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Ritual Review

Friday, March 1st

2024 Marriage Counseling Reviews

Ritual Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Monthly cost: $260
  • 3-month subscription: $663 ($221 per month)
  • 6-month subscription: $1,170 ($195 per month)
  • Trained therapists and social workers
  • Comprehensive pricing with multi-month discounts
  • Seven sessions per month, individually and as a couple
  • Assigned Pathways with readings and daily exercises

Ritual's team of experts, comprising therapists and social workers, aims to guide couples towards personal and marriage enhancement.

Structured curriculum: a mixed bag

Ritual's "Pathway" system assigns a specific curriculum for each month, encompassing readings and daily exercises. You'll attend weekly one-on-one sessions, each lasting 20 minutes, along with a monthly extended session with your partner. While the curriculum and homework helps progress, some people might feel constrained with the formal structure.

Certified therapists as experts

Ritual's experts are trained therapists, yet this detail isn't immediately apparent. The team encompasses psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers. They leverage science-backed methods, like Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method, focusing on enhancing bonds and reducing conflict.

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Getting started

In your first session with one of Ritual's experts, you'll explore your needs and goals. This helps make sure their guidance is fitting and effective for you. From there, you'll get a personalized plan that you will work daily on your own. The personalized plan is actually one of their units which they'll choose to match your needs. Each unit can take one to two months to complete before you move on to the next one.

Trial period and subscription discounts

Ritual introduces a reassuring 14-day money-back guarantee. That's much better than many other counseling providers we reviewed. Notably, a discount applies for multi-month subscriptions.

Missing key information

Unfortunately there's a lot of missing information. First, it's not clearly stated how long the sessions are. After a lot of digging we discovered that the weekly individual sessions are only 20 minutes long, which is the shortest length we've ever seen. We couldn't find out how long the monthly ' joint sessions are, when you meet as a couple. We also don't know if you meet live via video, phone, or live chat during these sessions. There is a cancellation policy, but it's not clear if you'll get your money back for any unused sessions. Ritual also doesn't make it clear if you can switch experts midstream or how many experts there are to choose from.

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More questions

We couldn't find the dates and times that counselors are available, or if you can meet outside the normal workday, such as early morning, late evening, or on weekends. We couldn't see bios or photos of the experts on Ritual's staff to get to know them a bit before we were assigned or meet them. We don't know what languages they speak or their area of expertise. We feel like we're on a need-to-know basis with Ritual, and they're telling us there's not much we need to know

Client satisfaction unclear

Are clients happy with Ritual? That's another question we don't have the answer to. We couldn't find any reviews on them - good or bad.

A lot of promise, but ultimately disappointing

Ritual possesses some very good elements to their marriage counseling program, like pre-designed Pathways, daily assignments, and both individual and joint live sessions. However, crucial information gaps prevent us from giving them a higher rating. More transparent information and longer video sessions could definitely improve their score. As it is, Ritual's value is diminished with so many unanswered questions. For those looking for an effective marriage counseling program would probably find better choices elsewhere.

Where Can You Find the Best Online Marriage Counseling?

You've heard of marriage counseling, but what does it entail and who can benefit from it? Is it for addressing minor issues to maintain a healthy relationship? Is it for determining if your partner is the right life companion? Is it for managing the stresses that accompany wedding planning? Is it a final attempt before considering a breakup?

Marriage counseling addresses a wide spectrum of topics related to couples, including effective communication, recurring areas of disagreement, financial clashes, challenges in intimacy, recovery from infidelity, power dynamics, and dating compatibility. It's not just for those on the brink of separation or divorce.

The Best Marriage Counseling Services Compare Marriage Counseling Services Compare Marriage Counseling Reviews What are the best Marriage Counseling Services Best Marriage Counseling Reviews

Marriage Counseling FAQ

Marriage counseling is a type of therapy designed to help couples resolve conflicts, improve communication, and strengthen their relationship. A trained therapist or counselor guides couples through discussions and exercises to address issues they may be facing in their marriage.
Marriage counseling can be beneficial at various stages of a relationship. Couples may consider it when facing communication difficulties, unresolved conflicts, infidelity, or when they feel disconnected from each other.
Marriage counseling typically involves sessions with a therapist, where couples discuss their concerns, feelings, and thoughts in a safe and structured environment. The therapist provides guidance, offers insights, and teaches communication and conflict resolution skills.
In a typical session, couples share their perspectives and emotions on specific issues. The counselor facilitates productive conversations, helps identify patterns of interaction, and offers tools to address challenges constructively.
The duration of marriage counseling varies based on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the couple to engage in the process. Some couples may see improvement within a few sessions, while others may benefit from longer-term counseling.
While marriage counseling is typically conducted with both partners present, individual counseling sessions may be recommended if one partner is not initially willing to participate. However, the goal is often to involve both partners for better outcomes.
No, marriage counseling is not solely for couples in crisis. It can be a proactive step to strengthen a healthy relationship, address minor issues before they escalate, or enhance communication skills.
Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of counseling. Information shared during sessions is typically kept confidential unless there is a risk of harm to individuals or others. Counselors will explain their confidentiality policies at the beginning of therapy.
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What prevents individuals from pursuing marriage counseling? Many contemplate it but never take the step. They're unsure about how to begin, what the process involves, and they worry about carving out time from their busy schedule for appointments.

Just as telehealth gains popularity in the medical realm, the same holds true for marriage counseling. Booking an appointment is as easy as a single click; you can browse the therapist's professional background, ratings, and even get insight into their personal interests and hobbies. You can interact with the therapist from the comfort of your home via video calls, phone conversations, or live chat. Plus, you eliminate commute time and traffic since there's no in-office meeting.

Our highly recommended online marriage counseling options are designed to help you find the most suitable choice for you and your spouse. Here are some factors to weigh in your decision-making process:

  • Pricing. What is the session cost? Is a monthly membership mandatory?
  • Therapist or Coach. Do you prefer a licensed therapist with a Master's degree or higher? Are you more inclined toward a coach than a therapist?
  • Individual Counseling Alternatives. If individual issues arise that you wish to address privately, would you like the option of individual therapy alongside marriage counseling?
  • Session Formats. Which suits you best: video conferencing, phone calls, or live chat?

To assist you in finding the ideal online marriage counseling platform, Top Consumer Reviews has meticulously evaluated and ranked the finest services presently available. We hope this information helps you reconnect with your partner, and helps make your journey in marriage as smooth as can be.

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