift cards are electronic too, so as soon as you buy one, it will be sent to the recipient's email.

Perks Club rewards program

One feature we loved at Get Maine Lobster was the Perks Club. By joining the club, you instantly receive 750 points as a sign-up bonus. Each purchase earns you 10 points for every dollar spent. Customers can redeem their points during checkout at a rate of 100 points per dollar. The reward program also has tiers to increase the points you earn per purchase. Customers start as a Crew member, earning 10 points per dollar, then advance to Sternman by reaching 5,000 points, where they'll earn 12 points per dollar and enjoy benefits like 100 free points and free shipping for one order. The ultimate achievement is reaching Captain status with 10,000 points, earning 15 points per dollar. Captains are rewarded with 200 free points, a $50 gift card, and free shipping for one order.

Low prices for flat-rate shipping

When placing an order, the shipping fees will be determined at the checkout stage, taking into account your specific address. The total shipping cost, ranging from $19.99 to $34.99, will depend on the product(s) you choose. For Saturday delivery, there is an additional fee of $15 on top of the regular shipping rates. Free Shipping offers also incur a $15 fee for Saturday deliveries. To qualify for free shipping, you will have to get a promotion directly from the company. For example, they sometimes offer free shipping on select items or bundles or through their rewards program. However, overall, the shipping costs for Get Maine Lobster are much cheaper than many competitors, making this option worth checking out for reasonable shipping prices.

Best Lobster Stores

4-hour window for satisfaction guarantee

Get Maine Lobster ensures the quality of their live Maine lobsters and fresh seafood upon delivery, offering a guarantee for any inadequately delivered products. However, the window to report a problem is short with Get Maine Lobsters. If the lobsters are not alive upon delivery, customers must notify Get Main Lobsters' customer service within 4 hours with accompanying pictures. If proper notification is provided within the 4-hour window, Get Maine Lobster will issue a credit or refund for the affected portion of the product. While there are other companies with this short of a return window, it seems very difficult for customers to be able to report problems in a timely manner, and doesn't seem as customer-oriented as it could be.

Low buzz for Get Maine Lobster

We're a little disappointed by the customer reviews for Get Maine Lobster. While the reviews out there weren't bad, there just weren't many of them. For example at Sitejabber, there was exactly 1 review for Get Maine Lobster at the time we checked. So, if you're looking for customer feedback to guide you here, this store won't be the ideal choice. On the bright side, the company does have an "A-" rating with the Better Business Bureau, so it is proven to have a decent reputation for customer service.

Best option for full dinners and subscriptions

Get Maine Lobster is a Maine-based lobster store that offers a competitive place to shop for lobster online. The pricing is competitive, offering a range of lobster products, non-lobster options, and bundled packages. Most impressively, the company is committed to sustainable lobster fishing practices, ensuring the preservation of the marine environment. And, if you're looking to save money, the Perks Club rewards program allows customers to earn and redeem points. However, there are a few drawbacks: with no real buzz from reviewers, it's not clear how much customers really like using Get Maine Lobster. Plus, only a 4-hour window is provided for reporting any issues, which doesn't feel very customer-focused. Get Maine Lobster rates exceptionally high and is definitely worth your while to browse their selections for your next lobster feast.

The Lobster Guy Review 4.5 Star Rating

The Lobster Guy

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $13.99 to $312.99
  • Custom gifts available
  • Local fishing
  • Owner is a fisherman himself
  • Ships through UPS
  • "A" rating and accreditation with the BBB

If you're looking for a mom-and-pop style lobster store, The Lobster Guy is the best one out there, promising the freshest live Maine lobsters and more. Founded by Captain Tim Handrigan, a seasoned fisherman, The Lobster Guy has been delivering exceptional quality and service for over 18 years. With a diverse selection of shellfish, sea scallops, and shrimp, this store could be your next go-to for great prices on overnight-shipped lobsters. Their award-winning clam chowders, bisques, and appetizers are also a hit. The best part? The Lobster Guy promises that you'll find the lowest prices for live, hardshell lobsters delivered to your door.

The site design gets a "yikes" from us

When you stumble upon The Lobster Guy's website, it may not immediately strike you as the most polished or refined online store in the shellfish market. In fact, you might even question its legitimacy: the website is downright alarming from a design perspective. If using a website that has easy navigation is a must-have, be warned, The Lobster Guy's web experience is extremely outdated, and it's difficult to find what you need among the cluttered text, multitude of fonts, and banner ads plastered across the site. On top of that, with no built-in filters you can't narrow down the options while you're shopping. This was most frustrating when trying to organize the products by price or by size, which would have been helpful to have integrated into the website.

Competitive lobster and dinner prices

In order to compare prices for the different lobster stores in our review, we examined three products at each vendor. We looked at the prices for lobster across the site, the prices for a non-lobster product, and the price for any packages or bundles. The Lobster Guy offers an extensive selection of fresh lobsters, but they specialize in Maine Lobsters, so we checked out the pricing on those listings. Prices start at $24.99 for one lobster to $561.99 for 24 lobsters. As for a non-lobster option, The Lobster Guy offers chowders and bisques, shrimp, and scallops. For the price comparison, we looked at the chowders and bisques which range in price from $13.99 to $40.99 depending on what size of soup you purchase. The Lobster Guy's boxes include just multi-packs of lobsters (from 1-24 individual lobsters), and they also have "Lobster Dinners" . The pricing for the dinners ranges from $107.99 to $312.99. These prices are very competitive for the amount of lobster you receive.

Locally caught

Local is the best part of The Lobster Guy, if you're looking for a place that is family-run and owned by a real fisherman. Captain Tim Handrigan isn't the usual business owner: he's connected to the fishing process personally and only brings in the best lobsters for shipping. Promising the best quality every time, The Lobster Guy does provide high quality for a competitive price, and that's a fact.

Best Lobster Stores

Custom gifts available

Of course, you can send anything on the site as a gift, but The Lobster Guy takes it one step further to make it even easier: on every product listing is a checkbox that says, "send this item as a gift certificate". If you're not sure when would be a good day for your lobster to arrive, this is a great way to delight your lucky recipient - without giving them the scare of opening a surprise delivery containing a live animal (or, on the less interesting side, you want to make sure they're home to receive the package, so they can get it into the fridge, freezer, or cooking pot). On top of this, you can contact The Lobster Guy directly to get a custom box or meal organized and shipped as a gift.

Shipping is unlisted on the site

The Lobster Guy notes that they do not offer free shipping, but they are completely transparent about the total costs. They use UPS shipping and ensure that all orders within the continental United States are shipped via UPS for overnight delivery, ensuring prompt delivery to the designated recipients or customers themselves. However, there aren't any listed shipping prices on the website until you get through the checkout prices, and the shipping varies depending on location.

No stated guarantee

To address damaged products, it is necessary to provide photographs of both the damaged item and its packaging. If a package experiences transit delays due to a weather event designated as an "Act of God Clause" by UPS, no refund or reshipment can be issued, as long as the contents of the package remain cold. For any other issues with the package, The Lobster Guy can arrange a refund or reshipment for the specific item(s) in question. However, they don't list any specific guarantee to this effect.

Missing sustainability info on site

One place where The Lobster Guy doesn't compete as well is sustainability (or at least on providing details). While they may be using sustainable lobster-catching practices, there aren't any specific statements to that effect on the Lobster Guy website that we could find. There was a single link to the Maine Lobstermen's Association which "Advocates for a sustainable lobster resource and the fishermen and communities that depend on it," however no particular notices on how The Lobster Guy itself is working sustainably.

Best Lobster Stores

Reputation has fallen recently

In terms of customer satisfaction, The Lobster Guy used to be at the top of the pack. However, in recent years, their reputation has lowered slightly. While there are still rave reviews from customers who have trusted him with their most special occasions, knowing that everything would arrive fresh and exactly on time, there are now more and more complaints stacking up. Across the board, The Lobster Guy only has a 3-star average rating from third-party websites.

Customer feedback

Some customers complained about dealing with customer service representatives who "didn't care" about their concerns. Others were blocked from making complaints on the Lobster Guy website. On the other hand, The Lobster Guy's listing with the Better Business Bureau is still fairly high. While it has gone down from an "A+" to an "A" rating, the company still has excellent standing with the BBB, which may be good to keep in mind against the other negative reviews out there.

Best prices available

While there are a few things we don't love about The Lobster Guy, specifically the poorly built site, this remains a highly competitive retailer for getting you or your loved ones a lobster treat. With an owner steeped in the fishing industry as well as a guarantee to have the lowest possible prices for live, hardshell lobster online today, The Lobster Guy is a fantastic place for your next lobster fix. With the website and reputation taken into account, we can't give this retailer our top spot, but it's still worth a high place in our reviews.

Lobster Gram Review 4 Star Rating

Lobster Gram

4 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $50 to $455
  • Surf and turf selections
  • Gift boxes of all varieties
  • Certified 100% sustainable
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • "A-" rating from the BBB

When it comes to lobster delivery, Lobster Gram is a name that stands the test of time. With a commitment to delivering ocean-fresh seafood since 1987, this company has earned its reputation as one of the original players in the industry.

Pre-packed boxes

Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one or treat yourself, Lobster Gram offers a variety of options that are sure to satisfy your seafood cravings. It's worth noting right away that the business model at Lobster Gram looks a little different than some of the other options in this review: instead of offering a-la-carte selections for most of the listings, Lobster Gram provides pre-packed boxes of all types. They differentiate their shipment pieces by how many people each box will serve, starting as low as 2 people and going up to 10 people for their live lobsters.

Easy to use, but no filters

Navigating the Lobster Gram website is a breeze, especially when it comes to exploring their gift-giving options. With just a click on the Gift Ideas link, you'll find an array of culinary delights to choose from. From mouth-watering paella and chocolate lava cakes to classic New England clam chowder, there's something for every palate. If you prefer a more versatile gift, their Gift Baskets section offers an assortment of goodies, including lobster tails, Kobe steaks, and crab cakes, perfect for creating a memorable meal. The only thing we'd change about the website is the lack of filters on the pages where you can browse the different types of lobster. Even a pricing filter would be a step up.

Prices are designed for multi-packs

To compare prices between different lobster retailers, we examined three specific products at Lobster Gram. We looked at the prices for lobster, a non-lobster item, and their package or bundles. Since almost everything sold at Lobster Gram is a bundle of some kind, we will look at their live Maine Lobster, their Giant Lobster Tails, and their surf and turf boxes. For starters, the prices for live Maine Lobster range from $80 to $455 depending on how many servings you want to buy. For the North American Lobster tail, the prices range from $145 to $230. For their boxes, the prices range across the website. However, there are specific boxes called "Gourmet Gram" for sale, which cover a variety of foods including lobster and seafood towers, crab rolls, sausage samplers, and even a turkey. These boxes generally range in price from $50 to $175 with some of the lobster-specific boxes as high as $455 in the lobster section of the site.

Best Lobster Stores

One-stop shop for meals

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for different types of meats, seafood, and snacks. Lobster Gram is a great one. For their non-lobster items, Lobster Gram offers surf and turf products, including shellfish, steaks, and even sides and desserts. So, if you want a full meal purchased from one website, this might be a great option for you.

Certified as 100% sustainable

Lobster Gram prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and the certification of their Maine lobster as being 100% sustainably sourced. With a legacy of over 137 years, Lobster Gram recognizes the importance of preserving the North Atlantic coast and supporting the New England fishing industry through sustainable practices. Upholding the Lobster Conservation Code of Conduct, Lobster Gram ensures that all processes and partners involved in their operations adhere to the highest sustainability standards. By responsibly replacing fished lobsters and refraining from removing egg-bearing lobsters, Lobster Gram contributes to the region's balance and protects its fertile resources. Furthermore, customers can trust that every Lobster Gram lobster is antibiotic-free, guaranteeing a genuine and sustainable dining experience.

Best option for gifting

Lobster Gram takes gift-giving seriously, and their flagship product, the original Lobster Gram, is a testament to that. Packed with live hard-shell Maine lobsters, fresh lemon, unsalted butter, shell crackers, seafood forks, bibs, and moist towelettes, this gift is a complete lobster experience in a box. You can customize your order by specifying the weight of each lobster and the number of people you're serving, ensuring that every recipient gets their perfect lobster meal.

No free shipping available

However, it's worth noting that shipping costs are not included in the listed prices, and for live lobster deliveries, priority overnight shipping is required, which adds to the overall expense. Shipping costs at Lobster Gram are tiered depending on how much money you spend on your purchase. The lowest cost for shipping is $30 for 2-day delivery, and this is for any order up to $24.99. The most expensive listed shipping price is $78 for 1-day shipping on a Saturday on orders from $275 to $299.99. For orders $300+, there is a 15% charge for shipping. There isn't any statement on the site that says you can qualify for free shipping, so you might want to keep these prices in mind as you shop. For some orders, the shipping may cost more than the actual purchase.

Best Lobster Stores

100% Happiness Guarantee

Lobster Gram ensures that every item in their catalog comes with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. When customers receive their Lobster Gram package, it will be in either a frozen or chilled condition. In the case of packages containing live Maine lobsters, the company guarantees their arrival in a live state. If customers have any questions, problems, or concerns regarding their order, Lobster Gram encourages immediate notification for prompt assistance. If Lobster Gram is responsible for any errors in the order, they are committed to rectifying the situation by replacing the necessary items, issuing a gift certificate of equal value, or providing a refund to the cardholder.

Well-loved by customers

Lobster Gram boasts a solid track record of positive customer reviews. Many customers consistently return to this trusted retailer for their great-tasting seafood, earning Lobster Gram high ratings and praise. Overall customers rated Lobster Gram an average total of 4 stars out of 5 with thousands of reviews to back up the rating. While there were a few complaints about shipping costs, Lobster Gram's "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau and their 100% Happiness Guarantee provide reassurance that they are committed to customer satisfaction.

Top choice for gift giving

If you're looking for a single serving of lobster, this might not be a place for you, but if you like entertaining or giving the gift of seafood, Lobster Gram is your spot. As the top pick in this review for gift giving, their boxes are easy to send and offer a variety of flavors including surf and turf or even desserts. While the shipping prices brought down their score a little bit, the company's reputation and sustainability practices kept it competitive. For this reason, it's earned a 4-star rating overall.

Lobsters Online Review 4 Star Rating

Lobsters Online

4 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $10.99 to $350
  • Brick-and-mortar restaurant
  • Member of Maine Institute
  • Sustainable-focused
  • Gift certificates available
  • Next-day shipping on all orders
  • Refunds available on day of delivery

Also known as the Lobster Trap Co, Lobsters Online is a company based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Lobsters Online is an affiliate of the Maine Lobster Institute and the National Fisheries Institute and works to maintain sustainable fishing practices. With HACCP approval, federal inspection, and TSA certification as a cargo screening facility, Lobsters Online ensures the safe and efficient shipment of its products worldwide.

Innovative package for fresh orders

Founded by Logan Clarke in 1972, the company began as a seasonal fish and supplies vendor before expanding into wholesale operations. Over the years, The Lobster Trap has cultivated valuable partnerships, leading to international sales opportunities and the development of innovative packaging solutions for shipping fresh products. Today, they successfully distribute wholesale orders across the globe.

Brick-and-mortar restaurant

Like a few other companies in this review, Lobsters Online also has an in-person restaurant for locals to enjoy fresh lobster. The restaurant, called Lobster Trap Co., is located in Cape Cod and provides the same fresh and sustainable products that you can find on their website. So, if you happen to live in the MA area, you can enjoy fresh lobster in person as well as shipping directly to your home.

Extremely competitive pricing

To see how Lobsters Online stacks up against competitors, we checked their prices for three different products. First, we looked at the prices for lobster across the site. There are three different ways to purchase lobster at Lobster Online: lobster by the pound, jumbo lobster, and lobster tails and meat. The prices across the board for all these lobster types range from $17.99 for 1 live lobster to $120 for 1 live jumbo lobster with the lobster meat options falling in between. For their non-lobster items, Lobster Online offers a competitive array of fish, shrimp, scallops, and chowders. For the price comparison, we looked at their chowder selections. The prices range from $10.99 to $12.99 for 18 oz of bisque or chowder. Finally, there are 3 dinner packages at Lobsters Online including a dinner for 2 up to a dinner for 6. The pricing for the dinner packages ranges from $157 to $350. Overall, Lobsters Online is priced very competitively both for individual lobsters and for packages, making it competitive for your next lobster store shopping spree.

Best Lobster Stores

Member of sustainable institutes

Lobsters Online is dedicated to maintaining exceptional quality standards. By employing sustainable fishing practices and actively supporting local lobstermen throughout Maine, Lobsters Online not only provides customers with the finest lobster available but also promotes the well-being of the lobster industry. Furthermore, their membership in various esteemed organizations, including the Maine Lobster Institute and Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association, reflects their dedication to upholding industry standards and conservation efforts.

Gift certificates and dinners for loved ones

Like most companies in this review, Lobsters Online offers gift certificates. The prices start at $100 and go up as high as $600 for one gift certificate. You can use these in-person at the Lobster Trap Co. or for online orders at Lobsters Online. Additionally, you can send some of the package options like the "dinner for 2" to a loved one, so they can enjoy a paid-for lobster dinner with you or their family at home.

All shipping is next-day

When you choose to order lobsters online from Lobsters Online, their shipping policy ensures that your package is promptly delivered. By placing your order before 2:30 PM EDT, you can expect to receive it the following day, no matter what you order. To determine the shipping costs, you can use their convenient online quote/order system accessible in the Shopping Cart. Keep in mind that UPS charges an extra $8 for Saturday delivery, and availability may vary depending on your location. If there are any issues with Saturday delivery or if additional shipping costs are required based on your location, Lobsters Online will contact you directly.

Best Lobster Stores

Refunds available for complaints issued on delivery day

The refund policy at Lobsters Online states that in order to qualify for a refund, customers must provide images of the package, the order number, and a detailed explanation of the received items. While it isn't a long time, Lobsters Online does give you until the end of the delivery day to submit a complaint. This is better than the 4-hour window offered at other retailers. Full refunds can also be requested before the scheduled ship date.

Positive reviews overall

While Lobsters Online doesn't have a presence with the Better Business Bureau, it does have a decent presence online with several hundred reviews at third-party review sites like Trustpilot. On average customers have rated Lobsters Online 4.6 out of 5 stars. Comments include that customers love the quality of the lobster and that the shipments always come fresh and taste great. Repeat customers who have been using Lobsters Online for years note that they've never had a problem with quality or shipments. With customers raving about the service, we know that this is definitely worth your time for your next lobster fix.

Competitive option, but doesn't match better shipping

Overall, Lobsters Online is definitely one of our top picks for lobster. The benefits of low pricing and high praise from reviewers stacked it up against our third-place pick. Only the fact that Lobsters Online didn't have as cheap of shipping or a 100% guarantee as our fourth-place pick, which knocked it down to fifth place in this review. However, with great prices, great sustainability, and rave reviews from customers, we highly recommend you check out Lobsters Online, especially if you want to buy individual lobsters at reasonable price points.

Legal Sea Foods Review 3.5 Star Rating

Legal Sea Foods

3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $70 to $250
  • Side dishes available
  • Gift cards available
  • NOAA sustainability compliant
  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • "A-" rating from the BBB

Legal Sea Foods, a family-owned business with roots dating back to 1950, brings the taste of their renowned seafood restaurant right to your home. When browsing their website, you'll be faced with the enticing choice between "out of the shell" or "in the shell" lobster options.

Pre-cooked or hands-on

For the ultimate convenience, go for pre-cooked lobster meat, lobster tails, or lobster roll kits. If you prefer the hands-on experience, their in-the-shell choices include whole lobsters, live or pre-cooked, as well as lobster tails and complete dinners with delectable additions like chowder, filet mignon, and shrimp.

Side dishes available

If you want more than just lobster, Legal Sea Foods excels at that. Legal Sea Foods has curated a range of delectable New England dishes, directly inspired by their renowned restaurant menu, to bring you the convenience of prepared foods without compromising on the quality and freshness you've come to expect. Indulge in mouthwatering options such as Lobster Mac & Cheese, Nut Encrusted Salmon, and New England Baked Haddock. However, while there are plenty of different things you can buy, there aren't many choices for each item. For example, there are only two types of fish as well as only two types of lobster.

Higher-than average prices

To conduct a price comparison among different retailers, we examined three specific products at Legal Sea Foods to see how they stack up against other lobster stores. At Legal Sea Foods, we checked out prices for lobster, a non-lobster item, and any available package or bundles. In general, Legal Sea Foods had a small selection. All of their listings are able to be easily browsed on one page. The lobster and shellfish are contained in the same section, and there were only 5 total products with only 2 of those being lobster. The prices range from $70 to $140 for lobster. In addition to lobster, Legal Sea Foods is known for its soups and sides. We looked at the prices for their "prepared foods" which include chowders, mac and cheese, and crab cakes. The prices ranged from $28 to $45. Finally, we checked out their "experiences" which are full meals. The pricing ranged from $80 to $250. While most of these prices are higher than other competitors, the meal packages are competitive.

Best Lobster Stores

Bargain hunters beware

When exploring the add-ons at Legal Sea Foods it becomes evident that the company is not the go-to lobster store for bargain hunters. Prices for additional items, such as a 12-oz. container of shrimp mac and cheese for $19 or a two-pack of individual Boston cream pies for $16, can quickly add up. If you're looking for more affordable options, you may want to consider other retailers.


Legal Sea Foods has upheld a steadfast commitment to sustainability for over three decades, ensuring that its menu showcases not only fresh and seasonal seafood but also safe and sustainable options. By strictly adhering to the guidelines set by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Legal Sea Foods exclusively serves fish and shellfish that are recognized as sustainable species by the federal government. This dedication to environmental stewardship reflects their unwavering mission to preserve marine ecosystems and promote responsible fishing practices. For individuals seeking comprehensive information on sustainable seafood choices, Legal Sea Foods directs them to FishWatch.gov, a valuable resource that provides factual insights and knowledge about sustainable seafood selections. Through its sustainable practices, Legal Sea Foods sets a commendable example in the industry, combining culinary excellence with ecological responsibility to provide exceptional dining experiences while safeguarding the environment.

Gift options

In terms of gifting, Legal Sea Foods offers gift cards, like many other companies in our review. The gift cards range from $25 to $200 and are considered eGift cards. So, when you purchase the card, it will be sent to your email instead of a physical card in the mail. Additionally, you can buy one of the "Legal Experiences" if you want to send a loved one a full meal with sides and even a surf-and-turf option.

Free shipping on orders $150+

Legal Sea Foods takes great care in shipping and delivering fresh seafood to ensure customers receive the highest quality products. They offer Free Express Shipping on orders of $150 or more, while shipping costs vary for orders below that threshold. Whether it's live lobsters from Maine, fresh-frozen fish, or expertly prepared seafood dishes and accompaniments, Legal Sea Foods follows strict overnight shipping for orders containing live lobsters, and separates them from other frozen products to maintain freshness. Their meticulous approach guarantees that each item arrives in excellent condition, reflecting their commitment to delivering seafood of exceptional quality.

Best Lobster Stores

100% satisfaction guarantee

In the event that any issues arise with an order, Legal Sea Foods encourages customers to promptly contact their customer service team. The company promises 100% satisfaction with both the quality of its products and the service provided. While their return policy doesn't specifically state what conditions might be involved in getting your money back, we love that 100% guarantee and commitment to customer service.

Good reputation overall

Legal Sea Foods has built a decent reputation over the years, exemplified by its "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. While most customer feedback revolves around their in-person locations, the few complaints registered with the BBB indicate the company's commitment to resolving issues promptly. Customer reviews on the website also reflect the positive experiences of satisfied customers.

Good quality, but not enough options

With its long history of providing restaurant-quality seafood, Legal Sea Foods brings its expertise and dedication to your doorstep. However, it has a couple of drawbacks. Most of the prices are high compared to other competitors online. Also, for a company specializing in seafood, there aren't a lot of products available on the website. With only two different lobster-focused listings, this option doesn't stand out as one of the most competitive in our review. On the other hand, with excellent sustainability practices and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a good reputation, there are definitely some perks that balance everything out. For this reason, Legal Sea Foods has earned a 3.5-star rating here.

Luke's Lobster Review 3 Star Rating

Luke's Lobster

3 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $39 to $204
  • Sustainability-focused
  • Gift cards available
  • Transparency-focused
  • Free shipping on all orders

Luke's Lobster is a family-owned Maine seafood business that was established by Luke Holden, a third-generation lobsterman. In 2009, Luke's Lobster started as a small lobster roll shack in New York City, driven by Holden's desire to find an authentic, high-quality Maine lobster roll.

Buy from fishermen they trust

Alongside partner Ben Conniff and their dedicated team, they built their initial ten shacks by sourcing the finest lobster from fishermen through Luke's father's seafood production business, Jeff's Seafood. In 2013, Luke's Lobster expanded its operations by establishing its own seafood purchasing and production business in Saco, Maine. This move allowed them to become fully vertically integrated, directly purchasing from fishermen they personally know and trust, and carefully handling the seafood throughout the entire journey from the dock to the plate.

Clean, modern website

When looking at usability and visual appeal, Luke's Lobster has a top-notch website. Everything about the design speaks to the modern customer, and they prioritize easy navigation and offer filters for their products on the left-hand side of the screen. While we do wish they had a pricing filter along with the product options, this website offers a clean user experience overall.

Pricing doesn't stand out from the crowd

For our price comparison, we checked out three major products at Luke's Lobster. These included the price ranges for lobsters on the site, non-lobster products like chowders, and any bundles or packages. Unsurprisingly, Luke's Lobster offers live lobster, lobster meat and tails, and lobster rolls. However, according to their shipping policy, they don't send live lobster via mail. So, let's look at the prices for tails and rolls instead. The price range for these lobster products ranges from $129 to $204. None of these products are a-la-carte. Everything at Luke's is a multi-pack. For their non-lobster items, Luke's Lobster array is somewhat smaller than competition. Luke's only has one chowder available for $39 that serves 4. Finally, the bundled options come in packages and "kits" . There are 6 advertised kits in the "gifts" section of the store which range in price from $115 to $204. It's worth noting that most products at Luke's Lobster come in multi-packs, however, so even products like lobster tails will come with more than one item. Overall, the pricing at Luke's Lobster isn't a standout feature. It's not overpriced, but not really exciting either.

Best Lobster Stores

Sustainability and diversity practices

At Luke's Lobster, a strong commitment is placed on transparency, sustainability, and community engagement. They strive to preserve coastal communities while providing customers with the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced seafood. Through initiatives like the Lift All Boats Project, Luke's Lobster mentors local students in Portland, Maine, helping them acquire the necessary lobster licensing hours and access resources typically available only to families of current lobstermen. Luke's also prioritizes environmental sustainability by using renewable energy, supporting solar installations, and implementing waste reduction measures. Additionally, their dedication to diversity and inclusion is evident through their efforts to create an inclusive workplace and support marginalized groups in the food industry. Partnering with organizations like the Island Institute and the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association further strengthens their commitment to sustainable practices and community development.


Luke's has a variety of gift items including food bundles and kits that offer lobster rolls, live lobsters, or surf and turf meals. On top of those delectable options, you can also buy a gift card for your special someone. You can choose from $50 to $500 per card, and since it's an e-gift card the present will be immediately sent to the recipient's email. They can quickly and easily enjoy a lobster treat, thanks to you.

Transparency is key at Luke's

The company places a strong emphasis on transparency, fostering open relationships with suppliers, and implementing business models that benefit coastal communities. They strive to provide comprehensive information to their team and customers about the origins and handling of their food, advocating for increased transparency in the broader food system.

Free shipping, but no live lobsters

We love that Luke's Lobster offers free shipping. Luke's Lobster prioritizes prompt delivery and utilizes UPS premium methods, allowing for 1-day shipping after the order is shipped. Shipping is free for all orders, and they offer UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping. Luke's Lobster currently ships to all 50 states and Washington DC, excluding Puerto Rico and international locations. Unfortunately, according to their policy, live lobsters are not available for shipping, which is strange as almost every other company in our review has no problem delivering live lobsters.

Best Lobster Stores

Unimpressive return policy

The return policy is a little lackluster at Luke's Lobster. In the event that customers encounter any problems or have feedback about the received products, they are encouraged to reach out to customer service. They promise to consider refunds for problems with orders but offer no specifics about what criteria will allow customers to qualify.

No buzz about their online store

While Luke's Lobster does have a presence on the BBB, the company is completely unrated. And in terms of customer reviews, there just aren't enough out there to get a good read on the company. TripAdvisor offers the best look into the company, but reviews are mostly focused on the brick-and-mortar restaurant location in New York. That being said, with just over 400 reviews, the company does have an overall rating of 4.6 stars for service and quality of food. However, it's important to remember that this doesn't necessarily refer to the quality that is shipped to you, but the quality found at their physical restaurants.

Mid-tier service overall

With no major concerns besides not shipping live lobster, but no real standout features either, Luke's Lobster lies right in the middle of the pack for online lobster stores. It doesn't stand out in its pricing, but neither is it the most expensive on this list. Their return policy isn't impressive, but the free shipping is a huge bonus. So, with all the positives and negatives balanced, this retailer earns a solid 3-star rating. It may be worth looking into if you want to buy in bulk, but there are definitely better companies out there.

Maine Lobster House Review 3 Star Rating

Maine Lobster House

3 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $69 to $347.95
  • Sustainable fishing practices
  • Gift cards available
  • Offers a rewards program
  • Refunds available
  • Surf-and-turf options

Founded with the aim of bringing the finest lobster from the coast of Maine to customers nationwide, Maine Lobster House prides itself on its 150-year heritage and commitment to excellence. Through sustainable farming practices and a meticulous trap-to-table process, Maine Lobster House ensures that every bite of their lobsters is a flavorful experience, characterized by freshness and unrivaled taste. Since they are connected to the Chicago Steak Company, you can count on there being surf-and-turf options at this retailer.

Professional website with solid features

The website for Maine Lobster House is well put together. Despite sharing website space with the Chicago Steak Company, the navigation is clear and the products are easy to find. The bonus with this site is that they offer both lobster and steak options since the company is owned by the Chicago Steak Company. This means you'll find top-quality streaks in some of the bundles offered at Marine Lobster House. On top of a clean, professional site, the Maine Lobster House also has extensive filters to help you narrow down the options while shopping.

High prices overall, but especially for soup

To compare the prices at Maine Lobster House with other competitors in this review, we examined three specific products. First, we looked at the prices for live lobster, then we looked at a non-lobster item, and finally, we checked out the available bundles. For the live lobster, the prices range from $69.95 to $114.95 depending on how many lobsters you buy and what size. There were also two listings out of stock at the time of this review, so there may be more expensive lobsters available depending on when you check the site. For the non-lobster item, we looked at their soups and chowders. The prices ranged from $89.95 for 2 portions up to $90.94 for 4 portions, which is much higher than the soup and chowder pieces at other retailers.

Fish packages

Finally, the package options at Maine Lobster House come in "Assortments" and "Surf and Turf Packages" . For this price comparison, we checked out the pricing for the Assortments. There were 5 different listings available at the time of our review and the prices ranged from $219.95 to $374.95. These are all a combo of lobsters and other assorted fish with some assortments serving up to 10 people.

Best Lobster Stores

Works with sustainable fishing practices

Maine Lobster House takes pride in sourcing its lobster from sustainable origins, ensuring customers receive fresher seafood while preserving the marine ecosystem. The company emphasizes the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness in the Maine lobster fishing industry, which has been passed down through generations. Their harvesting processes prioritize the protection of lobster communities by adhering to size requirements, enforcing regulations and limits on trapping and harvesting, promoting apprenticeship programs, and implementing tail-notching techniques. These practices safeguard the integrity of lobster populations and their habitats, allowing for the continued enjoyment of high-quality lobster while maintaining a sustainable balance in the ecosystem.

Gifting for both restaurants

In terms of gifting, Maine Lobster House offers double the fun. You can easily get an eGift card from the company with amounts ranging from $100 to $300. The bonus is that since Chicago Steak Company also owns Maine Lobster House, you can get gift cards to offer a full surf-and-turf gift experience. Additionally, you can also buy a "Surf and Turf Package" for your loved one to give them a fully planned-out meal full of tasty lobster and steak treats.

Special offers and rewards program

Maine Lobster House had some appealing promotional offers during our assessment. For instance, you could receive complimentary lobster tails or steak burgers with qualifying purchases. Additionally, they have a rewards program where you can accumulate points on every purchase and redeem them for discounts on future orders or gift cards to popular brands.

No listed shipping policy

One thing that surprised us about Maine Lobster House was that they didn't have a page or FAQ listing for their shipping policy. For this reason, we weren't able to find out how much their shipping costs are or if they offer free shipping at a certain threshold. This lack of transparency was a little concerning when most companies in this review are upfront about their shipping policies and pricing even when complex.

Best Lobster Stores

Allows cancellations and refunds

The cancellation and refund policy allows customers to cancel their orders before shipping by contacting the Customer Service team. In the event that a customer is unhappy with their purchase, they have the option to reach out to the Customer Service team for assistance. The team is dedicated to resolving any concerns by offering a replacement order or a refund, according to the customer's preference. So, while Maine Lobster House doesn't have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they do promise to work to resolve any consents customers have, even going so far as offering refunds.

Lacking customer feedback

Finding customer feedback specific to Maine Lobster House proved to be a challenge. The Better Business Bureau listing was absent for Maine Lobster House, with only Chicago Steak Company, its parent business, appearing. While the parent company had no complaints or ratings, it left us uncertain about the seafood-focused aspect of the business. The only online reviews for Maine Lobster House specifically were on Yelp where the company only had a 3-star rating on average, which wasn't the most impressive.

Good, but not memorable service

While the shopping experience is overall good at Maine Lobster House, this retailer has a few drawbacks. They have unusually high prices, especially for smaller items like soups and chowders. Also, they don't have a listed shipping policy which isn't great in terms of transparency. Finally, they generally lack customer feedback, and the feedback out there just isn't good enough to push this retailer to the top in this review. Since there are some good qualities of this site, we give it a mid-level rating. Maine Lobster House is good but not memorable in any particular category.

Lobster Order Review 2 Star Rating

Lobster Order

2 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $89.99 to $749.99
  • Fully sustainable fishing practices
  • Gift certificates available
  • Free shipping on many items

Lobster Order is an online retailer specializing in products sourced from renowned suppliers like Robert Wholey & Co. and Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. While their sales volume may be relatively low - our conclusion based on the lobster store's limited feedback - Lobster Order does have some fantastic sustainability practices. And with a range of foods including non-seafood options, Lobster Order proves to be an interesting browse even with higher-than-average prices.

Website could use a little refresh

Overall, the website for Lobster Order is easy to use. While some of the pages can be visually cluttered, you can generally find what you need on Lobster Order. For example, every listing that you can buy with free shipping has a little indicator in the top corner that shows "free shipping" before you even click on the product. And while the styling is modern, it looks like they didn't check the user interface for things like the top banner where the text for different tabs is cramped and confusing.

Prices are too high to be competitive

To conduct a price comparison among different retailers, we examined three specific products at Lobster Order. We looked at the prices for live lobster, the prices for a non-lobster item, and the prices for any package or bundles available at Lobster Order. Lobster Order has live lobster, just the tails, and lobster rolls. Prices for live lobster at Lobster Order start as low as $89.99 for two 1 oz lobsters and up to $169.99 for a 6-pack of lobsters. For their non-lobster items, Lobster Order offers a competitive array of crab, hot dogs, rolls, and chowders. For the price comparison, we looked at their chowder options. There were only two chowders and bisques and both cost $49.99 for 16 servings.

Lobster packages

Finally, the package options at Lobster Order include 8 meals like lobster rolls or holiday lobster feasts. The pricing for Lobster Meals ranges from $149.99 to $749.99. Overall, the prices at Lobster Order are somewhat high compared to other companies, especially considering some of the small portions in their live lobster listings.

Best Lobster Stores

Meeting sustainability milestones

Sustainability milestones have been achieved by Lobster Order based on the fisheries they source from. Over the course of 150 years, the fisheries used by Lobster Order have adhered to strict self-imposed environmental guidelines. To prevent entanglements of large animals, they have removed 27,000 miles of floating ground line. The adoption of enhanced gear safety measures in 2009 has resulted in a significant 90% reduction in known U.S. lobster gear entanglements. Notably, there have been no reported deaths or serious injuries to Right Whales attributed to Maine Lobster gear.

Gift certificate process is confusing

There is only one main gift option from Lobster Order, and it's a little confusing. The company offers one gift certificate, and to purchase it you fill out a form. Instead of buying pre-paid certificates, you fill in the price, and it's not clear if there is a limit or minimum for how much you can add to the certificate. It would be helpful to customers if this was more clear.

Shipping policy is generous

We love the free shipping available at Lobster Order. The shipping policy implemented by the company states that orders made after 4:00 pm Maine time will be shipped on the next day for delivery on the following day. However, the policy does not allow for shipping on Saturdays for Sunday delivery or on Sundays for Monday delivery. Still, the company offers free shipping, which is a much better deal than most companies in our review.

Best Lobster Stores

No returns and no full refunds

On the other hand, the returns policy regarding live lobsters is very unfavorable: no returns are accepted for live lobsters. Lobster Order does note that credits will be issued if there are shipping delays caused by UPS/FedEx, resulting in abnormal loss. However, a 5% loss can be expected, meaning customers won't get all of their money back even if there is a problem with the order. In the event that lobsters arrive dead but the box is still cold, customers are recommended to cook them, so they will not be replaced by Lobster Order. Overall, this is one of the worst return policies in our review.

Almost no reviews for Lobster Order

If you want to check out how Lobster Order stacks up with customers, it's not so easy to do. The company doesn't have any presence on the Better Business Bureau website. On top of that, there are only a handful of total reviews available. The only review we could find was on a blog and it did give the service 4.5 stars out of 5, but there are no other concrete or third-party reviews that corroborate this rating. There are some customer reviews on the actual Lobster Order website, but it's important to take these with a grain of salt as they are not verified by a third party.

Lots of concerns with Lobster Order

Overall, Lobster Order is a little disappointing as an online lobster store. The prices are relatively high compared to other companies, particularly considering the portion sizes offered in their live lobster listings. And the return policy is completely customer-unfriendly, with no returns accepted for live lobsters and only partial credits issued in certain circumstances. Lastly, the lack of reviews and reputation for Lobster Order raises some concerns, as there is limited feedback available from customers and no presence on the Better Business Bureau website. Lobster Order doesn't get the lowest rating in our review, but it's still not one of our top-rated options.

Maine Lobster Now Review 1 Star Rating

Maine Lobster Now

1 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $17.99 to $459.99
  • Gift cards available
  • Supports sustainability
  • One-stop shop for surf and turf

Maine Lobster Now, in operation since 2012, stands out for its competitive pricing on lobster. With an attractive offer of two 1.5-lb. live lobsters for under $80, including free 1-day shipping on orders over $100, this store appeals to customers looking for a budget-friendly option. However, before making a decision, it's essential to consider the abundance of lobster choices available, the company's reputation, and the potential inconsistencies in customer experiences.

Good as a one-stop shop

When it comes to lobster, Maine Lobster Now has you covered. Whether you prefer traditional live lobsters or indulgent options like lobster mac and cheese and lobster rolls, this store offers a diverse selection that may leave you struggling to decide. Additionally, they provide an array of other seafood selections, including crab, fish, and shellfish, as well as soups, chowders, appetizers, sides, steaks, and desserts. With such a variety, you'll likely find everything you need to create a delectable and satisfying meal.

Prices are high for individual lobsters

To compare prices across various retailers, we checked out three products at Maine Lobster Now similar to those at other lobster stores. We checked out the live lobsters, a non-lobster product, and any available bundles. In particular, Maine Lobster Now impresses with its diverse range of lobster options, including live, frozen, and tail-only choices. The price for lobster starts at $17.99 and reaches up to $459.99 for a single lobster. In addition to lobsters, Maine Lobster Now offers a competitive selection of non-lobster items. Our focus for price comparison centered on their chowder offerings, which ranged from $14.99 to $64.99. Finally, the packages available at Maine Lobster Now are mostly available in the "gifts section" . There are 12 different listings including lobster ravioli or complete surf and turf dinners. The prices range from $54.99 to $209.99.

Best Lobster Stores

Supports the University of Maine Lobster Institute

Maine Lobster Now is deeply committed to sustainable lobster fishing practices and the long-term preservation of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem. As a proud sponsor of the University of Maine Lobster Institute, the company promises to prioritize the health and sustainability of lobster populations over short-term gains. With over a century of sustainable lobstering practices ingrained in Maine's fishing industry, Maine Lobster Now is dedicated to upholding these principles.

Gifting snacks and cards

There are three different gifting options at Maine Lobster Now. You can buy e-gift cards, corporate gifts, or just "lobster gifts." The lobster gifts include a variety of treats that have lobster in them, like lobster rolls. For the e-gift cards, you can enter any value from $10 to $500 and the card will be delivered to the email inbox of your intended recipient.

Shipping problems are the customer's responsibility

There are no listed shipping prices at Marine Lobster Now, which was disappointing. And, according to their shipping policy, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that someone is available to receive the package(s) on the designated delivery date. Failure to do so may result in Maine Lobster Now refusing any refund or reshipment. On top of that, once the package has been successfully delivered and left at the specified address, Maine Lobster Now cannot be held responsible for any subsequent incidents or issues that may arise, as the customer assumes full responsibility for the package from that point forward.

Best Lobster Stores

Complicated refund process

Maine Lobster Now guarantees the delivery of fresh and live lobsters. If the lobsters do not arrive alive, customers can request a refund for the spoiled product costs. However, the return and refund process is complex. To initiate the refund process, customers need to provide a photograph of the affected items, clearly showing the spoiled products or lifeless lobsters. And more frustratingly, a reshipment is not guaranteed unless all items in the shipment were affected. There is a specific timeframe for some refunds to be processed. For example, if you have dead lobsters, you have to take photos within 4 hours of receiving the package.

Low reviews and terrible BBB score

Taking a closer look at Maine Lobster Now's reputation, we discovered that the customers aren't enjoying their experience with this lobster store. On trusted third-party review sites like Trustpilot, Maine Lobster Now only has an average star rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. On top of this, it's worth noting that the Better Business Bureau has given Maine Lobster Now an "F" rating, the lowest among all the lobster retailers we evaluated. With these low ratings in mind, it's clear that Maine Lobster Now may not be a place you want to trust with your live lobster order.

Not worth going with an "F" rated company

When compared to other companies in this review, Maine Lobster Now just doesn't stand up. With the worst reviews and scores of any company we checked, higher than average prices for individual live lobster, and a shipping policy that isn't customer-focused, we can't recommend Marine Lobster Now for your next lobster shopping spree. For these reasons, Maine Lobster Now has earned the lowest place in our ratings.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Shopping for seafood online offers distinct advantages in terms of freshness and quality. Reputable vendors prioritize the freshness of their products through rigorous quality control measures, often sourcing their shellfish directly from fishermen or sustainable fisheries, thereby embracing a farm-to-table ethos. Moreover, online lobster stores frequently provide access to rare or specialty dishes that may not be readily available locally, granting you the opportunity to indulge in exceptional culinary experiences.

Lobster holds a special place in the hearts of many. Considered a high-end meal with tons of options out there for species and preparation, lobster is a culinary masterpiece. With a vast assortment of products, online lobster stores enable you to explore a diverse range of species and savor novel flavors or combinations. And not only can you enjoy lobster in your home regardless of where you live, but most stores also allow you to send gifts of lobster treats to your loved ones too.

For those who are thinking about sustainability, don't worry. Sustainability plays a crucial role in the lobster industry, ensuring the long-term viability of this beloved seafood. Lobsters are a valuable marine resource, and responsible practices are essential to maintain healthy populations and protect the ecosystem. The industry has implemented various sustainability measures, such as size limits and trap limits, to prevent overfishing and promote the growth and reproduction of lobsters. Additionally, the best lobster stores online are making efforts to minimize bycatch and protect sensitive habitats.

With an abundance of online lobster stores to choose from, making a decision can be overwhelming. If you're unsure where to begin, fret not. We're here to assist. Here are some factors to consider that will help you select the best online lobster store to meet your specific needs:

  • Price. Price is a significant consideration for many individuals when it comes to shopping for lobster. Already considered a premium seafood, the affordability of lobster can determine how much you can buy and how often you can enjoy it. Being mindful of your budget and extra costs like shipping or paying for live lobster helps you decide which retailers have the best price for your wallet.
  • Variety. Are you just looking for some lobster tails? Or do you want lobster shipped live to cook yourself? Do you want extras like chowders or maybe a surf and turf meal? It's important to look at the kind of variety offered by lobster stores and make sure they have what you want for your meal.
  • Shipping. Shipping is a two-pronged issue for lobster. While you want to make sure you're not paying hundreds of dollars for shipping, it's also very important to balance the shipping price with how fast you can get your live or perishable lobsters. Keep an eye out for shipping policies that have a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Sustainability. For those customers who prioritize sustainability, it is advisable to assess the eco-conscious practices of the lobster store you are considering. Pay attention to the specific measures they take to emphasize sustainability within their business framework. See if they have certifications or partnerships with sustainability-focused institutes.
  • Customer satisfaction. Customers aren't 5-star chefs or lobstermen (unless you're very lucky) but the average customer can provide clear insight into a company's practices. Keeping an eye on verified reviews can help you decide which companies do what they promise and really prioritize customer satisfaction.

To make your next gourmet meal a real catch, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best options for lobster stores on the market today. Hopefully, this helps you enjoy your shellfish fix and focus on deciding just how many lobster rolls to buy for your next family cookout!

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Lobster Company FAQ

Crab meat tends to have a sweeter taste than lobster. Crab is usually flaky, while lobster meat is dense.
That depends on if you're cooking a live whole lobster or a precut tail. Most stores that sell lobster will give you instructions for cooking it in several different ways, but most involve putting the live lobster into boiling water, headfirst. (If you prefer a more humane approach, put the live lobster in a freezer for two hours just prior to cooking.)
Yes and no. When you cook a whole lobster, you'll hear a high-pitched sound like a whistle being blown or a scream. That's the sound made as a cooking lobster overheats: it's the air rushing out of the holes in the body. But, that sound happens whether the lobster is alive or dead, so it's not actually screaming.
That's an easy one: it only turns red after you cook it! Most live Maine lobsters are a black-green color, but other varieties can be yellow, calico, blue and white.
The first question is, "Is it really dead?" It might just be sluggish after being shipped, so try touching its eye and see if it responds (weird, right?). But yes, you can cook lobster within 8 hours of when it likely died. After you prepare it, check the tail meat: if it's firm, you're good to go. If it's watery, mushy or loose, you should probably throw it out (and request a refund!).
The most traditional way is to dip the meat in melted butter. Other popular options are soups and chowders, pasta (especially ravioli and macaroni), or with steak as a surf-and-turf combo.
Absolutely! Many online retailers have been successfully delivering lobster around the nation for decades. They know exactly how to package your lobster so that it arrives in perfect condition - and most of them have rock-solid satisfaction guarantees if anything happens in transit.
Yes! Some lobster companies specialize in gift-giving options, like surf-and-turf packages or complete dinners with appetizer, main lobster course, and dessert. Almost every online lobster business has gift certificates, so that your lucky recipient can choose their own lobster package and delivery date.

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