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Physical Address Review

Monday, June 17th

2024 Mail Scanning Service Reviews

Physical Address Review 4.5 Star Rating

Physical Address

4.5 Star Rating
  • Eight address locations to choose from: NY, CA, NV, TX, FL, ID, GA, DE
  • Same-day scanning of all received mail
  • No third-party mail centers used to process your mail
  • Free check depositing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business since 2013

You're not going to be impressed with Physical Address at first glance. The site itself isn't the most polished: it isn't mobile-responsive or formatted in an up-to-date style. And yet, this mail scanning service still earns one of our highest recommendations.

Very affordable services

To start, the pricing on mail scanning services here is impressive:

  • Plan 30 ($7.98/month): this entry-level plan includes 30 envelope scans and 10 content scans.
  • Plan 50 ($10.98/month): this tier takes your envelope scans up to 50 and content scans to 25 per month.
  • Plan 100 ($16.98/month): no surprises here, with 100 envelope scans and 50 content scans per month.
  • Plan 200 ($26.98/month): 200 envelope scans and 100 content scans per month come with this level of service.
  • Save 20% on any plan if you pay annually instead of monthly
  • Corporate plans are available (more than 300 mail items per month); call for a quote

Get a lot for your money

Every plan at Physical Address includes an unlimited number of mail recipients, free local pickup, free registered agent, free secure shredding, and three months of free (non-parcel) storage. That's an extraordinary value compared with other, more expensive mail scanning providers.

No charge for check deposits (other than postage)

You'll also get free check deposit processing here. Physical Address doesn't tack on a service fee: you'll just pay the postage to forward checks to the bank of your choice. That's a huge savings too, given that most of their rivals charge anywhere from $4.95 to $10 per check (and that doesn't always include the postage).

Best Mail Scanning Services

Fewer addresses, more hands-on attention

You won't have as many address choices with Physical Address as you'll see with some mail scanning services: Wall Street, NY; Laguna Beach, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Dallas, TX; Orlando, FL; Boise, ID; Atlanta, GA; Wilmington, DE. Why is that a pro and not a con? This company processes all of your mail itself. That means you get same-day scanning of every piece of mail, and you're not relying on a third-party mail center partner to do the work or to forward your physical mail to another location.

99% of clients recommend this company

Sounds too good to be true, right? You get what you pay for? Believe it or not, you can absolutely trust that you'll get the value Physical Address promises. The company has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but more impressive is the 99% average of 4- and 5-star ratings from hundreds of happy Physical Address clients. Customer service here is described as friendly and responsive by brand-new users as well as those who have used the mail scanning service for five years or more. It also doesn't seem to make a difference if you're using the company as a local option for business mail or having your physical mail forwarded overseas: you can expect the same great service.

Excellent service and affordable pricing

Physical Address may be the best-kept secret in mail scanning services. You'll get so much for your money here, with complimentary features that tend to rack up the costs with other providers and world-class customer service (despite the not-so-impressive website promoting it). With a 30-day money-back guarantee, Physical Address is literally risk-free to try and should be one of your top providers to consider for mail scanning.

Which Mail Scanning Service is the Best?

More and more people are ditching the obligations of a permanent address to travel the world or work as digital nomads. Once the reservations have been made and they're ready to set off, they often overlook one question: "How do I get my mail?" While it's true that most things can be set to electronic-only - bank statements, bills, and so forth - there's still a need for some kind of physical address, from refund checks to Social Security statements and then some.

That's where mail scanning services come in. Wherever your travels take you, you can have all of your postal mail - and packages too - sent to one location. Services vary by provider, but most will give you access to a dashboard where you can see what's come in and indicate what you want done with it: shred, open and scan, or forward to your current location.

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Mail Scanning Service FAQ

Mail scanning services give you a physical address where you can have all of your mail sent and scanned. You decide if you want each piece of mail saved, recycled or shredded, or forwarded to you.
Many people use mail scanning services if they travel frequently: people who spend a good part of the year going around the country in an RV, those who are regularly overseas for work, and so on. You can also use a mail scanning service if you value your privacy and don't want companies to have your residential address.
Some mail scanning companies include check depositing, junk mail shredding, and package opening/inspection. That might be part of your monthly fees or available as an a la carte service.
Yes and no. That depends on the mail scanning company you choose and what they have available. For example, one company allows you to choose an address in Las Vegas, Dallas, Orlando, Laguna Beach or New York - but keep in mind that your pricing may vary according to the city you select. Also, some companies outsource to other providers (like the UPS Store) so your address may be determined that way.
Almost every mail scanning service gives you an online dashboard for not only viewing your mail but also indicating what you want to do with it (like save, forward, or shred). Be aware that some providers only scan the outer envelope as part of your package; you might have to pay extra to have the contents scanned and uploaded to your dashboard.
If you choose a mail scanning service with a PO Box, you might only be able to receive envelope mail: no packages. However, most providers give you address options that would allow you to get deliveries from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. It could cost extra to have your mail scanning provider open the package and inform you of the contents.
That's easy! You indicate in your online dashboard if you want a piece of mail forwarded to you, and you specify the address where it should go.
How does $8/month sound? You can get basic mail scanning services for an individual for about that much. Your costs will depend on how much mail you get each month, how many extra services you want included in your plan, and which provider you choose. And, of course, if you're using this service for a large business, expect to pay quite a bit more: up to $180/month!
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Just be aware that every feature comes at a cost; you could pay quite a bit to have every page in a mailer scanned or to have a big bundle of mail sent along to where you are at the moment. Be sure to choose a mail scanning service that meets your anticipated needs at a price you can afford.

Another way to use mail scanning services is to keep your residential or business address private, without having to use a PO Box. After all, some mailers and packages require a physical address for delivery, and a PO Box doesn't really convey a strong brand image if you're running a small business. Also, if you're running your company from overseas, you can use a mail scanning service with an address in the state of your choice - which might help reassure prospective customers or clients that you have a presence stateside too.

No matter the reason for choosing a mail scanning provider, you'll likely have to fill out USPS Form 1583. This authorizes the service to act as your agent for receiving mail. Although you'll have to get it notarized, many providers will help you take care of that remotely if necessary.

There are at least a dozen mail scanning services you could choose from. Which one is the right one for you? It's a good question to ask, because setting up your service (or changing if you don't like the one you select) can be time-consuming. Here are some criteria to keep in mind as you compare your options:

  • Services Offered. Take some time to brainstorm the services you might need, now and in the future. Check depositing? Document notarization? Forwarding? Then make sure the mail scanning provider you choose will meet those needs.
  • Types of Addresses. Some mail scanning services only offer box numbers, while others give you a physical street address. Do you need a particular address type? Also, is it better for your address to be in a specific state?
  • Pricing. What will you pay per month? What's included in that monthly fee, and what are the a la carte extras? Is there a contract period or can you cancel at any time?
  • Reputation. Some mail scanning services have been around for a decade or longer, while others are fairly new in the industry. Either way, what's the feedback from clients? Can you expect the service to run smoothly and to be able to reach customer support if something goes wrong? Has the company been rated by the Better Business Bureau?

To help you get your mail wherever you are, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular mail scanning services available today. We're sure this will make it easy to choose the right provider for your needs!"

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