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The Music Box Shop Review

Friday, August 12th

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The Music Box Shop Review 2.5 Star Rating

The Music Box Shop

2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $99 - $12,999

The Music Box Shop is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. They've been selling music boxes on the internet since 1995. In addition to music boxes, they carry an assortment of discs, dolls, figurines, jewelry boxes, and musical eggs. Their website is nothing fancy and gives an outdated feel as far as layout and photos.

Classic Music Boxes Only

There are over 100 music boxes for sale at The Music Box Shop. All of them are rectangle or square boxes made of wood with some type of carving or painting on them. You won't find novel music boxes here that are themed and in the shape of different people or objects. Everything at this store has a classic look that probably resembles exactly what you first think of when you hear the words "music box".

A Bit More Expensive

Prices on music boxes from The Music Box Shop range from $99 - $12,999. The majority of music boxes are in the $150 - $280 range. This is a bit more expensive than some competing retailers that have a big selection of music boxes (with a wider range of styles) for $100 or less.

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No Return Policy Listed

There is no return policy listed on The Music Box Shop website for any of their products. If you want details on how they handle defective items, returns, or exchanges, your best bet is to give them a call at the phone number listed on their site and speak directly with them about your particular case.

Unlcear And Confusing Ordering Process

It would be really helpful if The Music Box Shop gave more specific information about themselves and their products on their website. We found a long list of songs that can be played in the music boxes, but nowhere does it clarify if all the music boxes are customizable and can play any song you choose. If this is the case, the website also does not explain how you specify the song you want once a music box is added to your cart. We worry that if customers shop here they will not end up getting what they expected since the ordering process is unclear.

Lack Of Customer Feedback

The Music Box Shop is not rated by The Better Business Bureau and customers haven't posted much about their experiences with them anywhere. The feedback we did find mostly related to their in-person shopping experience if you live near their Phoenix, Arizona store. One customer mentioned having issues ordering online, so she called their phone number to get assistance, which is a good idea.

Misses The Mark

Overall, The Music Box Shop has less variety than the other music box retailers we evaluated. If you want a beautiful, classic music box and are willing to contact someone over the phone to get help making sure your order is correct, then buying from here might be a great option for you. There aren't any big red flags that would urge us to steer customers away from The Music Box Shop, but they just don't quite stand up against their competition.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Music Box?

You may remember a special music box at a grandparent's home, or maybe you received one yourself as a gift growing up. These ornate boxes usually have sentimental value for the owner. Hearing a music box song may bring back memories and have a unique meaning each time you hear it. The music box may have held jewelry, had a pop-up figure spin as the music played, or simply existed to play beautiful songs. Regardless of the type, music boxes have been around for hundreds of years, creating nostalgia for us all.

We don't see music boxes around as much as we used to, but they are more widely available than you might think. Many online retailers sell music boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can find music boxes shaped like different objects, Disney-themed, made to hold jewelry, or programmed with songs of your choice. The selection of unique music boxes for sale online is seemingly endless, so whatever the occasion you're buying for, undoubtedly you'll find a music box that's perfect for it.

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Music Box Store FAQ

Music boxes first appeared in the late 18th Century in Switzerland. They became so popular within the next 100 years that music boxes were 10% of the nation's total exports! Music boxes' appeal declined for a while but surged once more when American soldiers in Europe during WWII brought them home as souvenirs.
There's a lot of variety within the different types of music boxes. They can play anywhere from four to eight bars of music, depending on the size of the cylinder that produces the notes.
Given their origins in the 18th Century, music boxes even now feature many classical pieces like Beethoven's 9th Symphony or Fur Elise. Musicals are also popular, from Phantom of the Opera's "Music of the Night" to "Memory" from Cats. Believe it or not, you can find contemporary music - even TV show theme songs and tunes from Disney movies!
Yes, definitely. If there's a piece of music that has special meaning, a figurine to commemorate an important occasion, or a type of wood that would complement your decor, there are specialty music box stores that are happy to provide you with a bespoke creation.
Yes and no. You can have jewelry boxes that don't play music, of course, and you can have music boxes that don't have any storage space. But, if you have a music box with compartments or hollowed-out areas where you can keep rings, necklaces, and so on, you could call it a music box or a jewelry box - or even a music jewelry box! You get the idea.
Only if you want them to be. You can get a very simple music box for less than $15, a one-of-a-kind luxury purchase for over $100,000, and everything in between. Most music boxes, however, fall in a price range between $50 and $150.
Yes. Not every retailer of music boxes offers a repair service, however. The more specialized (and, perhaps, high-end) the music box store, the more likely it is that they can fix a music box you already have.
Many retailers of music boxes allow returns on non-customized items only. You may be charged a restocking fee and have to pay any costs for the return shipping.
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Music box prices vary widely, so shopping online is the best way to compare costs between stores. Skip the hassle of driving around looking for brick-and-mortar retailers: stores like this are harder to find these days and usually carry a very slim collection of pricey music boxes, if any. Instead, from the comfort of your home, you can browse thousands of beautiful, unique music boxes. It doesn't get easier than that!

When purchasing a music box online, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Cost. There are quite a few music box retailers out there, so compare prices between them to make sure you're getting a fair deal on your music box.
  • Return Policy. If you change your mind about the music box or it arrives defective, what is the process for sending it back? Can you get a full refund if needed?
  • Selection. If you're looking for a music box, you likely have a special reason in mind. Find a retailer that has a big selection so you can find the music box you've been imagining.

To give you an idea of which choice might be the most effective for you, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of retailers. We hope this information helps you find a music box that will bring joy to you or a loved one for years to come!

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