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Deluxe Review

Monday, September 27th

2021 Logo Design Company Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Deluxe Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Do it yourself or work with a pro
  • Choose from multiple, original concepts in as little as 5 days
  • Design for free and only pay for what you use
  • Satisfaction guarantee
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Deluxe Corporation began over a century ago when W.R. Hotchkiss invented the checkbook. With a $300 small business loan, he started Deluxe Corporation. They've now grown into web marketing, payroll services, remote deposit capture, integrated receivables, marketing programs, and logo design.

Do it yourself or hire a pro

There are a few avenues to explore when designing a logo through Deluxe. You can use their logo maker and do a lot of the work yourself or have a professional design your logo for you in as little as 5 days. Regardless of the option you choose, you don't need to have any design experience since their tools and professionals make the process straightforward and convenient.

Customize hundreds of logo templates

Deluxe's logo maker starts at $39.95. You select your industry, enter any relevant information that will help with the design, customize a template you like, and call it a day! You can make as many designs as you want and only pay for the one you decide to keep. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, so you don't have to get too creative if you don't want to. You can create and revise the logos from any device and they are all saved to the cloud. Upon purchase, your logo will automatically be downloaded to your computer in up to 11 digital file formats. You can make any necessary changes for free within 5 days of your download.

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3 logo packages

Professional logo design ranges from a one-time fee of $195 to $645 depending on how many revisions you want, the design concept options you choose, and how many designers you want working on your project. The packages include:

  • Bronze: $195
    • 4 design concepts
    • 2 designers for your project
    • Concepts in 5 days
    • 3 revisions
  • Silver: $395
    • 6 design concepts
    • 4 designers for your project
    • Concepts in 5 days
    • 3 revisions
    • Black & white versions
    • Stationery design
  • Gold: $645
    • 10 design concepts
    • 8 designers for your project
    • Concepts in 5 days
    • 3 revisions
    • Black & white versions
    • Stationery design
    • 1,000 printed business cards
    • Lifetime file storage
    • Fonts and color codes

Professional, streamlined process

You'll be assigned a personal, professional project coordinator to work with. You'll work together to come up with the necessary elements of the logo and a group of professionals will send you up to 10 initial concepts within 5 days. From there you'll pick your favorite and work together to make it perfect. Updates on logo designs, including revisions and final files are completed within 2-4 business days from when your feedback is received by the design team.

Satisfaction guaranteed

The professional logo design packages come with three revisions. If you're not happy with the original concepts you receive, you can request a redesign at no extra charge. In the end, if you're unhappy with the logo design process at Deluxe before requesting alterations to your designs, you can get a full refund.

Browse free design ideas

If you need some ideas to get you started, Deluxe has an impressive logo sample and ideas page organized by industry. Here you might find fonts and colors you like as well as styles that fit your brand.

Deluxe has our confidence

Deluxe is a professional company with an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is a reliable place to have a logo made. Whether you do it yourself with their logo maker or use a professional, you'll have all the rights to your logo and can use it anywhere you choose. We are confident that companies who use Deluxe to create their logo will be satisfied with the results and have a seamless experience. They've earned our highest rating for logo design.

Where is the Best Place to Design a New Logo?

Whether you're an up-and-coming company or you want to do some rebranding and modernize your company image, one of the first things you'll want to focus on is your logo. The importance of a well-designed company logo cannot be overstated. This is how most people in the public will recognize and identify you because it's a symbol of who you are and the mission of your company.

Logos appear anywhere information about your business can be found. They are printed on flyers, on your web pages, on business cards, featured in commercials, highlighted on billboards, and maybe even on company swag and merchandise. It will come to convey a message to employees and customers about the quality of your company and your purpose.

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Logo Design Company FAQ

According to Oxford, a logo is "a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc." Businesses and organizations come to be known by their logos alone: when you see the Olympic rings or the Nike swoosh, you can immediately name the brand. That's why having a well-designed logo is so important!
A logo can be a monogram or lettermark: think brand initials like CBS or NASA. Similarly, logos can be a wordmark, using a specialized font and/or colors to convey a brand name like Disney or Harley-Davidson. One of the most common logo designs is the pictorial mark or symbol: can you picture the image for Target, Instagram, or Amazon? You've got the idea! Your logo might also be an emblem, a mascot, or an abstract geometric design.
First of all, your logo needs to be unique: no copying from another brand! You also want it to be memorable, relevant, timeless and versatile - all characteristics that will help your company or organization stick out in the minds of your prospective clients and customers.
That depends. How many prototypes do you want to choose from? Do you want unlimited revisions? How about input from more than one designer? You can get a basic logo package for under $75, or you can go all out and pay $1,000 or more. Most packages are in the neighborhood of $150 to $300.
Most services work the same way. You submit a form describing what you're looking for in your logo, and the designer or team gets back to you within a few business days with some initial concept ideas. Depending on how many revisions, if any, were included with your contract, you'll go back-and-forth with the designer(s) until you're satisfied with the final logo. At the end of the process, you'll usually get a set of files (e.g. editable vector, web and print usage) that can be used for putting your logo on your website, new t-shirts, or anything else you need.
Most logo design services will have an initial concept for you to consider within 5 working days. If you need a faster turnaround time, look for a provider that offers a 24-48 hour process. From there, it mostly depends on how quickly you respond to the prototype designs and how many revisions you ask for.
Possibly. Some logo design services offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no exclusions, while others only offer a refund prior to the start of the revision process. Be sure you understand the terms of service before you commit to a logo design provider.
Yes. There are a few providers with ready-made logos that you can customize to your business name, color scheme, and so on. While there's no guarantee that your logo won't have been used by another company or organization, this is a good option if you need something quick and inexpensive to get your website up and running and your promo materials printed.
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Since a logo represents your company as a whole, you want to make sure it accurately reflects the image and messages you want to portray. When it comes to logo design, you'll need to consider the font you want, colors, images if any, and size. Put plenty of time and consideration into the process since you'll want your logo to stick with your company long-term. It can be expensive to change and confusing to customers.

As you browse different logo creation services, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Convenience. How long does it take for the company to create logo options for you? What if you aren't happy with the first drafts? How many revisions does your package come with?
  • Quality: Who designs the logos? Are you working with people who are experts in graphic design? How long are you able to visit with them about your ideas for your logo before they get to work on it?
  • Cost: How much does it cost for you to get a logo you are happy with? Do you have to pay extra for each revision the company does? Although a logo is crucial to your business, you shouldn't have to pay an outrageous amount to have one made for you.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best logo design services available online. We hope this information helps you create a logo that reflects the image of your company and makes you memorable!

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