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Blueprint Review

Friday, February 23rd

2024 MCAT Test Prep Course Reviews

Blueprint Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • 6 months online prep for $1,999
  • 6 months live-online access for $2,599
  • Tutoring starting at $3,559
  • 160 interactive learning modules
  • AI-powered 4,000+question QBank
  • Office hours 6 days a week
  • Score guarantees offered

With a module-based, customizable MCAT learning program, Blueprint tends to be slightly more expensive than their competitors offering self-lead and live-online MCAT courses. So, if Blueprint is generally more expensive, what is it about their service that justifies the cost?

A high-quality base plan

Blueprint's MCAT test prep plans come with a wide-ranging inventory of materials. In fact, here's what comes included with all of their MCAT test-prep plans:

  • A personalized study planner that integrates with calendar apps
  • Test analytics to target your weak areas
  • AI powered Qbank with 4,000+questions
  • 160 interactive learning modules
  • Custom practice sets
  • 1,600+ customizable flashcards
  • 10 full-length practice exams
  • Mobile integration
  • Office hours 6 days a week
  • Access to your recorded office hour sessions
  • and physical books with extra content/guidance

What sets them apart

The main thing that sets Blueprint apart is their usage of interactive modules. Where competitors rely primarily on recordings, Blueprint's modules promise a more interactive and engaging experience, which could be excellent for students who prefer a more engaging test prep option. Additionally, while competitors offer customizable Qbanks, Blueprint's AI-powered Qbank surfaces only the most needed practice questions based on your previous performance. In short, Blueprint's generally-higher base price appears to be justified by a more customized, interactive MCAT test-prep.

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Self-paced and live-online pricing

Individual pricing options will depend on your choice of study option and the length of your subscription; we've outlined them here based on a common 6-month course of study.

  • Blueprint's online course costs $1,999, and includes the previously-listed basic resources.
  • Blueprint's live-online option runs $2,599 and includes 40 hours of MCAT instruction, led by two 517+ scoring instructors over the course of 16 2.5-hour sessions, in addition to 12 hours per week of extra help sessions.
  • Blueprint's one-on-one tutoring options start at $3,599, and that includes a customized study plan and curriculum, with 90% of their tutors having scored over 520. As an aside, Blueprint offers their Qbank separately: 6-month access to Blueprint's QBank will cost $249.

Refund and score guarantees offered

Blueprint does offer refund options and score guarantees; however, they require the setting of a baseline score through a previous test or through taking a Blueprint-proctored test. Additionally, course completion requirements determine your refund eligibility, and refund policies vary for each course, but all include baseline content completion requirements. So, before you purchase, do be sure to read the fine print on your specific course.

Good reviews, very difficult tests

Customer reviews of Blueprint are generally positive, however be warned: MCAT-dedicated study forums state that Blueprint's practice tests are insanely difficult (some admitting that Blueprint's tests have made them break down into tears). While this isn't necessarily bad, customers reported that it at times affected their self-esteem. So, if you choose Blueprint, just keep in mind that their practice tests are known to be more difficult, and don't be discouraged based on that alone.

Well designed and well worth the price

Blueprint's easily-understandable pricing options, interactive and well-designed modules, robust range of practice tests, high-quality tutors and instructors, AI-powered question banks, and customized tutoring curricula and study plans all justify their price, and have earned Blueprint the second place spot on our list! Even though their practice tests are well-known to be frustrating, Blueprint's high-quality offerings set them definitively apart from their competitors. So if a well-built and supportive MCAT test-prep is what you need, and you are willing to spend the money, Blueprint is definitely the way to go.

What's the Best Online MCAT Prep on the Market?

While the answer to that question is going to depend on your specific needs (tutoring vs. online classes, directed study vs. self-paced prep), the MCAT itself is unavoidable if you dream of being a doctor. Standing for the Medical College Admissions Test, the MCAT is a valuable metric that can set you apart from your peers in the gauntlet of admissions to prestigious and well-regarded medical institutions.

Scoring well on the MCAT is critically important in the medical school admissions process. Admissions committees use MCAT scores as a standardized metric to assess the academic preparedness of applicants. A strong MCAT score can significantly enhance an applicant's chances of gaining admission to their desired medical school, opening doors to a fulfilling career in medicine.

The Best MCAT Test Prep Courses Compare MCAT Test Prep Courses Compare MCAT Test Prep Course Reviews What are the best MCAT Test Prep Courses Best MCAT Test Prep Course Reviews

MCAT Test Prep Course FAQ

MCAT is short for "Medical College Admission Test". If you're looking to become a doctor, you'll need a competitive score on this test to get into the med school of your choice. The test is 7 hours and 30 minutes long, and it evaluates your skills in the areas of problem-solving, critical thinking, scientific concepts and more.
That depends on where you take the exam. In the United States, expect to pay $320. Prices can go up from year to year too.
Not only is the test expensive, but you're limited to how many times you can take it: three times in a single testing year, four times in two consecutive years, and seven attempts total over your lifetime. Plus, you might have to delay your entry into med school if you don't get a good score in time for admissions. A test prep program can help you get the best score possible the first time you take it, or improve your score right away if you didn't do well on your first attempt.
Some MCAT test prep providers will refund your money if your score doesn't improve by a certain number of points or if you don't get at or above a particular minimum score. To be eligible for those guarantees, you'll usually have to provide proof that you completed their entire prep program, as well as your before-and-after scores.
That depends on the type of MCAT test prep you select. Obviously if you choose anything with a live feature (e.g. tutoring, face-to-face classes, and so on), you'll be constrained to those scheduled times. But, the majority of MCAT test prep materials are designed to be used at your convenience, since you'll likely be fitting in your studies around school and work.
Whichever you prefer. If you live in a metropolitan area, you're more likely to find options for in-person classes and face-to-face tutoring, but even if you can only attend virtual lessons there are programs that offer them. Alternately, if you don't have the time for (or interest in) live test prep, you'll have many choices among 100% online platforms that let you study when and where you wish.
It's a wide spectrum: from $10 for a single practice test to $6499 for a summer intensive or bootcamp experience. Fortunately, there are several MCAT test prep options that give you ample practice questions, instructional videos, and full practice exams for under $500.
Start by thinking about your ideal learning environment: is it face-to-face with a skilled instructor, or is it on a tablet or mobile device while you commute to and from work or school? Decide which of those delivery methods is the best fit for you, and choose a program with that structure that fits your budget. Finally, it's always a good idea to see what other students have said about the MCAT test prep you're considering, to ensure that it's truly helping people prepare for - and score well on - the exam.
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The MCAT is designed to assess a wide range of skills and knowledge crucial for success in medical education and practice. Beyond evaluating factual knowledge, the test looks at critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. These qualities are indispensable for medical professionals who must navigate complex medical cases, make timely decisions, and adapt to rapidly evolving medical advancements.

The MCAT also mirrors the evolving demands of the medical field. Medicine is becoming increasingly integrated and patient-centered, requiring professionals to understand not only the scientific aspects of health but also the socio-cultural and ethical dimensions. The MCAT's inclusion of sections that assess psychological, social, and ethical concepts acknowledges the need for physicians who are empathetic, culturally competent, and capable of delivering holistic care.

While far from perfect, the MCAT provides a benchmark for comparing applicants from diverse educational backgrounds, ensuring that medical schools admit students who possess the foundational knowledge required for their rigorous curricula. By incorporating an emphasis on natural sciences, critical analysis, and reasoning, the MCAT tries to ensure that candidates are well-rounded and equipped to tackle the interdisciplinary nature of modern healthcare. This uniform evaluation method helps institutions make informed and fair decisions when considering a large pool of candidates.

Before you start browsing our curated list of MCAT preparatory services, we have a few tips that might serve you well as you do your due diligence:

  • Time: First, do you have enough for a class, and second, how well can you manage your schedule? Be honest with yourself about your ability and availability, and choose a self-paced or live-online class accordingly.
  • Money: MCAT test prep is just plain expensive, even more so if you choose to take a class. As such, be strategic about which prep you choose based on your needs: a well-made self-paced prep package could net you higher scores than a mid-tier, ineffective classroom.
  • Score Guarantees: Many services come with various refunds and "score guarantees" , but contain caveats around them. Whether you have to establish a baseline score, or complete all provided coursework, be sure to check the parameters of their guarantee before you buy the service.

Here at Top Consumer Reviews we have done our due diligence to make your MCAT test preparations less strenuous (and, hopefully, less expensive). With a bit of elbow grease and determination, you will be able to improve your score. So take a deep breath, and start preparing with our curated list of the top MCAT test prep available today.

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