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Bosch Review

Tuesday, February 7th

2023 Microwave Oven Reviews

Bosch Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • 16 microwave oven models to choose from (no countertop styles available)
  • Prices range from $499 to $2,399
  • Innovative microwave oven options include speed styles with convection and pull-out drawer styles

Bosch is a German company whose goal is to "create technology that is invented for life" . We also like to say that "Bosch rhymes with "posh'" - and if you're looking for sleek, high-end appliances, chances are good that this is one of the brands on your list.

No countertop microwave ovens

You'll notice that first when you look at the microwave oven styles offered by Bosch: there are no dorm-friendly or space-hogging countertop options here. Instead, you'll find the more traditional over-the-range style and built-ins to match the rest of your kitchen appliances. Bosch also has some more novel choices, like drawer-style microwaves and speed ovens with convection-type cooking.

Higher series number = higher price and more features

When you shop for a Bosch appliance, the general rule of thumb is that the higher the series number, the greater the features (and the price tag). Taking a look at their over-the-range styles, their 300 series microwave is priced at $499 and the 800 series sells for $899. They both have a max power of 1000 watts and stainless steel exteriors. What are the differences? The 800 series has a stainless steel interior, while the 300 is just lacquered. You'll also see a size difference - 1.6 cu.ft. vs. 1.8 cu.ft. - and the auto-cook setting uses both a sensor and weight control on the 800 series. Only you can determine if paying an extra $400 is worth it for those slight variations.

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Warranty info isn't very clear

Bosch doesn't necessarily make it easy to find out what the warranty is on their microwave ovens. No matter which model we selected, when we clicked on the Warranty link towards the bottom of the page, it just redirected us to the top. Given how many low ratings we found on Bosch microwaves, it would be important to know what's covered and what's not. Depending on the retailer where you buy your Bosch, that information may be provided more readily than what we experienced when shopping directly from the manufacturer.

Customers aren't happy with Bosch appliances

Among microwave oven brands, Bosch gets our lowest ranking. From what we see in customer feedback, you don't get your money's worth. As evidenced by the company's "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau and the alert describing a pattern of complaints, Bosch doesn't do a great job in standing behind the appliances they sell: repairs are delayed or denied, even when covered under warranty. That might not be a problem if Bosch's microwave ovens were typically problem-free, but looking just at their highest-end models and seeing that more than half of them had customer ratings averaging less than three stars was a big red flag. For example, on the 800 Series Speed Oven 30" in Black Stainless Steel, we found comment after comment describing blown fuses, displays so dim as to render the appliance unusable, and broken springs in the door.

Choose a different brand for your microwave oven

While you might have luck with certain Bosch appliances (several people on our team love their Bosch dishwashers, for example), you're almost certain to be disappointed by a Bosch microwave oven. You'll pay a premium price for a subpar product, and you're not going to get a pleasant helping hand when you reach out to the company for repairs even during the warranty period (whatever that turns out to be). You'll definitely need to shop somewhere else if you're looking for a budget-friendly microwave oven, and we strongly recommend choosing a different manufacturer if you're shopping for a reliable high-end style too.

Which Brand of Microwave Oven is the Best?

For most of us, it's hard to imagine a kitchen without a microwave. Who heats up water for cocoa on the stove or reheats an entire meal in the oven anymore? A novelty in most homes in the 1980s, these appliances have become so common that it takes you aback when you don't see one in the kitchen - or even at the office.

Microwave oven styles have come a long way from the bulky countertop appliances of the past. Yes, you can still get models like that - after all, a dorm room isn't going to have a place to install a microwave - but the majority of kitchens now include a ready-made space under the cabinets or over the range just for a microwave. Today's more modern homes may incorporate microwave ovens as built-ins that match the oven and the refrigerator with pull-down doors, or even as a pull-out drawer in a kitchen island.

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Microwave Oven FAQ

It sounds really sci-fi, but microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation to make the water molecules in your food vibrate. That's what generates the heat that cooks it. There's a vacuum tube in your microwave that creates the waves that are reflected off the inside, passing through paper, plastic, glass and other materials while being absorbed by the food. But don't worry: this kind of radiation is different from x-rays and other types of radiation, and it won't hurt you.
Yes, when used properly, they're no more dangerous than your stovetop or oven. You're more likely to be injured by picking up a hot container or overheated food than from any radiation leakage - mostly because these ovens are highly regulated by the FDA to prevent such leaks. As long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, cook with microwave-safe containers, avoid super-heated water, check the seals from time to time, and make sure your microwave isn't running with the door open, you should be perfectly safe.
Great question. If you've ever forgotten and left a spoon in your dish when you put it in the microwave, you've probably seen the little lightning bolts inside. Oops! The short answer is that metals are much denser, so as they heat up there's no way to release steam (or anything else). Plus, if the metal object is pointy, the electrons can gather at the edges and create an arc between it and the electromagnetic transmitter inside the oven. You're not going to cause a house fire, but you could ruin a perfectly good microwave!
According to The Food Network, you should avoid cooking several things in your microwave oven. Eggs and uncovered pasta sauces can explode all over the inside. Microwaving broccoli can destroy its nutrients. Raw hot peppers can emit dangerous fumes from the capsaicin vaporizing at high temperatures. But, believe it or not, the biggest one to avoid is water: microwaving it can bring it to extremely high temperatures without it boiling, which can cause severe burns if it explodes or splatters.
The price range for microwaves may surprise you. You could get a small model perfect for a dorm room for about $50. Typical countertop microwave ovens are usually priced between $100 and $300. Many homes use over-the-range models; depending on the size, brand, features and whether or not it's designed to be built into the wall or the cabinetry, you could pay as little as $200 or over $1,000.
On average, microwave ovens last about seven years. Some older models have been known to keep on cooking for up to 20 years, but that's the exception. If your household uses the microwave on the regular for defrosting food, heating up snacks, and so on, yours may only last 4-5 years. You may want to consider an extended warranty on your appliance if you've got a large household.
Because shopping at an appliance store in your pajamas in the middle of the night is frowned upon? All jokes aside, shopping for your microwave online helps you make the best purchase: you can narrow down what features you need, which brands are the most reliable, and find the best match at a price you like, all with no pressure from salespeople and at no risk of making an impulse buy just because something was available at the store.
That depends on what you mean by "size" . If you're looking just at its physical dimensions, a microwave oven is measured by the internal measurements, described in cubic feet. The width is usually intended to line up with a cabinet's: 24" , 27" , or 30" . The height is usually between 17" -22" , and the depth goes from 20" to 25" on most models. However, you might be thinking of the microwave's power, measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the more your food will cook quickly and evenly.
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While some people have held onto concerns that microwave ovens might be unsafe because of the way they cook food, those fears are unfounded. Manufacturers go to great lengths to make sure that the biggest risk of using a microwave oven is when people eat their food before it cools off a bit (we've all done that breathy-mouth-thing when we just couldn't wait for that delicious snack to be ready - and regretted it for days afterwards).

Not only have microwave designs expanded, but their capabilities have grown too. Convection for faster cooking, air fryer functions, and voice controls are just a few features that may "wow" you, especially if you're replacing a trusty old model that finally gave up the ghost after a decade or more of faithful food-cooking service in your home.

With so many options, where do you start? Walk yourself through this checklist as you figure out which microwave oven and brand are right for you:

  • Microwave Style and Size. The easiest way to narrow down the options is by style and size. Do you need a countertop design or something that you install over your range, under the cabinets, or built into the wall or island? And how much room do you have? Take careful measurements, but rest assured that most spaces will be cut to a standard dimension.
  • Finish. Are you coordinating with other appliances? Most microwaves come in stainless steel, but you'll still need to decide if you want it in black, brushed stainless, and so on.
  • Features. Are there any must-haves on your list? Maybe you've been thinking about buying an air fryer, and a fully-featured microwave oven could help you kill two birds with one stone. Do you want a handle to pull or a button to push when opening the door?
  • Reputation. Based on owners' comments, how long will your new microwave last? How does the brand measure up when something breaks under warranty? Will you get help from customer service quickly or will your problem be ignored? Take a look at the company's Better Business Bureau rating and customer reviews to help you pick a brand that stands behind its appliances.

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular brands of microwave ovens on the market today. We hope this information helps you choose the right model for your kitchen!

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