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Daily Harvest Review

Wednesday, May 29th

2024 Mediterranean Meal Delivery Reviews

Daily Harvest Review 2.5 Star Rating

Daily Harvest

2.5 Star Rating
  • Price per serving: Entrees start at $9.79
  • Shipment frequency: Weekly or monthly
  • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner): All of the above
  • Calories per meal: Roughly 100-300
  • Number of recipes: 14
  • Prep time: Varies depending on product type

You've probably heard of Daily Harvest - maybe in a podcast ad... or maybe in the news. It's a brand that seems to epitomize the chic, "clean-girl" lifestyle that's all over Instagram and TikTok. Think expensive, influencer-approved, with a vibe that says health and luxury. Founded in 2015, they've carved out a niche in the wellness world, presenting themselves as the go-to for sustainably-sourced, plant-based, chef-crafted foods that are as Instagrammable as they are nutritious.

2022 recall incident with serious health repercussions

But beneath this polished exterior lurks a less glamorous reality. Daily Harvest has been under fire, making headlines not for their aesthetic appeal, but for a serious recall incident in 2022. A particular recipe caused alarming health issues, leading to drastic measures like liver and gallbladder removals for some consumers. This dark underside is a stark contrast to their clean, wholesome image, marred further by ensuing lawsuits. It'll be up to you to decide if this non-repeat offense is enough to put you off their offerings entirely.

Build your box however you want

Daily Harvest's pricing and plan structure is all about flexibility and fitting into your lifestyle. You can choose from 9, 14, or 24 items delivered either weekly or monthly. What's great is the freedom to change up your items, delivery schedule, or plan preference whenever you want. Managing your account is a breeze too, either through their website or by using their handy iOS app.

Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery

$9 smoothies and soups

So, how much does a bit of Daily Harvest luxury set you back? Prices range from $5.99 to $11.99 per item. The more you order, the more you save. Think of it like buying in bulk; the bigger your haul, the bigger your savings. This volume-based discount automatically kicks in at checkout when you order 9 or more items. Here's a quick run-down of what you might spend:

  • Lattes: $5.99 each
  • Forager Bowls: $6.79 each
  • Mylk & Bites: $7.99 each
  • Smoothies & Soups: $8.49 each (ouch!)
  • Harvest Bowls, Flatbread & Grains, Pasta: $9.79 each

Volume-based discounts: the more, the merrier (and cheaper)

Here's how their discounts break down:

  • Order 9-11 items, and you get a $5 discount
  • Choose 12-23 items, and the discount jumps to $10
  • Go big with 24-26 items, and you're looking at a $25 discount

Remember, though, every box comes with a flat shipping and handling fee of $9.99. So if you buy more than what fills one box, your savings might be negated by the cost to deliver a second one.

Mediterranean-inspired eats promoting wellness and heart health

Daily Harvest has curated a collection of eats that fit the Mediterranean diet. This includes smoothies, fig bites, soups, pasta bowls, oat bowls, and grain bowls. They're not just selling food, they're selling a lifestyle - one that's all about wellness, heart health, reducing the risk of cognitive decline (and maybe getting attention on Instagram).

Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery

Mediterranean collection offers meatless dishes with customer reviews and tips

There are 14 Mediterranean items in the Mediterranean collection, and the cool thing is, each one comes with its own set of reviews and customer tips - your own little foodie community guiding you on how to jazz up each dish. And while all their products are meatless, Daily Harvest is not pushing a vegan lifestyle - they suggest meat pairings for their savory entrees, which might come in handy if you want to add more protein. But, you might also feel a bit like you're getting an incomplete meal for the price.

Mediterranean meal samples

Here's a peek at some of the meals you might find:

  • Date + Almond Smoothie: Think toasted marshmallow shake but with a healthy twist. It's got dates, almond butter, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. Customers are calling it "filling and decadent" - like dessert, but good for you.
  • Lentil + Tomato Bolognese Harvest Bowl: Imagine a lentil bolognese meets tomato stew. Lentils, carrots, mushrooms, leeks - it's a flavor-packed bowl that's quick to make and leaves no mess.
  • White Bean + Spinach Pesto Pasta: This one's for the pasta lovers who still want their greens. It's got a nut-free pesto, ancient grain pasta, artichokes, and beans. It's a guilt-free pasta indulgence with 8 grams of protein per serving.

Nutritional info at your fingertips

For those who like to know exactly what they're eating, Daily Harvest doesn't leave you guessing. Nutritional information is readily available under the "Ingredients & Nutrition Facts" tab on each item's page and on the individual containers.

Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery

Healthy but decadent soups, pasta, and smoothies

Daily Harvest's offerings seem to hit the right notes with most folks. Their soups are a standout - if you're ever in doubt about how to round out your order, apparently, soups are the way to go. The pasta also gets a thumbs up, especially for tricking your taste buds into thinking it's the real carb-heavy deal. Picture tucking into a bowl of what seems like traditional pasta, only to find out it's lentil-based - good news for your protein intake. And let's not forget the avocado cacao smoothie. It's said to be like indulging in a decadent chocolate treat, minus the guilt and sugar crash. However, it's worth noting that if you're new to plant-based eating, some of the textures might catch you off guard.

More than just microwave-and-eat

Daily Harvest doesn't play the "fresh-never-frozen" game. They freeze their ingredients right after harvest to lock in all that goodness - flavor, nutrients, you name it. And while they're big on convenience, some of their items do need a bit more love in the prep department.

  • Smoothies: This isn't just a "pop in the blender" deal. There's a little ritual to it - shaking the cup, adding the right amount of liquid, and then blending it.
  • Flatbreads: These require a bit of oven time. You're preheating, baking, and then cooling. The result? A golden brown, crispy-edged delight.
  • Forager Bowls: Whether you're a stovetop enthusiast or a microwave maven, these bowls will require stirring and heating to get that just-right consistency and warmth.

If you want to know more about the prep involved with the rest of their products, you can read up on the instructions on the website before you order or on the packaging info when it gets to you. Daily Harvest's approach is a tad more involved than your average meal delivery service, but it sounds like it's worth the extra steps.

Daily Harvest prioritizes organic ingredients and dietary restrictions

Daily Harvest uses organic ingredients often, and they tell you to check the labels to learn which ones are organic and which aren't. This is better than some competitors who say "organic with a few exceptions" without specifying what those exceptions are (because they want you to think more if their food is organic than really is). Also, all their food is dairy-free and naturally gluten-free. They've even considered those with soy sensitivities, flagging any items containing miso and tamari. However, it's worth noting that their foods are made in facilities processing dairy, nuts, soy, and gluten. So, if you've got serious allergies, you might need to tread carefully.

Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery

You might be able to DoorDash them

Shipping-wise, Daily Harvest covers most of the continental U.S. and is working hard to expand its reach. They can be found in some grocery stores, and they even offer instant delivery via mainstream delivery apps in select cities, catering to the immediate cravings of the urban crowd. For packaging, they're on a mission towards 100% sustainability, which is no small feat. They provide a clear breakdown of how to recycle or dispose of each packaging component on the website.

Freeze your items right away

With Daily Harvest, you decide how often you want deliveries, how many items you want, and what foods will fix your cravings. They let you plan deliveries up to 8 weeks in advance, and you get a scheduled delivery day. Most of the time, you don't need to be home to receive your box - a big plus for busy bees. They pack their boxes with enough dry ice to keep everything frozen for a couple of days post-delivery. In the rare case you do miss a delivery, they're quick to coordinate a reschedule. And once you do get your box, remember to stash those items in the freezer ASAP to keep them fresh. Remember, each individual box is subject to a fixed shipping and handling fee of $9.99.

Satisfied customers praise fresh, healthy meals and excellent customer service

There's a large slice of Daily Harvest's customer base that's genuinely pleased with what they offer. These happy customers often highlight the freshness and healthiness of the food. There's also praise for the customer care team, described as friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. For these fans, orders arrive well-packed and prompt, ticking all the right boxes for a satisfactory meal delivery experience. It's like a breath of fresh, healthy air in their busy lives.

Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery

Controversy and criticism: the darker side

However, we can't forget the darker side to this story. The summer 2022 recall of the French Lentil and Leek Crumbles dish, which led to serious health issues, including hospitalizations, has left a significant scar on the brand's reputation. Some customers use third-party review platforms to express deep frustration and distress, feeling that the company's response was inadequate and too slow. This incident has raised serious questions about the company's commitment to customer health and safety.

Execs party while customers suffer

An article from People magazine discusses a company event, "Harfest," that took place apparently before the source of the illness had been discovered. This event, seen by some as insensitive, has only added fuel to the fire of customer ire. One customer raged, "After getting hundreds of people sick, the owner of the company, Rachel, gets dressed up like a superhero for a company party. Wake up, America, there are people like Rachel and whomever else invested in this company, getting richer than anyone possibly needs in their lifetime off your hard earned money and then psychotically ignoring the issue." The fact that customers have lost trust in the company due to a perceived mismatch between its public image and its response to a major health crisis is quite understandable.

It's a personal decision

To sum up, beginning with the lighter subject matter, Daily Harvest's Mediterranean options are fresh and trendy, but they're pricey, and 14 products won't cut it for a full-time Mediterranean diet. We've heard from customers who absolutely rave about the healthiness and convenience, but on the other hand, there's a group of deeply dissatisfied and even permanently harmed customers, whose experiences have cast a long shadow over the brand's reputation. So, here's our two cents: proceed with caution. If you're considering Daily Harvest, it's wise to weigh the pros and cons. It'll come down to what works for your wallet, your stomach, and your conscience.

What is the Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery Service?

In a world where the Mediterranean diet has been lauded for its heart-healthy benefits and flavorful palette, Mediterranean meal delivery services are carving out a significant niche in the food delivery industry. And it's no wonder - there are a lot of reasons why mediterranean meal delivery has become so popular.

First, many people find it challenging to prepare homemade meals every day. Mediterranean meal delivery services offer a much more convenient solution by providing ready-to-eat, nutritious options. It's like having a personal chef curate a menu inspired by the coastal cuisines of the Mediterranean, saving you time and effort without compromising on flavor.

The Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery Compare Mediterranean Meal Delivery Compare Mediterranean Meal Delivery Reviews What are the best Mediterranean Meal Delivery Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery Reviews

Mediterranean Meal Delivery FAQ

Mediterranean Meal Delivery Services are a convenient way to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at home. They typically provide pre-portioned, ready-to-cook ingredients or fully prepared meals delivered to your doorstep. These services are designed for those who love the flavors of the Mediterranean diet but lack the time or expertise to prepare these dishes themselves.
Look for services that cater to specific dietary preferences or restrictions. Many Mediterranean meal services offer customizable menus, including options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or low-calorie diets. Always check the menu and ingredient list to be certain they meet your dietary needs.
Prices vary depending on the provider, meal plan, and frequency of delivery. Some services offer premium ingredients at a higher cost, while others are more budget-friendly. Compare prices and plans of different services to find one that fits your budget and dining preferences.
Expect a variety of dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, such as Greek salads, Italian pastas, Middle Eastern falafel, and Spanish paella. Meals often feature healthy fats, lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and aromatic herbs and spices typical of the Mediterranean diet.
Most Mediterranean meal delivery services offer weekly or monthly subscription plans. You can usually choose the number of meals per week, portion sizes, and sometimes even specific dishes. Some services allow flexibility in pausing or canceling subscriptions, while others may be harder to get out of.
Some Mediterranean meal delivery services offer special menus for occasions like dinner parties or romantic evenings. Check if the service has options for larger portions or special gourmet dishes that fit your event.
Meals are typically delivered in insulated packaging to keep them fresh. Delivery schedules vary, with some services offering specific delivery days and others providing more flexible scheduling. Be sure to understand the delivery process of your chosen Mediterranean meal delivery service so it aligns with your schedule.
Most Mediterranean meal delivery services offer a range of portion sizes. Single-serving options are great for individuals, while multi-portion meals can be good for households. Check the service's menu options to find the best fit for your needs.
Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Of course, people are drawn to the mediterranean diet for its vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients. The Mediterranean region is blessed with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and herbs that create a symphony of tastes. With a focus on lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables, these dishes are not just delicious but also good for your well-being. People appreciate the variety and the burst of natural goodness that comes with each bite. It's like a mini-vacation for your taste buds.

Imagine the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, the aroma of fresh herbs, and the rich flavors of olive oil and seafood. That's the essence of a Mediterranean diet, and it's not just about tantalizing your taste buds. This diet has been celebrated for its potential in promoting heart health, aiding in weight management, and even contributing to a longer life. Now, picture the luxury of having these wholesome, delectable meals delivered right to your doorstep. No need to pore over recipes or hunt for exotic ingredients: Mediterranean meal delivery services offer a seamless way to enjoy these benefits without the hassle of meal planning and preparation.

The variety and customization offered by these services are noteworthy. Whether you're a fan of Greek, Italian, Spanish, or any other Mediterranean cuisine, there's a range of options to satisfy your cravings. These services cater to various dietary preferences, offering vegetarian, vegan, and seafood-based dishes, all infused with the rich flavors and health benefits characteristic of Mediterranean cuisine.

Yet, with the increasing number of options in this sector, the challenge lies in choosing the right service. With so many competing for your attention, finding one that aligns with your taste preferences, dietary needs, and budget can be overwhelming.

Here are some key points to consider when selecting a Mediterranean meal delivery service:

  • Authenticity and flavor. How well do the meals capture the essence of Mediterranean cuisine? Are the flavors authentic and satisfying?
  • Ingredient quality. Does the service prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients, particularly key staples like olive oil, seafood, and fresh produce?
  • Dietary options. Are there enough choices to cater to different dietary preferences, such as vegetarian or gluten-free?
  • Flexibility in ordering. Is it easy to customize orders, skip deliveries, or cancel the service without hassle?
  • Packaging and sustainability. How are the meals packaged and delivered? Does the service demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability?
  • Customer feedback. What are customers saying about the taste, freshness, and overall satisfaction with the meals and service?
  • Cost. How does the pricing compare to other meal delivery services, and are there additional costs like shipping fees?

At Top Consumer Reviews, we have meticulously examined and rated the top Mediterranean meal delivery services available. Our goal is to help you find a service that not only delights your palate but also enriches your lifestyle with the healthful, vibrant essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

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