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Growing Self Review

Saturday, March 2nd

2024 Marriage Counseling Reviews

Growing Self Review 3.5 Star Rating

Growing Self

3.5 Star Rating
  • Session costs range from $65 to $135 for 45-minute sessions
  • 60-minute session with a doctoral-level counselor priced at $210
  • Sliding-scale pricing structure available
  • Abundance of free online resources
  • Choice between counseling and coaching services
  • Streamlined sign-up process

Growing Self lives up to its name by providing opportunities for personal and relational development. With over a decade in operation and a roster of approximately 50 counselors and life coaches, the platform offers tailored support for couples navigating their journey together. Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, the founder of Growing Self, embodies lifelong learning and personal growth. Her journey led her to become a marriage and family therapist, motivated by her dedication to fostering love, happiness, and success in others.

Flexible pricing framework

The platform adopts a sliding-scale pricing strategy, allowing seasoned marriage counselors with advanced degrees to command higher fees. The potential for reduced fees based on financial need is also a benefit.. However, determining specific pricing requires extra effort, as it's not prominently displayed on their website or within therapist profiles.

Many counselors to choose from

Boasting a team of over fifty coaches and counselors, Growing Self ensures a variety of expertise for couples to choose from. Online counselor profiles contain bios and images which make it easy to choose a therapist you can connect with.

Easy to get started

It's easy to get started with Growing Self. You take a quick survey to help determine what type of counselor you want, and a concise description of your situation. Once they receive your completed survey, they contact you with the next steps.

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Convenient video sessions

A complimentary consultation with your chosen counselor precedes session scheduling. The platform accommodates varied schedules, offering video sessions during early mornings, late evenings, and even on weekends.

Comprehensive online resources

Growing Self offers a wealth of free resources, including quizzes, personal questionnaires, relationship advice, and podcasts. These resources cater to various stages of relationships, from dating to marriage and even post-breakup recovery. They also address diverse relationship phases, spanning dating coaching, premarital counseling, relationship counseling, coaching, and even parent coaching. A clear delineation is made between counseling (seeking insight) and coaching (personal growth).

Elusive price Information

Navigating Growing Self's price structure is frustrating. Cost information is buried within lengthy motivational narratives. Bring your perseverance and determination, because wading through all the stories will definitely test your patience.

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Finally - the price

Ultimately, we found the pricing details after extensive scrolling. Sessions are typically 45 minutes in length. Depending on the therapist's experience, session rates can vary:

  • For $65, you can work with someone who is early in their career, perhaps working on their Master's degree, or who works closely with someone licensed in marriage counseling
  • For $135, (our suggested level), you'll find a counselor who has been practicing for a while, and might be working on an advanced degree
  • For $160, you can find someone with a doctorate degree and plenty of experience

Suggested frequency

Growing Self recommends starting with weekly sessions, transitioning to bi-weekly, and eventually monthly as progress solidifies. This makes sense to us. Achieving substantial relationship changes usually necessitates twelve to sixteen sessions.

Moderate customer satisfaction

The platform holds an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, although it lacks accompanying customer reviews. Client feedback we found on other sites indicate positive experiences and intentions to continue therapy for extended periods.

Promising approach with Communication Shortcomings:

With a diverse pool of marriage counselors and coaches, you're likely to find someone that you and your partner can work with. Their extended hours, including over the weekend, is impressive, as is the free resources on their website. However, critical information, including pricing, is frustratingly hard to uncover. Despite this, Growing Self remains an above-average choice among online marriage counseling options.

Where Can You Find the Best Online Marriage Counseling?

You've heard of marriage counseling, but what does it entail and who can benefit from it? Is it for addressing minor issues to maintain a healthy relationship? Is it for determining if your partner is the right life companion? Is it for managing the stresses that accompany wedding planning? Is it a final attempt before considering a breakup?

Marriage counseling addresses a wide spectrum of topics related to couples, including effective communication, recurring areas of disagreement, financial clashes, challenges in intimacy, recovery from infidelity, power dynamics, and dating compatibility. It's not just for those on the brink of separation or divorce.

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Marriage Counseling FAQ

Marriage counseling is a type of therapy designed to help couples resolve conflicts, improve communication, and strengthen their relationship. A trained therapist or counselor guides couples through discussions and exercises to address issues they may be facing in their marriage.
Marriage counseling can be beneficial at various stages of a relationship. Couples may consider it when facing communication difficulties, unresolved conflicts, infidelity, or when they feel disconnected from each other.
Marriage counseling typically involves sessions with a therapist, where couples discuss their concerns, feelings, and thoughts in a safe and structured environment. The therapist provides guidance, offers insights, and teaches communication and conflict resolution skills.
In a typical session, couples share their perspectives and emotions on specific issues. The counselor facilitates productive conversations, helps identify patterns of interaction, and offers tools to address challenges constructively.
The duration of marriage counseling varies based on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the couple to engage in the process. Some couples may see improvement within a few sessions, while others may benefit from longer-term counseling.
While marriage counseling is typically conducted with both partners present, individual counseling sessions may be recommended if one partner is not initially willing to participate. However, the goal is often to involve both partners for better outcomes.
No, marriage counseling is not solely for couples in crisis. It can be a proactive step to strengthen a healthy relationship, address minor issues before they escalate, or enhance communication skills.
Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of counseling. Information shared during sessions is typically kept confidential unless there is a risk of harm to individuals or others. Counselors will explain their confidentiality policies at the beginning of therapy.
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What prevents individuals from pursuing marriage counseling? Many contemplate it but never take the step. They're unsure about how to begin, what the process involves, and they worry about carving out time from their busy schedule for appointments.

Just as telehealth gains popularity in the medical realm, the same holds true for marriage counseling. Booking an appointment is as easy as a single click; you can browse the therapist's professional background, ratings, and even get insight into their personal interests and hobbies. You can interact with the therapist from the comfort of your home via video calls, phone conversations, or live chat. Plus, you eliminate commute time and traffic since there's no in-office meeting.

Our highly recommended online marriage counseling options are designed to help you find the most suitable choice for you and your spouse. Here are some factors to weigh in your decision-making process:

  • Pricing. What is the session cost? Is a monthly membership mandatory?
  • Therapist or Coach. Do you prefer a licensed therapist with a Master's degree or higher? Are you more inclined toward a coach than a therapist?
  • Individual Counseling Alternatives. If individual issues arise that you wish to address privately, would you like the option of individual therapy alongside marriage counseling?
  • Session Formats. Which suits you best: video conferencing, phone calls, or live chat?

To assist you in finding the ideal online marriage counseling platform, Top Consumer Reviews has meticulously evaluated and ranked the finest services presently available. We hope this information helps you reconnect with your partner, and helps make your journey in marriage as smooth as can be.

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