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Maine Lobster House Review

Thursday, October 6th

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Maine Lobster House Review 3 Star Rating

Maine Lobster House

3 Star Rating
  • Cost: Two 1 lb. live lobsters: $55.90
  • Shipping: $19.99

Maine Lobster House is part of the Chicago Steak Company brand family, which also includes myGourmet Grocery, Steak University and Seafood University. You'll find the usual range of lobster products here, from lobster tails and whole lobsters to surf and turf packages. You can also find fish, shellfish, and desserts, if you want to expand your order to be a full meal.

Out Of Stock

Under normal circumstances, you can expect to pay $27.95 for a 1-pound live lobster here. However, at the time of our review, Maine Lobster House was out of stock on all live lobsters. That was disappointing, considering that most of their competitors in our review were fully-stocked across a wide range of live lobster sizes.

Special Offers Available

Maine Lobster House had some nice promo offers at the time of our review. You could get 4 6-oz. lobster tails free with a purchase of $149+, or two tails and eight steak burgers on an order of $139+. Be sure to look at the top of the site to see if there are any special offers when you're ready to order.

Rewards Program

This store also has a rewards program: register for an account on the MLH website and earn points on every purchase. Those points can be redeemed on future orders ($1 off for every 100 points) or exchanged for gift cards to national brands like iTunes or Starbucks.

Feedback Hard To Find

Customer feedback was almost impossible to find. We didn't see any listing for Maine Lobster House with the Better Business Bureau, only an entry for their parent business, Chicago Steak Company. CSC had no BBB rating, but also zero complaints there. The social media links at the bottom of the Maine Lobster House site all go to the main page for Chicago Steak Company as well. And, although there were ample positive reviews found in the blue, starred "Reviews" box on the left side of the page, we didn't spot any that specifically referred to lobster or seafood.

More Questions Than Answers

All of that together left us wondering how robust the seafood end of this business actually is. Live lobsters out of stock? No customer feedback? Unsecure URLs throughout the Maine Lobster House site?

No Refund Policy

Plus, we couldn't find anything on the MLH site that promised customer satisfaction. What if your lobster arrives dead? Or doesn't arrive at all? All we can do is assume that they'll take care of it, but there's nothing on their online store that reassures a prospective customer that their order is in good hands in that regard.

Choose Better

While none of that means that this is a bad site for getting lobster, it definitely keeps Maine Lobster House from competing with the higher-ranked retailers in our review. We recommend that you choose a store that has lobster as their main priority.

Where Can You Get the Freshest Lobster on the Market?

Unless you happen to live right on the coast, you may feel stumped trying to answer that question. In the past, many supermarkets had a tank of live lobsters ready to take home and prepare for a superlative meal. You're not likely to find that today, even at specialty grocery stores.

They say that you can buy anything online, and fortunately that applies to lobster! Yes, that's right: you can buy everything from live lobsters to surf-and-turf packages and have it delivered fresh to your home. (Of course, if you're shipping them live, you might want to warn anyone that could be getting the package off the doorstep!)

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Lobster Company FAQ

Crab meat tends to have a sweeter taste than lobster. Crab is usually flaky, while lobster meat is dense.
That depends on if you're cooking a live whole lobster or a precut tail. Most stores that sell lobster will give you instructions for cooking it in several different ways, but most involve putting the live lobster into boiling water, headfirst. (If you prefer a more humane approach, put the live lobster in a freezer for two hours just prior to cooking.)
Yes and no. When you cook a whole lobster, you'll hear a high-pitched sound like a whistle being blown or a scream. That's the sound made as a cooking lobster overheats: it's the air rushing out of the holes in the body. But, that sound happens whether the lobster is alive or dead, so it's not actually screaming.
That's an easy one: it only turns red after you cook it! Most live Maine lobsters are a black-green color, but other varieties can be yellow, calico, blue and white.
The first question is, "Is it really dead?" It might just be sluggish after being shipped, so try touching its eye and see if it responds (weird, right?). But yes, you can cook lobster within 8 hours of when it likely died. After you prepare it, check the tail meat: if it's firm, you're good to go. If it's watery, mushy or loose, you should probably throw it out (and request a refund!).
The most traditional way is to dip the meat in melted butter. Other popular options are soups and chowders, pasta (especially ravioli and macaroni), or with steak as a surf-and-turf combo.
Absolutely! Many online retailers have been successfully delivering lobster around the nation for decades. They know exactly how to package your lobster so that it arrives in perfect condition - and most of them have rock-solid satisfaction guarantees if anything happens in transit.
Yes! Some lobster companies specialize in gift-giving options, like surf-and-turf packages or complete dinners with appetizer, main lobster course, and dessert. Almost every online lobster business has gift certificates, so that your lucky recipient can choose their own lobster package and delivery date.
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There are a number of companies that go above and beyond to deliver ocean-fresh lobster, especially as a one-of-a-kind gift. Why send a boring gift card from a generic online store when you can have everything your lucky recipient needs for a mouthwatering dinner - from the lobster itself to the melted butter, shell crackers and seafood forks, and tasty extras like clam chowder and dessert! Or, you can opt for a gift certificate and let your special someone choose their own lobster package.

As you decide where to buy your lobster online, how can you tell which store should get your business? Here are several factors to consider as you compare your options:

  • Price. For the type of lobster you want - size, quantity, live or precooked, etc. - what will you pay? Is shipping included in that price?
  • Options. Does the retailer carry a variety of choices, both for your own use and for gift-giving? Can you specify the date you want your lobster to arrive? Are you able to get whole lobster live or precooked, or just the tails? What add-ons (e.g. soup, dessert, shell crackers) are offered?
  • Availability. How likely is it that the lobster you want is in stock? Can you order year-round?
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about the lobster from a particular store? Does it arrive fresh and on time? How well does the customer service team handle any problems that arise? Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

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