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Luke's Lobster Review

Monday, May 20th

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Luke's Lobster Review 3 Star Rating

Luke's Lobster

3 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $39 to $204
  • Sustainability-focused
  • Gift cards available
  • Transparency-focused
  • Free shipping on all orders

Luke's Lobster is a family-owned Maine seafood business that was established by Luke Holden, a third-generation lobsterman. In 2009, Luke's Lobster started as a small lobster roll shack in New York City, driven by Holden's desire to find an authentic, high-quality Maine lobster roll.

Buy from fishermen they trust

Alongside partner Ben Conniff and their dedicated team, they built their initial ten shacks by sourcing the finest lobster from fishermen through Luke's father's seafood production business, Jeff's Seafood. In 2013, Luke's Lobster expanded its operations by establishing its own seafood purchasing and production business in Saco, Maine. This move allowed them to become fully vertically integrated, directly purchasing from fishermen they personally know and trust, and carefully handling the seafood throughout the entire journey from the dock to the plate.

Clean, modern website

When looking at usability and visual appeal, Luke's Lobster has a top-notch website. Everything about the design speaks to the modern customer, and they prioritize easy navigation and offer filters for their products on the left-hand side of the screen. While we do wish they had a pricing filter along with the product options, this website offers a clean user experience overall.

Pricing doesn't stand out from the crowd

For our price comparison, we checked out three major products at Luke's Lobster. These included the price ranges for lobsters on the site, non-lobster products like chowders, and any bundles or packages. Unsurprisingly, Luke's Lobster offers live lobster, lobster meat and tails, and lobster rolls. However, according to their shipping policy, they don't send live lobster via mail. So, let's look at the prices for tails and rolls instead. The price range for these lobster products ranges from $129 to $204. None of these products are a-la-carte. Everything at Luke's is a multi-pack. For their non-lobster items, Luke's Lobster array is somewhat smaller than competition. Luke's only has one chowder available for $39 that serves 4. Finally, the bundled options come in packages and "kits" . There are 6 advertised kits in the "gifts" section of the store which range in price from $115 to $204. It's worth noting that most products at Luke's Lobster come in multi-packs, however, so even products like lobster tails will come with more than one item. Overall, the pricing at Luke's Lobster isn't a standout feature. It's not overpriced, but not really exciting either.

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Sustainability and diversity practices

At Luke's Lobster, a strong commitment is placed on transparency, sustainability, and community engagement. They strive to preserve coastal communities while providing customers with the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced seafood. Through initiatives like the Lift All Boats Project, Luke's Lobster mentors local students in Portland, Maine, helping them acquire the necessary lobster licensing hours and access resources typically available only to families of current lobstermen. Luke's also prioritizes environmental sustainability by using renewable energy, supporting solar installations, and implementing waste reduction measures. Additionally, their dedication to diversity and inclusion is evident through their efforts to create an inclusive workplace and support marginalized groups in the food industry. Partnering with organizations like the Island Institute and the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association further strengthens their commitment to sustainable practices and community development.


Luke's has a variety of gift items including food bundles and kits that offer lobster rolls, live lobsters, or surf and turf meals. On top of those delectable options, you can also buy a gift card for your special someone. You can choose from $50 to $500 per card, and since it's an e-gift card the present will be immediately sent to the recipient's email. They can quickly and easily enjoy a lobster treat, thanks to you.

Transparency is key at Luke's

The company places a strong emphasis on transparency, fostering open relationships with suppliers, and implementing business models that benefit coastal communities. They strive to provide comprehensive information to their team and customers about the origins and handling of their food, advocating for increased transparency in the broader food system.

Free shipping, but no live lobsters

We love that Luke's Lobster offers free shipping. Luke's Lobster prioritizes prompt delivery and utilizes UPS premium methods, allowing for 1-day shipping after the order is shipped. Shipping is free for all orders, and they offer UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping. Luke's Lobster currently ships to all 50 states and Washington DC, excluding Puerto Rico and international locations. Unfortunately, according to their policy, live lobsters are not available for shipping, which is strange as almost every other company in our review has no problem delivering live lobsters.

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Unimpressive return policy

The return policy is a little lackluster at Luke's Lobster. In the event that customers encounter any problems or have feedback about the received products, they are encouraged to reach out to customer service. They promise to consider refunds for problems with orders but offer no specifics about what criteria will allow customers to qualify.

No buzz about their online store

While Luke's Lobster does have a presence on the BBB, the company is completely unrated. And in terms of customer reviews, there just aren't enough out there to get a good read on the company. TripAdvisor offers the best look into the company, but reviews are mostly focused on the brick-and-mortar restaurant location in New York. That being said, with just over 400 reviews, the company does have an overall rating of 4.6 stars for service and quality of food. However, it's important to remember that this doesn't necessarily refer to the quality that is shipped to you, but the quality found at their physical restaurants.

Mid-tier service overall

With no major concerns besides not shipping live lobster, but no real standout features either, Luke's Lobster lies right in the middle of the pack for online lobster stores. It doesn't stand out in its pricing, but neither is it the most expensive on this list. Their return policy isn't impressive, but the free shipping is a huge bonus. So, with all the positives and negatives balanced, this retailer earns a solid 3-star rating. It may be worth looking into if you want to buy in bulk, but there are definitely better companies out there.

Where Can You Find the Best Lobster Stores?

Whether you're a lobster aficionado, or someone who simply relishes a delectable shellfish feast, finding a trustworthy online lobster store can feel hard to do. Modern lobster catchers offer tons of options, including live lobster, lobster tails and meat, lobster rolls, and even fun extras like chowder, bisques, or steaks for a surf and turf dinner.

Exploring the diverse array of lobster stores is made easy with the convenience of online shopping, enabling you to peruse and select from the comfort of your own home. While some people worry about buying something like lobster online, with next-day shipping practices it's now much easier to get lobsters from the ocean to your table with no risk of spoiling.

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Lobster Company FAQ

Crab meat tends to have a sweeter taste than lobster. Crab is usually flaky, while lobster meat is dense.
That depends on if you're cooking a live whole lobster or a precut tail. Most stores that sell lobster will give you instructions for cooking it in several different ways, but most involve putting the live lobster into boiling water, headfirst. (If you prefer a more humane approach, put the live lobster in a freezer for two hours just prior to cooking.)
Yes and no. When you cook a whole lobster, you'll hear a high-pitched sound like a whistle being blown or a scream. That's the sound made as a cooking lobster overheats: it's the air rushing out of the holes in the body. But, that sound happens whether the lobster is alive or dead, so it's not actually screaming.
That's an easy one: it only turns red after you cook it! Most live Maine lobsters are a black-green color, but other varieties can be yellow, calico, blue and white.
The first question is, "Is it really dead?" It might just be sluggish after being shipped, so try touching its eye and see if it responds (weird, right?). But yes, you can cook lobster within 8 hours of when it likely died. After you prepare it, check the tail meat: if it's firm, you're good to go. If it's watery, mushy or loose, you should probably throw it out (and request a refund!).
The most traditional way is to dip the meat in melted butter. Other popular options are soups and chowders, pasta (especially ravioli and macaroni), or with steak as a surf-and-turf combo.
Absolutely! Many online retailers have been successfully delivering lobster around the nation for decades. They know exactly how to package your lobster so that it arrives in perfect condition - and most of them have rock-solid satisfaction guarantees if anything happens in transit.
Yes! Some lobster companies specialize in gift-giving options, like surf-and-turf packages or complete dinners with appetizer, main lobster course, and dessert. Almost every online lobster business has gift certificates, so that your lucky recipient can choose their own lobster package and delivery date.
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Shopping for seafood online offers distinct advantages in terms of freshness and quality. Reputable vendors prioritize the freshness of their products through rigorous quality control measures, often sourcing their shellfish directly from fishermen or sustainable fisheries, thereby embracing a farm-to-table ethos. Moreover, online lobster stores frequently provide access to rare or specialty dishes that may not be readily available locally, granting you the opportunity to indulge in exceptional culinary experiences.

Lobster holds a special place in the hearts of many. Considered a high-end meal with tons of options out there for species and preparation, lobster is a culinary masterpiece. With a vast assortment of products, online lobster stores enable you to explore a diverse range of species and savor novel flavors or combinations. And not only can you enjoy lobster in your home regardless of where you live, but most stores also allow you to send gifts of lobster treats to your loved ones too.

For those who are thinking about sustainability, don't worry. Sustainability plays a crucial role in the lobster industry, ensuring the long-term viability of this beloved seafood. Lobsters are a valuable marine resource, and responsible practices are essential to maintain healthy populations and protect the ecosystem. The industry has implemented various sustainability measures, such as size limits and trap limits, to prevent overfishing and promote the growth and reproduction of lobsters. Additionally, the best lobster stores online are making efforts to minimize bycatch and protect sensitive habitats.

With an abundance of online lobster stores to choose from, making a decision can be overwhelming. If you're unsure where to begin, fret not. We're here to assist. Here are some factors to consider that will help you select the best online lobster store to meet your specific needs:

  • Price. Price is a significant consideration for many individuals when it comes to shopping for lobster. Already considered a premium seafood, the affordability of lobster can determine how much you can buy and how often you can enjoy it. Being mindful of your budget and extra costs like shipping or paying for live lobster helps you decide which retailers have the best price for your wallet.
  • Variety. Are you just looking for some lobster tails? Or do you want lobster shipped live to cook yourself? Do you want extras like chowders or maybe a surf and turf meal? It's important to look at the kind of variety offered by lobster stores and make sure they have what you want for your meal.
  • Shipping. Shipping is a two-pronged issue for lobster. While you want to make sure you're not paying hundreds of dollars for shipping, it's also very important to balance the shipping price with how fast you can get your live or perishable lobsters. Keep an eye out for shipping policies that have a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Sustainability. For those customers who prioritize sustainability, it is advisable to assess the eco-conscious practices of the lobster store you are considering. Pay attention to the specific measures they take to emphasize sustainability within their business framework. See if they have certifications or partnerships with sustainability-focused institutes.
  • Customer satisfaction. Customers aren't 5-star chefs or lobstermen (unless you're very lucky) but the average customer can provide clear insight into a company's practices. Keeping an eye on verified reviews can help you decide which companies do what they promise and really prioritize customer satisfaction.

To make your next gourmet meal a real catch, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best options for lobster stores on the market today. Hopefully, this helps you enjoy your shellfish fix and focus on deciding just how many lobster rolls to buy for your next family cookout!

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