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The Best Name Change Services

Where Can You Get the Most Affordable Help with Legally Changing Your Name?

Whether you've recently married or divorced, adopted a child or gone through some other big change, you'll want to make sure all of your important documents and accounts are updated with the new name.

You probably have already thought of some of the most obvious documents that need to be updated: your driver's license, Social Security card, and bank/credit card accounts. However, there are probably dozens - if not hundreds! - more that haven't crossed your mind. What about professional licensing? Your passport? Vehicle titles and registration? Loyalty programs? Voter registration?

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2023 Name Change Service Reviews

LegalZoom Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

LegalZoom offers the most comprehensive array of name change services, including options for minors and changes arising from circumstances besides being newly married. You'll have plenty of access to support and can also access legal advice from an independent attorney if needed. LegalZoom is reliable and affordable, and you'll have no problem completing all of the paperwork needed for your name change here. They earn our highest recommendation among providers of name change services.

NewlyNamed Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

NewlyNamed joined the name change service marketplace in 2019 and has done an excellent job of making it fast and worry-free to update governmental offices, services and businesses with your new name - either after a marriage or divorce. You'll get the same documents and instructions in both of NewlyNamed's packages: the price difference between the two reflects whether you want pre-addressed envelopes with prepaid postage or prefer to use your own. Clients of this name change service have nothing but praise for the fast and friendly customer service here. NewlyNamed is a top pick among name change service providers.

Miss Now Mrs Review 4 Star Rating

Miss Now Mrs

4 Star Rating

If you're looking for a name change service strictly for brides who need to update their last name, Miss Now Mrs has a lot to offer: some of the lowest price points for the most tech-friendly features on the market. People have great things to say about every aspect of using this platform, from the app to the customer service team. But, if you need a name change for any other reason - divorce, hyphenating both spouses' last names, and so on - you'll have to use a different provider.

HitchSwitch Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

HitchSwitch has three packages for name change services. They all include the same forms for completing the process, but you'll get more access to customer reps with the two higher-priced options. The BBB gives this company an "A+", but previous users had issues with getting a response when they needed help. HitchSwitch isn't a bad choice for streamlining your name change, but you might get better service at a lower price elsewhere.

Name Change Kit Review 3 Star Rating

Name Change Kit

3 Star Rating

Name Change Kit offers several document packages for changing your name: from the traditional bride-takes-the-groom's-surname to families changing names due to adoption and more. You won't find any high-tech features here: you'll either be printing out your documents or having them sent to you in the mail. This company has a good reputation, and their name change services are well-priced, but if you're looking for the convenience of filling out your paperwork online, you'll need to choose one of our higher-ranked providers.

Find Legal Forms Review 2.5 Star Rating

Find Legal Forms

2.5 Star Rating

Find Legal Forms is the most no-frills name change service in our review. You'll pay less than $20 for a packet of forms that you'll need to fill out and submit on your own. The company gets an "A+" from the Better Business Bureau and has more than 3 million happy customers, but you'll get more personalized help with most of the other services we evaluated.

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If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, you're not alone! It's estimated that the average person spends more than 10 hours just doing the research to determine where they need to have their name officially changed, not to mention the time it takes to fill out the paperwork and get it submitted to each corresponding governmental department or company.

Fortunately, there are name change services that eliminate both the guesswork and the hassle. These services usually ask you a few basic questions and walk you through the entire process in just a matter of minutes, and many of them even take care of addressing and stamping the envelopes you'll need after you sign the paperwork. While some providers cost more than others, you're still getting a great deal if you consider how much your time is worth.

Not all name change services offer the same benefits, however. When deciding which one to use, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Fees. How much will you spend to get your name changed? Are there different package levels that let you only pay for the services you need?
  • Ease of Use. What are the steps you'll have to take to use the service? Does the company do most of the work for you, or will you still have to fill out a lot of the paperwork on your own? Can you complete most of the process online?
  • Breadth of Service. Is the service only for newly-married individuals, or can it be used under other circumstances (divorce, adoption, name change after gender transition, and so on)?
  • Reputation. What do other users have to say about the name change service? Has the company been rated by the BBB?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Name Change services available today. We hope this information helps you work your way through the process of legally changing your name quickly and affordably!

The Best Name Change Services Compare Name Change Services Compare Name Change Service Reviews What are the best Name Change Services Best Name Change Service Reviews

Name Change Service FAQ

The most common reason for a name change is marriage. Many brides still follow the tradition of taking on their husband's last name. But, there are many other reasons which may include divorce, adoption, or couples who want to hyphenate both of their last names.
No, not usually. Most companies and governmental offices will change your name on their records at no cost. The only exceptions are usually associated with photo IDs, such as your driver's license and passport.
You've probably already fulfilled the legal requirements if you're changing your name due to marriage or divorce. On the other hand, if other circumstances apply, you will probably need to appear in court to legally change your name before you can have the new name reflected on your ID and accounts. Those laws vary by state.
The list is long! Bank accounts, investments, professional licenses, reward programs, credit cards, streaming services and vehicle title/registration are just a few places you'll need to have your name changed.
How much time do you want to spend researching the process and requirements for each place you need to change your name? Name change services have already done that legwork for you. Plus, they give you access to the forms you need and often let you fill out the information one time online - then auto-populate that information on each form you'll submit. Using a name change service saves you time and helps you think of each place you need to register your new name.
Definitely! Some of these services have been around for two decades or longer. You can always check out a company's listing with the BBB and look at client reviews for that extra peace of mind that a service is on the up-and-up.
That depends on the service you select. You can get a basic package to print at home for under $20, or you can select a comprehensive service with personal advice and professional legal review for more than $100. Also, name changes for reasons other than marriage or divorce (e.g. adoption, gender change, etc.) tend to cost more, because they require the extra step of being court-approved.
Filling out your information can be done in just a few minutes, especially if you choose a name change service that lets you complete your forms online. Most non-governmental name changes, like credit cards and subscriptions, will be done in a week or two, possibly less. You'll have to go in person to change your name on your driver's license, so naturally that depends on how quickly you can get an appointment at your local DMV. Passports usually take the longest: it's not unusual for it to take 4-6 weeks or more.
Sometimes, yes. Name change services are fairly low-risk, but the best ones offer a satisfaction guarantee that will either work with you to fix any issues you have or refund the fees you paid.
The Best Reviews of Name Change Services