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The Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Which Medicare Supplement Plan is the Best?

If you or a family member is approaching the age of 65, or if you are soon eligible for Medicare Parts A and B due to other qualifying reasons, now is the perfect time to start looking at additional coverage options for your Medicare. While Medicare insurance covers many of your medical expenses, it doesn't cover everything. To help pick up the extra slack, you can dive into a Medicare Supplement plan, often referred to as "Medigap" .

These plans work to address the gap between the 80% of medical concerns covered by Medicare and the remaining 20% that isn't covered. This way, you can reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses and feel safer and more comfortable with your coverage.

Sunday, April 14th

2024 Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award United Medicare Advisors Review 5 Star Rating

United Medicare Advisors

5 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices from $136 to $138.40 /month
  • Broker model with tons of insurance options
  • Quick communication
  • Helpful online resources
  • 20,000+ 5-star reviews
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

United Medicare Advisors is a company dedicated to providing you with the guidance and access you require. Since 2009, this company has successfully enrolled hundreds of thousands of Medicare Supplement policies across the nation.

Over 20 Medicare carriers in their network

Working in collaboration with over 20 carriers, including industry giants like Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, and Humana, United Medicare Advisors is committed to offering you a competitive array of different Medicare Supplement Plans to choose from. United Medicare Advisors is active in 44 states, excluding Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.

Resources and details galore

When you reach the website for United Medicare Advisors, you'll find an impressive number of resources to help you learn more about its Medicare Supplement Plans. Under the "Learn About Medicare" tab, you can explore comprehensive details on Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Parts A and B. The website features informative blogs covering healthcare news, retirement, and health/wellness. United Medicare Advisors also offers downloadable detailed guides on topics such as Medicare Part D, a beginner's guide to Medicare, and the future outlook for Medicare. This site, serving as a broker for many insurance companies, does its best to educate you so that no matter what plan you pick, you'll be fully informed.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Quick online form and call for quote

When it comes to finding suitable plans and premiums, United Medicare Advisors simplifies the process with a user-friendly online form. Just input your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address, and a United Medicare Advisors representative will contact you right away. Or, if you'd rather get the phone call out of the way, you can take the initiative to call them directly at 1-855-535-3502. While some Medicare Supplement Plan websites may provide a list of insurance companies and premium quotes after you enter your information, companies (like United Medicare Advisors) will require you to talk directly with a representative before finalizing your plan.

Careful consideration from representatives

So, how does the United Medicare Advisors service measure up? To figure out a solid comparison of available plans, we created a persona that fits the bill for Medicare-seeking customers. Talking to the representatives as if we were shopping for a recently-turned 65-year-old woman in Wisconsin, a non-smoker seeking Plan G, we gathered comparable details for the plans. The representative we talked to was very prompt. He called within 30 seconds of us submitting a request for more information. However, it's worth noting that the representative wasn't particularly friendly, so a senior calling for their own care might not feel particularly welcomed during the conversation.

Lowest quoted rates

In terms of affordability, United Medicare Advisors was pretty much in the middle range pierce wise. The representative offered us the top three quotes for our 65-year-old Wisconsin woman. The top rate was from Allstate for $136, the middle rate was $137.01 from Cigna, and the highest rate was from a company we hadn't heard of prior (and that the representative noted was very new), Ace for $138.40.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Company offers ongoing support

What about their service once your Medicare Supplement Plan has been issued? United Medicare Advisors goes the extra mile by reaching out to you 30 days before your plan's renewal date to check if you're satisfied or if your needs have changed. Beyond that, you have the flexibility to call and ask questions at any time. With approximately 98% of Medicare Supplement customers sticking with their plans, United Medicare Advisors stands out by providing ongoing support for you through your medical journey.

Top rated from BBB and reviewers

United Medicare Advisors has earned an excellent reputation in the industry. The company holds accreditation and an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Plus, when we checked out customer reviews, we found that the company holds over 20,000 5-star ratings from satisfied customers who praised United Medicare Advisors' quality service and noticeable savings compared to other brokers. Clients loved the thorough and individualized information they received. Plus, friendly and helpful representatives make the experience quick, and easy, so you can find your perfect Medicare supplement plan.

Best all-around service and best prices

So, even though United Medicare Advisors may not show you an online quote, the company delivers top-notch service with the lowest-priced Medicare Supplement Plans on the market today. United Medicare Advisors offers extensive access to both major industry players and smaller, reputable companies you might not have come across before, and with a helpful ongoing customer service mode, it's clear that United Medicare Advisors is a cut above. For all these reasons, we once again award them our highest rating for Medicare Supplement Plans.

Go Medigap (eHealth) Review 4.5 Star Rating

Go Medigap (eHealth)

4.5 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices from $170 to $185/month
  • Coverage in all 50 states
  • Helpful online resources
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Awards from the BBB for ethics
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Since 2005, eHealth has been a reliable Medicare Supplement Plan provider in the industry, assisting more than 35,000 seniors in bridging the gap between what Medicare A and B cover and what they don't. This dedicated broker offers every available Medicare Supplement Plan, from A through N, so that you have a range of options to choose from.

Connected to over 30 insurance providers

With connections to over 30 insurance providers, including major names like United Healthcare and Cigna, as well as regional suppliers, eHealth is committed to providing you with choices that cater to your specific requirements. Plus, no matter which of the 50 states you call home, eHealth has you covered.

Offers info blogs, but less detailed information

In terms of keeping you informed, eHealth doesn't do quite as much as some of its competitors. While they do have a FAQ section of the site labeled "Medicare Answers" , the details are pretty generic. The site breaks down the process of getting Medicare Supplement Plans into a 3-step process. On top of that, there are a variety of blog posts that let customers in on how the process might look and how to dig for the best prices. However, this is a little less comprehensive than some of the info pages on other sites.

Quick online form, but call in for numbers

Initiating the process of finding the right Medicare Supplement Plan with eHealth is a straightforward experience. All you have to do is enter your zip code and then you will be prompted to call them with the promise that if you do, your call will be answered by an insurance adjuster. It was disappointing that there wasn't any online form to make the process faster. Further, when we used the toll-free number (1-877-543-6619), it didn't work. We had to call without the "1" in order to get the call to connect.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Slower quote process than competitors

The quote process at eHealth was a little slower than other brokers. Overall, eHealth had a longer processing time; from waiting for someone to take our call to being transferred to a second agent, the process felt very time-consuming. We also experienced some confusion during the interaction, as we had to ask specific questions to get the details we needed. And even then the adjuster was vague. For example, the price we received didn't include any riders and the adjuster wouldn't even estimate those rates for us when we asked.

Slow process with limited agents

So, how does eHealth perform when faced with a standardized quote scenario? We used our fictional persona of a 65-year-old woman in Wisconsin, a non-smoker, seeking Plan G to get a solid comparison between different plan companies. Based on our experience which involved speaking with representatives, we were a little surprised about how slow the process was. Since this site doesn't offer any kind of online portal to submit your information prior to a call, the entire interaction was spent in a lengthy 20-questions style interview that felt like it could have been avoided with the inclusion of an online portal. It was also interesting that eHealth records all phone calls.

Higher than average costs

In terms of cost, eHealth was not the most competitive. For our "customer" (our 65-year-old Wisconsin woman), the adjuster was extremely vague. He wouldn't give us any details beyond what he called a "rough estimate" . This came out around $170 to $185, which is much higher than many of the competitors in this review.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Watches the rate changes for you

One distinctive feature that serves customers well at eHealth is Rate Watch. After enrolling in any Medicare Supplement Plan, the company proactively monitors all companies' premiums and will notify you of any potential rate increases. This service is akin to having someone track changes in auto insurance premiums, and in this way your chosen plan remains the most cost-effective option over time. So, if you need to change plans or adjust to something more affordable, you can feel like eHealth has your back.

Award winning site

The company holds an impressive "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and it goes a step further by receiving the BBB International Torch Award for Ethics, surpassing 18,000 other companies. This recognition solidifies eHealth as a trusted name that prioritizes ethical business practices to give you a plan that fits your Medicare and supports your health at the best price. Independent customer reviews on verified sites also provide thousands of 5-star ratings, praising the helpful service delivered by friendly and well-informed representatives. So while the company might be a little slower and spendier than others, the high approval of the company stands for itself.

Top-notch in trustworthiness and ethics

While eHealth may have a higher premium compared to other companies in our review, the trustworthiness of the company is what really makes eHealth shine. Combined with the stellar track record with the Better Business Bureau, eHealth stands as a reliable option, even if it comes with a potentially higher premium. With thousands of 5-star reviews, happy customers, and coverage in all 50 states, eHealth earns a solid rating from us.

Medicare Plans Review 4 Star Rating

Medicare Plans

4 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices: $146.39 /month + $240 annual deductible.
  • Broker for insurance
  • Coverage in 50 states
  • Extremely fast service
  • Friendly reps
  • "A+" rating from the BBB for parent company

Medicare Plans, a service under the umbrella of QuoteWizard Insurance, operates as part of the renowned LendingTree financial company.

Thousands of plans analyzed

The company boasts of having a team of more than 40 experienced experts and healthcare providers. They continuously analyze over 50,000 Medicare plans, features, and benefits. The site itself is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, though the company details are a little sparse regarding how long this broker has been in business. On the bright side, you can expect coverage in all 50 US states.

Quick form might lead to unwanted calls

Getting started with Medicare Plans is a standard procedure for the industry. You start by entering essential details like your zip code, birth date, gender, and the final steps involve sharing your name, email address, street address, and phone number. By going forward, you are giving consent to multiple forms of communication, from texts to postal mail, from their marketing network, and up to eight affiliated insurance companies. So, keep in mind that you might get more emails and calls than you're used to.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Fast and easy quoting process

After filling out your info, the platform seems like it will offer you quotes tailored to your situation completely online, but this isn't accurate. In our case, we were told to call immediately after filling out our details. While this is standard, it was confusing since the agent didn't have any of the information that we submitted on the site already, and we had to go through the information gathering a second time. On the bright side, connecting with an agent was extremely quick. As soon as we clicked submit, we received a call with a friendly representative who was quick to answer questions and get right to the quotes.

Competitive rates but frustrating to work with

To compare rates more accurately among Medicare Supplement Plan providers, we used the same fictional persona in each review. So, for our quote we used the details of a 65-year-old woman in Wisconsin who never smoked and is looking for a Plan G. We were quoted a Base plan in Wisconsin with riders for equivalent coverage to a Plan G. We only got one quote, Mutual of Omaha at $146.39. The deductible is an annual cost of $240. This is fairly average in the industry in terms of price, which the representative seemed pretty surprised at.

No ongoing support from Medicare Plans

Once you've made your Medicare Supplement Plan selection, any ongoing service occurs directly with the chosen insurance company, like Mutual of Omaha. The agent suggested revisiting Medicare Plans for future price comparisons, but that Medicare Plans wasn't going to provide particular support in the long run. This setup suits a hands-off approach, but if you prefer ongoing broker support, this service might not be ideal for you.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Missing reputation details

As of our review, QuoteWizard's Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile was undergoing updates, obscuring its rating and any potential customer complaints. LendingTree, however, holds an impressive "A+" BBB rating and accreditation. While we did look for reviews for Medicare Plans, we noted that there weren't many customer reviews out there at all. None of the third-party review sites we use for research offered any feedback for the company. So, it's hard to gauge how this company stacks up in its reputation.

Worth checking out

Medicare Plans is a solid company to consider for your Medicare Supplement Plan. The website is easy to navigate and the instant phone call was a plus. While the pricing is about average for the industry, the delight of talking to a friendly representative who also stayed on task was particularly refreshing. The company is supported by its parent company's "A+" rating from the BBB, giving us more confidence based on our positive experience. For these reasons Medicare Plans gets a solid rating in this review.

Aetna Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices from $122.62 - $142.92 / month + annual deductible of $198
  • Sells its own insurance
  • Guaranteed rates for 12 months
  • Customer service available 7 days a week
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Aetna has an impressive legacy, with over 160 years of experience in the insurance industry. As a prominent figure during our exploration of Medicare Supplement Plans, One stand-out feature of Aetna's offerings is next-day coverage initiation for Plan G. While this possibility might exist with other providers, Aetna explicitly presented it during our quote process. However, the coverage options are a little more scarce at Aetna: you can only work with this company if you live in one of the 21 states covered through this provider.

Listed plans lack some details

Aetna's online quote feature stands out for providing pricing information on plans available in your area. Unlike several broker sites scrutinized in our evaluation, Aetna is transparent about the potential premiums for your Medicare Supplement Plan. However, navigating the interface can be a bit clunky, as the site lacks detailed explanations about the plans and associated riders. But, it is helpful to use the online quoting tool as a starting point. On the other hand, a call will be necessary if you want to get more information. They also had a rate calculator which wasn't working at the time of this review.

No online form, just zip code and go

Transitioning to the phone quoting process significantly improves the experience. During the call, you'll be asked for essential information such as your name, zip code, date of birth, and the status of your Part A and B. To get started with a basic quote, though, all you need to do is put in your zip code. For our "example" customer, a 65-year-old woman in Wisconsin, our zip code search turned up three plans to choose from. There isn't a formal online form here beyond just putting in some basics, which makes the process pretty quick.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Detailed quote but very slow process

The process of getting a quote from Aetna was detailed, helpful, and friendly. Aetna's customer representatives spent a lot of time explaining prescription drug coverage, which was kind, but not extremely helpful for what we were looking for. And, these plans are not age-restricted, offering flexibility in premium costs based on your age, and can be initiated at any time. However, the initial call came with a lengthy process of sitting on hold, which was extremely frustrating. We were informed that there was a "large call volume" on a standard workday in the middle of the afternoon, which seemed unlikely, and caused us to wait on hold for over 10 minutes.

Competitive rates overall

Pricing for our example customer, a 65-year-old WI woman who never smoked, looking for Medicare Supplement Plan-Plan G (called a Base plan in Wisconsin), showed a competitive premium from Aetna. The Base Plan is lower than many of the companies in this review at $122.62 with no riders. With full riders, the price is $142.92. One benefit is that they can make the coverage effective the next day if they need to for Aetna, which can help you get coverage ASAP.

Customer service available 7 days a week

One thing we loved about Aetna is that this broker offers help 7 days a week. So, regardless of if you have questions on a weekend or after the end of your workday, you can get a hold of someone at Aetna and get your questions answered ASAP. As long as you call within their business hours of 8am to 8pm, you can count on help from Aetna.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Solid BBB score but some complaints

Aetna carries an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, though it does lack accreditation. But there are numerous complaints on the BBB listing, which weren't present on some of Aetna's competitors. Given the vastness of Aetna as a company, offering a wide range of insurance products, this is not entirely surprising, but it still knocks Aetna down in the ratings a bit. Many complaints seem related to issues with insurance brokers rather than Aetna directly. Beyond the BBB, Aetna maintains a solid reputation among insurance agents, contributing to the overall reassurance about their reliability.

Competitive prices, but you'll need to do extra research

Ultimately, the decision to purchase your Medicare Supplement Plan directly from Aetna or through a broker offering other services rests with you. But, you can trust Aetna to provide competitive premiums and stand as a reliable provider of Medigap plans. With impressive customer service hours and helpful representatives, Aetna emerges as a strong choice in your quest for comprehensive and affordable Medicare Supplement coverage. However, make sure you dig into extra questions about deductibles and extra details the company is less transparent about to make sure you get the entire picture.

SelectQuote Senior Review 3.5 Star Rating

SelectQuote Senior

3.5 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices from $175+/month
  • Broker model with tons of insurance options
  • Helpful online resources
  • Annual check-ins
  • Protects you from receiving constant contact from companies
  • Tons of 5-star reviews
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

SelectQuote Senior is an insurance broker with 36 years of experience. This company stands as a reliable service connecting prospective clients with over 20 different insurance providers for Medicare Supplement Plans.

Check if your state is covered

SelectQuote Senior has partnerships with well-rated insurers like Aetna, Cigna, Anthem, and Humana, so that you have access to a wide variety of options for coverage. Plus, SelectQuote Senior notes that it provides around 8 Medicare Supplement Plans in most states. While the site doesn't say specifically how many states are covered, you can easily check if your state is one of them by entering your zip code.

Tons of helpful tips on the website

SelectQuote Senior is especially strong with information. The site has tons of detailed explanations, charts, and downloadable PDFs. No matter what you want to know about the process, SelectQuote Senior has your back. On top of that, browsing this site is a breeze. With a clean sitemap and easy-to-find buttons, you can get as much information as you need without ever picking up the phone (though that is an option if you prefer to get your details from a human person). One feature we liked was that SelectQuote Senior will break down extra details by location if you select your home state from an interactive map.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

SelectQuote Senior protects your information

To explore plans through SelectQuote Senior, you start by answering a set of online questions. These cover your current Medicare enrollment status, age, and preferences regarding prescription drug, vision, and dental coverage. Providing basic details like your zip code, state, name, phone number, and email is also part of the process. At the end of the process you have to submit your email, and then SelectQuote Senior says that they will text you with a phone number to call for a quote. This seems unnecessarily complex. The company does offer a toll-free number (855-356-4854) for direct contact if you wish to clarify information or get right to the call without texting.

Time-consuming quote process

The process for getting a quote was unfortunately really long. The site says you can expect a call within 15 minutes of filling out the forms; however, SelectQuote Senior never called us for a quote. We had to initiate the call ourselves. While preliminary quotes may be available online, attempting to view rates caused the website to redirect us to the respective companies' sites. This meant we had to submit a new request for a quote on the other sites instead of just finishing the process through SelectQuote Senior. For our quote process, we provided basic information for our example profile - a 65-year-old woman from Wisconsin who doesn't smoke, seeking a Plan G (or equivalent plan). The process of connecting with an agent took much longer here than with other competitors. We were first connected with a receptionist and then waited almost 15 minutes on the line to talk to a licensed representative.

Competitive pricing, but a slow process

Once we finally got a quote from SelectQuote Senior, we were offered an Aetna plan, including the necessary riders. The price was $175 per month there, and we were given pricing up to $450 (from a company the representative didn't disclose) which includes all of the necessary riders. Notably, this was more expensive than the actual quotes from Aetna, which was concerning.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Annual check-ins

The ongoing relationship offered by SelectQuote Senior is helpful to customers who want to feel protected by their Medicare Supplement Plan provider. SelectQuote Senior's process involves annual check-ins to make sure that the plan is still the right price and the right fit for you before renewal. This process is helpful for customers as the rates may change over time, and you'll have options going forward.

Impressive ratings and vetting process

The company holds an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, reflecting its commitment to fair and honest treatment of clients. Despite the potential for technical glitches and a prolonged process (in our case, close to an hour), SelectQuote Senior maintains a strong reputation supported by BBB ratings and positive customer reviews. The reviews specifically praised the service offered after policy selection where customers felt very comfortable and protected by their service representatives. Customers also loved that SelectQuote Senior provided vetting of partner insurers as reputable options to make sure they weren't badgered by every Medicare Supplement Plan provider on the market.

Solid option for comparing insurers

Despite the technical hiccups and potential for extended phone calls, SelectQuote Senior is still worth considering for your Medicare Supplement Plan. With helpful tips and detailed information on the site, you can call with confidence that you know plenty of details about the process already. However, the prices aren't top notch, so that brought down SelectQuote Senior. But, the site is highly rated by the BBB and has received tons of praise from reviewers, showing that this is a provider that offers satisfaction for its services.

Humana Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices around $161.45/month + $226 annual deductible
  • Sells only its own insurance
  • Coverage in 49 states
  • Online quote process
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Unlike some of the other options in our review, Humana is a site that positions itself as a dedicated service, offering its own coverage directly rather than serving as a brokerage for other companies. When you visit their site seeking quotes, you'll exclusively encounter Humana's range of plans. The good news is they provide a wide array of plans and prices, granting you the flexibility to choose a plan that best fits your life and your Medicare plan. Humana offers coverage in 49 out of 50 states, making it highly competitive for customers across the country too.

Website is a breeze

Navigating the Humana website will likely be a pleasant experience. For our sample case - a 65-year-old woman residing in Wisconsin who doesn't smoke and is looking for a Plan G or something equal to it - it was a breeze to survey the available Medicare Supplement Plans. A quick glance revealed four options tailored to her demographic, complete with details on deductibles, the inclusion of dental and vision coverage, and more riders on top of that.

Compare & enroll online

Humana's site offers a convenient "Add to Compare" button, enabling you to keep track of the plans that stand out to you. And our favorite part: Humana facilitates an entirely online enrollment process. Once you've completed the online application, you're officially enrolled, and a comprehensive packet is set to reach you within 7-10 business days.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Some confusion in the online form

However, the application process might throw you a curveball. Opting for Humana's Basic plan, mirroring other quotes for Plan G-like coverage in Wisconsin, led us through the usual details - age, date of birth, and the like. Yet, confusion crept in when faced with "Part A" and "Part B" month and year requests. Although the platform lacked an explanation (and we had to do some Sherlock Holmes deductions to get a clear picture), it became clear that Humana was looking for the initiation dates of these Medicare components. On top of that, selecting a coverage start date poses limitations: you can only choose plans that start within the next three months. So, those looking to plan ahead will be out of luck with Humana.

Site can be too busy

There's one other user interface problem we ran into during our research. Despite selecting a single plan for a quote, the results page bombarded us with information on ALL available plans and their estimated premiums. While you can complete the entire quote process online, which means you don't have to worry about a long or annoying phone call, this can be a little frustrating with so much information on the site. It would be much more helpful if customers could narrowly focus on the plan they were researching instead of seeing everything all at once. Once you dive further into the intricacies of Humana's quoting process, you'll encounter a rate chart. This feature provides a more accurate premium, especially if you fall outside the eligibility for a "preferred rate" due to tobacco use.

Higher-than average premiums

For our test client, the Humana Med Supp 50% Cost Share Plan emerged as the most comparable option to our quoted standards. This plan encompassed the equivalent of Plan G coverage, with a $226 annual deductible. The premium cost around $161.45 each month, which is on the higher end. If you choose to go for a quote via phone, you might incur a surcharge of nearly $10/month, which may be a huge problem for customers who prefer to talk directly to an agent.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Good ratings, but concerns from industry pros

Humana positions itself as a provider with a substantial track record, with 60 years of service. Their accreditation and "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau signal reliability. However, we have to acknowledge the flip side. Despite the commendable longevity, Humana shows a considerable number of complaints on the BBB site, raising questions about its customer-friendly reputation. In fact, some industry insiders actively steer clear of recommending Humana due to its less-than-stellar track record.

May not be worth trusting

In weighing the pros and cons, Humana emerges as a pricier choice for Medicare Supplement Plans. The online quote process is mostly user-friendly, making it an attractive option for those inclined toward a self-guided application without agent interaction. However, the mixed bag of customer reviews and industry feedback nudges us to exercise caution. While exploring Humana for your initial quote might be worthwhile, it may not be the most trustworthy place to support your health and wellness.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Review 2.5 Star Rating

Blue Cross Blue Shield

2.5 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices around $185.98 - $263.14
  • Online quotes available
  • Only sells its own insurance
  • Detailed blogs and resources online
  • "A+" rating from the BBB in some states

Blue Cross Blue Shield, or BCBS, is a well-known insurance giant with a long history in the field. You may also recognize them as Anthem in certain states (like Wisconsin).

Dedicated Medicare Supplement site

What sets them apart is that BCBS offers a dedicated website specifically for Medicare Supplement Plans. This way you can effortlessly access details about the plans you care about without sifting through irrelevant health insurance details not related to your Medicare Supplement Plan search. While the company doesn't say how many states it serves, you can easily check if there is coverage for your state by entering your zip code on Blue Cross Blue Shield. If there are options, you will be redirected to a page where you can explore the coverage for your state.

Easy navigation and tons of details

Navigating the BCBS website showcases an impressive amount of information available. The Medigap coverage section is information-packed, covering terms, enrollment periods, and more. We particularly liked that BCBS offered "limitations" and "considerations" sections on the site to help you get a clear idea of what things to look out for, or areas where you may not receive coverage. To actually get to the part where you initiate a quote, head to the right side of the page where it prompts you to "Enter Zip Code and Find Coverage."

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Call as soon as you can for details

Once you're redirected to the coverage page for your state, you'll be asked to provide information in a form or to call a representative directly at 855-536-6475. While you can find a few basic quotes on the site (like a summary of average fees and costs), you'll spend a lot of time clicking through different pages and looking for tiny links to get there. So, the fastest way to get a true and accurate quote is to call in ASAP, especially since when we requested a call for a quote, BCBS never called us back.

You can dig for details but calling is faster

A notable feature is BCBS allowing you to initiate your Medicare Supplement Plan application online, setting them apart from other providers requiring a phone call. Simply have your Medicare card and relevant documents like a Power of Attorney (POA) or guaranteed issue notice ready. However, for those, like us, seeking a quote for a designated profile - say, a 65-year-old woman in Wisconsin who has never smoked seeking Plan G coverage - it's faster just to call the representative. When we called we weren't even placed on a hold, which was impressive. However, the representative struggled to work with his program, which created a very lengthy quote process. This could be a one-time problem, but it was very frustrating.

Mid-tier pricing options

For our example customer (the 65-year-old Wisconsin woman), the premium quoted by BCBS was $185.98 with no riders, or $263.14 with all possible riders. This is much more expensive than at competing companies, which could make the long call and difficulties getting quotes not worth your time in the end.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Assists with customer concerns online

While we maintain that it's faster to talk to a rep at BCBS, the site has an impressive array of blogs and extra details to help you be more connected to the process. With blogs that answer questions like "What is a health insurance claim?" or "How does telehealth work?" BCBS shows that it is listening to the concerns of customers and responding with easily accessible information. With a quick search on the site (or even on Google) you can find extra information about BCBS' methods and policies without ever needing to pick up the phone.

Some concerning ratings from the BBB

Finding a Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing for BCBS can be tricky due to separate offices in each state. What we did gather shows that the BBB ratings for BCBS vary significantly. For instance, South Carolina enjoys an "A+" rating with seven customer complaints, whereas New York holds a "D-" , and the BBB score for Wisconsin is a concerning "F" rating. This divergence suggests that service quality and customer response may differ based on your location, and with some "F" ratings on the board, it might be smarter to pick a company that has higher ratings on average.

Mid-tier service overall but low ratings bring it down

Overall, BCBS stands as a reliable source for Medicare Supplement Plans, though if you're looking for the top-rated service, this might not be it. There's a good amount of pros like easy web navigation and tons of details on the website, as well as the ability to search for coverage without calling. However, with cons like "F" ratings in some states and a slow quote process, BCBS isn't one of the top options in our review.

Cigna Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • Quoted prices around $136.25 /month
  • Online quotes available
  • Only sells its own insurance

Cigna, a seasoned insurance provider with over 30 years of experience, might not meet your expectations when it comes to Medicare Supplement Plans. As you explore the Cigna website, they highlight programs and savings as a perk for becoming a member of their Medicare Supplement Plans.

Not enough details

However, during the online quote process, Cigna didn't provide sufficient details on these features. The worst part? Coverage from Cigna is extremely limited. As this site provides its own coverage rather than being a broker for other companies, we weren't surprised it was lower, but the coverage is pretty bad even then. In our research, there was only 1 supplement plan available in our state.

Minimal info on the site

Compared to some other sites that provide tons of helpful information, Cigna stands out as being pretty bare-bones. While you can see a few details about different plan types, to really get anywhere with shopping for plans, you'll need to put in your zip code and some personal information. Otherwise, the site just glosses over the basics, which might not be ideal for first-time Medicare plan shoppers.

Easy online quote process

Moving forward in the online quote process was super easy. We just had to submit our fake persona's information and we immediately got online quotes for a Basic Plan which is the Plan G equivalent in Wisconsin. We didn't even need to make a phone call to get numbers, which was amazing, though the option was available if you're interested in more detailed quotes.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Quotes lack details

Cigna offered exactly 1 plan in the state of Wisconsin, which is where our fictional client lives. As a reminder, to keep all of the results comparable, we sought a Medicare Supplement Plan for a 65-year-old woman who doesn't smoke and is searching for a Plan G or equivalent. The online quote for Cigna's Basic Plan started as low as $86.34 per month. Once we put in all the details we were offered a rate of $109.36 without riders and $149.00 with all available riders.

Horrible ratings and a falling reputation

Cigna has a pretty poor reputation. While the company used to hold an impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, it has now been bumped down to an "NR" rating. On top of that, the average star rating for Cigna at third-party review sites is 1.3 stars out of 5, which is pretty abysmal. Customers complain about not being able to reach a representative when they need one and there are a ton of reviews about technical issues regarding logins and using the customer portal. Given that actually using your Medicare Supplement Plan is essential to having one, this knocks Cigna pretty low in our ratings.

Lower-rated and lower-ranked

Despite Cigna's nearly four decades in operation, Cigna doesn't have a top notch track record, which brings down its competitiveness in this review. Interestingly, across multiple insurance brokers, Cigna wasn't frequently quoted or recommended as a preferred source for coverage. On top of that, their BBB reputation has taken a hit in recent years falling all the way from an "A+" rating to an "NR" rating, which raises some serious red flags. Considering these factors, Cigna easily falls towards the bottom of the pack. Due to a lack of impressive features and a mid-level price, Cigna gets a lower rating here.

GoHealth Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Broker model
  • Coverage in all 50 states
  • Helpful online resources
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

GoHealth, originating as an insurance marketplace back in 2001, made its debut in the Medicare scene in 2016. Despite its somewhat recent foray into Medicare, GoHealth proudly claims that nearly 10% of all individuals nationwide who enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan in 2019 chose GoHealth as their platform. GoHealth works in all 50 states and has available plans for customers anywhere in the US, which makes it much easier to find a plan with this provider (theoretically) than with some of the more limited options.

Helpful resources on site

GoHealth offers a very informative website. This broker offers details by state, by age, along with helpful how-tos and even some resource pages about upcoming changes to Medicare as a whole. There's an entire section of the site dedicated to telling you more about changes coming in upcoming years, which can help you make more informed decisions going forward. However, when you get in touch with a representative, the helpfulness vanishes.

Quick online form

Getting started with GoHealth is simple. The initial step involves verifying your zip code to make sure there are plans available in your area. Following this, you'll provide basic information such as your name, and phone number. While submitting this information grants GoHealth permission to contact you via text or allow partner businesses to reach out on their behalf, you will need to call them to finalize your plan anyway. However, you might need to reject a few calls after you've picked out your plan, since your information may be available to different companies through the GoHealth brokerage. On the bright side, you can see a decent baseline to prepare you for the pricing at GoHealth. For example, a Wisconsin plan is stated to average around $170 per month before contacting a representative.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Is it a real voice or is it fake?

We got our notification from GoHealth via text. From there we were instructed to make a phone call to the company's reps. The representative will ask for your street address in order to provide you with accurate information. In our quest for a quote, the limited plans presented a challenge. When we first joined the call, the representative spoke with a strangely happy voice that felt almost fake. We weren't sure if it was a real person at first or a bot. Then we were transferred to a licensed agent who sounded even more like a bot.

Hangups and frustration

When going through all of the questions, we asked about Plan G, and the agent ignored our questions and continued down the list of required questions they had. Finally, when we asked a third time about Plan G pricing, the agent disconnected the call and hung up on us. When we called back, the same original rep answered the phone and gave us the exact same introduction, which felt very creepy. Then we were transferred twice and the second pickup said "thank you for calling Social Security" which was completely wrong. We had to hang up. We think many seniors would have given up on the process by now, especially due to the AI-feel of the entire call.

Never got a quote

Due to calling multiple times, getting disconnected over and over or transferred to the wrong place, we were unable to get any information about pricing from this company. For this reason it falls immediately to the bottom of the pack. If you can't get quotes or pricing from a company without tons of hassle, it isn't worth your time.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Credible company with solid ratings

When it comes to credibility, GoHealth holds an accreditation and an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Positive customer feedback, numbering over 9,000 4- and 5-star ratings, came as something of a surprise given our experiences. While these reviews aren't Medicare Supplement Plan-specific, they could have you thinking that GoHealth is a business with a track record of satisfying clients. However, there are a range of complaints about the call representatives (which doesn't surprise us in the least).

Don't make the call

Despite its reputable standing, GoHealth falls to the bottom of the list. After being transferred for 30 minutes, hung up on, and sent to a completely different department via call, we had to give up on ever getting a price for Medicare Supplement Plans here. Given those difficulties, not even an "A+" rating can keep GoHealth from the bottom of the pack. For these reasons, GoHealth receives an incredibly disappointing rating.

HealthCare Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Comparison service
  • Prices based on other companies
  • Broker model

HealthCare appears as a potential starting point for your Medicare Supplement Plans search. However, in the fine print, HealthCare clarifies that they function solely as a comparison service, not brokers or agents in the sale of insurance products.

No pricing or support

On top of this, they don't offer post-plan purchase support. This means we couldn't get any solid pricing from HealthCare, even with the details from our fictional 65-year-old customer's details. As the company doesn't handle anything itself and just redirects you to outside insurers and brokers, it's impossible to say how many states are served by the company or how many options you might expect to see.

Expect to be redirected away from HealthCare

You kick things off by entering your zip code, and HealthCare promptly informs you if there are licensed insurance agents in your area available through their toll-free number (844-874-1250, Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm EST). Alternatively, you can proceed with HealthCare's questionnaire, covering details like your enrollment in Original Medicare, existing coverage plans, date of birth, gender, and finally, personal contact information, including your name, street address, email address, and phone number.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Prepare for unwanted calls

It's crucial to be aware that by providing your contact details, you're granting them permission to contact you. Unfortunately, the fine print discloses that HealthCare's partner companies and their commercial affiliates may also contact you. While many partner companies make sense, the extensive list raises concerns, including seemingly unrelated businesses like Drips, Enginefish, and Fresh Leads, potentially resulting in unwanted communication.

HealthCare doesn't handle the quote process

Assuming you decide to proceed by sharing your contact information, the next step introduces a pop-up box connecting you to a licensed agent (during business hours). Or, you can choose to view quotes, but selecting this option redirects you to a thank-you page, instructing you to check your inbox for information. Working with HeathCare means you have to compare plans from various Medicare Supplement Plan brokers, making your search process even more complex. When calling their toll-free number (844-223-2128), you're promptly informed that inquiries about existing plans require direct contact with your insurer. This stands in contrast to comparable broker services offering support throughout your entire experience.

No prices and outsourced calls

When we dialed for a quote, we encountered an amiable and knowledgeable agent who provided a clear explanation tailored to our test case. However, the twist was that the agent turned out to be the owner of a third-party company, not affiliated with HealthCare. This revelation raises concerns about HealthCare functioning as a broker of brokers, lacking transparency about the intermediary they connect you with when you call their toll-free number. As such, we couldn't get any prices from HealthCare specifically even with our detailed fictional persona. This, more than any other feature, put HealthCare right at the bottom of the list.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Terrible ratings and no privacy

This lack of clarity is further compounded by HealthCare's ratings. While the company used to have a just-average "B" rating on the Better Business Bureau, it now holds an alarming "F" rating instead. The third-party broker we were connected to didn't appear in a BBB search either. The uncertainty of not knowing who will handle your coverage and whether they provide honest information poses significant drawbacks. On top of these other concerns, HealthCare only has an average rating of 1.2 stars across different third-party review sites. Customers complained about being called constantly by third-party partners of HealthCare. For example, one review noted receiving over 300 different calls within a few days. So, among other problems, HealthCare doesn't support customer privacy at all.

Not trustworthy

In light of these questionable practices, HealthCare earns our lowest rating, and we recommend exploring other companies on our list for a more reassuring experience. Given that you can't buy from Medicare Supplement Plans through HealthCare nor get any solid pricing without going to a completely different site, and you'll be bombarded with third-party contacts, calls, and emails, it's not worth even getting started with this company.

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Continued from above...

The Medicare Supplement Plans are assigned letter names to differentiate them, which can sometimes lead to confusion. With an ever-evolving landscape of plans and their coverage, keeping up with changes like swapping Plan F (once a popular choice but was discontinued for new enrollees after January 1, 2020) with its successor, Plan G, (which offers similar benefits but introduced an annual deductible) can be extremely confusing. Paying attention to the changes in the market will help you make a more informed decision about your healthcare coverage and help you recognize what coverage you need and what you don't.

One thing to keep in mind as you plan for your Medicare journey is the "guaranteed issue period" . This is a period that spans the six months following your 65th birthday. During this period, you can get a Medicare Supplement Plan without any prerequisites beyond paying your premiums.

For example, this means that while health conditions won't disqualify you, being a smoker might result in higher premiums. However, once this six-month grace period concludes, insurers may request more detailed health information, such as your history of diabetes or heart conditions that may potentially impact your premiums and change what plans are available to you.

When it comes to purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan, you have two primary options: buying directly from an insurance company or getting your plan through the services of a broker. Going with an insurance company means you might be able to continue using a company you already trust, which may be appealing due to lower rates or trustworthy insurance adjusters. On the other hand, if you choose to go with a broker, the company gives you access to a range of insurance providers, so you can compare rates and plans side by side, including the rates offered by your preferred insurance company.

Regardless of whether you choose to work with a broker or purchase directly from an insurance company, the most important thing about choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan is that you need to do your research. While you can initially explore various providers' websites, keep in mind that Medicare rules dictate plans must be sold either in person or over the phone, so you should be prepared to talk with a representative to finalize your Medicare Supplement Plan.

If you're not sure where to start with your Medicare Supplement Plan, we've put together a few things that might help you narrow down your options:

  • Cost. When it comes to the cost of Medicare Supplement Plans, your health and your pre-existing conditions may change the costs depending on which company you choose. To manage costs effectively, you'll want to compare companies to find the most budget-friendly options. However, keep in mind rates can also change over time.
  • Coverage. There are tons of different plans and different names to choose from. As you look through Medicare Supplement Plans, make sure that you spend your time researching providers that offer coverage in your state. Given the time-consuming nature of this process, you may not want to have a phone call with a company that turns out not to have competitive plans or prices in your state.
  • Reputation. To get a smooth and stress-free experience, it is recommended to select a reputable company. Whether you go through an insurance company directly or a broker, checking reviews and the Better Business Bureau ratings can provide valuable insights into the company's track record so you can pick one that really cares about its clients.

To help you stress less about your Medicare plans, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best Medicare Supplement Plans available today. This way, you can save both time and money in your search. All you need to worry about is finding the best provider using our handy list and detailed reviews and getting back to enjoying your golden years stress-free!

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Medicare Supplement Plan FAQ

Medicare Supplement Insurance is additional coverage beyond traditional Medicare. Also known as "Medigap" , these plans cover some or all of the expenses that aren't covered by your basic Medicare benefits.
Original Medicare only covers 80% of most medical expenses. The remaining 20% can get extremely costly, especially if you have a long hospitalization or a condition that requires specialized treatment. Medicare supplemental plans can ease the financial burden, kicking in where Medicare stops and reducing your out-of-pocket costs.
That depends entirely on the plan you select. Will you choose a high-deductible plan with lower premiums, or is it worth it to you to pay more in premiums to pay nothing when you have a medical expense? It also is heavily influenced by your particular situation: where you live, if you're a smoker, male vs. female, your age, and so forth. For Plan G coverage (the most popular of the Medicare supplemental plans), expect monthly premiums in the $110 - $160 range.
It can be confusing at first, partly because they're all identified by letter names (for example Plan A, Plan B, and so on) - and they're often mistaken for the similarly-named components of Medicare itself (Part A, Part C, and more). Again, the main differences relate to the trade-off between deductible amounts and premiums: pay more upfront to spend less later, or vice-versa. Plan benefits are standardized, however, so whether you choose a Plan M with one insurer or another, your coverage is the same.
While your coverage is the same regardless of which provider you use, premiums vary. It's a good idea to speak with a few companies, or with a broker that can give you quotes from several insurers to compare. Also, each company offers a different package of "extras" to complement your Medigap coverage. Some services will keep an eye on your premiums and let you know if you're going to experience a significant increase - and they'll even recommend a new insurer if they find one that's better suited to your needs.
Unfortunately, yes. Just like any other form or insurance (such as auto, medical, homeowner's), your Medicare supplement insurance premiums may change. Insurers may lock in your rate for a year or two, but you should be prepared for an increase in the future. There are a few providers who have a strong track record for keeping increases infrequent and small.
That depends. While some states require Medigap plans to be available for disabled individuals under the age of 65 (the age that standard Medicare eligibility starts), there's no corresponding federal law. And, many states that permit Medigap coverage for the disabled also have restrictions that don't apply for the 65-and-up plans. You should speak to a Medicare Supplement Plan advisor to learn about the options in your state of residence.
Not only is it legitimate, it's an important component of many seniors' healthcare benefits and financial planning. Of course, you should be careful to choose a reputable provider and work with an agent or referral service that takes the time to understand your needs and explain all of the available options. There's a limited window of opportunity to sign up for a Medigap plan without having to submit medical reports, so it is recommended that you begin doing your research well before your 65th birthday.

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