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IntelliShop Review

Friday, August 12th

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IntelliShop Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • More than 800,000 evaluators, auditors and panelists
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business for over 20 years
  • Payment via PayPal on the 20th of the month

IntelliShop is headquartered in Ohio and has been in the mystery shopping industry for more than two decades. The company is a trusted partner of J.D. Power and works in more than 30 different types of industries ranging from Automotive to Restaurants and many others.

Lots of pre-application info here

There's a wealth of information you can get through the IntelliShop website, even before you complete an application to be a mystery shopper. They clearly spell out their process, which includes applying online, taking a five-minute screening test, downloading their optional apps (Shop Notifier and GPS Verifier), scheduling jobs that come up on the app or via email notifications, and then being sure to understand all shop requirements prior to conducting the assessment. You can get even more details through IntelliShop's FAQ section.

Complete basic application to see available shops

Ready to apply? IntelliShop only makes payments via PayPal, so make sure you use the email address associated with your account there when signing up here. (And yes, you'll have to use PayPal if you want to get paid as an IntelliShop mystery shopper; create an account there if you don't already have one.) Your application goes through the SASSIE platform, used by many mystery shopping companies. You'll first read through the Independent Contractor Agreement, and on the same page you'll enter your contact information and other personal details. Be sure to specify up to five area codes (NOT zip codes) where you're willing to conduct mystery shops. IntelliShop asks for your SSN, but you can defer entering that until later. You'll be sent a confirmation email and invited to complete further profile details, but you can still see available shops in your area beforehand.

Decent number of jobs in our area

What kinds of jobs can you expect with this mystery shopping company? During our evaluation, the open assignments in the mid-size metro area we specified mostly consisted of GEICO insurance quotes online ($50), eating at Church's Chicken ($5 job fee, $10 reimbursement), or changing an AT&T service plan ($125). The job board here isn't anything fancy, but it's easy to use and see all pertinent details of a shop before requesting an assignment.

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Your work impacts your Shopper Rating

As you work as an IntelliShop mystery shopper, you'll earn a Shopper Rating. Your score improves as you write thorough reports, follow assignment guidelines to the letter, and turn in reports on time. Your rating can include positive and negative citations: "Flake" if you don't get your assignments in by the due date, "Cancel" if you bail without enough advance warning, or a positive "Hero" citation if you can be counted on, especially with last-minute jobs.

Mystery shopping jobs

Some of IntelliShop's mystery shopping opportunites include Agencies, Apartments, Retail, Banking/Financial, Hospitality, Museums, Grocery, Restaurants, Transportation, Concessions, Healthcare, and over two dozen more.

Little activity on social media

IntelliShop could get a little more competitive by keeping its social media channels up-to-date. Many of their rivals post weekly, sometimes even more often, with examples of past and current mystery shopping assignments. It's a great way to give prospective shoppers a reason to apply - but there were no posts on this company's Facebook or Twitter accounts for more than six months prior to this evaluation.

Great reputation

And reputation? The Better Business Bureau thinks highly of IntelliShop, offering its highest rating and accreditation. Mystery shopper feedback here is on par with the other highly-rated services we reviewed: if you pay good attention to detail and complete your work on time, you can expect to receive more opportunities. Otherwise, your rating will decrease if your reports are late, incomplete, or don't follow the assignment guidelines.

Risk-free mystery shopping opportunity

We encourage you to read through all of the information on the IntelliShop site and decide if it sounds like a mystery shopping company that interests you. There's no harm done in signing up for a free account and browsing the available shops in your area before you provide your SSN. IntelliShop is a solid four-star mystery shopping company that you can trust.

Where Should You Sign Up as a Mystery Shopper?

In today's economy, everyone's got a side hustle, from making crafts to sell on Etsy to delivering people's takeout meals. What if you could get paid to eat at your favorite restaurant, get your oil changed, or scope out the newest coffee shop in town? That's what hundreds of thousands of mystery shoppers have been doing - for decades.

This is no "here today, gone tomorrow" gig: companies have relied on the intel gathered by mystery shoppers to get first-hand perspective on their signage, customer service experience, product quality and more. What does it take to be a "secret shopper" ? Attention to detail is crucial: some evaluations may have just a few aspects to track (like cleanliness of an entryway and a particular ad's signage), but others require more.

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Mystery Shopping Company FAQ

Mystery shopping, sometimes referred to as "secret shopping" , is the way that many businesses get information about how their stores, offices or locations are doing with respect to customer service. Are the employees friendly? Are the proper signs displayed for a holiday promotion? Companies contract with mystery shopping providers that send in "secret shoppers" , who pretend to be there as a regular customer but are actually taking notes on their experience. Does that sound like fun? It is!
There's really no limit to the types of "mystery shops" you might have the chance to complete. You could visit a restaurant and place a specific order, go to a movie theater and see how clean the restrooms are, or even ship a package at the post office. Some mystery shops require you to buy a product and return it later, to evaluate how well the employee handles the transaction on both ends.
You'll get a lengthy series of instructions for each mystery shop assigned to you. In order to get paid, you'll need to follow those details to the letter. Common requirements are noting the time it takes to be approached by a salesperson, how long you wait in line to ring up your purchase, or the number of customers present at a particular time of day. You might also be asked to take photos or video (as surreptitiously as possible!).
It shouldn't! Reputable mystery shopping services allow you to register as an independent contractor at no cost to you. If you see a website that asks you to pay to become a secret shopper, you'll know it's not on the up-and-up. In fact, they're probably just going to give you a list of the real mystery shopping companies that you could have signed up for without their help!
That varies widely. Some shops only pay you a small amount of money, because you get to keep the product (or eat the meal, or see the movie, etc.). If a shop is high-priority - because it's time-sensitive, or maybe another shopper cancelled at the last minute - you could get a bonus payment. It's unlikely you'll make a living as a mystery shopper, but it could put some spending money in your pockets, give you a free date night, or provide you with some fun merchandise at no cost.
Yes, most of the time. Mystery shopping is always done on a 1099 (independent contractor) basis, and most providers understand that their secret shoppers will be working with more than one service at a time. But, during the sign-up process, be sure to read all of the requirements of the company where you're applying, just to make sure there aren't any non-compete clauses that would prohibit you from working for a rival service.
You want to avoid that happening at all costs! Think of mystery shopping as an acting role: you're not really "you" , but rather someone that could be an everyday customer at the store. If you're outed as a mystery shopper before you've finished gathering the required information, it could invalidate the entire job - and you won't get paid.
While there are absolutely some scammy services and sites out there, who just want to get your money in exchange for a list of mystery shopping opportunities, the industry itself is absolutely legitimate - and used by most of the big-name corporations you know to gather insights on their many locations nationwide. There's even a certification process you can participate in, which may boost your chances of being accepted by a mystery shopping provider and then landing more shops. Check to see if a mystery shopping company is a member of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) before you register: it's a good sign that you've chosen a trustworthy, established service to start your adventure as a secret shopper!
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Continued from above...

For example, some mystery shopping programs require you to keep track of specific times and names of salespeople while discreetly snapping photos and not blowing your cover as an everyday customer. And yes, a little bit of acting skills can go a long way when doing a mystery shop, since you may have to pretend to be very interested in that new cell phone plan, hot menu item, or fancy new construction home. Other than that, as long as you look at mystery shopping as a fun way to make some money and not as a career, you should have no trouble succeeding as an evaluator.

A word of caution: mystery shopping companies' names are often used to target victims in money laundering scams. Most of today's secret shopping platforms make payments via PayPal, and never in advance of doing a shop; you won't be "invited" to be a mystery shopper with a $1900 cashier's check in the mail. If you receive anything like that, you should contact the company through the toll-free number on their website and ask how they would like you to go about reporting it to the authorities (such as the Federal Trade Commission or the police department). And, whatever you do, DON'T CASH THAT CHECK.

It's also important to realize that you should never be asked to pay to be a mystery shopper. In the past, some less-than-reputable websites have offered to "unlock the secrets" of mystery shopping for a membership fee or one-time payment - when in reality, all you get is a list of secret shopper companies (like the ones we've evaluated here, for free).

Enough about the tricky stuff: let's move on to choosing a mystery shopping company to get you started. Here are several factors to help you pick where to begin:

  • Upfront Information: How much does the company tell you before you fill out an application? The best mystery shopping services give you a lot of information to consider first, usually through FAQs, videos, or even screenshots of their shopper apps.
  • Ability to See Available Shops: How much personal information do you have to give the company before you can see what shops they have in your area? Some applications require everything from your Social Security Number to your height and weight, while others will let you in with just a name, address, and email (though you'll have to complete your profile before you can be assigned to a shop). We appreciate mystery shopping companies who post some of their current shop openings on social media as well.
  • Shops Near You: the most amazing mystery shopping companies around won't be of any use to you if they don't have assignments where you live (or work, or travel, or - you get the idea).
  • Payment: how often will you get paid and in what way? Most companies today use PayPal, so if you're unwilling or unable to create an account there, you'll have to look for a service that also offers direct deposit or traditional paper checks. The usual payment timeframe is the middle of the month following your completed shops; a small number of mystery shopping companies pay more quickly (within two weeks) and more frequently (twice a month).
  • Reputation: the most reputable mystery shopping companies are part of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) and will proudly display that membership badge on their site. Also check to see if they've been rated by the Better Business Bureau, how long they've been in

TopConsumerReviews.com has sorted through today's most popular mystery shopping programs, to give you the information you need to get started on your new side gig. We hope this helps you choose a company that's the right fit for you. Have fun being a "secret shopper" !

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