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The Best Name Change Services

Which Name Change Service is the Best?

Changing your name in the United States is an important decision that many people make for various reasons. Whether it's to express your true identity, leave behind a difficult past or walk with joy into a future with a spouse, honor your cultural heritage, or adapt to new circumstances, the process involves legal and administrative steps that can be daunting.

The specifics may differ depending on the state, but generally, you'll need to file a petition with the appropriate court and pay some fees. Some states may require you to attend a court hearing. If so, at the hearing, you'll explain why you want to change your name. If the court approves your request, they'll issue a legal name change order, which serves as the basis for updating your identification documents and notifying relevant institutions.

Friday, May 24th

2024 Name Change Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award LegalZoom Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Name change service available for adults and children
  • Can help you get a court order for the name change
  • Pricing starts at $139
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

If you're looking to change your name for reasons other than marriage or divorce, most name change services won't be able to assist you. However, there's one highly-rated provider called LegalZoom that can help you with the entire process. They'll guide you through the necessary steps to legally change your name or get a name change for a minor - including everything that needs to be done to file your paperwork with the appropriate local court.

Simple pricing and packages

There's nothing confusing about the options with this service, and we love that. LegalZoom offers two name change packages: one for adults and one for minors. The adult package costs $139, while the minor package is priced at $165. Each package includes the following:

  • Customized name change documents tailored to your state of residence.
  • Clear instructions on how to file the documents with the appropriate court, if needed. They'll also provide the court filing location and relevant information.
  • A checklist of government agencies and financial institutions that you need to notify once your name change is finalized, whether it's due to marriage, divorce, or any other reason.
  • A thorough "Peace of Mind" review of your documents by a real person to ensure they're complete, consistent, and accurate.

Help is available 7 days a week

Got questions? LegalZoom provides specialist help on standby seven days a week, with hours from 5am-7pm on weekdays and 7am-4pm on weekends (Pacific time zone). And, if you determine that your situation is complicated enough to require the help of a lawyer, LegalZoom can connect you with an independent attorney at a reasonable price: just click the "Find out more" button on the Name Change page to get started.

Lifetime support + satisfaction guarantee

On top of that, LegalZoom offers lifetime customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with their name change service for any reason, they'll either take the necessary steps to fix the problem or give you a refund of your fees (not including any that you may have had to pay to the court, of course).

Best Name Change Services

A little over-the-top for marriage-related name changes

It's worth noting that if you're simply changing your name due to marriage, LegalZoom's service might be a bit excessive. That's because the legal requirements for a name change through marriage, like getting a marriage license and saying "I do" , are already satisfied. In this case, you might want to consider one of the other high-ranking services we've reviewed to save some money.

Excellent for less-traditional name change situations

However, if your name change situation goes beyond the traditional bride taking the groom's name, LegalZoom is an excellent choice. They cover hyphenated last names, same-sex couples, grooms taking their brides' surnames, and more. While LegalZoom is a little more expensive than your average name change service, you can trust that they'll take care of everything, double-check all the details, and ensure your name change satisfies any legal requirements in your state.

Still #1 among name change services

Although LegalZoom isn't the lowest-priced option on our list, it's undoubtedly the most thorough and offers the widest range of options for legally adopting a new name. With nearly 20 years of experience in the business and an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, LegalZoom is our top pick among name change services, no matter your unique situation.

NewlyNamed Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Name change service available for adults
  • Focuses on name changes due to marriage or divorce
  • Can be used after other court-ordered name change documents have been issued (changing first and middle names)
  • Pricing ranges from $39 to $89
  • Plenty of positive customer reviews
  • Over 200,000 customers served

NewlyNamed, founded in 2019 by Colie Christensen from Minnesota, is one of the newer name change services in our evaluation. With features like auto-filled applications, online document access, step-by-step instructions, and responsive customer support, it's incredibly user-friendly.

Print it yourself or have it printed for you

NewlyNamed offers two package options: a DIY package for $39 and a printed-out-plus-postage package for $89, which includes prepaid mailing envelopes. It's up to you to decide if the added convenience is worth the extra $50.

Covers all the bases

What sets NewlyNamed apart is their comprehensive list of institutions to notify for name changes. Alongside the usual ones like Social Security, passport, and driver's license, they include unexpected ones like TSA Precheck, loyalty programs, and even the IRS. NewlyNamed will fill out the applications for Social Security, voter registration, and passport name changes; others like driver's license, personal accounts (like bank accounts and investment accounts), and vehicle registration will be explained and the corresponding applications/instructions are provided for you to fill out.

Excellent reputation

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that NewlyNamed will refund you if you're not satisfied. Fortunately, based on customer reviews, it's likely you'll be impressed by their lightning-fast customer service response, which sets them apart from competitors. Across the ratings left on the NN website, the average is a nearly-perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars - but, of course, the company decides which reviews to include on their own site, so we made sure to look in other places as well.

Best Name Change Services

Positive customer feedback

While we didn't spot any listing with the Better Business Bureau, we were able to gather feedback from some top wedding websites and other sources. That consensus was also overwhelmingly positive. People were so relieved to have an easy way to figure out exactly who to notify of their name change and to get it done with minimal effort.

Now serving clients outside of marriage/divorce name changes

Those third-party reviews were also where we found something new: while in the past, NewlyNamed didn't seem to offer help for court-ordered name changes or new legal first names, several reviewers praised the service for making it possible to do just that. Although you can't change your first name in conjunction with a marriage or divorce, if you already have a court order with a name change for other reasons, NewlyNamed can absolutely support you. Just remember that the court process is separate from NN's service: you have to go through the courts first, then use NewlyNamed to process all of the name changes you need.

Definitely worth considering

While there might be slightly cheaper name change services out there, few provide the same level of client attention as NewlyNamed. They take the stress out of the process by offering all the necessary help and convenience at an affordable price. For us, NewlyNamed is still one of the top choices for name change services - especially with the added benefit of being able to assist with any court-ordered name change, beyond marriages and divorces.

Easy Name Change Review 3.5 Star Rating

Easy Name Change

3.5 Star Rating
  • Name change service available for adults
  • Mostly focused on name change due to marriage or divorce
  • Can provide a free name change court petition for residents of Florida, New York, Pennsylvania
  • Pricing ranges from $39 to $79
  • Limited 60-day refund
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

Established in Australia in 2008 and in the US in 2014, Easy Name Change calls itself "a technology company specializing in name change" . Their goal is to take a process that can often require hours and hours of research and paperwork and reduce it to just 15 minutes.

Choose between print-for-you and print-yourself

There are only two name change kits to choose from here; you just need to decide if you want to print out all of the name change documents yourself ($39) or you want them printed and shipped to you, with all the envelopes you need plus three stamped ones ($79).

Not just for marriage/divorce

Although Easy Name Change is mostly focused on those who are marrying or divorcing, they're proud to say that their kit "suits all name change reasons" , and there's no upcharge for being in a situation that isn't the typical "I do" or "I'm done" . As an added bonus, Easy Name Change will even provide you with a free name change court petition to start the process, if you're a resident of Florida, New York, or Pennsylvania.

Solid reputation

We're glad to report that Easy Name Change has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and there were no complaints filed there. Of course, that may be due to the fact that most of this service's clients come from Australia and other places instead of the US: when you check out the reviews left on Trustpilot by Easy Name Change users, that's where most of them are from. Happily, across 75+ reviews left there, this service averages 4.6 out of 5 stars and most people are satisfied with what they were able to get done with Easy Name Change's help.

Best Name Change Services


But, there are little things with Easy Name Change that make us, well, uneasy. "Helping cutomers since 2008" is what it says in the site description at the bottom of the page - and if there's a typo like that when the service markets itself, what might it say about the overall attention to detail of the name change documents you'd get here?

Refund policy - with restrictions

To put your mind at ease, there's a money-back guarantee with Easy Name Change, but it's got some limitations. You have to request a refund within 60 days; however, if you've chosen the Premium (Print and Post) package, you only get a full refund if they haven't already shipped out your kit. Otherwise, your refund will have a $20 postage and handling fee deducted before it gets credited to your original form of payment.

Support only via email/form

You'll also have to rely on email or the site's online form if you need any help from Easy Name Change's customer service team. That's not as always-available as services that offer toll-free phone support, but we found praise from clients here who said that the turnaround time was consistently quick when they submitted a question or problem.

Could be worth your time

So, is Easy Name Change "quite possibly the world's best name change service" as they proclaim? The jury is out on the superlative part, but this provider seems to hold its own within the industry. We'd like to see more feedback from US-based clients in order to move this service up in our rankings, but for now we give it an above-average rating as a name change option to consider.

Miss Now Mrs Review 3.5 Star Rating

Miss Now Mrs

3.5 Star Rating
  • Name change service available for adults
  • Focuses primarily on women changing from maiden to married last name
  • Pricing ranges from $39.95 to $69.95
  • Can use an app to scan your driver's license and speed up the process

Miss Now Mrs has been in the name change service industry for over a decade. They understand that searching for the right state and federal forms and figuring out how, where, and when to file them can be time-consuming. That's why they offer an affordably-priced service that saves you the trouble. According to their estimates, you could spend at least 13 hours on these tasks, or you can use Miss Now Mrs and make the process much easier.

Scan and go

One of the standout features of this name change service is the ability to scan your driver's license and your husband's into their app. With just 15 simple questions to answer, you can purchase your package and be on your way. But, if you prefer not to download yet another app, you can complete the entire process online as well.

DIY or printed for you?

Miss Now Mrs offers two paid options to choose from.

  • For $39.95, you can opt for their Do-it-yourself Package, where you print out the necessary forms and take care of the mailing supplies and postage yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can go for their Comprehensive Plan priced at $69.95, which includes pre-printed envelopes and prepaid postage.

Both options grant you access to commonly-needed documents like voter registration and USPS, along with notification letters for over 16 MILLION companies and service providers. Additionally, if you encounter any questions or issues during the process, their name change experts are there to assist you.

Best Name Change Services

Lots of positive reviews overall

Many users of this name change service have given it high praise. They appreciate the convenience of completing everything online, with most people taking 30 minutes or less to fill out the forms. The pre-addressed and stamped envelopes provided by Miss Now Mrs also add to the streamlined experience. Plenty of new brides find it well worth the cost to have the entire process made so easy and hassle-free.

A few downsides

However, since our last evaluation of Miss Now Mrs, the positive feedback hasn't been quite as robust. We couldn't find a listing with the Better Business Bureau, where previously the company had an "A+" rating. Also, some client comments left us a little concerned that the customer service response time isn't as good as before. And, finally, this service is limited exclusively to new brides changing their last name. Other providers in the industry offer options for individuals going through divorce, couples who prefer to hyphenate their last names, and those in the "Mr Now Mr" demographic.

Decent choice for brides changing their maiden name

Overall, Miss Now Mrs isn't a bad option for women looking to change their name after getting married. It provides convenience and affordability through a well-priced, tech-savvy platform. While it may not cater to individuals seeking name changes outside of a traditional marriage situation, and we're not thrilled with its more recent customer feedback, Miss Now Mrs could be worth your time - especially if you like the scan-and-go convenience of the app feature here.

HitchSwitch Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Name change service available for adults
  • Available for name changes after marriage, divorce, or court order
  • Pricing ranges from $39.99 to $99.99
  • In business since 2013

HitchSwitch is a name change service that emerged on the scene around 2013. Since its inception, more than 500,000 individuals have turned to HitchSwitch to simplify the tedious and time-consuming process of updating their names with government offices, businesses, and other services. With such a significant user base, it's clear that HitchSwitch has some name-brand recognition among those seeking a hassle-free name change experience.

Entry-level package for $39

When it comes to name change packages, HitchSwitch offers three options to cater to different needs and preferences. The first is the Print at Home package, priced at $39, which gives you access to a comprehensive range of forms required for changing your name. These include forms for voter registration, IRS Change of Address, TSA/Global Entry, and many more. With this package, you simply fill out the necessary information online and print the forms yourself.

Mid-level package costs $69

The next tier is the Full Service package, priced at $69. This package provides added convenience and support, including two pre-stamped envelopes, email assistance from their knowledgeable team, a customized name change checklist, and access to an extensive database of places where you may need to register your new name. This additional resource covers various entities such as streaming services and insurance providers, ensuring you don't miss any crucial steps during the name change process.

Concierge-level service for $99

For those seeking a more premium experience, HitchSwitch offers the Platinum package at $99. This top-tier option not only includes all the features of the Full Service package but also provides one extra pre-stamped envelope and a complimentary passport photo mailed directly to your address. Furthermore, with the Platinum package, you gain access to a personal name change concierge who will prioritize your email and phone support, ensuring any questions or concerns are promptly addressed.

Best Name Change Services

Not only for marriage-related name changes

While HitchSwitch may initially appear tailored exclusively for name changes after marriage, it actually accommodates other types as well. Whether you're going through a divorce or undergoing a name change for different reasons, HitchSwitch has instructions specifically designed to guide you through the process. You can find these alternative instructions at the bottom of the website under "Other Types of Name Change" .

BBB rating has dropped

HitchSwitch's reputation leaves us feeling "meh" about the overall quality of this name change service. For starters, not only has the Better Business Bureau downgraded the company from an "A+" to a "B+" since our last review, but also HitchSwitch still displays the earlier (higher) grade on their site. False advertising?

Reputation isn't what it used to be

Looking at the 15 complaints filed with the BBB and those left on other third-party sites like Yelp, there are quite a few people who wind up feeling like they got ripped off when using HitchSwitch. Their complaints include the feeling that they got very little for what they paid, and when they had issues there was no response from the customer service team (even for those with the upgraded, supposedly "concierge" service). True, there are some people who say HitchSwitch was great, and some of those compliments are featured on the scrolling reviews on the HS site. But this name change service seems to have gotten much more hit-or-miss than they were in the past.

Good but not the best

Is HitchSwitch worth a look? Maybe, but honestly we hope you'll check out its higher-ranking competitors first. From what we've seen, you could spend less and get more with a rival name change service, so we recommend you leave HitchSwitch on a back burner until you see what else is out there.

Name Change Kit Review 3 Star Rating

Name Change Kit

3 Star Rating
  • Name change service available for adults
  • Available for name changes after marriage, divorce, or court order
  • Pricing ranges from $18.95 to $79.95
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

As part of the KitBiz family, Name Change Kit has been helping people change their names for over 20 years, although their services are not as high-tech as some other providers.

Many different name change types serviced here

This name change service offers different packages to accommodate various circumstances.

  • The New Bride Name Change Kit, priced at $18.95 (if you print it yourself) or $28.95 (printed for you, with $4 shipping for delivery), provides all the instructions and forms needed for a traditional name change, along with labels for mailing.
  • The Newlywed package, available for $19.95 (DIY printing) or $39.95 (printed for you, with $4 shipping), is designed for brides, grooms, or same-sex couples who want to change to a single last name or a hyphenated/combined surname, and it includes two sets of documents.
  • The Divorce package, priced at $19.95 (DIY printing) or $29.95 (printed for you, with $4 shipping), is specifically for anyone changing their name after a divorce.
  • The Legal Name Change Kit, costing $79.95 (plus shipping), is intended for all other name change situations and is only available for delivery, not DIY printing.

Documents have to be filled out on paper

Regardless of the package you choose, you will need to fill in the forms yourself - by hand. Name Change Kit does not offer a preview of the documents or an online option to complete the information before printing: their approach is definitely NOT cutting-edge technology.

Best Name Change Services

Not much buzz about this name change service

Name Change Kit has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau under its parent company, KitBiz. While there are no complaints or reviews filed with the BBB, there are only a few testimonials on the Name Change Kit website. Although the BBB rating suggests that this is a reliable service, the lack of broader recognition prevents it from ranking higher. There are a couple of testimonials on the Name Change Kit site, but we all know those can be outdated and carefully curated by the company and don't necessarily give you a good picture of how many people actually use the service or what their experience was.

Not bad, but not very impressive either

While Name Change Kit provides all the forms you might need, there are other services available with more high-tech features that offer added speed and convenience - like filling out your information online and printing prepopulated documents. However, Name Change Kit is competitively priced and offers packages suitable for various name change reasons, not just for brides adopting their grooms' last names. We're glad that there's likely nothing shady about this service (based on the parent company's BBB rating), but you'll likely get more for your money with one of our higher-rated, more tech-savvy name change services.

Find Legal Forms Review 2.5 Star Rating

Find Legal Forms

2.5 Star Rating
  • Name change service available for adults
  • Forms available for name change process after marriage, divorce, or to begin a legal name change through the courts
  • Pricing ranges from $12.95 to $19.95
  • Complimentary eSignature feature
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Forms guaranteed to be legal in all 50 states
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

Find Legal Forms has been providing access to legal documents for over 20 years, ensuring that all their forms are prepared by attorneys and comply with legal requirements in all 50 states. They offer a guarantee that their name change forms will be valid no matter where you live, and they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Download basic name change forms

Among the name change services we reviewed, Find Legal Forms is the most basic option. You'll pay a one-off fee from $12.95 to $19.95, depending on the type of name change you need, and you can instantly download the required documents. These documents may include instructions, application forms, notices, affidavits, and orders, depending on the specific name change category such as Bride Name Change, Divorce Name Change, Name Affidavits, or general Name Change. It's worth noting that we didn't find any forms specifically for changing the name of a minor. But, no matter which name change forms you use, Find Legal Forms gives you the ability to sign electronically; they don't charge extra for this feature.

No feedback from people who have used this service

This service continues to have an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, indicating a decent overall reputation. However, despite supposedly serving over 3,500,000 customers, Find Legal Forms doesn't have much feedback. In fact, in our previous evaluation there was only one client review available for the Name Change service; more recently, we couldn't find even that.

Best Name Change Services

Help is not easy to get

Another downside for Find Legal Forms is still their limited customer support. If you have any questions about your name change documents, you can only submit inquiries through their online contact page. Unfortunately, there is no toll-free number or live assistance available.

Outdated experience

In general, compared to other name change services that guide you through the process with interactive online questionnaires, Find Legal Forms takes a more outdated and less tech-savvy approach. For just a few dollars more, you can choose a more advanced package elsewhere that offers the convenience of pre-filled documents for signing.

Lots of room for improvement

While there's nothing inherently wrong with using Find Legal Forms for your name change needs, it doesn't offer much to be excited about either. We recommend considering the more up-to-date options available that provide better value for your time and money. By opting for a rival service with additional features and support, you can make the name change process more efficient and hassle-free.

US Legal Forms Review 2 Star Rating

US Legal Forms

2 Star Rating
  • Name change forms available for adults and children
  • Consists of forms and instructions
  • Over 85,000 legal forms for a variety of needs, not just name changes
  • Subscription-based: $8 or $15 per month (when billed annually)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Founded in 1997

US Legal Forms was founded in 1997 and proudly advertises itself as "the nation's leading online publisher of state-specific legal documents" .

Need a subscription

You'll sign up for a subscription to use their name change service:

  • $8/month (billed annually) gets you access to all of the 85,000+ legal forms in their database
  • Jumping to the $15/month (also billed annually) premium plan adds an online PDF filler, electronic document signing, a 50% discount on business/legal entity formation services, and completion services for last will/power of attorney/living will documents to the benefits.

If you switch to month-to-month billing, expect to pay $39/month and $59/month, respectively. That's quite a big jump.

Many different types of name changes supported here

To see the name change documents that will apply to you, you'll have to click on the link for your state of residence. We were glad to see that US Legal Forms has options not just for marriage and divorce but also for adults, minors, and families. We also like the document previews available for every type of name change in each state: there's no surprises in what you'll get if you pay for this service.

Best Name Change Services

Typos give a bad impression

However, our concerns with this site started right on the main page, where we were told we would have to "Answer a few quesitons" . Quesitons? That sounds like something newly-featured on a Taco Bell menu. Having a typo so prominently displayed on the website immediately raises red flags: can you trust this name change service to provide accurate documents?

Pattern of complaints according to the BBB

The second issue came up when we clicked on the link to US Legal Forms' Better Business Bureau listing, using the button displayed on the USLF site where it proudly proclaimed an "A+" rating from the BBB. Not exactly true. The BBB, while still keeping this company's accreditation, had downgraded the rating to a simple "Not Rated" . Why? The Bureau reported that they had observed a pattern of complaints from consumers who had trouble canceling their subscriptions and getting a refund, saying that US Legal Forms never responded to their inquiries. Lo and behold, the BBB hadn't gotten an answer from the company either as of the time of this evaluation. Not a good sign - and not exactly demonstrative of fulfilling the 100% satisfaction guarantee they promise.

Still manages to get praise

On the other hand, across nearly 100 reviews left for US Legal Forms on Trustpilot, the service averaged a respectable 4.4 out of 5 stars. One compliment left within just a few days of this evaluation said that using this platform saves their business hours of employee time by giving them numerous templates as a jumping-off point. While you may not need that kind of document variety if you're just doing a basic name change, it makes US Legal Forms look a little bit more attractive for those who may have other document needs and would think that a subscription is worth it.

Not worth the risk

However, even for those clients who want access to a broad spectrum of legal documents, US Legal Forms just isn't the service we'd recommend - not when there's at least one other option (in our review, even) that does the same thing with a much stronger track record. While the positive feedback from some clients is worth noting, the BBB alert is enough to keep this name change service from rising above the bottom of our rankings. You can get the same service with a lot more peace of mind somewhere else.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Of course, if your name is changing because you're getting married, your license/certificate stands in place of a court order with respect to documentation. Once you have the name change order (or your marriage/divorce is official), it's time to update your official documents.

You'll need to get a new Social Security card, driver's license or state ID, passport, and other identification papers. Don't forget to change your name on bank accounts, credit cards, utility bills, and insurance policies too. It's also important to inform your employer, school, healthcare providers, and anyone else who needs to know about the change.

Are you exhausted just thinking about it? Fortunately, name change services can make this whole process much easier by providing guidance throughout the journey. With their expertise, you can save time and make sure you've completed all the necessary steps accurately. In many cases, you can even submit all of your information online and with one click, the name change service sends a request to hundreds (or thousands) of financial institutions and businesses in their database to update your record with your new name.

Which name change service is right for you? Many of them are similar, but here are some key characteristics that will help you make the choice:

  • Kind of name changes available. Some services only focus on marriage-related switches, while others can accommodate court-ordered name changes (adoption, gender identity, and so on).
  • Type of service offered. Are you looking for help getting a court-ordered name change? Most services don't specialize in that: they assume you've already got the documentation and you're just updating all of the necessary governmental offices, banks, and so on. Make sure you choose a name change service that offers the help you actually need.
  • Fees. What will you pay for the service? Is it a one-time fee or is it subscription-based?
  • Reputation. What do previous clients say about the name change service you're considering? Did they get the job done with no hassle? Was it worth the money? Has the Better Business Bureau rated the service?

Whatever your reason may be for changing your name, there's no need for it to be complicated - or expensive - to get it done. Top Consumer Reviews has made it simple and straightforward by reviewing the best (and the worst) name change services available today.

The Best Name Change Services Compare Name Change Services Compare Name Change Service Reviews What are the best Name Change Services Best Name Change Service Reviews

Name Change Service FAQ

The most common reason for a name change is marriage. Many brides still follow the tradition of taking on their husband's last name. But, there are many other reasons which may include divorce, adoption, or couples who want to hyphenate both of their last names.
No, not usually. Most companies and governmental offices will change your name on their records at no cost. The only exceptions are usually associated with photo IDs, such as your driver's license and passport.
You've probably already fulfilled the legal requirements if you're changing your name due to marriage or divorce. On the other hand, if other circumstances apply, you will probably need to appear in court to legally change your name before you can have the new name reflected on your ID and accounts. Those laws vary by state.
The list is long! Bank accounts, investments, professional licenses, reward programs, credit cards, streaming services and vehicle title/registration are just a few places you'll need to have your name changed.
How much time do you want to spend researching the process and requirements for each place you need to change your name? Name change services have already done that legwork for you. Plus, they give you access to the forms you need and often let you fill out the information one time online - then auto-populate that information on each form you'll submit. Using a name change service saves you time and helps you think of each place you need to register your new name.
Definitely! Some of these services have been around for two decades or longer. You can always check out a company's listing with the BBB and look at client reviews for that extra peace of mind that a service is on the up-and-up.
That depends on the service you select. You can get a basic package to print at home for under $20, or you can select a comprehensive service with personal advice and professional legal review for more than $100. Also, name changes for reasons other than marriage or divorce (e.g. adoption, gender change, etc.) tend to cost more, because they require the extra step of being court-approved.
Filling out your information can be done in just a few minutes, especially if you choose a name change service that lets you complete your forms online. Most non-governmental name changes, like credit cards and subscriptions, will be done in a week or two, possibly less. You'll have to go in person to change your name on your driver's license, so naturally that depends on how quickly you can get an appointment at your local DMV. Passports usually take the longest: it's not unusual for it to take 4-6 weeks or more.
Sometimes, yes. Name change services are fairly low-risk, but the best ones offer a satisfaction guarantee that will either work with you to fix any issues you have or refund the fees you paid.
The Best Reviews of Name Change Services