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The Best Logo Design Companies

Where Can You Find the Best Logo Design?

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur launching a brand new startup, or a well-established business aiming to rebrand your company for a fresh, modern look, the logo you choose will be the face of your company for years to come. It's hard to overstate just how important a good logo is.

A logo is a visual representation that should tell customers a story. Through color, shape, font, and design, people will look at your logo and associate the imagery with your brand, making it a critical element in building brand recognition and communicating your company's values and mission to the public. From business cards to billboards, logos are everywhere, and you want to make sure the one you pick will announce your company and help it stand out from the pack.

Sunday, July 14th

2024 Logo Design Company Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Deluxe Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $195.99 to $645.99
  • DIY or Pro designer
  • One-stop shop for your business needs
  • All designs by professional artists
  • DIY your designs in app
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • "A+" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Over a century ago, Deluxe was established when W.R. Hotchkiss pioneered the invention of the checkbook. Today, Deluxe Corporation has evolved into a multifaceted entity, offering services such as web marketing, payroll services, remote deposit capture, integrated receivables, marketing programs, and logo design.

Make your own or hire a pro

When it comes to logo design through Deluxe, you can choose from two methods. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach using their logo maker or opt for professional assistance to have your logo designed in as little as five days, the process is designed to be user-friendly and convenient. Regardless of your previous design experience (or lack thereof), Deluxe provides accessible tools and professional assistance to simplify the logo creation process.

Buy the app for DIY

Unlike some platforms that let you do your DIY logo design on the site itself, Deluxe's logo maker is a standalone app that you have to purchase before you can begin using it. The app costs $39.95 and you can make as many logos in the program as you wish. The process is similar to other platforms: You choose your industry, input relevant information for design assistance, customize a template of your liking, and finalize your choice. With hundreds of templates available, creativity is at your discretion. You can create and modify logos on any device, with all designs securely saved to the cloud. In our research, it sounded like there may be an additional purchase for the finalized logo (yes, on top of downloading the app), though this isn't totally transparent from the website.

Best Logo Design Companies

Pro design with multiple concepts

Now, if you want to go the professional logo design route, the process at Deluxe is streamlined and efficient. When you initiate the design inquiry, you are assigned a personal, professional project coordinator. Together, you collaborate to determine the essential elements of the logo. A team of professionals then presents up to 10 initial concepts within five days. After your selection, the collaborative process helps you get a logo that meets your expectations. Updates, including revisions and final files, are typically completed within 2-4 business days after receiving your feedback.

Prices start at $195

For those seeking professional logo design, Deluxe offers three distinct packages, ranging from $195.99 to $645.99. These packages include the Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which offer features like multiple design concepts, a designated number of designers, stationery design, black and white versions, printed business cards, lifetime file storage, and more. For example, Bronze ($195.99) offers 4 design concepts, 3 revisions, a black and a white version, and the fonts and color codes. The Silver ($395.99) offers 6 concepts, 3 revisions, and adds stationery design to the previous level. The Gold ($645.99) offers 10 concepts, 3 revisions, and adds 1,000 printed business cards to the previous benefits.

Satisfaction guarantee with full refund

Deluxe prioritizes your satisfaction with their professional logo design packages by offering three revisions. In case the initial concepts do not meet your expectations, you have the option to request a redesign at no extra charge. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the logo design process before requesting alterations, Deluxe provides a full refund.

Best Logo Design Companies

Solid reputation for logo services

Endorsed with an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, Deluxe stands out as a reliable company for logo creation. However, it has a more mid-tier rating from customers on third-party review sites. For example, on Sitejabber, Deluxe has a 3.6-star average out of 5. There are a range of recent reviews with 1 star, but most of these reviews are for the actual website hosting and other features of Deluxe. Fortunately, reviews for the logos themselves tend to be in the 4- to 5-star range.

Top competitor for top-notch designs

While the logo design prices are much higher at Deluxe than with some competitors, the benefits match the costs. Plus, there are no membership costs or ongoing fees with Deluxe. Once you get your design and pay for it, it's yours until you want something else. With 3 rounds of free revision, you have tons of opportunities to make changes. Because of our confidence in Deluxe's ability to deliver satisfactory results and a seamless experience, they have earned our highest rating for logo design.

DesignCrowd Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $72 to $188 per year
  • Price from $99 to $729 per competition
  • Membership and competition format
  • One-stop shop for your business needs
  • All designs by professional artists
  • 150+ designs submitted for competitions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 4.7-star rating average from customers

Founded in 2007 in New South Wales, Australia, DesignCrowd has become a reliable platform for businesses seeking refinement in their graphic, logo, web, and print designs. Their versatile tools can help with crafting employee t-shirts, concert advertisements, magazine covers, and company logos. DesignCrowd is affiliated with BrandCrowd, a highly-regarded logo creation company. The main difference between the two sister sites is that DesignCrowd specializes in providing pro designs from graphic artists rather than a more DIY-focused approach at BrandCrowd.

Design a brief and wait for artists

DesignCrowd employs a straightforward three-step process. After a free sign-up with an email address, you provide a project description on the site. This launches your brief into a competition marketplace where designers customize ideas for your logo. Within just 24 hours, you'll receive multiple design offers, and you can select and approve your preferred design, which you can easily download to your device.

Contest-style design method

Custom is the name of the game at DesignCrowd. Instead of working with templates, you'll present your business name and brief to the site's range of artists. Working like a contest, different artists submit their work for your approval. The brief includes your company or brand name, a brief description of what you want the logo to include, the text required in the logo, and example photos of logos that speak to your style. For businesses aiming to connect with specific demographics, DesignCrowd allows you to hire specific designers based on their country or city of origin. This tailored approach helps maintain cultural relevance in the logo creation process, as designers who understand the target market's culture can make logos more relatable.

Choose from annual or by-project costs

The duration and cost of a DesignCrowd project depend on the chosen package, with processing time taking anywhere from 3, 5, or 10 days. There are two ways to get your logo and pricing differences depending on the method you choose. You can opt for either a 1 arttist design, or a competition style design.

Best Logo Design Companies

One artist design

First is the 1-artist purchase where you are assigned to work with a single creator who will offer you multiple designs that will help you with both your logo and things like your social media, website, and more. This option is priced out in three tiers that allow yearly membership prices (and you'll retain the rights to your design even if you unsubscribe):

  • Logo + Social: This includes 1 logo designer, 3 designs, unlimited revisions, money-back guarantee, and full ownership rights, business cards, and social media designs.
    • Annual cost: $72
  • Logo + Social + Website
    • Annual cost: $120
  • Logo + Social + Website + Dedicated Designer
    • Annual cost: $168

Competition style design

DesignCrowd also offers competition-style designs. The prices for this change depending on what benefits you want to add. There are 5 tiers to choose from if you want to open up your design to a competition.

  • 1-3 Designs: $99 for 1 designer, up to 3 designs, and 3 revisions.
  • 6+ Designs: $219 for 3 designers, 6+ designs, and unlimited revisions
  • 50+ Designs: $309 for unlimited designers, 50+ designs, and unlimited revisions
  • 100+ Designs: $480 for unlimited designers, 100+ designs, unlimited revisions, a highlighted project (more visibility), and 250 business cards
  • 150+ Designs: $729 for unlimited designers, 150+ designs, unlimited revisions, highlighted and featured projects, and 500 business cards.

60-day money-back guarantee

DesignCrowd provides a satisfaction guarantee on every tier of every project. So, if you're dissatisfied with any part of the process, you can explore options with customer service, including relisting the logo request or collaborating with a new designer. All refundable projects are covered by a money-back guarantee if requested within 60 days.

Best Logo Design Companies

Extras included for additional cost

If you want to level up a design brief, there are a lot of extras you can add on, but these will increase the price. You can add things like fast turnaround, making the project private to DesignCrowd-vetted artists, NDA contracts, business card printing, and more. However, each item adds a cost, from one-time fees of $29 to $79 or an extra $5 per month to your payment plan.

Known for high-quality designs

While DesignCrowd lacks a Better Business Bureau rating, the platform displays thousands of customer reviews that show overall satisfaction. Customers highlight responsive designers, quick turnaround times, a wide selection of logos, and impressive final results. Likewise, DesignCrowd holds a solid 4.7-star average from Trustpilot. Customers praise the high quality of the designs offered during both competition-style and single-designer purchases. Customers have also praised the service reps at DesignCrowd who work hard to make things better if something goes wrong.

Offers the best of both worlds

The multitude of packages makes DesignCrowd accessible to companies with various budgets, and the competition-based model provides a wide array of styles and designs. It creates a perfect one-stop shop that allows you to choose between having a competition with a wide variety of artists submitting work for your logo or working privately with one artist to get the job done. Offering a best-of-both-worlds approach to custom logo design, DesignCrowd stands out as an impressive option for logo creation, earning our recommendation and an excellent rating in our review.

Smashing Logo Review 4.5 Star Rating

Smashing Logo

4.5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $179.99 to $289.99
  • Single-purchase format
  • One-stop shop for your business needs
  • All designs AI-generated
  • DIY your designs
  • Impressive range of styles
  • Quiz-driven AI selection
  • 4.9-star ratings from customers

Smashing Logo is a modern-looking site for generating logos for your company and brand identity. Claiming awards for the best graphic design software in 2021 and 2022, Smashing Logo offers a straightforward approach to design. Like several other services in our review, Smashing Logo offers a DIY-style logo creation method. With competitive pricing and packages encompassing all your business essentials, the simplicity of Smashing Logo's services positions it as a suitable option, particularly for startups or small businesses.

Lengthy quiz with detailed results

Embarking on the logo creation journey with Smashing Logo involves a three-step process that helps you get your ideal logo from a pool of images and designs. First, you'll put in your business or company name as well as a slogan if you have one. Then, you'll choose your industry. At this point, you'll move on to step two: the visual part. Smashing Logo will show you a variety of images for the presentation of your logo. You can pick up to six. Then, you'll browse through different designers on the Smashing Logo platform. You can see examples of their work and also a small artist statement that details each person's style preferences. You can choose up to three artists that you like. Then, you can choose up to 5 brand attributes as well as a color scheme. The final part of the visual portion is to choose up to 10 icons that represent your brand or that you're drawn to. Step three? Generate your logo.

Impressive design results

The customization capabilities of Smashing Logo are extensive. Using AI to guide the icon presentation, the platform picks out logos based on your answers to the quiz. The results are impressive. Using logos and fonts that you can edit later, Smashing Logos shows you your brand design with the logo, wordmark, color scheme, and background photos the way you might see it laid on branding materials or a website. The results are visually impactful, professional, and look like designs that would show up on high-end branding.

Best Logo Design Companies

Pro-level editing with beginner-friendly UI

Once you get into the editor, you'll find you can pick apart almost every aspect of the design if you want to. From sizing to spacing to rotations to even the gap between logo elements, you can change it all. Anyone familiar with designing logos in programs like Adobe Illustrator will find this particularly refreshing. You get pro-level control of your design with a beginner-friendly interface. You can even add elements like a shape around your logo, change your text font, or update the text itself to say something new.

One free download and 3 pricing tiers

Smashing Logo offers three distinct pricing packages. There's no mandatory sign-up or need to pay right away, and logos are stored on the website for 14 days from the time you click "generate". Once the design is complete, you can download it for free. This is a low-resolution image, but you can come back and change it as much as you want. Then, once you're settled on your image, you can decide from three ways to purchase your logo:

  • Lite ($179.99): High-resolution files, satisfaction guarantee, ownership license, and web-ready files.
  • Business ($219.99): All features in the Lite package and print-ready files, social media kit, brand guidelines, logo animation, and priority support from Smashing Logo.
  • Premium ($289.99): All features in the Business package plus the option to rebrand forever and a membership to Smashing Logo.

Satisfaction guarantee and refunds within 30 days

Smashing Logo allows you to change your design free of charge in case you change your mind or need minor adjustments. The service also offers a replacement guarantee which allows you to request a replacement logo within 30 days of purchase if you find and create a different logo on another website that you prefer more than one that you made with Smashing Logo.

Best Logo Design Companies

Excellent reputation

Smashing Logo shows plenty of positive reviews on its website, but the filtered nature of these reviews made us search outside Smashing Logo to be sure. We found that customer feedback available on third-party websites and design blogs suggests that you can trust the high praise on Smashing Logo's website. The average rating for Smashing Logo is 4.9 out of 5 from multiple third-party reviews. Customers loved that it was one of the best sites for logo variety as well as professional packages that help you with all areas of branding. However, some customers noted that they couldn't move around icon images as much as with other design tools. Despite that small snag, the praise for Smashing Logo is very high.

Great variety and impressive designs

With a range of different styles, designs that take both backgrounds and websites into account, and a lengthy and detailed design quiz, Smashing Logo stands out from the pack. All of the packages include single-purchase licenses, so you don't need to commit to a membership, and the variety is top-notch. With all these benefits, Smashing Logo earns an impressive rating in your review and narrowly misses the top two only because the designs are AI-created rather than done by digital artists. However, if having a personal designer isn't part of your to-do list, this is a top-notch logo service to try out.

BrandCrowd Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $60 to $108 per year
  • Membership format
  • One-stop shop for your business needs
  • All designs by professional artists
  • DIY your designs
  • 9,000+ designs to choose from
  • Update any time
  • 4.8-star rating average from customers

Founded in 2008, BrandCrowd emerged as an online creative marketplace, offering businesses and individuals the benefit of crafting a logo within minutes. With access to over 10,000 premade logo ideas, you can customize the template designs to fit your own brand identity. BrandCrowd oversees DesignCrowd (another company in our review), which is a custom marketplace that adds more design options to BrandCrowd's products.

Pick from and perfect premade logos

There are several ways to start creating a logo with BrandCrowd. The logo maker, one of the primary features, allows you to input your business name and key descriptors. This will refine the selection of premade logo designs to those that resonate with your brand identity. Then, you can browse the options, selecting a logo as the foundational framework for further customization. The next step, customization, includes alterations to text, color, size, fonts, and the addition of shapes, allowing you significant creative freedom. You can also use the top navigation bar to look at keywords if you don't have a business name or baseline to start from. Finally, you can get a custom design done if you scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "Custom Design" button which takes you to BrandCrowd's sister site DesignCrowd.

9,000+ designs to serve your entire brand

There are thousands of templates to choose from at BrandCrowd. In a test search, we did with one brand name and 5 keywords to narrow down the results: we found 9,000+ starting designs on BrandCrowd. On top of that, BrandCrowd extends its services to design templates for various platforms, encompassing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitch, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Zoom, postcards, letterhead, and flyers. This approach positions BrandCrowd as a one-stop shop for businesses aiming to establish their brand identity across multiple channels.

Best Logo Design Companies

All logos are original designs

BrandCrowd's logo templates originate from independent designers, providing an opportunity for creative minds to showcase their work and earn income. By meeting specific criteria, designers can submit their creations, contributing to the styles available for customization on the platform. This collaborative approach supports artists as well as the design needs of small businesses. The ability to edit the designs through text, elements, colors, and position in the user-friendly editing tool makes these designs even more unique for your brand identity.

Packages include logos and website hosting

While browsing and editing logos is free, if you want to secure copyright ownership and obtain downloadable, high-resolution files, you'll have to purchase a logo package. Unfortunately, the pricing is a bit disappointing, because you have to subscribe to a monthly or annual payment plan. However, if you unsubscribe, you will retain the rights to logos you purchased while subscribed. There are three tiers that offer both month-to-month costs and annual plans. These include:

  • Logo Pack: This includes your logo and the relevant files, unlimited changes to your logo, as well as access to business cards, social media, email, and letterhead designs.
    • Monthly cost: $15
    • Annual cost: $60
  • Logo Pack + Website: This includes all the benefits of the Logo Pack plus access to a mobile-friendly website managed by BrandCrowd that you can launch right away.
    • Monthly cost: $24
    • Annual cost: $84
  • Logo Pack + Premium Website: This includes all the benefits of the previous tiers, but also offers a more advanced website design with unlimited pages.
    • Monthly cost: $29
    • Annual cost: $108

Cancel anytime

BrandCrowd doesn't have a satisfaction guarantee, as you are the one building the logo. Plus, with the membership, you can go in and change the logo design at any time, meaning that you have unlimited free updates if there's something you decide you don't like later. However, BrandCrowd does offer a "cancel anytime" policy for the subscription.

Best Logo Design Companies

Customers love the quality of designs

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied customers underscores the effectiveness of BrandCrowd's logo maker, making it a highly recommended service. BrandCrowd has a solid 4.8-star rating from Trustpilot with 91% of those ratings being a full 5 stars. Customers love the selection and the user-friendliness of the website. Those who subscribed to the higher tiers loved their websites and the easy management of their design across different media.

A fan-favorite one-stop shop

The resounding praise from customers reinforces BrandCrowd's effectiveness. With its extensive range of logo suggestions, user-friendly formatting, and customizable templates, BrandCrowd stands out as an impressive one-stop shop if you're looking to build a brand identity for your business across all online and paper formats. In a sea of thousands of reviews, the scarcity of negative experiences attests to the widespread success of BrandCrowd in delivering unique and custom logos. Consequently, this logo design platform earns one of our highest ratings.

Logo Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Priced from $12 per month or $120 per year
  • Membership format
  • Includes website design
  • All designs AI-generated
  • DIY your designs
  • Quiz-driven AI selection
  • 4.9-star ratings from customers

Logo offers a user-friendly online logo maker, allowing you to swiftly create a professional logo with its range of customization tools, a social media kit, and a branding package. With over 10 million logos generated using Logo, its proprietary Logo Design Engine powers the site's AI-style logo suggestion tools. If you decide to download a logo design, you'll receive a complete suite of branding assets, including business cards and social media kits, for use in marketing and branding communication. Logo stands out as an appealing choice for businesses with budget constraints.

Quick quiz with no choice limitations

To get started at Logo, you just need to pop your business or brand name into the search bar for the Logo Design Engine. Once you decide on a slogan (if you plan to have one), you get to move on to color selection. Logo allows you to select as many colors as you like with no limitations. Then you can choose up to 6 different fonts, a maximum of 5 keywords, and finally, you're ready to start browsing the logos generated by the platform.

Results don't seem to match the quiz

Once you've finished the quiz, Logo shows you hundreds of options for logo ideas in a continuously scrolling window. However, compared to other services that showed logo examples directly related to the information in the quiz, Logo's selection was all over the place. Despite selecting the colors red, black, and purple in our test run of the quiz, the ideas page showed examples across the color spectrum. While you can refine the search a little by adding more things like icons or color schemes, this will take you to the editor tool and you'll begin designing your own rather than using one of the template ideas. In general, the templates were all pretty minimalistic and didn't seem to fit the keywords we used in the quiz, which was disappointing.

Best Logo Design Companies

User-friendly editor

Once you get into the designer, the process is extremely user-friendly. With each area of the design separated into different tabs, you can change things like the icon, the text and font, and the colors (with hex codes included). You can add "containers" for your logo (circles, squares, or abstract shapes that go around the primary logo and text) as well as edit the scale of different objects. While you can't click and drag items around freely, the parts of the design that you can edit are extensive.

Prices from $12 per month to $120 per year

Once you finish your design, you can buy it easily after setting up an account on Logo. There are three memberships to choose from depending on what you plan to use the site for.

  • The first option is free and allows you to use the site editor and all its features. You can also build out a website for free, but it will have watermarks on it until you subscribe to a paid plan.
  • Next, you can choose a monthly plan for $12 every month. You can expect the following features:
    • One-month trial for business email
    • Unlimited files in the logo editor
    • Brand guidelines included
    • Resizer tool available
    • Access to stock images and mockups
    • Stitch: All-in-one design tool
    • Website builder functionality
    • Complimentary hi.link domain
    • Merchandise design options
    • Exclusive partner offers
  • Finally, Logo offers an annual plan which costs $120 each year. You can expect all of the features of the monthly plan plus a 3-month trial for business email.

Guaranteed cancellation if necessary

Logo offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but the actual details of that guarantee are limited. Instead of offering a refund, Logo states that you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. While this is great if you're worried about being trapped in an ongoing membership, it's not exactly the kind of guarantee we're used to from other services in our review.

Best Logo Design Companies

Nearly perfect score from reviewers

Despite some limitations in design, Logo has an impressive reputation from third-party review sites. For example, Logo holds a 4.9-star average from Trustpilot with 2,000+ reviews to back up the rating. Customers praise Logo for its well-designed website and easy editing tool. Customers loved the template library and also sang praises for Logo's customer service team for being highly responsive and friendly. We struggled to locate reviews that weren't 5 stars, which is a huge point in Logo's favor.

A fan-favorite with excellent prices

While our experience showed a few snags with the quiz vs. the results for templates, Logo stands out as one of the fan-favorite design sites in our review. Customers praised the results as well as pretty much every other aspect of the company and design editor. With extremely low monthly prices and assistance with website design where needed, this is a great site if you're looking to create a brand for a new business. The editor is user-friendly, and for the same price as a video streaming service, you can have unlimited access to logo designs and website creation tools.

Highly recommended

For all these reasons, Logo comes highly recommended in our review. While other higher-rated services may have more design styles or single-purchase licensing, Logo stands strong on its own two feet. Logo is definitely worth considering when it comes to making your new logo.

48 Hours Logo Review 4 Star Rating

48 Hours Logo

4 Star Rating
  • Priced from $129 to $299 per logo
  • All designs by professional artists
  • Competition-style
  • Up to 300 designs per competition
  • Duration of 2-5 days
  • Revisions allowed
  • Up to 60% refund
  • 4.9-star rating average from customers

Established in 2009, 48 Hours Logo operates as a platform for crowdsourced logo contests. Rather than relying on a single designer, individuals seeking logo designs open their projects to a pool of designers who compete to create the most fitting logo. Aspiring designers can join the platform by completing a brief test, sharing their design experience, and gaining approval from the company based on their skills. This unique approach creates an opportunity to discover emerging creative talents before they gain widespread recognition.

Pick from up to 400 pro designs

The process of acquiring a logo from 48 Hours Logo unfolds in four stages. First, you post a project plan for a competition. This invites multiple designers to compete. Most of the design competitions we browsed had anywhere from 50-400 designs submitted. Once you choose your finalists from the pool of designers, the finalists complete logo revisions for you. The third stage is when you select the winning logo and get your design source files. The final stage involves obtaining the logo copyright document and confirming the project's completion. You can offer an "open" logo contest, which allows all designers to compete, or a premium contest which only allows designers who are members of 48 Hours Logo to enter. Contest durations vary based on your purchased package, ranging from 48 hours to 5 days.

No templates or DIY

Since this is a design competition site, you won't find any templates or DIY work available. However, you're able to get custom-made logos from professional artists at a fraction of the cost if you hire a digital designer for a logo on your own. For those uncertain about the quality of logos from 48 Hours Logo, completed projects on their website provide a glimpse into potential creations and showcase the designers' talents. If you're not a huge fan of the contest option, you can purchase premade logos from the "Store" tab and customize them to match with your brand identity or company name.

Best Logo Design Companies

Build the best brief

To initiate a logo contest, you provide details such as the name for the logo/company name, industry, target audience description, ideas (photo examples of logos you're drawn to), preferred contest duration, and any chosen upgrades. The straightforward process provides you with a range of logo ideas from designers with varied backgrounds and styles.

Prices from $129 to $299

48 Hours Logo offers three logo creation packages:

  • Budget ($129): Opens up the contest for approximately 20 designs. You select 1 finalist designer, and the contest has a 48-hour duration. Your final package will include 2 brand documents.
  • Standard ($199): Opens up the contest for approximately 40 designs. You select 2 finalist designers, and the contest has a 72-hour duration. Your final package will include 4 brand documents.
  • Premium ($299): Opens up the contest for approximately 60 designs. You select 3 finalist designers, and the contest has a duration of up to 5 days. Your final package will include 6 brand documents.

The number of submissions in the pricing is just an approximation. As we noted above, some contests (usually open to the public) had well over 100 designs on average with some that had 300+ designs to choose from.

Some limited options for refunds

In case you're dissatisfied with the submitted logos, you can either re-list the project for $20 which extends the contest for another 48 hours, or you can request a refund. Refunds are available at different stages of the contest, with a 60% refund in the open concept stage, 30% in the finalist revision stage, and no refunds once the winner is selected.

Best Logo Design Companies

Customers love their designs

With impressive ratings averaging 4.9 out of 5 stars from customers on the 48 Hours Logo website, it comes out as one of the top contenders for logo design. Customers praised quick turnaround times as low as 24 hours, and budget-friendly prices starting at $128 for a logo. However, there are some drawbacks that customers found during the process. All packages come with a $29 fee beyond the quoted price. Contests with the minimum package are notably short, lasting only 2 days, which provides less time for designers to submit ideas. Plus, 48 Hours Logo specializes exclusively in logos and brand identity designs, with no extras like websites or business cards.

Widest variety of pro designs

The bottom line? If you just need a logo and you want one made for you by a pro artist, 48 Hours Logo is the way to go. The concept of a logo competition is highly appealing as you can see numerous options for your brand identity or company, and the process supports independent designers. However, the partial refund policy is less impressive than some of the guarantees we've seen at other sites. So, 48 Hours Logo doesn't quite reach the level of our top contenders, but it is still a highly recommended service on our list.

Looka Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Priced at $20 to $65 for a single logo
  • Priced $96 to $193 per year for membership packages
  • One-stop shop for your business needs
  • All designs by AI
  • 300+ templates
  • DIY revisions
  • 4.7-star rating average from customers

Looka is a design site that provides businesses with the tools to craft logos and establish brand identities, even for those without any kind of design background. Launched in 2016 in Toronto, Canada, Looka has served over 5 million individuals across 188 countries, gaining recognition from notable platforms such as TechCrunch, Google, Forbes, The Globe and Mail, and The Huffington Post.

AI-driven quiz for logos

The user-friendly software at Looka, powered by AI, helps you jump right into effortless logo creation. Getting started is simple. You begin by entering the business name and selecting the industry. From there you can look at example logos created by Looka to help the system learn what kind of styles, fonts, symbols, and colors you're drawn to. Finally, Looka will present you with an endless scroll of AI-generated logo ideas. Once you find one that fits your style and your brand identity, you can click on it and begin editing.

Edit your designs before purchase

Upon generating initial logo ideas, Looka provides editing tools so you can easily refine your designs. You can edit colors, fonts, sizing, and add new elements to the design. The completion of the process results in vector files and color variations, including high-resolution JPG and PNG files for online or offline use. There are some sizing limitations where the program won't let you size text up too far, which is helpful for beginner designers, but limiting to those with some design experience who want to be more creative.

Best Logo Design Companies

Buy just your logo or a whole brand kit

While creating logos and working with the editing tools on Looka is free, if you're looking to keep and download your creations for future use, you'll have to subscribe to one of the Looka logo packages. These packages include the Basic logo package ($20 billed once) that offers you one low-resolution PNG file, the Premium logo package ($65 billed once) with multiple high-res files (including SVG file format) and unlimited changes, the Brand kit subscription ($96 billed annually) incorporating business cards, email signatures, and more, and Brand kit web subscription ($192 billed annually) which includes a website.

No refunds once you download

Once a logo is downloaded, it's impossible to get a refund. With this limited refund policy, you should take extra care to design your Looka logo so that it matches your business and brand story. If you subscribe without double-checking your work, you won't be able to get your money back.

One-stop shop for branding materials

If you're looking for more robust brand guidance, Looka's Brand kit takes the generated logo, fonts, and preferred colors to produce branded marketing materials. Offering over 300 templates for various purposes, including social media posts, business cards, and websites, Looka aims to be your go-to for developing instant brand recognition. Looka helps you create your entire brand all in one place.

Best Logo Design Companies

Solid reviews outside the BBB

Despite an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau, attributed to the company's lack of response to a limited number of customer complaints, Looka remains widely used and positively reviewed with over 10,000 customers on third-party review sites like Trustpilot where the company holds a solid 4.7-star average out of 5 stars. The current reviews commend Looka's responsiveness and user-friendliness in the logo creation process.

Great for prices but missing the personal touch

As a logo design option, Looka is a pretty good place to go. The prices are reasonable, and you can get just your logo if you're not looking to subscribe or buy an expensive package. For single logos, Looka is pretty affordable, but there is one drawback. While the AI functionality is great for generating ideas, some of them miss the stylization and personality that you can get from a real artist. So, if you're looking to support graphic artists online, you may want to shop somewhere else. But if a good deal and a great user interface are top requirements, Looka is definitely a place to check out. Just make sure you love your design before you buy.

My Brand New Logo Review 3 Star Rating

My Brand New Logo

3 Star Rating
  • Priced at $21.69 to $206.08 (converted from pricing in Euros) for a single logo
  • Minimalist designs
  • All designs by AI
  • DIY revisions
  • User-friendly editor
  • 4.7-star rating average from customers

My Brand New Logo was established to provide an alternative to the high costs associated with hiring professional designers. Focused on DIY-style logo design, the company targets freelancers, side project enthusiasts, and startups, offering a platform that is similar to other DIY logo creation sites. Employing algorithms to help match you with the best fit for your brand, My Brand New Logo generates a basic design that fits your guidelines and then you can then fine-tune the image into your ideal logo.

Quiz with keywords for accurate designs

To get started on making your new logo, you'll tell My Brand New Logo the name of your company or brand. A fun extra here: if you're not sure what you want to name your company yet, My Brand New Logo has a feature to generate company names for you, which can be a helpful starting point for brand-new business owners. Next, you'll enter your slogan, if you're planning to use one (or you can skip it if that's not your plan), and three helpful keywords that will guide the designs. Then, you can either choose your preferred color or let My Brand New Logo surprise you. Then, My Brand New Logo presents design ideas for you to sift through. You can select your favorites for editing and see them on sample branding materials like business cards, T-shirts, and social media posts.

Somewhat limited design styles

The number of templates here can go on scrolling endlessly as the AI algorithm puts together logo examples based on your parameters. But during our search, we found that many of the icons and concepts repeat frequently, offering a more limited selection than some competitors. For example, we searched for space and sci-fi-themed logos and saw the same four icons repeated in different font and color configurations throughout the scrolling list even when we asked it to generate more designs. Further, while the designs are clean and minimal, there is a noticeable lack of options outside of that minimal style. For logos that look more "sporty" or things like scrolling script, you may need to search elsewhere.

Best Logo Design Companies

Somewhat limited design editing

The design editor here is very user-friendly, but you are limited in what you can do. You can change the size of the icons and color shapes, as well as flip them on a horizontal or vertical axis or rotate them. But, you can't move the objects around the designer, so if you want text closer together or further away, My Brand New Logo won't let you adjust that. So, when you pick an icon from the list, that's pretty close to what you'll get aside from some small adjustments to color or size.

Pricing for one-time purchases

The pricing structure of My Brand New Logo is transparent, though we did run into a little trouble on the site. According to the My Brand New Logo pricing page as well as some research outside, the company is priced totally in Euros rather than USD. While you can still buy the logos if you're located in the US, this pricing structure might be a little confusing at first. We'll translate it into dollars for each of the available pricing tiers:

  • Basic: $21.69 for a one-time purchase. This includes one low-resolution graphic file.
  • Professional: $54.23 for a one-time purchase. This provides high-res graphic files, print-ready and scalable logos (SVG file formats), multiple color and size variations, a social media package, and full copyright.
  • Basic: $206.08 for a one-time purchase. This offers professional assistance in designing saved logos.

No refunds and 2 days to edit

After you purchase your logo, you have a two-day window to make any adjustments you might want. After that, you won't be able to do much about your design except for purchasing a new one. My Brand New Logo does not offer refunds, so make sure you're 100% happy with your design before you download or make your changes within the 2-day revision period.

Best Logo Design Companies

Customers love how user-friendly it is

Despite having less user feedback than some competitors in our review and lacking ratings from the Better Business Bureau, My Brand New Logo has high ratings overall. For example, on various blog review sites, My Brand New Logo holds a 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars on average. Customers who've used the platform claim it's the easiest to use, and they also believe the value for the money (a multi-format download for under $55) is extremely high. While My Brand New Logo may not significantly distinguish itself from other logo creation platforms, its affordability is one of its best features.

Solid option for fans of minimalism

Overall, My Brand New Logo hits right in the middle of the pack rating-wise. While the prices are great, the selection of logos and unique designs is a bit smaller than at some higher-rated competitors. Further, if you're looking for a style that isn't "minimalistic." you may want to try some of our top-rated logo design services instead. But, if you're happy with a clean icon with a text logo, the low prices at My Brand New Logo make it fun to explore the designs despite its limitations. For these reasons, My Brand New Logo is a good, but not a knock-out, service.

Logo Maker Review 2.5 Star Rating

Logo Maker

2.5 Star Rating
  • Priced at $40
  • One-stop shop for your business needs
  • All designs by professional artists
  • 150+ designs previously submitted for competitions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Money-back guarantee

Logo Maker originated in the early 2000s when the founders, in the process of brainstorming numerous logo concepts, realized the potential of their unused designs. This led to the inception of Logo Maker as a platform to offer small- to medium-sized businesses access to a variety of design ideas. Businesses can use the library at Logo Maker to customize and download unique logos, eliminating the wastefulness of unused drafts.

Quiz-based process

The website is user-friendly, allowing you to create multiple logos for free and purchase your chosen design. To get started, you select your industry, pop in your company or brand name, and click "Create a logo." Then, you can decide which logo styles you're most drawn to. You can select all of the options or just a few to give Logo Maker an idea of what you might want to see. Then, you can select the font styles you're most drawn to. Finally, you'll be asked about your preferred layouts. Do you want your icon above the text or next to it? Do you want curved text on your design? Finally, you'll be shown a list of logos based on your answers.

Results are limited

Logo Maker's software accommodates up to 60 text characters and provides a selection of over 10,000 icons. You can fine-tune your logo's appearance by adjusting icons, fonts, and colors. However, the platform doesn't have as detailed searches as some competitors. For example, when we selected the arts and music industry, all of the logos were a bit "on the nose" with pianos or music notes. We were unable to refine the search with keywords. With most filters selected to allow for the most results possible, we only found about 125 actual results with our test search.

Best Logo Design Companies

Editing is a little limited

The platform is designed to be accessible to individuals with or without design experience. Once you find a logo you like, you can easily dive into the editor. Here you can edit colors, fonts, sizing, and more. However, unlike other editors, you can't add other shapes or vector icons to the design beyond what's offered in the original logo. Upon completion, you can purchase and download your logo files. The downloadable images are available in PNG, JPG, GIF, and EPS formats, suitable for online and offline marketing. While you have the right to use the logo as you see fit, the clarity regarding legal professional rights is somewhat ambiguous.

$40 per logo

Positioned as an inexpensive and straightforward platform, Logo Maker is a decent service for businesses seeking a budget-friendly logo solution. The $40 pricing for logos is notably economical, although it lacks the oversight of a professional legal team or contract for full legal rights to the image. Given that the company brands itself as selling "leftover" designs, the quality of the art matches the $40 price tag.

30-day money-back guarantee

Logo Maker offers a satisfaction guarantee, assuring you that if you're unable to achieve your desired logo, the platform will collaborate with you to refine it. If you're still unsatisfied at the end of the process, the company promises a refund within 30 days of the project's start date.

Best Logo Design Companies

Not the best reputation

Logo Maker lacks a Better Business Bureau rating and has fewer customer reviews compared to higher-rated logo design sites. While customers appreciate its speed and affordability, Logo Maker is considered less "full service" than some competitors, earning it an average rating in most reviews. According to Trustpilot, Logo Maker has an average score of 2.6 stars out of 5. Customers who used the logo feature of Logo Maker seemed pleased overall with the results. However, customers who ordered other items like magnet cards or business cards complained about long wait times and orders never being received. On the other hand, others said they weren't able to access their logos after paying and couldn't get a hold of customer service.

Clip-art style doesn't stand out

While this is a cost-effective service, if you're really looking for high-quality logos, you're not going to find them here. While parts of Logo Maker are commendable, like its 30-day money-back guarantee and user-friendly editor, the overall results aren't particularly impressive. Many of the logos offered look like old-school clip art rather than modern logo designs. Plus, with customer complaints about getting a hold of Logo Maker when something goes wrong or having problems with orders, we can't really recommend the service over much better competitors.

Tailor Brands Review 2 Star Rating

Tailor Brands

2 Star Rating
  • Priced at $9.99 to $49.99 per month
  • Priced at $47.88 to $249 per year
  • Priced at $60 to $239.76 every two years
  • AI-generated designs
  • Unlimited revisions
  • DIY-style editor

Tailor Brands embarked on a mission to help business owners like you by providing branding and design tools that create a professional appearance and a distinctive brand identity. The goal is to take AI tools and an online format to eventually feel like you have a logo created just for you by a dedicated designer . Plus, Tailor Brands extends beyond logo creation, offering assistance with website design and branding across online and stationery needs. And if you want to trademark your logo for extra security, Tailor Brands offers that service too.

Some limitations in what you can select

Functioning similarly to other logo design platforms, Tailor Brands eliminates the need for submitting details and waiting for a designer to talk to you or present you with concepts. Instead, the AI-powered tools at Tailor Brands allow you to just enter your company name and logo desires to get started. While this design quiz is similar to many other companies in our review, there's one major drawback. In many categories of the quiz (like selecting the type of logo you want), you can only choose one of the three or four options. This means if you end up not liking the design style (icon, name-based, or initial-based, for example), you'll have to back out of the quiz and start again to see other types of logos.

More limitations

The icon selection is likewise limited. You can either pick a geometric shape or a single icon that best suits your brand, but you can't see both. Within the icon sections, you can select up to five, but it's still frustrating that you can't see geometric and picture icons side-by-side. For fonts, you get a little more flexibility by choosing 3 styles that appeal to you, And then, that's it: Tailor Brands shows you your logos.

Not a lot of designs to choose from

Unlike many competitors, who don't ask you to sign up until you've seen your designs, Tailor Brands asks for your email directly after the design quiz. You aren't able to proceed or view your design recommendations until you've put in your email and completed sign-up. The examples we were shown for our test run included just 5 designs (using the 5 icons we selected during the quiz). There wasn't a lot of variation between the designs with many of them having a minimal or "low impact" profile.

Best Logo Design Companies

User-friendly but minimalist editor

The editor for Tailor Brands DIY logo page is pretty simple to use. It's a pared-down version of the editors found on other sites, but you can edit your fonts, your text, and your colors with a few clicks. You can change the spacing between letters and the size of your icon, and even edit colors or position your elements differently in the final design. While you can't click and drag to make changes like on some design sites, the entire experience is very user-friendly. Upon finalizing the logo, Tailor Brands offers the option to download it in PNG and SVG file types, providing 21 resizable versions so you can use it across different channels.

Packages from just logos to a full business plan

Tailor Brands operates on a subscription-based model, requiring that you sign up, design your logo, and complete the process to unveil any costs. While you can download a low-res version of your logo for free (in formats for Pinterest, Android, Apple, and email signatures), if you want full access to designs, Tailor Brands' will require you to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription plan. Here are the options you'll find:

  • Monthly Plans:
    • Basic: $9.99
    • Standard: $19.99
    • Premium: $49.99
  • 1-Year Plans:
    • Basic: $47.88
    • Standard: $71.88
    • Premium: $155.88
    • Elite: $249
  • 2-Year Plans:
    • Basic: $60
    • Standard: $119.76
    • Premium: $239.76

What you'll get

Which each subscription plan, you also need to choose which logo package you want to have.

  • The Basic package includes all of the graphics you'll need in PNG format only, a mini-website builder, and a connection to your current domain.
  • The Standard package includes all of the basic features plus more advanced file formats like EPS and SVG files, a free year of a website domain, and more web-building tools.
  • The Premium package includes all of the features of the previous two tiers along with more website extras like an online shop and online payment tools.
  • Finally, the Elite package (only available in the 1-year plan) includes help with forming an LLC as well as agreements for compliance and operations.

30-day refunds if you don't get your logo

Tailor Brands doesn't list a satisfaction guarantee. The only information we could find was on the site's terms of service page, which stated that you can get a refund within 30 days if you haven't received the items you paid for. You can look forward to keeping the rights to your logo even if you decide to cancel your subscription to Tailor Brands, so everything you download stays yours no matter what.

Best Logo Design Companies

Mixed reputation for trustworthiness

However, despite its offerings, Tailor Brands faces some challenges from reviewers. Let's start with the good news first. Recently Tailor Brands has improved from a "C+" rating from the Better Business Bureau at the time of our previous review to a slightly better "B" rating. On the flipside, there are a lot of complaints against the business on third-party review sites. Though the average rating for Tailor Brands on Trustpilot is 4.5 stars out of 5, the reviews are split between 5- and 1-star reviews as the most common. Customers noted that they experienced issues such as unexpected charges and fees during the purchase process. While there are customers who love their logos, the concerning reviews still raise some red flags, especially since they often use words like "scam" .

Too many red flags to impress

At the end of the day, there are better alternatives available for those seeking a reliable logo design service. Despite Tailor Brands earning a higher BBB rating now than in recent years, there are still several reviews talking about "scams" or concerns about extra charges. Considering those concerns against the backdrop of having a limited number of example logos and a less robust editor, Tailor Brands comes in as our lowest-rated logo design service.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

A well-designed logo isn't just a graphic; it's a symbolic embodiment of your company's essence. Whether you choose an icon logo, a wordmark logo, or something that blends the two together, your new logo becomes a concise and powerful element of your brand identity. The careful selection of fonts, colors, and images in your logo design contributes to the overall visual narrative of your company.

Do you want modern, blocky sans-serifs to communicate a new-age vibe? Or maybe you're looking for a scrolling script that gives your logo a hand-written, personal touch? The choices you make (even as small as color) can influence perceptions and set the tone for your brand.

Considering the enduring nature of logos, their design requires meticulous attention. Your logo should transcend fleeting trends and encapsulate the enduring essence of your brand. The font, colors, and imagery should blend with your company's existing image, for a consistent and compelling brand narrative. Given the permanence of a logo, a thoughtful approach to the design process is essential to your business' success. Changing a logo can be both costly and confusing for customers, making it essential to get it right from the start.

But where do you go about finding logo design services? In the old days, you'd have to hire a digital artist with proficiency in expensive software built for crafting logos in Vector files or online formats (SVG and EPS files). Now, you can find plenty of websites and online editor tools that help you build designs no matter how comfortable you are with vector images.

Logo-friendly websites can help you pull together a suite of images and file types to help you put your logo wherever you need it. And, if you do still want that personal touch? There are plenty of services that will connect you to a designer at much lower costs than hiring a digital artist directly.

If you're not sure where to start, we've put together some helpful tips to guide your decision-making process:

  • Convenience. Convenience can be a make-or-break element to logo design. Most people don't have expertise in vector art design, so finding a site that can quickly and easily generate logo options for you is essential. You'll also want to make sure (especially if you're working with a digital artist) that you have a clear understanding of the revision process and the number of revisions included in your package.
  • Selection. Quality in logo design hinges on the expertise of the designers involved. Are you collaborating with graphic design experts who can bring your vision to life? Or are you checking out AI-driven logo generation? Make sure that you can either preview or scroll through example designs before you pay to make sure that the art style and range of logos fit your vision for your brand.
  • Price. Cost considerations can be a huge deciding factor, especially for small businesses that may have more budget constraints. Check on the overall cost of obtaining a logo. Are you looking for a one-time payment to get a full suite of images? Or are you interested in investing in a membership where you can get revisions any time you want? Striking a balance between cost and value is important to make sure your logo supports your business without breaking the bank.
  • Reputation. A company's reputation can go a long way toward making it a trustworthy place to shop. Check the customer reviews as well as ratings from the Better Business Bureau to make sure your logo design company is a place you can trust. Keeping an eye out for refund policies and money-back guarantees can also help you narrow the field.

To help you get the right logo for your brand, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and rated today's best logo design services. We hope this helps you sift through the different logo design sites and find the perfect match for you and your business. Our ultimate goal is to help you create a logo that not only mirrors your company's image but also has a lasting impact on your brand and industry. Happy designing!

The Best Logo Design Companies Compare Logo Design Companies Compare Logo Design Company Reviews What are the best Logo Design Companies Best Logo Design Company Reviews

Logo Design Company FAQ

According to Oxford, a logo is "a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc." Businesses and organizations come to be known by their logos alone: when you see the Olympic rings or the Nike swoosh, you can immediately name the brand. That's why having a well-designed logo is so important!
A logo can be a monogram or lettermark: think brand initials like CBS or NASA. Similarly, logos can be a wordmark, using a specialized font and/or colors to convey a brand name like Disney or Harley-Davidson. One of the most common logo designs is the pictorial mark or symbol: can you picture the image for Target, Instagram, or Amazon? You've got the idea! Your logo might also be an emblem, a mascot, or an abstract geometric design.
First of all, your logo needs to be unique: no copying from another brand! You also want it to be memorable, relevant, timeless and versatile - all characteristics that will help your company or organization stick out in the minds of your prospective clients and customers.
That depends. How many prototypes do you want to choose from? Do you want unlimited revisions? How about input from more than one designer? You can get a basic logo package for under $75, or you can go all out and pay $1,000 or more. Most packages are in the neighborhood of $150 to $300.
Most services work the same way. You submit a form describing what you're looking for in your logo, and the designer or team gets back to you within a few business days with some initial concept ideas. Depending on how many revisions, if any, were included with your contract, you'll go back-and-forth with the designer(s) until you're satisfied with the final logo. At the end of the process, you'll usually get a set of files (e.g. editable vector, web and print usage) that can be used for putting your logo on your website, new t-shirts, or anything else you need.
Most logo design services will have an initial concept for you to consider within 5 working days. If you need a faster turnaround time, look for a provider that offers a 24-48 hour process. From there, it mostly depends on how quickly you respond to the prototype designs and how many revisions you ask for.
Possibly. Some logo design services offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no exclusions, while others only offer a refund prior to the start of the revision process. Be sure you understand the terms of service before you commit to a logo design provider.
Yes. There are a few providers with ready-made logos that you can customize to your business name, color scheme, and so on. While there's no guarantee that your logo won't have been used by another company or organization, this is a good option if you need something quick and inexpensive to get your website up and running and your promo materials printed.

What a Quality Logo Can Do for Your Company

A brand is the perceived personality of a company as a whole and the logo helps identify that business via a design, word or symbol. A quality logo is imperative to the image of a company in a number of ways. No matter how wonderful the company and the products or services are, if you don't have a logo, or the one you do misses the mark, you could be in trouble.

A quality logo design helps new businesses look and feel established. A professional looking business logo and marketing materials help make your new business more credible. This is important to growth and company success. This also increases the likelihood that customers will trust using your service or product.

Logos are also easier for customers to remember. A picture, symbol, or even words in a unique font, are much faster to memorize and be identified with than a company name. Also, the use of graphics in a logo can help explain to customers what you have to offer - eliminating some of the questions or confusion when a new company name appears out of the blue. As consumers grow to know, like and recognize a logo they are more likely to respond positively to marketing efforts which could lead to sales and company success.

Without a quality logo your company will appear unstable and fly-by-night. Your potential customers will feel uneasy and unsure if purchasing your product is a good decision and will wonder how long you'll be in business. Most people don't want to commit to something that isn't expected to be around in a few months or could be managed by those with shady intent. If you've considered designing your own logo, to save money, think again. An unprofessional logo will in turn make your business look unprofessional. Customers could perceive you as unable to create quality goods or services. Kind of the age old mindset that if you don't care what you look or how you represent the company you won't care about the product you're selling. Also keep in mind that if you plan to design your logo yourself and then switch it with a professional replacement, once you have a larger revenue stream, you'll only end up confusing the consumer. They'll question if someone bought out your company, if new staff have replaced those that they felt comfortable with before and if something negative happened that you're trying to hide. Avoiding a logo change, at all costs, is the best way to avoid creating negative attention.

In summary, a professional looking logo is important to the perception of your potential customers. Substituting a home grown logo today will lead to poor sales and customer confusion in the future.

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