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The Best Marriage Counseling Services

Where Can You Find the Best Online Marriage Counseling?

You've heard of marriage counseling, but what does it entail and who can benefit from it? Is it for addressing minor issues to maintain a healthy relationship? Is it for determining if your partner is the right life companion? Is it for managing the stresses that accompany wedding planning? Is it a final attempt before considering a breakup?

Marriage counseling addresses a wide spectrum of topics related to couples, including effective communication, recurring areas of disagreement, financial clashes, challenges in intimacy, recovery from infidelity, power dynamics, and dating compatibility. It's not just for those on the brink of separation or divorce.

Friday, June 21st

2024 Marriage Counseling Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award E-Therapy Cafe Review 5 Star Rating

E-Therapy Cafe

5 Star Rating
  • Trial 30-minute session: $50
  • Single 30-minute session: $55
  • Four 30-minute sessions: $196 per month ($49 per session)
  • Eight 30-minute sessions: $360 per month ($45 per session)
  • Choose therapists from profiles and bios
  • Popular subscription service
  • Pioneering presence in mental telehealth
  • Covers couples counseling from partner selection to long-term marriage support
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

E-Therapy Cafe operates under the motto of "Register, Connect, Calm." Their genesis traces back to over 25 years ago when Dr. Jude Black, while separated from her spouse due to military duties, discovered the profound connection that video chat facilitated. Driven by this experience, she extended her therapeutic practice to offer video sessions for military personnel stationed abroad, effectively becoming one of the earliest adopters of telehealth therapy.

Meet the expert team

E-Therapy Cafe boasts a diverse team of marriage counselors and life coaches with varying expertise, age ranges, and specializations. This encompasses relationship, marriage, and couples counseling, wedding coaching, LGBTQ+ support, college counseling, emotional support animal guidance, and military counseling. A unique feature allows clients to handpick their marriage counselor based on profiles and bios, ensuring a personally compatible journey.

3 steps to healing

E-Therapy Cafe simplifies the process into three steps: Registration, Connection, and Calm. Upon registering, clients complete a brief survey to help with tailoring the experience. After this, connecting with the chosen marriage counselor occurs through online sessions. Here, the focus shifts toward fostering a sense of calm and empowerment.

Session options

The platform offers a range of options to accommodate diverse preferences. Beyond video sessions, instant E-chat messaging and E-journaling serve as alternatives. These can be particularly helpful for military personnel or individuals with limited internet access.

Best Marriage Counseling

Flexible pricing structure

E-Therapy Cafe's pricing structure is designed to suit different needs. A trial session is available at $50, followed by single sessions at $55 each. If you're looking for a more long-term comprehensive approach, you can choose from packages containing four sessions per month at $49 each (totaling $196) or eight sessions per month at $45 each (totaling $360).

E-Journaling is an option

For those who prefer written communication, or who face internet constraints, E-Therapy Cafe offers E-journaling. Clients can submit sessions via email, and receive a response from the counselor within 24-48 hours. The secure and HIPAA-compliant website ensures confidentiality.

Discounts and insurance

The platform offers discounts for military members, veterans, first responders, and college students, with a 10% reduction on subscription packages. While E-Therapy Cafe doesn't directly accept insurance, they provide a Bill of Services that clients can submit to insurers for potential reimbursement.

Best Marriage Counseling

High client satisfaction

E-Therapy Cafe boasts high client satisfaction rates, with over 90% rating the service positively. Users praise the qualifications of therapists, and more than 75% express willingness to recommend the platform to friends and family.

Customization for a better relationship

E-Therapy Cafe's primary focus is personalization, aiming to empower couples with tools for fostering healthier relationships, all at a reasonable cost. Although each session is a concise 30 minutes, which might feel short for some couples, the platform offers a pragmatic solution: back-to-back session booking, ensuring ample time for both partners to express themselves.

Top recommendation for Marriage Counseling

E-Therapy Cafe shines as a trailblazer in the field of telehealth therapy. With a legacy spanning two decades, it has evolved to meet the diverse needs of couples seeking online marriage counseling. By offering a range of session formats, a carefully curated team of therapists, and flexible subscription packages, E-Therapy Cafe provides couples with a robust toolkit for enhancing their relationships. Don't hesitate to make it your first choice when embarking on the path of online marriage counseling. Your journey to a stronger, happier partnership should start here.

Sesame Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing varies based on therapist
  • Sesame offers a $20 discount
  • Direct payment to providers for cost savings
  • Potential for same-day appointments
  • Available for both individual and marriage counseling
  • Also connects users with other healthcare providers

Sesame collaborates directly with marriage counselors and healthcare professionals to provide accessible and high-quality care. The platform's user-friendly interface allows users to explore marriage counselors in their area and seamlessly schedule appointments. Since counselors can only work with clients in states where they hold a license, Sesame ensures that the therapists suggested are certified in the user's location.

A savings of $20

One of Sesame's main goals is to provide savings for those seeking marriage counseling or other local healthcare providers. To that end, they offer a $20 discount for online sessions.

Distinctive approach

Unlike some platforms that group counselors under a specific methodology, Sesame takes a different approach. Users click on counselor's names and review the detailed information provided by each professional. This individualized approach empowers users to determine which marriage counselor best suits their needs.

Simplified searches

When you click on Sesame's mental health page, you get easy access to the marriage counselors in your area. The availability of counselors depends on your location, because Sesame makes sure to only show you counselors that are licensed to work in your area. If counselors are available, you can easily review their information. Some providers might offer evening and weekend slots. If Sesame cannot offer a marriage therapist in your area, you can always try one of the other services in our list.

Best Marriage Counseling

Easy registration

Selecting a marriage counselor, entering your contact information, and inputting your payment details is simple. Sesame's registration process is straightforward and secure, akin to leading online shopping or booking platforms.

Transparent pricing

Each marriage counselor sets their own fee. For those concerned about pricing, this can be a crucial factor in choosing your therapist. The $20 discount applies to sessions set up through Sesame, offering automatic savings for users who explore marriage counseling.

Sesame Plus subscription

For pricing options, Sesame has added a subscription option, Sesame Plus, which extends savings to all healthcare services - not just limited to marriage counseling. With memberships priced at $10.99 per month or $99 per year, Sesame Plus yields discounts on telehealth and in-person visits, along with additional perks like free lab tests.

Insurance and cancellation policies:

Sesame does not accept insurance, but it does maintain a flexible cancellation policy. Unlike many providers that require 24-hour notice, Sesame mandates only a three-hour notice for changes or cancellations. For same-day appointments, a mere hour's notice suffices.

Best Marriage Counseling

Positive reception

Sesame garners high praise from users, with over 75% of Trustpilot reviews awarding it 5 stars. The platform's affordability, quality providers, availability, and same-day sessions are particularly mentioned. Its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau further underscores its reliability.

Support available 7 days a week

Sesame offers weekday and weekend phone hours, along with email support for inquiries. Its user-friendly approach and swift responses contribute to a seamless experience.

Sesame is easy. That's good.

Sesame streamlines the process of finding an online marriage counselor while delivering cost savings to their customers. With a commitment to simplicity and swift access, Sesame provides a refreshing alternative. If you seek a convenient, unified platform for healthcare and marriage counseling, Sesame's efficiency and value make it a compelling choice.

Regain Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • - Pricing ranges from $60 to $90 per week, billed every four eks
  • Choice of video, audio, or live chat sessions
  • Unlimited messaging with the therapist
  • All therapists hold expertise in couples counseling
  • Individual or couples therapy sessions available

Regain boasts a refreshing approach. Specializing exclusively in marriage and family counseling, all their therapists possess at least a Master's Degree in their respective fields. Unlike platforms that directly hire therapists, Regain empowers therapists to assist individuals.

Embracing the portal

The heart of Regain lies in its user-friendly portal. This portal acts as the hub for video, audio, and live chat sessions, as well as messaging between sessions. In the context of marriage counseling, both partners gain access to the portal, ensuring seamless interaction during online sessions and enabling continuous communication with the counselor. While prices may vary by session, Regain's affordability and convenience are standout features.

Elevated expertise

Regain stands out by its exclusive focus on marriage and family counseling, setting it apart from platforms that offer many counseling options. By honing in on this specialization, Regain ensures that all its therapists are experts in the realm of marriage counseling, instilling confidence in users seeking targeted guidance.

Qualified therapists

Counselors associated with Regain boast substantial credentials - each holds at least a Master's Degree, is certified within their state, and carries over three years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience. Their expertise in relationship therapy and their flexibility to work with both individuals and couples provide users with well-rounded support.

Best Marriage Counseling

In-depth questionnaire

Upon registering, users complete a comprehensive questionnaire that dives into their challenges, therapy goals, and therapist preferences. Regain encourages users to work with their partner when completing the questionnaire to ensure a holistic understanding of their history and objectives.

Thoughtful counselor matching

Regain's matching process pairs users with marriage counselors aligned with their goals, preferences, and the issues they seek to address. Whether tackling stress, addictions, family conflicts, or other concerns, counselors with specialized interests are available. The assigned therapist's name is usually provided within a few hours.

Anonymity and access

Regain places a premium on user confidentiality. Users can opt for a nickname instead of their full name, maintaining anonymity. Emergency contact information remains confidential, accessible only in cases where the therapist identifies a potential danger.

Round-the-clock availability

Regain acknowledges the demands of busy schedules and offers therapy every day of the week, at any time. This flexibility sets Regain apart as a platform that respects users' commitments.

Best Marriage Counseling

Utilizing the chat room

The chat room is a central feature of Regain's system. Accessible 24/7, users can discuss personal concerns, engage in dialogue with their partner, and seek guidance from the counselor. The room's privacy ensures a secure space for conversation, with therapists providing insight and guidance as users move towards their goals.

Comprehensive sessions

Regain offers the choice of video or audio sessions, catering to individual and couples therapy. With sessions typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes, users can opt for solo or partner sessions.

Affordable pricing

Pricing ranges from $60 to $90 per week, billed every four weeks. The flexible rate varies by location, user preferences, and therapist availability. Users can store credit card or PayPal information for recurring billing.

Flexibility in membership

Regain's membership can be changed or canceled at any time. With straightforward access through your account, adjustments are a breeze. While payment is made four weeks in advance, you can cancel anytime during the month.

Best Marriage Counseling

Free, helpful resources

Regain's Advice section boasts nearly 130 free articles on marriage and relationships, covering a wide array of topics. This resource-rich platform offers insights into successful marriages, common relationship challenges, and ways to rekindle intimacy.

User satisfaction

Positive reviews underscore Regain's value. Many users express satisfaction with therapist matches and the support they received. Nearly 90% of participants report extreme satisfaction with their marriage counselor, highlighting the platform's effectiveness.

Addressing criticisms

While Regain enjoys widespread praise, we did find a few negative reviews. These often stemmed from issues with individual therapists, such as tardiness or no-shows. However, these criticisms appear more counselor-specific than platform-related. You can always switch therapists or request a refund if your counselor isn't right for you.

Solid choice

Regain pairs you with skilled marriage counselors, compatible with your therapy objectives. Their online platform facilitates sessions and ongoing communication, while their specialized focus ensures a broad selection of therapists who cater exclusively to marriage counseling. With the option to switch therapists if needed, anonymous portal access, and the ability to message therapists at any time, Regain presents a compelling choice for those in need of online marriage counseling.

Octave Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Session costs range from $190 to $250
  • Robust selection of almost 200 counselors
  • Streamlined sign-up process
  • Science-driven therapeutic approach
  • In-network collaboration with select insurance providers

Octave doesn't focus on a one-and-done approach. Rather, it dedicates itself to sustainable changes over time through science-based techniques. The process revolves around tailoring methodologies to cater to the unique requirements of each individual and their partner.

Effortless startup

Octave offers an impressive selection of nearly 200 counselors proficient in 20 languages. Navigating the process is straightforward, with easily locatable and comprehensible registration forms.

Insurance integration

Octave distinguishes itself from most of their rivals by accepting select insurance plans. While they handle insurance submissions, certain criteria must be met: to qualify, you must have insurance coverage for therapy, in-network compatibility with the chosen provider, and both you and the counselor must be located in the same state. Sessions without insurance are available - however, as you suspect, they typically come with a substantial price tag. It's prudent to verify if your state qualifies for Octave's services.

Embrace emotional well-being

Octave's central ethos revolves around promoting well-being and offering affordability options to enhance lives. This approach combines tailored application of science-based research with your unique needs and experiences.

Symbolism behind the name

The name "Octave" draws a parallel to a musical concept. An octave represents a complete set of musical notes. Similarly, Octave presents an all-encompassing range of services that can be fine-tuned to suit each person's distinct requirements, be it for individuals or couples.

Best Marriage Counseling

Personalized start

Starting your journey involves sharing essential information, such as basic contact details, desired support, and your mental health background. This data helps customize a plan and enables you to find a suitable therapist. Octave might arrange a free phone consultation if additional background information is needed. The platform strives to match you with a marriage counselor aligned with the needs of you and your partner.

Potential waiting period

Upon completing the introductory questionnaire, you'll receive a welcome email. However, it may be a few more days until you get your marriage counselor's name and contact information.

Hundreds of therapists

With an expansive roster of almost 200 providers, Octave has a lot of marriage counselors to choose from. Clicking on a therapist's profile unveils their therapy style, therapeutic interests, educational background, personal details, and more. When you can learn more about a therapist on a personal level, it helps you feel more comfortable with them and maybe even feel a connection before you meet face to face. If English isn't your first language, there are 20 other language options available.

Scientifically proven methodologies

Octave boasts a commitment to science-driven approaches, frequently employing three core methodologies:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): A cutting-edge technique bolstering emotional bonds within couples.
  • Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT): Fosters empathy and mutual understanding.
  • Gottman Method: Aids conflict management and nurtures tenderness in relationships.

Octave counselors tailor their therapy based on the most suitable approach for your needs, recognizing that lasting change requires time.

Best Marriage Counseling

Holistic approach

Octave extends its services to both marriage counseling and individual therapy sessions. Recognizing that marriage counseling may occasionally prompt the need for individual sessions, Octave offers flexibility to address varied requirements.

Session duration

The exact duration of live video sessions with Octave isn't explicitly mentioned. Typically, therapy sessions will span 45-60 minutes, to ensure comprehensive engagement.

Cost considerations

Each counseling session comes with a price tag ranging from $190 to $250. The exact cost is disclosed once a counselor is assigned to you. Octave's pricing exceeds that of other highly rated competitors. However, if your health insurance covers therapy, Octave becomes more affordable, with insurance potentially covering up to 80% of the cost.

Limited availability, based on your location

Octave's services are available to residents of Washington DC and six states - California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. Their marriage counseling is not available beyond these licensed states.

Insurance acceptance criteria

Octave's approach involves collaborating with certain insurance providers within its network. Their option of direct billing and in-network collaboration sets Octave apart. However, eligibility hinges on meeting specific conditions: both you and your therapist must be located in the same state, and your insurance needs to cover marriage counseling.

Best Marriage Counseling

Changes and cancellations

Octave charges a $100 cancellation fee for missed sessions with less than 24 hour notice. Beyond this, their appointment change policy isn't readily available on their website.

Limited discount information

We couldn't find any information on potential discounts for military personnel, seniors, or other groups. Discounts are likely contingent on your insurance coverage.

High client satisfaction

We found a survey showing high user satisfaction, with over 40% of respondents rating Octave very positively. We were surprised, however, with the lack of online reviews - although this may stem from the sensitive nature of therapy. The absence of negative feedback on platforms like the Better Business Bureau does suggest a largely positive client experience.

Closing perspective

Octave's distinctive proposition lies in connecting couples and individuals with nearly 200 counselors versed in 20 languages. The detailed counselor profiles, which offer both professional and personal insights, foster comfort and connection. The availability of three science-based methodologies helps ensure comprehensive long-term progress. Octave's insurance acceptance gives you another layer of flexibility. While the price and location criteria could be limiting factors, the platform's personalized approach remains a strong contender in the realm of online marriage counseling.

Online-Therapy Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Monthly cost of $110 for 45-minute sessions
  • Abundant toolkit to supplement sessions
  • Relaxation through yoga and meditation videos
  • Instant therapist matching upon registration
  • Unlimited counselor messaging

Online-Therapy transcends conventional marriage counseling. In addition to the traditional 45-minute video, audio, or live chat sessions, they also provide additional benefits with their program.

Guided progression

Your therapeutic session is based on completing pre-session reading and worksheets. The platform offers an online journal, yoga and meditation videos, and the flexibility to contact your therapist with any questions. While the pricing is relatively higher than some programs, the extensive resources justify the cost. Online-Therapy also offers an uncommon feature: unrestricted messaging access to your therapist whenever needed.

Personalized counselor selection

Upon registering, an expert therapist armed with your questionnaire responses is assigned to you. You have the flexibility to change therapists due to scheduling or other reasons - although, unlike their competitors, the profiles of counselors aren't readily viewable on the platform.

Simple registration

Signing up is both simple and easy. The registration process involves concise, multiple-choice questions tailored to your situation. This approach replaces the potential stress of divulging personal information in long, typed-out responses.

Familiar therapeutic approach

Online-Therapy employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a widely adopted counseling approach. CBT helps you manage life challenges by changing your thinking and behavior patterns.

Best Marriage Counseling

Self-guided structure

Unique to Online-Therapy is the concept of "sections" . These comprise 8 pre-defined assignments that involve readings, worksheets, and daily journaling. You're encouraged to message your counselor during the week, culminating in a video session with your therapist and your partner at week's end. Although it almost seems like you're working through a textbook rather than engaging in counseling, Online-Therapy offers some great resources that aren't found in other marriage counseling platforms.

Rich resource pool

Your counseling journey includes interaction with therapists, access to worksheets, reading sections, a daily journal, and optional activities. Unlimited messaging with your counselor fosters continuous engagement. The week concludes with a 45-minute live session featuring video, voice, or text chatting.

Accelerated progress:

The combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and the platform's online resources can lead to significant improvement in about a month. However, for comprehensive growth in your marriage relationship, maintaining the program for several months is recommended.

Subscription structure

Online-Therapy monthly subscription requires payment at the beginning of each month. With this, you get access to your 45-minute sessions at the end of each week, unlimited messaging, worksheets, videos, an activity plan, a journal, and progress tests. Individual therapy is mentioned within the description, but program details for this isn't described.

Best Marriage Counseling

Easy to cancel or change your appointment

You can change or cancel your scheduled appointment with a simple click. If you simply miss a session, you'll still be charged, since the therapist is paid for their time.

Initial discount

A 20% discount is available for the first month's session, making it a little more affordable.

Positive user feedback

Client testimonials highlight Online-Therapy's calming effect, stress reduction, and personal growth. Specifically, customers have loved their counselor's easy rapport and effectiveness, while still noting the premium cost. Online therapy is also lauded for their flexibility compared to other program's rigid scheduling.

Good, but room for improvement

The biggest issue we had was the somewhat rigid format of eight predefined sections. The higher cost and required monthly subscription are also factors to consider. We would also appreciate the availability of comprehensive therapist profiles, along with photos online. Still, while not the top-rated option, Online-Therapy stands as a commendable resource with distinctive features for married couples seeking support.

Couples Therapy Review 3.5 Star Rating

Couples Therapy

3.5 Star Rating
  • Session prices range from $150 to $300 for 80-minute sessions
  • Practitioners well-versed in the Gottman Method
  • Customized three-month program
  • Extended 80-minute sessions
  • Complimentary course detailing therapy approach

Couples Therapy adopts a tailored approach, meticulously structured to unfold over a three-month period. This science-driven program is administered by an adept team of therapists, many of whom boast over two decades of experience in the field.

Seasoned counselors

The therapists at Couples Therapy have undergone rigorous postgraduate training, specifically catering to marriage counseling. They attend regular meetings that ensure their continuous skill enhancement. The program can be applied to people at various relationship stages, be it pre-marital, relationship coaching, marriage counseling, addressing sexual concerns, recovering from infidelity, or making critical relationship decisions.

Starting the process

An extensive online assessment, aptly named The BIG BIG Book, serves as the entry point to this program. Completing this assessment offers profound insights into each partner's individuality and the dynamics of the relationship. The subsequent therapy process is described within the complimentary course provided by Couples Therapy.

Transparent pricing challenges

Unfortunately, pricing details are not readily available on the website. When we contacted them with questions, they responded quickly, although they still didn't provide a clear answer. Pricing will vary by your location and selected therapist. For more accurate pricing, you'll need to reach out to them on your own.

Communication hurdles

Further communication attempts regarding the service raised concerns, as our questions were met with generic responses. We were directed to call and ask our questions over the phone. Providing this information by online messaging or email would be more helpful.

Best Marriage Counseling

Choose your program

You have a couple of options for your marriage counseling:

  • You can choose a three-month program that primarily utilizes video conferencing. Sessions last 80 minutes, which is longer than sessions offered by most other counseling providers. This extended duration accommodates issues such as conflict resolution, silences, and interruptions. And with over 25 counselors available for 20 hours a day, seven days a week, Couples Therapy offers flexibility to cater to diverse schedules and time zones.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a couples weekend retreat, which starts at $3,500. This offers a concentrated therapeutic experience.

Cultural sensitivity

The platform prides itself on its cultural diversity and experience in working with international couples, including military spouses stationed overseas. Many therapists possess cross-cultural exposure, and some are proficient in multiple languages.

Price structure and discounts:

Session prices ranges between $150 and $300. Multi-session discounts or concessions for specific groups are not mentioned.

Best Marriage Counseling

Cancellation and Missed Session Policies:

There is no information available on canceling appointments or missing scheduled sessions. Similarly, changing your appointments is not addressed either.

Supplementary resources

Couples Therapy offers a free course in couple's therapy, complemented by their ebooks. This covers topics like military marriages, infidelity, and spiritual connections. The platform's blog contains numerous articles highlighting science-backed marriage counseling techniques.

High customer satisfaction

Positive feedback from surveys underscores the effectiveness of Couples Therapy. While affordability is cited as a concern, 90% of program completers deemed this program a valuable investment. Over 80% of respondents would recommend Couples Therapy to friends or family.

Worthwhile, yet incomplete

For couples who are committed to the three-month engagement, and completing The BIG BIG Book questionnaire, Couples Therapy can be a successful program. It holds the potential to steer couples through their challenges towards strengthened relationships and a successful marriage. If you want to pursue, be sure to find out your specific price per session, any discounts you can apply, and their policy on changing or missed appointments.

Growing Self Review 3.5 Star Rating

Growing Self

3.5 Star Rating
  • Session costs range from $65 to $135 for 45-minute sessions
  • 60-minute session with a doctoral-level counselor priced at $210
  • Sliding-scale pricing structure available
  • Abundance of free online resources
  • Choice between counseling and coaching services
  • Streamlined sign-up process

Growing Self lives up to its name by providing opportunities for personal and relational development. With over a decade in operation and a roster of approximately 50 counselors and life coaches, the platform offers tailored support for couples navigating their journey together. Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, the founder of Growing Self, embodies lifelong learning and personal growth. Her journey led her to become a marriage and family therapist, motivated by her dedication to fostering love, happiness, and success in others.

Flexible pricing framework

The platform adopts a sliding-scale pricing strategy, allowing seasoned marriage counselors with advanced degrees to command higher fees. The potential for reduced fees based on financial need is also a benefit.. However, determining specific pricing requires extra effort, as it's not prominently displayed on their website or within therapist profiles.

Many counselors to choose from

Boasting a team of over fifty coaches and counselors, Growing Self ensures a variety of expertise for couples to choose from. Online counselor profiles contain bios and images which make it easy to choose a therapist you can connect with.

Easy to get started

It's easy to get started with Growing Self. You take a quick survey to help determine what type of counselor you want, and a concise description of your situation. Once they receive your completed survey, they contact you with the next steps.

Best Marriage Counseling

Convenient video sessions

A complimentary consultation with your chosen counselor precedes session scheduling. The platform accommodates varied schedules, offering video sessions during early mornings, late evenings, and even on weekends.

Comprehensive online resources

Growing Self offers a wealth of free resources, including quizzes, personal questionnaires, relationship advice, and podcasts. These resources cater to various stages of relationships, from dating to marriage and even post-breakup recovery. They also address diverse relationship phases, spanning dating coaching, premarital counseling, relationship counseling, coaching, and even parent coaching. A clear delineation is made between counseling (seeking insight) and coaching (personal growth).

Elusive price Information

Navigating Growing Self's price structure is frustrating. Cost information is buried within lengthy motivational narratives. Bring your perseverance and determination, because wading through all the stories will definitely test your patience.

Best Marriage Counseling

Finally - the price

Ultimately, we found the pricing details after extensive scrolling. Sessions are typically 45 minutes in length. Depending on the therapist's experience, session rates can vary:

  • For $65, you can work with someone who is early in their career, perhaps working on their Master's degree, or who works closely with someone licensed in marriage counseling
  • For $135, (our suggested level), you'll find a counselor who has been practicing for a while, and might be working on an advanced degree
  • For $160, you can find someone with a doctorate degree and plenty of experience

Suggested frequency

Growing Self recommends starting with weekly sessions, transitioning to bi-weekly, and eventually monthly as progress solidifies. This makes sense to us. Achieving substantial relationship changes usually necessitates twelve to sixteen sessions.

Moderate customer satisfaction

The platform holds an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, although it lacks accompanying customer reviews. Client feedback we found on other sites indicate positive experiences and intentions to continue therapy for extended periods.

Promising approach with Communication Shortcomings:

With a diverse pool of marriage counselors and coaches, you're likely to find someone that you and your partner can work with. Their extended hours, including over the weekend, is impressive, as is the free resources on their website. However, critical information, including pricing, is frustratingly hard to uncover. Despite this, Growing Self remains an above-average choice among online marriage counseling options.

Relationship Hero Review 3 Star Rating

Relationship Hero

3 Star Rating
  • Session costs range from $80 to $250 per hour
  • Coaches accessible around the clock
  • Forward-focused coaching, not past-oriented therapy
  • Coaches undergo 160 hours of training by Relationship Hero
  • Group coaching option available

Relationship Hero's emphasis lies in providing skilled coaches to guide couples through marriage challenges. Rather than delving into past experiences, the platform focuses on current issues and resolutions to pave the way for a more fulfilling future together.

Comprehensive coach training

Each Relationship Hero coach undergoes extensive training, instilling uniformity and building client trust. Sessions can be conducted via video, phone, or messaging, with coaches accessible for communication at any time. Coaching fees can vary, but are comparable to therapists with formal degrees and credentials.

Distinguishing coaching from therapy

Unlike therapy that often examines personal history, Relationship Hero's marriage coaching addresses current dynamics and goals. Coaches pinpoint individual and partnership dynamics, focusing on behavioral changes. The coaches identify specific sticking points and use exercises and contemplation to transform thinking patterns.

Certified coaching expertise

To ensure consistent standards, Relationship Hero offers a comprehensive 160-hour training program for its coaches. This includes module completion, written exams, and mock coaching sessions with staff. Detailed curriculum objectives are accessible on the website, which reflect the platform's dedication to high-quality coaching.

Tailored individual and couple sessions

Relationship Hero recommends a blend of individual and couple sessions to uncover and address specific issues. This approach helps lays the groundwork for effective communication and relationship stability.

Best Marriage Counseling

How long are the sessions? Good question.

While Relationship Hero mentions sessions that last an hour, that may just be for the initial one. Some clients have reported different session durations, spanning from 30 to 45 minutes.

Innovative group coaching

A standout feature of Relationship Hero is its provision of group coaching, a trending concept. These virtual sessions, accommodating two to twelve participants globally, encourage shared experiences and collective learning. It's motivational to have people with situations in common in one room to share and be guided together. Research says that when we're in a group situation and we observe others being coached, our brain is more receptive to the suggestions made to other people. Group members gain insights into emotions, accountability, and goal setting, fostering a supportive environment.

Diverse coach selection

With nearly 80 coaches available, you can easily review coach profiles showcasing photos, bios, experience levels, applicable degrees, languages spoken, and pronouns. We were a little surprised at how many of the coaches seemed rather young. That may be a consideration if you're seeking a more experienced perspective.

Holistic approach

To start, you complete a profile questionnaire, which coaches use to apply the Relationship Profiling Framework. This identifies core issues, deepens understanding, and establishes goals. After that, the coach asks more about your relationship situation on a deeper level, and the goals you want to achieve. Next, they identify potential obstacles they can work with you on overcoming - even ones that you may not have even recognized. Finally, they will communicate what can be achieved in the next few weeks or months, as well as what you could do right away to help you take a step toward meeting that goal

Flexible communication channels

Relationship Hero accommodates a variety of communication formats, including video, phone, and messaging sessions. You also have access to their 100+ coaches any time of the day or night.

Best Marriage Counseling

Variable coach pricing

Fees range between $80 and $250 per hour, subject to coach selection. While bulk purchase discounts are mentioned, these aren't explicitly defined.

Subscription cancellation

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. However, they don't mention if you'll receive a refund for any pre-paid sessions.

People love the experience

We found high client satisfaction with Relationship Hero. Over 90% of Trustpilot surveys awarding Relationship Hero five stars, with only 2% giving them a 1 or 2 star rating. We found minor concerns relating to coach age and refund challenges.

Coaching yes, therapy no

Relationship Hero distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive coaching. Their coaches are highly trained, offer messaging support, and deliver impactful sessions. Just keep in mind that these are coaches and not licensed marriage counselors. Their approach is different, and the results aren't the same. Still, if you want to focus on the future and try a marriage coach, people love the results they see with Relationship Hero.

Ritual Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Monthly cost: $260
  • 3-month subscription: $663 ($221 per month)
  • 6-month subscription: $1,170 ($195 per month)
  • Trained therapists and social workers
  • Comprehensive pricing with multi-month discounts
  • Seven sessions per month, individually and as a couple
  • Assigned Pathways with readings and daily exercises

Ritual's team of experts, comprising therapists and social workers, aims to guide couples towards personal and marriage enhancement.

Structured curriculum: a mixed bag

Ritual's "Pathway" system assigns a specific curriculum for each month, encompassing readings and daily exercises. You'll attend weekly one-on-one sessions, each lasting 20 minutes, along with a monthly extended session with your partner. While the curriculum and homework helps progress, some people might feel constrained with the formal structure.

Certified therapists as experts

Ritual's experts are trained therapists, yet this detail isn't immediately apparent. The team encompasses psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers. They leverage science-backed methods, like Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method, focusing on enhancing bonds and reducing conflict.

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Getting started

In your first session with one of Ritual's experts, you'll explore your needs and goals. This helps make sure their guidance is fitting and effective for you. From there, you'll get a personalized plan that you will work daily on your own. The personalized plan is actually one of their units which they'll choose to match your needs. Each unit can take one to two months to complete before you move on to the next one.

Trial period and subscription discounts

Ritual introduces a reassuring 14-day money-back guarantee. That's much better than many other counseling providers we reviewed. Notably, a discount applies for multi-month subscriptions.

Missing key information

Unfortunately there's a lot of missing information. First, it's not clearly stated how long the sessions are. After a lot of digging we discovered that the weekly individual sessions are only 20 minutes long, which is the shortest length we've ever seen. We couldn't find out how long the monthly ' joint sessions are, when you meet as a couple. We also don't know if you meet live via video, phone, or live chat during these sessions. There is a cancellation policy, but it's not clear if you'll get your money back for any unused sessions. Ritual also doesn't make it clear if you can switch experts midstream or how many experts there are to choose from.

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More questions

We couldn't find the dates and times that counselors are available, or if you can meet outside the normal workday, such as early morning, late evening, or on weekends. We couldn't see bios or photos of the experts on Ritual's staff to get to know them a bit before we were assigned or meet them. We don't know what languages they speak or their area of expertise. We feel like we're on a need-to-know basis with Ritual, and they're telling us there's not much we need to know

Client satisfaction unclear

Are clients happy with Ritual? That's another question we don't have the answer to. We couldn't find any reviews on them - good or bad.

A lot of promise, but ultimately disappointing

Ritual possesses some very good elements to their marriage counseling program, like pre-designed Pathways, daily assignments, and both individual and joint live sessions. However, crucial information gaps prevent us from giving them a higher rating. More transparent information and longer video sessions could definitely improve their score. As it is, Ritual's value is diminished with so many unanswered questions. For those looking for an effective marriage counseling program would probably find better choices elsewhere.

Talkspace Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $436 per month (four sessions)
  • Quarterly payment option: $396 per month
  • Multiple therapist choices available
  • Communication through text, voice, or video messages
  • Unlimited messaging to therapists
  • Accepts some insurance plans

Talkspace caters to couples in different relationship phases, from premarital to long-term and married couples. It uniquely integrates psychiatry and therapy in online care, a rarity among competitors. They even accept insurance, further distinguishing Talkspace's approach. Roni and Oren Frank established Talkspace around a decade ago with the aim of making therapy accessible, convenient, and affordable. Evolving from in-person group therapy, Talkspace now offers communication methods like video, voice, and text messages

Expert Therapists

Each month, you and your partner receive four live sessions with your therapist, along with unlimited messaging capabilities. A noteworthy feature is that they'll match you up with multiple therapists, which is unusual. Counselor sessions are available on weekdays, but not weekends.

Structured therapeutic goals

Talkspace provides a clear roadmap for marriage counseling outcomes. These include issue identification, rediscovering relationship strengths, understanding detrimental patterns, implementing conflict resolution strategies, and enhancing communication skills. These goals are achievable with consistent therapist interaction. In fact, you can send a video, voice message or text to your therapist at any time, any day of the week (though replies are limited to weekdays).

Diverse relationship support

Beyond marriage counseling, Talkspace extends its services to numerous relationship phases. Services range from relationship counseling and marriage counseling to premarital counseling, addressing conflicts, communication, and foundational aspects of relationships.

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Onboarding process

Once you create your account, a complimentary consultation connects you with a staff therapist. They will guide you through the Talkspace process and therapist selection. This initial conversation can help resolve any questions you may have about the process.

Multiple therapist matches

Differing from most platforms, Talkspace matches you with multiple counselors. This gives you the opportunity to preview potential therapist matches before settling on the one you want. The approach ensures a more personalized fit, however it may take a few days to complete the matching process.

Therapist selection and availability

There are many therapists within Talkspace's network, and you'll need to choose one that is licensed to work in your state. The platform's website features detailed profiles, including photographs, degrees, specialties, communication methods, and language proficiencies. Unfortunately, weekend availability isn't offered. After selecting your therapist, communication via text, audio, or video messages is available throughout the week.

Flexible approach and subscription changes

You can cancel your subscription at any time online, with the reminder that unused time within the subscription is non-refundable. The initial subscription comes with a $100 discount, although its compatibility with insurance benefits isn't entirely clear.

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Many customers are happy

We found positive feedback from customers that highlighted the convenience of continuous messaging and therapist availability. One survey we found indicates a third of users considered Talkspace therapists more qualified compared to others. Over 85% rated therapist quality as good to excellent, with no negative ratings. More than 80% expressed willingness to recommend Talkspace to others.

But many customers are not

However, we also found more than a few concerns. Complaints revolve around billing discrepancies, such as getting billed but not having a therapist, and delays in therapist assignment. Some people experienced last minute therapist cancellations, or failed rescheduling attempts. People also decried a lack of communication from Talkspace when these issues arose. Overall, Talkspace has a 1.3 average rating on Trustpilot, which is very low.

Cost Considerations:

Although Talkspace stresses affordability, you can find competitive alternatives for online marriage counseling offered by other services with more sessions per month. Unlimited messaging and therapist availability, while advantageous, may not fully offset these cost-related concerns. Especially with the weekend unavailability.

Too many complaints

While Talkspace seems promising on paper, the challenges faced by users and concerns surrounding customer service and billing issues, especially regarding therapist cancellations, severely impact the platform's credibility. While it does offer comprehensive services, you should first explore the higher rated marriage counseling services in our review before committing to Talkspace.

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Continued from above...

What prevents individuals from pursuing marriage counseling? Many contemplate it but never take the step. They're unsure about how to begin, what the process involves, and they worry about carving out time from their busy schedule for appointments.

Just as telehealth gains popularity in the medical realm, the same holds true for marriage counseling. Booking an appointment is as easy as a single click; you can browse the therapist's professional background, ratings, and even get insight into their personal interests and hobbies. You can interact with the therapist from the comfort of your home via video calls, phone conversations, or live chat. Plus, you eliminate commute time and traffic since there's no in-office meeting.

Our highly recommended online marriage counseling options are designed to help you find the most suitable choice for you and your spouse. Here are some factors to weigh in your decision-making process:

  • Pricing. What is the session cost? Is a monthly membership mandatory?
  • Therapist or Coach. Do you prefer a licensed therapist with a Master's degree or higher? Are you more inclined toward a coach than a therapist?
  • Individual Counseling Alternatives. If individual issues arise that you wish to address privately, would you like the option of individual therapy alongside marriage counseling?
  • Session Formats. Which suits you best: video conferencing, phone calls, or live chat?

To assist you in finding the ideal online marriage counseling platform, Top Consumer Reviews has meticulously evaluated and ranked the finest services presently available. We hope this information helps you reconnect with your partner, and helps make your journey in marriage as smooth as can be.

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Marriage Counseling FAQ

Marriage counseling is a type of therapy designed to help couples resolve conflicts, improve communication, and strengthen their relationship. A trained therapist or counselor guides couples through discussions and exercises to address issues they may be facing in their marriage.
Marriage counseling can be beneficial at various stages of a relationship. Couples may consider it when facing communication difficulties, unresolved conflicts, infidelity, or when they feel disconnected from each other.
Marriage counseling typically involves sessions with a therapist, where couples discuss their concerns, feelings, and thoughts in a safe and structured environment. The therapist provides guidance, offers insights, and teaches communication and conflict resolution skills.
In a typical session, couples share their perspectives and emotions on specific issues. The counselor facilitates productive conversations, helps identify patterns of interaction, and offers tools to address challenges constructively.
The duration of marriage counseling varies based on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the couple to engage in the process. Some couples may see improvement within a few sessions, while others may benefit from longer-term counseling.
While marriage counseling is typically conducted with both partners present, individual counseling sessions may be recommended if one partner is not initially willing to participate. However, the goal is often to involve both partners for better outcomes.
No, marriage counseling is not solely for couples in crisis. It can be a proactive step to strengthen a healthy relationship, address minor issues before they escalate, or enhance communication skills.
Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of counseling. Information shared during sessions is typically kept confidential unless there is a risk of harm to individuals or others. Counselors will explain their confidentiality policies at the beginning of therapy.
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