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Global Rescue Review

Monday, June 17th

2024 Medical Evacuation Reviews

Global Rescue Review 4 Star Rating

Global Rescue

4 Star Rating
  • Choose between Travel (medical evacuation only) and Totalcare (also includes telehealth consults, urgent/specialty consults, prescriptions/labs/imaging)
  • Flexible membership options for short- and long-term travel
  • Offers field rescue and evacuation
  • Transportation to home hospital of choice
  • Has a partnership with Johns Hopkins
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business since 2004

Global Rescue, a pioneering force in the travel services industry since 2004, provides an array of integrated medical, security, and crisis management services. Backed by teams of critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses, and military special operations veterans, Global Rescue prides itself on being the chosen provider for government agencies, major corporations, universities, nonprofits, and tour operators worldwide.

Services include field rescue and consults with special ops providers

Fortunately, their medical evacuation services are also offered to individuals and families. Impressively, Global Rescue's offerings at the individual/family level extend far beyond traditional medical transport from one hospital to another. Their field rescue teams specialize in remote or hazardous environments, providing prompt evacuation in serious medical emergencies.

Security evacuation

For security concerns, their military special operations veterans provide advisory, consultation, and evacuation services in the face of natural disasters, civil unrest, and other threats. Additionally, their medical evacuation services transport members back to their home hospital of choice from anywhere in the world, including for COVID-19 cases. That hospital can include Johns Hopkins, Global Rescue's premier partner in their medevac services.

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Extra benefits with Totalcare tier of coverage

In addition to emergency response, Global Rescue offers essential travel assistance services included in some memberships ("Totalcare" ). Visa and passport services, translation services in 190 languages, legal assistance in 160 countries, and logistics management are just a few of the benefits on offer. Moreover, Global Rescue offers hospital referrals to international Centers of Excellence and facilitates mortal remains transport, alleviating logistical burdens during challenging times.

Affordably-priced for medevac-only plans

So, what does it cost? We thought it was interesting that in the price estimate process, we never even had to specify a destination. Using our example traveler profile (a woman in her 30s doing a 1-month safari in Kenya), we were given a premium price of just $264 for the evacuation-only service without any of the add-ons (like high-altitude evacuation or the security package for military extractions). To extend it to our traveler's entire family (which covers the primary member, spouse, and up to six dependent children under the age of 26), the premium only went up to $439. Making it an annual family plan (with the longest trip being 45 days) was $655. But, if you want to add some of those travel assistance services, expect to pay over $1,000: you'll need to get a personalized quote to see what your specific premium would be.

Some exclusions apply

There are a few restrictions you should be aware of. First, you're limited to two transports per year, per member. You'll need to be at least 100 miles from home to qualify for medical transport. If you get sick while on a cruise, you'll have to disembark at an accessible port or medical facility (they won't land on that cool helipad on the ship to whisk you away). Also, you won't be eligible for transport if you have certain infectious diseases, you're in your third trimester of pregnancy, your condition is related to taking in a banned substance, and a few others. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you sign up for your Global Rescue plan.

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Mostly positive feedback

Global Rescue has earned an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints filed in the last three years. However, feedback from policyholders suggests mixed experiences. Some clients commend Global Rescue's professionalism and effectiveness in dire situations, describing how the company literally came to the rescue during natural disasters and medical emergencies. Others, unfortunately, express dissatisfaction with claims processing and customer service, detailing instances where coverage fell short of expectations or issues with app functionality.

Medical evacuation coverage you can trust

Despite these mixed reviews, Global Rescue remains a solid choice for travelers seeking good medical evacuation coverage and comprehensive travel assistance services. Its extensive network, experienced teams, and diverse offerings position it as a valuable resource to keep you safe while traveling. While individual experiences may vary, Global Rescue is a trustworthy medevac option that will be there when it matters most.

Which Medical Evacuation Service is the Best?

Medical evacuation services have gained significant popularity due to the critical role they play in ensuring timely and efficient transport of patients needing urgent medical care. This rise in popularity is due to a number of factors that emphasize the importance of accessibility, advanced medical care, and global reach in emergency situations.

Imagine you're trekking through a dense jungle in Southeast Asia when you slip and severely twist your ankle. Stranded in a remote location with no immediate medical aid, you activate your emergency beacon. Within hours, a specialized medical evacuation team arrives by helicopter, transporting you to the nearest advanced medical facility for treatment.

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Medical Evacuation FAQ

Medical evacuation coverage provides assistance in transporting you from a location where you're injured or ill to a medical facility capable of providing appropriate care. It's essential because it ensures you receive prompt medical attention, especially in remote areas where local facilities may be inadequate for your needs. It also helps protect you financially: out-of-pocket costs for medevac services can range from $15,000 to over $150,000.
Air ambulance services domestically typically involve transporting patients between hospitals within the same country, often for specialized care or to reach a higher-level facility. On the other hand, medevac services during travel refer to the evacuation of individuals from a foreign country back to their home country or to a suitable medical facility.
Yes, medical evacuation coverage typically covers at least one travel companion for the member being transported. If you've purchased a family plan, your coverage will usually include transportation for everyone on the policy. However, they may not actually be booked to travel with you if there isn't room, and the benefit may come from a different part of your policy (the trip interruption benefit instead of the evacuation portion).
While medical evacuation coverage is designed to provide assistance in emergencies, there may be limitations depending on your policy. For example, coverage may be subject to certain conditions, such as being a certain distance from home or requiring hospitalization. Additionally, there may be restrictions on pre-existing medical conditions or certain high-risk activities.
In most cases, medical evacuation coverage does not require pre-approval for emergency services. However, it's essential to contact your coverage provider as soon as possible in the event of a medical emergency to initiate the evacuation process and ensure timely assistance. Most policies stipulate that the provider has to be the one to arrange the medevac in order for it to be covered by the policy, so be sure to read the terms carefully and understand what steps you'll need to take to qualify.
Assessing your travel plans, destinations, and potential risks can help you determine if medical evacuation coverage is necessary. If you're traveling to remote or high-risk areas, participating in adventure activities, or have pre-existing medical conditions, medical evacuation coverage can provide invaluable peace of mind and assurance during your travels.
Medical evacuation is indeed included in some travel insurance policies, but there are several reasons why you might consider a separate medical evacuation policy. Firstly, the extent and quality of medical evacuation coverage can vary significantly between travel insurance policies. A separate medical evacuation policy often offers more comprehensive coverage specifically tailored to emergency transportation needs, including air ambulance services and repatriation to your home country. Additionally, travel insurance policies may have coverage limits, exclusions, or restrictions that could impact the level of assistance you receive during a medical emergency. Having a dedicated medical evacuation policy ensures you have access to specialized assistance and resources in critical situations.
Not typically. Health insurance primarily focuses on covering medical expenses related to diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalization for illnesses or injuries. However, medical evacuation involves specialized transportation services to transfer individuals from one location to another for medical care, and that's not usually covered by health insurance.
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Of course, most of us don't live such exciting lives. But, medical evacuation might still be a necessity: you might be on a business trip in a different town when you experience sudden chest pain, or perhaps you're on a cruise in the Caribbean and you break your arm getting on the tender to the port. If the local hospital lacks the necessary facilities and expertise to address your condition adequately, having medical evacuation coverage can get you transportation to a renowned cardiac center in a nearby city or back home to the States for surgery on your arm in a facility you trust (and in a language you speak).

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of medical evacuation services is the critical need for rapid response in medical emergencies. When people suffer severe injuries or illnesses in remote or inaccessible locations, the ability to quickly transport them to advanced medical facilities can be life-saving. Medical evacuation services provide a vital lifeline, ensuring that patients receive immediate attention and are moved to appropriate care centers with minimal delay.

Additionally, the level of care provided during medical evacuations is a key factor in their appeal. These evacuation services are often equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly trained medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics who specialize in critical care transport. This can ensure that patients receive continuous and specialized medical attention throughout the journey, bridging the gap between the site of the emergency and the healthcare facility.

Medical evacuation providers offer crucial services for individuals who encounter medical emergencies while traveling, typically transporting a patient from one location to another, often from a remote or under-equipped medical facility to a more advanced one, or even back home.. These services can be purchased as standalone memberships or policies, or they can be bundled with travel insurance policies offered by insurers.

How can you determine which type of medical evacuation coverage is right for you, and from which provider? There's a lot to keep in mind, but here are a few ways you can compare your options and make your choice:

  • Coverage area. Consider where you frequently travel. Providers may offer global coverage or have limitations based on regions or countries. Ensure your chosen provider covers the areas you visit most. Also look into whether the provider is networked with other evacuation services for greater coverage.
  • Medical services provided. Evaluate the range of medical services offered. This includes emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains in case of death, medical referrals, and assistance in locating appropriate medical facilities.
  • Transportation options. Look into the transportation options available. Providers may offer air ambulances, ground ambulances, or even commercial flights with medical personnel onboard. The speed and level of medical care during transportation can vary.
  • Coverage limits and exclusions. Understand the coverage limits and exclusions of the policy. Some providers may impose restrictions on pre-existing conditions or adventurous activities like extreme sports.
  • Cost and value. Compare the cost of coverage against the value of services provided. While affordability is important, prioritize comprehensive coverage over low premiums, especially considering the potentially high costs of medical evacuation. One way that some companies add value is through additional benefits like coverage for trip cancellation/interruption, transportation for travel companions, or even returning your vehicle to your home.
  • Reputation. Be sure to consider what other clients say about the medical evacuation provider. Is there ample evidence that they'll come through for you in your time of need? Can you rest assured that you'll be able to reach someone 24/7 and get a quick response time?

Medical emergencies can be unpredictable, but having reliable evacuation coverage can give you a lot of peace of mind while traveling. To help you choose the right plan and provider, the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have meticulously researched and ranked some of today's most popular medevac options. Use this information to get the protection you need for your next adventure!

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