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Irv's Luggage Review

Saturday, March 25th

2023 Luggage Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Irv's Luggage Review 5 Star Rating

Irv's Luggage

5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $24.99 to $1,295
  • Over 100 luggage options to choose from
  • Woman-owned small business
  • All positive reviews
  • Affordable pricing
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Irv's Luggage first opened in 1947. In 2018 the business was sold and is now a woman-owned business. They have one physical store location in Vernon Hills, Illinois and Irv's is the largest luggage repair shop in the Midwest. On their website, they sell a variety of luggage, anti-theft bags, duffle bags and travel accessories.

Wide variety of luggage

When looking at the website, Irv's Luggage sells a huge variety of luggage with varying price ranges. Their cheapest item is a $24.99 cinch sack and the most expensive is surprisingly a $1,295 garment bag. In their current inventory they offer 90 wheeled luggage options, 9 wheeled duffels, 16 garment bags, 23 kid luggage bags, 5 sport themed luggage bags, 17 laptop brief cases and 157 backpacks. These all hit a variety of price points increasing the chance it will fit into most budgets. The product page for each item offers the dimensions and a product description. Irv's Luggage also offers a honeymoon registry for newlyweds.

Shipping expectations

With Irv's Luggage being a small business, you can expect their shipping to cost a little more than a big box store. For orders over $129.99 they offer free ground shipping. For orders under $129.99, shipping will cost $9.95-$11.95 and will take 2 to 7 business days. There is a 3-day shipment option which starts at $15 but will vary based on size and weight of the luggage. If you need 2-day shipping, it will start at $25 and will vary based on luggage size. The retailer has also made a note that due to UPS charging a surcharge on oversized items, any item over 28" will be subject to an oversize fee ranging between $15-$20. Shipping fees are not refundable should you choose to not keep the luggage.

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30-day return policy

Irv's Luggage offers a 30-day return policy as long as the item is in its original condition. The luggage will need to have its original tags, packaging and box. Please note that your original shipping fees are not refundable and you will be responsible for paying your own shipping to send the item back. With the original receipt, your refund will be sent to the card you used to make the original payment in 2-3 business days after they have received your item. They will inspect it to make sure that it is unused and all the original packaging is included.

Overwhelming positive reviews

Irv's Luggage had an overwhelming amount of positive customer reviews. Customers raved about how they went above and beyond for their customers. There were also many reviews applauding their amazing customer service. It was also frequently mentioned that an added bonus to Irv's Luggage is their on-site luggage repair shop. They offer quality craftsmanship in their luggage repair.

#1 luggage store

We are impressed with Irv's Luggage. They are a woman-owned small business which always feels good to support. Customers have nothing but positive things to say about the store which is not common to see. They offer a decent return policy and quick shipping options. The only negative we can find with this company is if you need to return an item, you'll pay shipping in both directions. Other than that, we find Irv's Luggage to be a top contender when shopping for luggage and strongly encourage you to check them out.

Which Luggage Store is the Best?

Luggage is something that everyone will need at some point in their life, whether it be a backpack for an overnight trip or school, or a full set of luggage for an overseas trip. What you need when it comes to buying luggage can vary depending on what you need it for.

Also, you need to consider what luxuries are a must when traveling. There are many different features to think about when buying luggage. Do you want hard- or soft-shelled luggage? Wheeled luggage comes with two options. There are straight wheels but also swivel wheels that turn 365 degrees.

The Best Luggage Stores Compare Luggage Stores Compare Luggage Store Reviews What are the best Luggage Stores Best Luggage Store Reviews

Luggage Store FAQ

Luggage is used to protect clothing and other items during travel. It is usually made either with a hard shell or a durable soft material. There are often compartments and dividers within a suitcase that allow you to pack everything you need in an organized manner. Most luggage is rectangular in shape and comes in different sizes depending on how many things you're bringing along on your trip.
There are about 6 different sizes of luggage if you want to get really specific. There are personal item-size luggage (about 17" long), international carry-on (about 21" tall), domestic-carry on (about 22" tall), small checked luggage (23-24" tall), medium checked luggage (25-27" tall), and large checked luggage (28-32" tall). These sizes are based on airline regulations since most people use their luggage for flying. Airlines only accept luggage of certain sizes depending on how much you've paid for your ticket and where you're going. People like to have luggage in a few different sizes so they can adapt to however they are traveling.
The best style of luggage to buy is the style you like best! You can find luggage in all colors and patterns. Sometimes it's helpful to have more unique luggage so that it's easy to identify if you're picking it up at baggage claim after a flight and no one else takes it by mistake. Some other things to consider when choosing a style is whether or not you want luggage with wheels, hard or soft material, how many interior compartments, and other small details.
There is no single best material for luggage, so you'll want to decide what type you buy based on what you're transporting. You will have choices like aluminum, polyester, ballistic nylon, leather, polycarbonate, etc. There are pros and cons with different materials. If you're worried about things breaking or being affected by impact, hard-shell luggage will offer the best protection. Soft-sided luggage can expand and be more flexible if you're stuffing it full to the brim and it usually has external pockets. You'll find affordable options for both hard- and soft-sided luggage, so it really comes down to preference.
You can either buy luggage one piece at a time or find a set that comes with two or three pieces. Price will vary based on the size, material, and brand. You can get a medium-sized suitcase ranging from about $50 to $300. However, there are also plenty of retailers that sell luggage sets for under $300, which is a great deal. Once you decide on the style, material, and size of suitcase(s) you're looking for, you can start comparing the prices among different retailers.
Yes! If your luggage is new and unused, almost all retailers offer a return policy. You will likely have anywhere from 30 to 90 days to change your mind about the luggage you purchased and send it back for a full refund. You might have to pay return shipping, so keep that in mind. Sometimes it helps to see your luggage in person: if you decide it isn't the size you imagined or a style you like, you can always switch it out for something else.
Most airlines allow you to have one checked bag and one carry-on bag when flying (unless you pay extra for additional checked bags). It's a good idea to have a carry-on-sized suitcase since you aren't usually charged for these on a flight. The standard size for this is 22" x 14" x 9" , which includes handles and wheels. Checked bags cannot exceed 50 lbs and the most common maximum size is 62 linear (total) inches. Read the baggage policies for the airline you're flying on before you head to the airport!
It's hard to get away with not owning your own luggage since traveling is more popular than ever these days. Even if you aren't going long-distance and needing to get on an airplane, having a nice bag or suitcase to pack your clothes, shoes, and hygiene items for a quick weekend getaway is essential.
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The handles can also be different. There are soft handles like a duffle bag. For suitcases, they can come all the way up or have a variety of stopping points in them. You also need to consider what size and shape you want your luggage to be.

When choosing a retailer for your luggage, do you want to support a small business or a big chain? You also need to consider the quality of craftsmanship you desire for your luggage. Some retailers have a lower price point but also lower-quality goods. Other stores could have a better quality and the option for a sale, giving you more for your money.

As you consider where to purchase your new luggage from, here are some key items to consider about each store's inventory and their policies:

  • Structure: Is your preferred luggage hard- or soft-shelled?
  • Wheels: Do the wheels stay straight or do they swivel?
  • Dimensions: Will the luggage fit where you need it to? Be sure to check the maximum dimensions for the airlines you fly most frequently. Also take into account how much your suitcase or carry-on will weigh: that 50-lb. luggage allowance gets used up pretty quickly if the suitcase itself weighs 15 lbs.
  • Variety: Does the store offer a large variety? Can you get the colors, styles, and brands you like?
  • Shipping: How fast and how much will it cost for your luggage to arrive? Are there any free shipping offers?
  • Returns: How easy will it be to return your luggage if needed? How long do you have to make your decision?
  • Customer Reviews: What do others think about the luggage store and are there any red flags?

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