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SelectQuote Review

Sunday, October 2nd

2022 Medicare Advantage Plan Reviews

SelectQuote Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • 25 "A-" rated carriers and above
  • Company is "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • Quotes only available over the phone
  • May take several steps to reach an agent
  • Representatives go the extra mile to find the policy that's right for each client
  • Agents keep in touch after the policy is in effect and help determine when a change to a different plan might be a good idea

SelectQuote prides itself on being an insurance referral partner you can trust. All of the Medicare Advantage Plans they offer come from insurers that have at least an "A-" rating, giving you only the best possible coverage. SelectQuote has been in operation for nearly 40 years, and the company enjoys an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Return Call Flagged As Spam

When we first entered our information for a sample client in Wisconsin, we were told that the service was closed for the day, but someone would call us on the next business day. However, our phone rang almost immediately - it came up as a suspected spam call, by the way - and it was a representative from SelectQuote. She gathered some basic information and passed us along to a representative licensed in our state.

Licensed Or Not?

However, when that rep went to look up quotes, he said it was showing he's not actually licensed in Wisconsin and had to transfer us to someone who was. (Does that make sense to you? We didn't think so either.) After waiting on hold for a few minutes, this rep said he'd have a WI-licensed representative get back to us, so that we didn't have to stay on the line. We didn't get a call back that day, though to be fair we made our call within 10 minutes of their posted end-of-business hours in the Central time zone.

Best Medicare Advantage Plans

Reaching An Agent Took 15 Minutes

We didn't get a call back the next day either. Reaching out through the toll-free number, the initial experience was roughly the same: get a generic SelectQuote representative who then transferred us to someone who identified herself as a Tiburon agent. Tiburon? She explained, where none of the other three people with whom we spoke did, that SelectQuote is now known as Tiburon: same company, same relationship with SelectQuote, new division name. Good to know! We told her about the experience we had previously; as it turned out, she wasn't licensed in Wisconsin either, but she stayed on the phone with us until we were connected to an agent who was. At that point, we had been on the phone for nearly 15 minutes.

Agent Went Above And Beyond

But, we're very glad we went the extra mile to get in contact with a SelectQuote/Tiburon agent, because he gave us the most information of any company we contacted. He quoted us the Humana PPO policy referenced by many referral services we used, but he dug further and found that there were two UnitedHealthcare plans that would also be a good option for our fictitious client in Wisconsin. He made sure to verify that "her" preferred doctor would be in-network, and he took the initiative of looking up what Xarelto (the one prescription we identified for comparison) was for. As it turns out, someone on that medication may qualify for a special type of Medicare Advantage Plan that is only for subscribers with chronic health conditions. No other agent mentioned those to us, even when we told them we were taking a medication for atrial fibrillation.

Great Customer Service After Subscribing Too

We also learned that, when you get your coverage through SelectQuote/Tiburon, you'll get follow-ups from your agent. This could be at different points during the year, just to see how you're doing with your coverage, as well as during critical enrollment times or when your premiums are anticipated to change in the future. This is the only referral service we're aware of that takes its role as your agent seriously by staying in touch even after the policy is signed, sealed and delivered.

Patience Is Rewarded

While we can't put SelectQuote, also known as Tiburon, as one of our highest-ranked sources of Medicare Advantage Plans - because of how many hoops we had to jump through, over multiple days, to actually get a licensed agent and a quote - there are still reasons to consider using this service. You'll probably get a very thorough analysis of your situation, resulting in a policy that is almost perfectly suited to your needs. Plus, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your agent is still looking out for you well into the future. SelectQuote/Tiburon is worth making a phone call, if you're prepared to be persistent in getting connected with an agent at the outset.

Where Can You Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans?

As your 65th birthday approaches, it's time to start sorting through your options with respect to Medicare health coverage. Those options include several add-on components, one of which is Medicare Advantage.

What are Medicare Advantage Plans? Essentially, they allow you to take your Part A and B coverage and transfer their management to a private insurance company - often with insurers you may have already used in the past, like UnitedHealthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Although Advantage Plans come with some limitations - most require you to use in-network practitioners to maximize benefits, for example - they can be attractive for a number of reasons.

The Best Medicare Advantage Plans Compare Medicare Advantage Plans Compare Medicare Advantage Plan Reviews What are the best Medicare Advantage Plans Best Medicare Advantage Plan Reviews

Medicare Advantage Plan FAQ

Medicare Advantage Plans are a way of getting your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage through private companies approved by Medicare. These insurers have to follow specific rules in order to participate. These plans typically operate with an HMO or PPO structure, requiring you to use in-network providers for maximum benefits. Some customers appreciate getting their services bundled from an insurance company they already trust, often with extra benefits not found with Original Medicare.
If you have Medicare Part A and Part B, and there's a plan that is available where you live, you're eligible for Medicare Advantage. Bear in mind that Advantage policies are almost always network-based: if you live in another state during the year, your plan may not offer benefits in both places.
Yes! You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan either when you first sign up for Medicare A & B or during the yearly enrollment period from October 15 through December 7. Once you're enrolled in a plan, you can switch to a different one or back to Original Medicare from January 1 through March 31. There are also special enrollment periods for certain life events, like moving to a different address, losing your current coverage, or your contract not being renewed.
There are many differences between these two types of additional Medicare coverage. Medicare Supplement Plans, or Medigap, are designed to pay the out-of-pocket costs not paid by Medicare itself. These plans don't include prescription drugs, tend to have higher premiums than Advantage coverage, and you'll pay more if you don't enroll early on in your Medicare coverage. On the other hand, Medicare Advantage Plans are usually much lower in premiums and higher in out-of-pocket costs. Advantage policies often have prescription drug benefits. But, Medicare Advantage doesn't pay any of the costs that original Medicare doesn't cover. You can't be enrolled in both a Medigap plan and an Advantage plan at the same time.
That depends on the plan you select. However, one of the reasons Advantage plans are so attractive is because many of them do include dental, vision, or hearing benefits - or all three!
That also depends on the plan you choose. Almost every Medicare Advantage plan will still have out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions. When getting a quote, have your medications handy: many online quote platforms and insurance brokers will ask for the name and dosage, to provide you with an accurate estimate of what you'll spend for those specific prescriptions with a given Advantage policy.
Believe it or not, there are Medicare Advantage policies that have $0 monthly premiums. Of course, you get what you pay for - and if you want broader coverage and lower deductibles/out-of-pocket costs, your premiums will be higher.
That's a matter of preference. But, it can be helpful to start your search by using a website that offers quotes from multiple insurers, so that you can get a feel for what's available in your area. Many of these referring websites can walk you through the entire application process with any company you select, without pressuring you to choose one over another. On the other hand, if you already know which insurer you want - or maybe there's only one available where you live - there's nothing wrong with getting your plan right from the insurance company.
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Think of it like an all-inclusive resort: you might give up some flexibility in exchange for knowing that everything is taken care of, from meals to entertainment, and you don't have to try and cobble together a plan for your perfect vacation. Similarly, Medicare Advantage bundles up a number of features, many times including prescription drug coverage and even dental/vision/hearing services, that otherwise you'd have to piece together on your own with separate standalone plans.

Medicare Advantage premiums vary by provider and by plan. It's possible to get a policy with $0 in monthly payments, but those tend to come with higher out-of-pocket costs like office visit copays and annual deductibles. It's also important to point out that you can't have an Advantage plan and a Medigap policy at the same time: you'll need to carefully consider your situation - anticipated health needs, your income and ability to pay monthly premiums vs. paying for hospitalizations and other major medical expenses, and so forth - to strategize which additional Medicare coverage you need and when.

There are two main approaches to buying a Medicare Advantage Plan: go directly to an insurance company or work with a broker. Buying your policy right from an insurer can feel more reliable, choosing a company you already know and trust, maybe even one that has been your healthcare insurance provider in the past. You can usually count on premium quotes to be the lowest possible for that particular company. However, going through a broker or a referral service doesn't necessarily mean you'll pay more - and you gain the advantage of getting policy quotes from multiple providers at once. No insurance company is going to tell you that you might get better coverage from a competitor!

Either route you choose, it's a good idea to do some research in advance: to familiarize yourself with the different Medicare Advantage Plans, their benefits and their average premium costs for someone in your demographic (age, gender, location, etc.). Otherwise you could find yourself feeling pressured to commit to a policy that might not be the best fit for your needs. There are many websites, offered both by brokers/referral services and by the insurance companies themselves, with helpful articles and tools to help you figure out what coverage is best suited to you. Also, be aware that in order to apply for any Medicare Advantage Plan, you'll need to have your Medicare number - so make sure you've taken the steps to enroll in Medicare before choosing your Advantage coverage.

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