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The Best Maternity Clothes Stores

Where is the Best Place to Buy Maternity Clothes?

As pregnancy progresses, so will the need for bigger clothing sizes to accommodate your growing belly. It can be frustrating to not fit into your normal clothes like you did pre-pregnancy. But on the bright side, needing maternity clothes is a great excuse to buy almost an entirely new wardrobe!

Let's be honest, maternity clothing hasn't always been appealing and stylish. It used to be that pregnant women dressed to reflect the way they felt, which was often sluggish, tired, and unenergetic. There are plenty of women who would joke about wearing a "bag" all day long because it was all they felt like they could fit into. Plus, sometimes the need for comfort trumps the desire to coordinate a cute outfit for the day and the "bag" seems like the most appealing option.

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2022 Maternity Clothes Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Motherhood Maternity Review 5 Star Rating

Motherhood Maternity

5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $14.99 to $150
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Motherhood Maternity features many cute and modern clothing styles to choose from. Some of the featured designers of their clothing are Splendid, Beyond Yoga, Seraphine, AG Jeans, Paige, and more. Most of the pieces come in multiple prints and patterns, making your options even more expansive. When browsing through the maternity clothes, you'll find that they are not only fashionable and trendy, but that they would be flattering on a woman whether she was pregnant or not.

In addition to all types of maternity clothes Motherhood Maternity carries, they also have a whole department for plus size maternity, bras, nursing, pajamas, and baby gifts. Basically, you can find all you'd ever need on this site! There are even seasonal collections for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc. that make it extra fun to shop for holiday apparel. Motherhood Maternity also includes a style guide, trimester checklist, hospital bag, and maternity FAQ links for extra information that might be useful for expecting moms.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

For a maternity-exclusive store, the clothing found at Motherhood Maternity is surprisingly affordable. In addition to their reasonable base prices, they often run sales. At the time of this review, a 50% off sale was available site-wide, creating remarkably low prices. You could always shop straight from the sale section and find their best deals there too. Customers qualify for free shipping once they have spent at least $79. If they don't reach the free shipping mark, the cost for shipping is just $5, which is less than most other maternity retail stores we've found.

Similar to their competitors, Motherhood Maternity offers a 30-day return policy on purchases. Customers are credited back via their original payment method. Full refunds are given minus the cost of shipping both ways. Something to be aware of is that Motherhood Maternity does not do exchanges out-of-store, so if you're hoping to send back your items and get something different, you'll have to make an entirely new purchase. If you run into any questions about returns or purchases, you can contact Motherhood Maternity through an online contact form found on their website.

Motherhood Maternity has earned our highest rating for maternity clothing stores. It is apparent right when you land on their website that you'll find some of the cutest, most fashionable statement pieces here. We feel that Motherhood Maternity provides clothing options to help pregnant moms maintain their style and feel excited about their wardrobe. Their affordable pricing and great selection give us good reason to recommend them as our go-to for maternity-wear.

Kohl's Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $6 to $130

Kohl's is a great place to look for inexpensive maternity clothing. As a huge retail chain with over 1,100 brick-and-mortar stores, Kohl's is able to provide quality clothing to their customers at affordable prices. They are often running promotions like buy one, get one half off, or providing discount codes for 20% or more off of your total purchase. It's not uncommon to find a lot of their individual clothing items on sale as well, so you're always bound to get a good deal when shopping at Kohl's.

Kohl's offers a long list of maternity clothing styles as well as nursing essentials and baby gear. Each product typically comes in a few different materials and styles, so if you find something you love, you can get more than one! To help you purchase a clothing item you will be happy with, customers can leave and read unfiltered reviews for each product. They can also upload photos and answer questions that other potential customers have.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

Kohl's has one of the most generous return policies of any maternity clothing store we have found. Customers have up to 180 days to return their purchases for a full refund or exchange either in-store or through the mail. As far as shipping, you'll need to spend at least $75 to qualify for free shipping. The other no-cost option is in-store pickup. With so many Kohl's stores around the United States, this could be a possibility for a lot of customers.

The Kohl's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It's not hard to identify good deals on maternity wear and quickly narrow down all of your options with their filtering tools. Since they offer such a flexible return policy and affordable pricing, we feel that Kohl's is a solid option for buying maternity clothes online.

Gap Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $10 to $200

Gap is a tried and true brand that has been around since 1969. They carry just about every category of clothing you can think of. You can easily find one of their 3,200+ brick-and-mortar stores close by throughout the US or shop their online store. Although they aren't a maternity-exclusive store, they have all the clothing essentials that a woman could use during pregnancy.

Most of the maternity clothing comes in solid or simple stripe patterns. This way you can have all the staple items you need for your wardrobe and mix and match. When you keep it simple this way, you usually end up needing to buy fewer new items of clothing altogether. There are 10 categories of maternity clothing including jeans, pants, nursing, dresses and skirts, leggings, shorts, shirts and tops, t-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, and outerwear. That pretty much covers all the bases, right?

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

Gap's pricing is pretty reasonable if you're able to take advantage of a sale. They usually have discounts if you sign up for their mailing list and anyone who shops with their GapCard gets an additional 20% off their entire purchase and free shipping no matter how much they order. Without the GapCard, customers are eligible for free shipping once they have spent at least $50. Gap also has a sale page where all the items are 50% off - they carry some of everything here, so you'll likely find something you like!

Gap has a generous return policy. Most retailers give you 30 days to return or exchange your items, but with this store you have 45 days. They will provide you with a prepaid shipping label to return your purchase. You also have the option of returning your online orders in-store. Since there are so many brick-and-mortar Gap stores, it might not be hard to find one nearby and do a quick exchange or return this way.

We feel confident recommending Gap as a reliable place to shop for maternity clothing (and even baby clothing if you want to throw a few cute outfits in with your order). Their mix-and-match styles will be a nice addition to any wardrobe during a pregnancy and their return policy is accommodating enough that it won't be hard to return or exchange if you end up needing to. Keep an eye on Gap's online store for your pregnancy essentials!

Old Navy Review 4 Star Rating

Old Navy

4 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $10 to $90

Old Navy is one of the most popular, well-known clothing retailers throughout the U.S. Their women's clothing selection is not limited to maternity as they also sell clothing for plus-sized women, men, girls, boys, toddlers, and babies. With over 1,100 brick-and-mortar stores, customers can take advantage of their free in-store pickup and returns when ordering online.

Shoppers can browse Old Navy's website by clothing category as well as by trimester, which we found interesting. Shopping by trimester takes you through options for the whole 9 months as well as nursing essentials post-pregnancy. Old Navy also has a link with a maternity starter kit, hospital-to-home outfits, and newborn and new mom outfits. They even sell holiday pajama kits for pregnant moms and their families to match with each other.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

Old Navy is loved by shoppers because of their inexpensive clothing and year-round sales. They are often running promotions that give customers discounts like 30% off of their whole order or an extra 10% off the clearance section. Sometimes these low prices are reflected in the longevity of the clothing (or lack thereof), but for basic maternity wear that you only need for 9 months or less, their apparel should do the job. Customers qualify for free shipping once they have spent $50 or more.

Old Navy carries staple maternity clothing items as well as unique, fun designs and styles. There are many different options for each type of clothing like jeans, leggings, tops, dresses, activewear, etc. But if you find that Old Navy's inventory isn't enough, you can order from partner retailers Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and Hill City all in one purchase. This opens up your options to clothing from five different stores and you may save money by bundling these purchases and cutting down on overall shipping costs.

Although Old Navy may not carry the highest quality of clothing or any designer brands, we feel they are a good choice when trying to stick to a wardrobe budget. If you find that you don't like the fit or style of your purchase, you have 45 days to return your items in-store or through the mail. Old Navy is easy to work with and likely has other options that would suit your taste if you aren't satisfied the first time. They are a solid go-to option when looking to grow your maternity wardrobe.

Figure 8 Review 3.5 Star Rating

Figure 8

3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $25 to $150+

Figure 8 is a designer store that offers maternity, nursing, post-pregnancy and baby clothing and gear. Maternity categories include dresses, tops, bottoms, sleepwear and intimates, solutions and accessories, and lifestyle. All of the clothing is designed by the two company founders, Ying and Stephanie, who have children of their own and wanted to create clothing for moms that need something comfortable to wear for every occasion.

We found the Solutions and Accessories department of Figure 8 to be unique and useful to pregnant women. They carry products like belly bands, compression socks, and stretch mark prevention wraps and creams. These types of products are needed by a lot of women, but aren't carried in all stores or very easy to find. You can also buy jewelry or belts in this department to accessorize any of your outfits!

The most expensive section of maternity clothing sold by Figure 8 is certified organic. This might interest some people because there are no synthetic pesticides, NPEs, azo dyes, formaldehyde, phthalates, or heavy metals used in creating the textiles like there are in some of the other clothing. These pieces of clothing are much more expensive than the other items sold through Figure 8, but if you are concerned with what chemicals are getting through your skin from your clothes and possibly rubbing off on your baby, then maybe the organic maternity clothing route will interest you.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

At the time of this review, a 20% off sale was going on site-wide. Having periodic sales on the site and also selling clearance and other discount items helps negate that Figure 8 is a bit more expensive than some alternative maternity stores. We appreciated that standard shipping is free with no minimum purchase requirement as well. Standard shipping takes about 2-3 days for delivery or you can upgrade to expedited shipping and pay based on the weight and shipping distance of your clothing purchase.

You can return or exchange items that you've purchased from Figure 8 if you decide not to keep them. For a full refund, you need to return your items within 30 days. For in-store credit, you have 60 days to return your items. Shipping charges are not refundable, so you'll need to purchase a flat-rate shipping label from Figure 8 for $3.95 before sending your items back.

Overall, we felt Figure 8 offers a lot of good choices for maternity clothing options for women. Some articles of clothing seemed to be a bit overpriced, while others seemed more reasonable. Their pricing scale varies widely, so you are likely to find something within your budget, especially if a sale is going on. If you are willing to browse through and find something you can reasonably afford, Figure 8 is a good place to look.

A Pea In The Pod Review 2.5 Star Rating

A Pea In The Pod

2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $20 - $499

A Pea in the Pod has hundreds of cute options for pregnant mamas looking for classy maternity clothing. When you initially land on their website, you are asked if you are expecting, a new mom, shopping for a gift, or just browsing. This is how they initially help you start narrowing down what you are looking for on the site and offer you 10% off if you provide your email address. After that you can begin browsing the seemingly endless types of clothing online including dresses, jeans, bras, socks, swimwear, pajamas, rompers, and even diaper bags.

Aside from shopping by clothing type, customers can shop by occasions like a baby shower, babymoon, wear to work, photoshoot dresses, and even a hospital packing list. For first time moms who aren't sure what they need, A Pea in the Pod offers guides to nursing clothes, nursing bras, denim, and outfits to wear to work. You can also shop by sale items only and save as much as 65%.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

A Pea in the Pod carries many designer brands like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Frame, Rails, Velvet, and many more. The high prices of their clothing reflect the designer feel of the overall company. It tells you something that you don't even qualify for free shipping until you have spent at least $125. Cute yet simple items like a plain sweater or pair of jeans can cost $100 or more at A Pea in the Pod. This can be frustrating for women looking for maternity clothing that isn't much different than regular clothing they were buying before, but is marked up because it is labeled as "maternity."

The return policy for clothing purchased online is that customers can return their items for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Returning is free if items are taken to one of the 40 A Pea in the Pod brick-and-mortar stores in the United States. The other option is to mail items back, but you'll be out the cost of shipping both ways. If you don't qualify for the $125 free shipping mark, you'll be paying $9.95 for economy, $15 for standard, $20 for premium, or $25 for express shipping in the United States.

Ultimately, if you aren't worried about the high-end cost of the clothing found at A Pea in the Pod, you have lots of options for beautiful clothing here: if you're into designer looks, then this is the place for you. Not everyone might be wanting to spend so much for their basic clothing though, so this is not an online store that caters to everyone. For anyone looking to spend money on clothes with price tags more similar to non-maternity wear, we suggest shopping online at one of our higher-rated maternity clothing stores.

Seraphine Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $30 to $425

Seraphine has over 700 maternity products for sale including dresses, swimwear, coats, tights, stretch cream, belts, and everything else in-between. They also offer specialty items like maternity wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, and more. The styles of clothing are chic, modern, and trendy. The looks are wide-ranging, so it would not be hard to find a maternity outfit from Seraphine that caters to your taste.

The main setback with Seraphine that may discourage some customers is their high prices. A basic maternity sweater may cost $79 paired with an $89 pair of pants - costs quickly add up higher than some people may want to spend. It is not surprising that the big price tags and classy styles have attracted celebrities to the clothing sold at Seraphine. You can see the specific pieces on the website that have been worn by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani, and many more.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

If you subscribe to the Seraphine newsletter, you will receive 10% off of your first purchase, which could end up being quite a bit of money. Regardless of your total spending, Seraphine does not offer free shipping. The cost to ship within the U.S. is $6.95 with each purchase. Luckily returns are free, although it takes 15-20 days to process them once they arrive back to the Seraphine warehouse.

There are only two brick-and-mortar Seraphine stores in the U.S., both located in New York. Outside the U.S., they have locations in Paris, Dubais, Hong Kong, and London. Needless to say, all shopping through this store, including returns, will need to be done strictly online. To reach customer service, an email address is provided on the website as well as a phone number.

Overall, Seraphine has a beautiful collection of maternity clothing. If you're looking for high-quality, trendy clothing and aren't overly concerned about prices, this is a great place to go. We feel that overall, customers may tend to want the cute maternity clothing without spending so much money. Therefore, we recommend one of our higher-rated maternity clothing stores.

Isabella Oliver Review 1.5 Star Rating

Isabella Oliver

1.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $45 to $525

Isabella Oliver is a high-end maternity clothing store concerned about sustainability and the environment. The style of their clothing makes for great staple wardrobe pieces since many of the patterns are very simple. The main difference between purchasing the plain styles of maternity wear from Isabella Oliver versus another store is that they try to use all eco-friendly fabrics to biodegrade faster and prevent harmful chemicals from being released into the environment.

Because Isabella Oliver aims to produce sustainable maternity clothing, their prices are higher than some of their competitors. Prices range from $45 to $525 for any given article of clothing purchased on their site. Considering the simple look of most maternity pieces sold through Isabella Oliver, the high prices might not be affordable for all customers. In addition to the individual price of each product sold, customers don't qualify for free shipping until they've spent over $149. If they don't qualify for free shipping, the cost is $14.95 and order tracking is not available.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores

When browsing the maternity selection, you can click on individual items for a more thorough product description. Here you are able to read reviews on that particular item of clothing from other customers who leave helpful information about sizing and quality. Customers have the option of opting into planting a free tree with each purchase they make. Isabella Oliver has partnered with a non-profit organization called OneTreePlanted that is working towards reforesting areas across the world.

Although there are all the clothing categories you'd expect to find at an online store (dresses, tops, jeans, knitwear, coats, accessories, activewear, etc.), some of these categories have very few items for sale. For example, if you're looking for jackets or coats, you have a total of two choices. Under the accessories category, you'll find only one necklace for sale and nothing else. Other categories also come with a slim amount of options, so if you're looking for something really specific, it would be harder to find at Isabella Oliver than one of our higher rated sites.

If you choose to shop at Isabella Oliver and are unsatisfied with your purchase, you have 21 days to return or exchange your items. Customer service can be contacted via email, phone, or online contact form. They are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm BST. However, due to the high prices and low selection of apparel, we would recommend first shopping at one of our higher-rated maternity clothing stores.

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Good news! Maternity clothing design has come a long way and there are plenty of options for outfits that are both comfortable AND fashionable. Say goodbye to your frumpy sweatpants and t-shirts and hello to stylish jeans, dresses, and tops that will make pregnancy itself look like the latest fashion trend. You deserve to look and feel good throughout your pregnancy whether you are lounging at home, out on the town, or grinding it out at work!

When searching for the best maternity clothing online, consider the following things to ensure you find the right store to provide looks that fit your style and desire for comfort:

  • Cost. We'll let you in on a little secret: maternity-exclusive stores are likely going to be more pricey than purchasing from a store that sells both maternity and non-maternity clothing. The maternity-specific branding lends itself to overall higher prices. You're not getting clothing too much different than what you were wearing before, so should you really have to pay twice as much?
  • Selection. You're pregnant for 9 months, so chances are you'll need maternity clothing for nearly every occasion including work, swimming, attending a wedding, working out, and just casual day-to-day living. Make sure the store you're buying from supplies all your clothing needs in the sizing that fits you best!
  • Return policy. You're trying to figure out your sizing all over again as your body changes, so it's understandable if you get it wrong a few times when ordering online. Make sure the maternity clothing company has a generous return policy that you can take advantage of until you get your order in the perfect fit.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best maternity clothing stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find outfits that make you feel like a million bucks all pregnancy long!

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Maternity Clothes Store FAQ

Maternity clothes are meant for pregnant women whose bodies are changing as their baby grows. Most people don't comfortably fit in their jeans, skirts, dresses, or even some shirts as their pregnancy progresses, and they need some stretchy clothing for a few months. Maternity clothes often have comfortable elastic bands that fit around a growing belly so there isn't any pressure from them being too tight. They look just like regular clothing you wear day-to-day, but the sizing is adjusted to fit comfortably throughout pregnancy.
Most people wondering if they really need to buy maternity clothes just found out they're pregnant, still fit in their normal clothes, or haven't hit the hot, uncomfortable stages of pregnancy where all you want to wear are sweats! Either that or they haven't seen how many cute styles there are. Of course, you don't have to buy maternity clothes, but it will make your pregnancy a whole lot more comfortable! Plus, who doesn't love a good excuse for new clothes?
Some people feel like they need a new wardrobe as early as 2 or 3 months into their pregnancy. This is when pants start feeling tighter, shirts might not fully cover your baby bump, and you just want to feel comfortable. As soon as you start having a sensation of feeling like your clothing is too tight around your body, you should move over to wearing maternity clothes for the rest of your pregnancy.
Maternity sizes work the same as regular clothing sizes, but they are automatically adjusted to fit around your growing belly. If you're normally a size medium in the clothing you buy, you'll still be a size medium even in maternity clothes. The same goes for numeric sizes. If you were a size 6 pre-pregnancy, you'll most likely be a size 6 in maternity as well.
The most popular maternity clothing you'll find are pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, and shirts. There are usually stretchy bands along the top of any skirts or bottoms that hug your belly comfortably. You can find just as stylish maternity clothes as the regular clothes you're already wearing. You'll be the cutest pregnant mama in your maternity clothes!
Maternity clothes have come a long way! There are so many trendy styles now that you could get away with wearing them even when you aren't pregnant. Of course, you'll also probably stick to wearing maternity clothes for a few months after you give birth until you feel like you fit into your normal clothes again. Maternity clothes are extremely comfortable and breathable, so sometimes it's hard to give them up!
Since maternity clothes are made a little differently than regular clothes, you might pay a slightly higher price for certain things than you would normally. However, this isn't always the case and you can expect to budget a similar amount for maternity clothes as you would for non-maternity clothes. You can also score some great deals in the sale categories online if you take the time to look.
Yes! Think of shopping for maternity clothes the same as you would for regular clothes. All clothing stores offer some kind of return policy that allows you to send back new and unused items for a full refund or exchange. If you try on your maternity clothes and find you need a different size, don't worry! Send them back, get a refund or store credit, and get the size you need. Shopping online for maternity clothes is both easy and fun!
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