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Nanny Lane Review

Tuesday, December 6th

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Nanny Lane Review 4.5 Star Rating

Nanny Lane

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $55/month for use of full features (free browsing and messaging available)

Nanny Lane is run by CareGuide Inc. who has been in business since 2013 and has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. CareGuide connects individuals to child care, pet care, home care, and elder care. Nanny Lane boasts that their service has connected over 150,000 families to their nannies.

Browse available nannies

The Nanny Lane platform allows you to browse all the available nannies who fit your criteria. On top of this, you'll be able to run background checks on candidates and use Nanny Lane to handle all of the payments and taxes with their payroll service.

Share your nanny

Something unique about Nanny Lane is that when you're first signing up to use their service, you'll have the option of searching for a nanny or a nanny share. A nanny share is when two families split the time with one nanny. This is a way to make childcare more affordable and have other playmates for your children during the day. You can look for your own nanny on this platform while still keeping your options open for nanny sharing if you ever become interested in it.

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Create your profile

To create your profile, you'll provide basic information including your children's ages and genders, an approximate hourly rate you are willing to pay, a description of your kids, what days/hours you need childcare, and responsibilities you expect the nanny to have. From there, you can pay for the $55 PLUS membership to get help finding your nanny, have a featured profile, get background checks on nannies, and use the nanny payroll service.

Surprising amount of free access

If you choose to bypass the PLUS membership, you can browse nannies on your own. You have a surprising amount of access to the platform even if you don't pay for it. You can view the full profiles of nannies, message with them, and use filter options to more easily find nannies that fit your needs. We were impressed with how many local nannies we found within just 30 miles of our home (over 300!). There are also many families looking for nannies whose profiles you can browse. This shows us that this is a credible site that works well for both nannies and families looking to hire.

Information is readily available

The layout of the Nanny Lane website is user-friendly and professional. All the information you need on candidates is readily available without overloading you with unnecessary details or platform features. No one should be overwhelmed by using this site to find a nanny.

Give it a try

We are very happy with what Nanny Lane has to offer. Since they make their website so easy for free members to use, we recommend keeping an eye on nannies who are available and paying for the PLUS membership once you find someone you like. The background check, featured profile, and payroll options are not something you want to miss out on. There are a lot of families and nannies who actively use Nanny Lane, so we highly recommend you jump on the bandwagon and give this service a try.

Where is the Best Place to Find a Nanny for Your Children?

For parents who work long hours or travel often, having an in-home nanny to love and care for their children can exponentially improve the lives of the family. Employing a committed, trustworthy, predictable, and loving nanny is critical. There's a long list of benefits to having a nanny but finding the right one can be challenging.

Luckily for parents, there are many companies that specialize in finding quality nannies in their local area. These companies usually provide background checks on all of the candidates in their database as well as basic personality information, availability, and recommendations from other families who have used their services in the past. Using a nanny agency will make the screening process easier and faster by providing more options than you could find on your own.

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Nanny Agency FAQ

A nanny is an individual hired to take care of one of more children in a household. They are employed by the guardians of the children to take care of them, usually long-term. A nanny might live in the same home as the kids or come to the house to take care of them frequently. Unlike a babysitter, a nanny is usually not used for a short-term job.
A nanny's primary duty is to care for and watch over the children of the family they work for. In addition, they might make meals for the children, do laundry, clean the home, drive kids to and from school and other activities, and anything else agreed upon between the nanny and their employer.
There are many factors that play into the cost of a nanny. Some factors include how many hours a day they work, how many children they care for, what responsibilities they perform while they are working, qualifications, and more. It is not uncommon for nannies to be paid an hourly rate bi-weekly or once a month. For a live-in nanny who works every day, it is also possible to agree to pay on a salary basis. Different nannies come with different rates that they usually choose themselves.
To choose the best nanny, start by thinking about the qualities you want in a trustworthy nanny. Do you want them to be first aid certified? Do they need a driver's license? Do your kids feel most comfortable with a male or female? Narrowing down some basic requirements you set will help as you browse through the list of candidates. From there you can read their bios, message with them, and then interview them to see who you feel most comfortable with.
Nannies can watch over kids who are infants all the way up to teenagers. You'll want to make sure that the nanny you hire has a history of working with children the same ages that you have. Some nannies are specifically qualified to work with infants and they know how to safely feed them, put them down for naps, and provide first aid if necessary.
By definition, au pairs are young people who come from overseas to care for young children. They come on a cultural exchange visa to enter a country legally. Nannies are anyone within your home country who are qualified to take care of children either part-time or full-time. They are paid according to the country's standards, whereas an au pair receives pocket money from the host family.
Unfortunately, not all nanny agencies require their candidates to have background checks. However, most of them allow the option for employers to run them. It's important to review the background check of a nanny before hiring them or run one of your own. This will ensure an added level of safety for your children.
Many companies allow you to have a nanny come to your home and work on a trial basis. This short period allows your kids to get to know the nanny and express to you how comfortable they are with them and see if they get along well. It also lets the nanny know if they think they will work well with the kids and be able to accomplish all of their responsibilities safely.
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Trusting anyone besides yourself to watch over your children can be hard. However, if you use a reputable nanny agency, you should be able to obtain plenty of information on the nannies near you to give you peace of mind that your kids are in good hands with whomever you choose.

Before using a nanny agency to find someone to take care of your children, we suggest you consider the following:

  • Company Reputation. How does the Better Business Bureau rate the company? What do others have to say about their experience with the nanny service?
  • Fees. For the cost of using a company's database, what is included? Is it a reasonable price to pay for the amount of time needed to find a nanny on their site?
  • Selection. You'll want to have plenty of nannies to choose from so you aren't "settling" when you find someone to watch your children. If it's a reputable company, they will have more nannies using their platform to be matched with families.
  • Background Checks. Does the company run background checks on all of the caregivers on their site? Is this included with your fees?

To help you identify the best caregiver for your family, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of nanny agency options. We hope this information gives you peace of mind as you find someone to watch over your precious little ones while you are away!

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