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Music Gateway Review

Friday, February 23rd

2024 Music Publishing Company Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Music Gateway Review 5 Star Rating

Music Gateway

5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $22 to $37 per month
  • 150+ distribution partners
  • Representation for movie and game music
  • Intuitive platform
  • 80%-95% of royalties to the artist
  • Up to 100% of distribution revenue to the artist
  • Free trial for 5 songs
  • Options for music collabs
  • 5-star ratings from reviewers
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Music Gateway is a global platform supported by a dedicated team working tirelessly to offer innovative solutions and advanced technology, fostering a fair field of opportunities and productivity for creative individuals worldwide. Their mission is to enhance efficiency, boost quality, expand opportunities, and provide assistance. Established in 2011, Music Gateway's journey began in a shed in the founder's backyard, evolving into collaborations with prominent creative industry brands, 150+ partnerships, and emerging talents globally, transforming dreams into tangible projects.

Comprehensive music service

Music Gateway serves as a comprehensive music service platform offering a range of tools and products tailored to artists. Their website showcases key features, including representation of labels and musicians for various media, such as TV, games, film, and advertising, positioning themselves as a licensing agent collaborating with diverse industry players to secure sync revenue while allowing artists to retain full copyright and royalties. Notably, Music Gateway also provides a unique avenue by granting artists access to a range of job opportunities and creative prospects, an advantage not commonly found in similar platforms, thereby facilitating career growth within the music industry.

Wide range of features

With the growing significance of services like radio plugging and music-related expertise in the music industry, Music Gateway presents a versatile solution, offering an array of options to subscribed clients. A quick rundown of their most prominent features includes:

  • Cloud Storage For Creatives
  • Cover Song Licensing
  • Live and Loud Sessions
  • Manage Demo Submissions
  • Music Distribution
  • Music Industry Jobs
  • Music Marketing
  • Music Promotion
  • Music PR & Press
  • Music Sync Licensing
  • Spotify Promotion
  • Spotify Playlist Submission
  • TikTok Promotion

Using the platform is a breeze

If you want to jump right in with minimal tech learning, Music Gateway is one of the top places to start. They boast an exceptionally intuitive interface that offers boatloads of features. And if you encounter any learning hurdles for any reason, you can refer to their comprehensive guides available on their widely recognized blog. The platform hosts its own viral and renowned blog, which enables users to conveniently explore various topics of interest. This blog showcases insightful articles and guides detailing the functionality of their services, empowering artists to leverage their tools and resources to enhance their prowess and thrive within the music industry.

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Great prices for all-inclusive services

Music Gateway operates as a one-stop shop. They promise that you get everything you need to kick off your music career with one subscription. Now, there are a couple of ways to get started with their all-encompassing subscription plan, and each offers slightly different perks and royalty splits.

  • Free:
    • Get 5 tracks published
    • Unlimited song management
    • 2 masters per month
    • 80% distribution revenue to artist
    • 80% publishing revenue (royalties) to the artist
    • 50% sync placement revenue to the artist
  • Pro: $22 per month
    • Get 80 tracks published
    • Unlimited song management
    • 5 masters per month
    • 100% distribution revenue to the artist
    • 90% of publishing revenue (royalties) to the artist
    • 70% sync placement revenue to the artist
  • Unlimited: $37 per month
    • Unlimited tracks published
    • Unlimited song management
    • Unlimited masters per month
    • 100% distribution revenue to the artist
    • 95% publishing revenue (royalties) to the artist
    • 80% sync placement revenue to the artist

While the prices initially look a little higher compared with other services, since this is a one-stop shop you're getting your money's worth. For those looking for a better deal, you can pay yearly instead. This makes the Pro $220 and the Unlimited $370 which is way less than paying month-to-month.

Gateway to music collabs

Music production often demands collaborative efforts, recognizing that many budding artists excel in specific areas such as music composition or vocals. Effective collaboration becomes pivotal for musicians. With this in mind, Music Gateway uses its global music collaboration marketplace to help artists seamlessly connect with fellow talented creators. This helps set musicians up with new and exciting opportunities for music production collaboration, uniting gifted artists from around the world.

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Great promotion services

Renowned for its exceptional music promotion services across major streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, and Apple Music, among numerous others, Music Gateway stands as a prominent player in the field. Music Gateway's artist development program holds substantial value in terms of gaining essential artist recognition. This comprehensive program not only offers pathways to success but also extends consultation, skill enhancement techniques, and access to a toolkit that can facilitate growth. On top of the tailored help, musicians and artists will have their work distributed for them by Music Gateway to every partnership on Music Gateway's roster. Plus, those who take advantage of either of the paid memberships can expect to have their music marketed to 300+ additional digital music storefronts.

Musicians are getting results

While the company doesn't have a page with the BBB there are plenty of reviews to support Music Gateway's stellar promises. With third-party review sites showing that customers have rated the company 4.7 out of 5 stars on average (with a few sites showing perfect 5-star scores), it's clear that Music Gateway is a fan favorite. Reviews cover topics like the positive experience with customer service and the ease of using the platform. Customers note they are seeing tangible success while using Music Gateway, and agree that it's worth the cost.

#1 pick for music publishing

Bottom line? Music Gateway is the perfect name for this service because it's definitely a gateway to music success. With tools in place to help artists jump into the world of royalties, publishing, and distribution all in one convenient site, there really aren't any downsides to trying Music Gateway. You can check out their process for free with 5 songs. And, if you decide it's worth it to join, the Pro membership and Unlimited membership offer a host of amazing benefits and distribution opportunities. Plus, with customers saying the process really works, we're happy to recommend Music Gateway as the top option for music publishing on our list.

Where is the Best Place for Music Publishing Today?

Online music publishing companies have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity due to a number of factors that have reshaped the music industry landscape. These platforms have not only revolutionized the way music is distributed, but have also provided a crucial bridge between artists and their audience.

One of the key reasons behind the widespread adoption of online music publishing companies is the democratization of the music industry. In the past, breaking into the music scene required significant financial backing, access to recording studios, and connections within the industry. However, online platforms have leveled the playing field, allowing independent artists to showcase their talent without the need for a traditional record label.

The Best Music Publishing Companies Compare Music Publishing Companies Compare Music Publishing Company Reviews What are the best Music Publishing Companies Best Music Publishing Company Reviews

Music Publishing Company FAQ

Music publishing refers to the business of copyrighting and distributing songs. A music publisher helps you register your songs, protects your copyright, and gets your music out to the public in various ways.
It's not strictly necessary, but it's a much more efficient and effective way to push your music out to the world - and to get paid for it! Do you want to spend your time making music or handling administrative tasks? If you're like most musicians, it'll be worth the fees to work with a publishing service so that you can focus more on the former and less (if at all!) on the latter.
Each provider uses a different fee structure. You could have a royalty share format that also has one-time set-up costs, or you might choose a service that gives you 100% of your royalties in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.
Not necessarily. Many of today's most popular providers let you keep full copyright on any music you publish through their platform.
Most services do not require you to commit to a long-term business relationship in order to get your music published. However, it's always wise to read the terms and conditions before you make a commitment to any publishing platform.
Absolutely. In fact, that's one of the reasons most musicians choose to use a music publisher. There's no better way to streamline the process - and start getting royalty money! - than to use a service that knows exactly how to get your songs out to the public.
Yes! There are a few platforms that specialize in marketing musicians' creations for commercials, TV shows and movies, etc.
Your best bet is to look at client reviews. Are they happy with the service? Has their music been successful because of the publisher's efforts? Have clients been able to get help from customer service representatives when needed? If a music publishing service has a good track record with other musicians, chances are high that you'll be satisfied too.
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This democratization has led to a diverse array of music being accessible to a global audience, fostering a more inclusive and varied musical landscape.

The advent of digital technology has also played a pivotal role in the popularity of online music publishing companies. With the rise of streaming services and digital downloads, music has become more accessible than ever before. These platforms offer a convenient and instantaneous way for listeners to discover and enjoy a vast catalog of music across genres. The ease of access has not only broadened the audience for established artists, but has also provided emerging talents with a platform to gain recognition.

Furthermore, online music publishing companies have redefined the concept of music discovery. Through sophisticated algorithms and personalized recommendations, these platforms introduce listeners to new artists and genres based on their preferences. This dynamic approach to music discovery has created a more engaged and adventurous audience, willing to explore a wide range of musical styles beyond mainstream offerings. As a result, artists who might have struggled to find a niche in traditional channels now have the opportunity to connect with a receptive audience eager for diverse sounds.

Modern music publishers play a crucial role in the music industry by bridging the gap between artists and their audiences. These companies specialize in the business side of music, handling tasks such as licensing, distribution, promotion, and monetization. Music publishers serve as intermediaries between songwriters, composers, and performers, ensuring that their creative works reach a wide audience.

In today's digital age, music publishers have evolved to adapt to changing technologies and consumption habits. They work closely with streaming platforms, social media networks, and digital stores to ensure that music is accessible across various online channels. These publishers have a deep understanding of copyright laws and licensing agreements, enabling them to negotiate fair deals for their artists.

Music publishers help artists navigate the complex landscape of rights management and intellectual property protection, allowing musicians to focus on their craft while the publishers handle the business aspects. Additionally, they provide valuable insights into market trends and audience preferences, helping musicians tailor their content for maximum impact.

Music publishers offer a range of services that are immensely useful for both established artists and newcomers to the industry. For established musicians, publishers provide a broader reach and help maintain a consistent presence in the ever-expanding digital music landscape. So whether you're an emerging artist or a musician with a longtime career, a music publisher can offer support to fit your needs with legal concerns, promotion of your work, or even just some industry advice. Whether through traditional publishing, self-publishing, or a hybrid model, the world of modern music publishing offers a range of opportunities for artists to showcase their talents and connect with audiences worldwide.

If you're on the lookout for a place to publish your tunes, where can you go? Fortunately, there are tons of music publishers available online, designed to cater to your unique musical needs. Whether you're looking to publish pop, rock, metal, or synth-wave hits, there's a publisher out there that fits the bill. If you don't know where to start, don't worry. We've compiled a set of criteria to help you narrow down the options and find the perfect fit for your musical journey:

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a music publishing company:

  • Price: When you're looking for music publishing there are lots of factors that can affect the price. So, knowing what you need and what you want to spend can change how you narrow down your options. Do you want to pay an annual fee or make a one-time purchase? Are you only looking for services with free publishing or free trials? Keep your budget in mind as you browse.
  • Royalties: Whenever you work with a music publisher there's going to be royalty commissions. The best platforms will give you, the artist, the majority of the revenue. But some options do more work on the back end and take a little more of the royalties. So, keep in mind how much you want to make. Some services take as much as 50% depending on the tier. Keeping an eye out for companies that only take 15% or 10% of royalties can help you be sure you're getting a good deal.
  • Distributor network: Not every publisher has the same network. Check out which companies you want to send your music to and how much of the distributor network is exclusive to a particular publisher. Most companies offer standard options like Spotify or YouTube, but if you want something specific like Sony Music or TV channels like The CW, you may need to browse for publishers with particular partnerships.
  • Customer feedback: At the end of the day, the music industry can be a little hit or miss. So, check out the customer reviews and BBB scores to make sure that the publisher you like is doing right by the musicians already signed with them. This can be a great indicator to help you decide between two close picks.

Top Consumer Reviews has assessed and ranked the best online music publishing services to help you find the right spot to take your tunes and turn them into a platinum record. Whether you're seeking help with new music at the beginning of your journey, or you need an experienced publisher to support your career to the top of the charts, the right music publisher is out there waiting for you. We hope this helps you take the stress out of publishing and get back to what you love: making amazing music.

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