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The Best Online Divorce Services

Where Can You Find the Best Online Divorce Services?

Finding a reliable online divorce site can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With the convenience of online platforms, there are numerous options available, offering services such as divorce forms, legal guidance, and even assistance with filing. Exploring these diverse services allows you to navigate the process from the comfort of your own home and select the option that best meets your needs.

Divorce is a significant life event that requires careful consideration and guidance. Many people may have reservations about using an online divorce site, but with advanced technologies and secure processes, the risk of complications is minimized. That may explain why online divorce sites have exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Monday, February 26th

2024 Online Divorce Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Divorce Writer Review 5 Star Rating

Divorce Writer

5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $137 one-time fee
  • Legal partners for extra help
  • Assistance with mail and e-filing
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Price matching
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Let's put this out there first thing: while browsing the Divorce Writer website, it may not appear to be the most visually appealing. The design is simplistic, but it gets the job done. And even though it's not flashy or uber modern like some companies in our review, this platform is the top option for your uncontested divorce paperwork, as Divorce Writer offers a highly competitive pricing structure that you won't find elsewhere.

Easy 3-steps for divorce

The Divorce Writer process is simple. Through 3 steps, users choose their state of residence, determine their eligibility for completing their own divorce, and complete an online interview to receive a comprehensive divorce package. The online interview covers various aspects such as property division, child custody, support, and name changes, ensuring all essential elements are addressed in the divorce documents. And then Divorce Writer prepares the documents for you to take the stress out completely.

Amazingly low cost

So what's the cost? The price tag is only $137. For this fee, Divorce Writer provides an array of features that their competitors often charge $300 or more to offer. These features include the preparation of uncontested divorce documents with or without children, availability across the US, unlimited revisions for two years, email and phone support, name change notification documents, and the ability to immediately download the documents or receive them via USPS delivery. There are also no monthly access fees with Divorce Writer, easily making this the most affordable option in this evaluation.

Best Online Divorce Services

Clear information on filing

If you're worried about filing when you're done, don't be. Divorce Writer provides clear instructions on how to file for divorce by mail. Given that many courts have limited appointments and operating hours, submitting your paperwork in person may cause delays. Divorce Writer acknowledges this challenge and outlines the mail filing procedure. They also indicate which states allow for E-filing and provide information on filing/court fees based on your geographical location.

Legal partners for additional help

Another benefit of Divorce Writer is its partnership with Total Legal, an attorney-assistance service. If you require legal help, you can instantly connect with professionals through Total Legal. Some services offered by Total Legal are free, while others come at discounted rates. This affiliation makes Divorce Writer a comprehensive one-stop shop, not just for online divorce proceedings but also for other family or business legal needs.

Money-back guarantee

Divorce Writer ensures that you get the most value for your money. The affordability of their services, combined with the extensive range of features, sets them apart in the online divorce market. Additionally, Divorce Writer offers a full refund if your court rejects the documents, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. This 100% money-back guarantee also includes a refund of the price difference if you find a lower-cost service, which is amazingly customer-focused.

Best Online Divorce Services

Top tier security

Divorce Writer prioritizes the security of personal information and has implemented various measures to protect and safeguard the data collected. The company employs physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards and restricts access to personal information to authorized employees only. They utilize SSL encryption and maintain a secure facility.

Top rated for easy process

Despite being a smaller service, Divorce Writer boasts a strong track record. The company is owned by Pro Se Planning, Inc. which has an impressive "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Out of over 800 verified customer reviews, Divorce Writer maintains an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. The few negative comments primarily stem from clients who misunderstood that court fees are not included in the divorce service or who had unrealistic expectations regarding the court's processing time. On the positive side, numerous customers praise Divorce Writer for providing professional and accurate documents that can be easily completed within an hour or two.

Top option for cost and features

Divorce Writer offers a solution that saves both time and money, provided your divorce is uncontested. With its affordability and comprehensive features, Divorce Writer emerges as the most cost-effective service among the providers we evaluated. Therefore, we give Divorce Writer our highest rating, recognizing its value and potential to assist individuals seeking an uncontested online divorce.

3 Step Divorce Review 4.5 Star Rating

3 Step Divorce

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $299 flat fee, payment plans available
  • 33-minute process
  • Use site continuously without further payments
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Certified secure site
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

3 Step Divorce, a service provided by Nolo, boasts an extensive 25-year tenure in the industry. Utilizing this platform to complete your divorce paperwork is remarkably straightforward.

Less than an hour

They estimate, and users confirm, that the entire process should take less than an hour. From creating your account to answering the necessary questions to fill out your documents, you'll be able to swiftly print them for submission. For added convenience, 3 Step Divorce offers complimentary USPS Priority Mail delivery of your paperwork if you prefer to receive it by mail. This service is low-cost and offers instant form generation with editing as well as a full step-by-step process.

Fast and easy process

One of the greatest benefits of 3 Step Divorce is the speed. Creating an account takes a mere 3 minutes, answering questions typically takes around 25 minutes, and printing the documents requires just 5 minutes. In a total time of approximately 33 minutes, you can have your divorce forms completely ready to go. After this, all you have to do is download, and you're ready to file. 3 Step Divorce claims that no other service offers a process this quick.

Best Online Divorce Services

One time payment

3 Step Divorce's pricing is very reasonable. The total cost is $299 for their divorce services, and customers can choose monthly installment plans for a slightly higher total cost if they'd like to split payments up a little. The four standard payment options include:

  • 1 Payment of $299
  • 2 Monthly Payments of $157
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $109
  • 4 Monthly payments of $84

You get a lot

The cost includes step-by-step filing procedures, instantly accessible forms, forms for both spouses, worksheets, and guidelines to assist you with child support, along with the added benefit of phone and email product support. Additionally, you'll have unlimited updates and instant editing capabilities, allowing you to make necessary changes without any hassle. The best part? There are no monthly subscription fees, ensuring that you have full access to their services without any additional costs.

Continuously use features

With 3 Step Divorce, you can revise, download, and print your documents as often as necessary, without any additional fees for storage or customer service. We particularly love that you can return to the site and to your documents to change anything throughout the process and there is no ongoing maintenance fee to continue using 3 Step Divorce even once you're done with the service. Additionally, the service offers unique extras such as an online negotiation tool and a tracker for monitoring custody, visitation, and child support payments. To enhance your knowledge and understanding of divorce-related topics, they provide access to over 40 downloadable books and manuals.

100% money-back guarantee

One clear standout feature of 3 Step Divorce is its 100% guarantee of court approval or your money back, while unlimited revisions and customer support round out their comprehensive offerings. They also have highly effective customer service and promise that customers will always talk to a real person when they have questions about the 3 Step Divorce process.

Best Online Divorce Services

Focused on security for customers

The company maintains a current and active 2048-bit security certificate through Digicert, a renowned global leader in online SSL secure transmission. This ensures that all the information provided by users is protected during transmission through the secure certificate. Additionally, users have access to a password-protected environment that is exclusive to them and those with whom they choose to share their login credentials. 3 Step Divorce does not share any personal details with anyone, and prioritizes customer privacy.

Great user-friendly service

When checking out 3 Step Divorce's reputation, we found it doesn't have a page on Better Business Bureau. However, the parent company of 3 Step Divorce, Nolo, holds a stellar "A+" rating from the BBB. On the bright side, there are dedicated reviews for 3 Step Divorce. These average around 4 stars at third-party review sites. Customers love how user-friendly the site is and many customers noted that the process made their divorces much more low-stress than they expected with lower costs at 3 Step Divorce than with other options.

Top service for quick divorce

With an easy-to-understand process for completing and filing all necessary documents for an uncontested divorce, 3 Step Divorce has garnered a solid reputation. Their affordable pricing and impressive array of extra features set them apart from competing services. Especially considering its 100% satisfaction guarantee, 3 Step Divorce earns one of our highest rankings as one of the fastest online divorce services on the market today.

Complete Case Review 3.5 Star Rating

Complete Case

3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $299 one-time fee
  • $39.99 monthly access fees after 30 days
  • 100% acceptance guarantee for divorce papers
  • Limited 30-day refunds
  • "A" rating from the BBB

Complete Case has established itself as a pioneer in the online divorce industry, having served over 700,000 users in preparing their divorce documents online for more than two decades. This makes it the original uncontested online divorce platform, surpassing any other service in terms of longevity and experience.

Super easy

The process offered by Complete Case is highly efficient and user-friendly. Simply select the state where you intend to file for divorce, go through Complete Case's comprehensive online interview, and then choose to either print your forms or have them printed and sent to you. Finally, file the completed forms with the appropriate court as per the provided instructions.

3-step process

The Complete Case program offers a 3-step process. With a focus on uncontested divorces, the program offers easy-to-follow instructions, allowing couples to navigate the entire divorce process with confidence. In addition, couples have the freedom to make decisions regarding the division of their property, supported by unlimited phone and email assistance from knowledgeable customer service professionals.

Best Online Divorce Services

One-time fee & monthly charges

Complete Case's costs include a competitive one-time fee of $299, followed by a monthly charge of $39.99 for storage and service fees after the initial 30 days. This extra charge does set them back compared to some companies in this review that don't require a monthly commitment. On the other hand, they also offer a 100% court acceptance guarantee, unlimited revisions within the first 30 days, 24/7 customer support via email, and regular business hours phone support. Additionally, customers have the option to access the Live Lawyer service for an extra fee and can choose to download their documents as a PDF or receive them via mail.

Focus on customer service

Complete Case takes pride in offering a 100% court acceptance guarantee, assuring users that their forms will be accepted if they follow the provided instructions. Many states facilitate the e-filing of documents, allowing users to potentially file on the same day they begin the process. An additional strength of Complete Case lies in its award-winning customer care specialists. While they are unable to provide legal advice, they are readily available to guide users through the process and address any inquiries related to their online divorce.

Limited refund policy

Complete Case offers a refund policy within the first 30 days of purchase. It's important to note that this excludes the activation fee; however, it's unclear from the website if the activation fee is separate from the $299 cost of the service as the fee isn't listed in the pricing. Further, Complete Case limits the parameters of the refunds noting that customers can't get their money back if they accessed post-purchase services unless there is a flaw in their documents.

Best Online Divorce Services

Information security isn't top tier

The security at Complete Case is reasonable, but not the best compared to other services. They promise to prioritize security but note on the website that the safety and security of data transmission and storage cannot be guaranteed to be 100%. Further, they note that some of your personal information may be shared with their subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, service providers, and other third parties that support the Complete Case business. With this in mind, it doesn't seem like a top option if security is your highest concern.

Solid reputation from reviewers

In terms of reputation, Complete Case has an "A" with the Better Business Bureau. Among the recurring concerns mentioned in the BBB complaints is the monthly fee charged by Complete Case after the initial 30-day period of using their divorce service. But, positive reviews from numerous satisfied clients abound, with many praising Complete Case for making the divorce proceedings easier than anticipated. Some customers specifically appreciate the platform's attentiveness to the needs of military personnel, both at home and abroad. Overall, clients express high levels of satisfaction with the services received, often highlighting the significant cost savings compared to working with an attorney.

Mid-range service for security reasons

In terms of online divorce, Complete Case has a great track record. Their extensive track record of assisting over 700,000 individuals, coupled with competitive pricing, underscores their credibility. Furthermore, Complete Case has proven its ability to deliver accurate divorce documents across all 50 states. However, with a monthly charge for maintenance and saving your materials on the site, and security policies that don't instill a lot of confidence, it doesn't rank quite as high as others that only charge a flat rate. But with all things considered, it's still worth checking out for a reasonably-priced online divorce service.

Rocket Lawyer Review 3.5 Star Rating

Rocket Lawyer

3.5 Star Rating
  • $39.99 per month for membership
  • 7-day free trial
  • Free 30-minute consultation
  • Lawyers on call
  • "A+" rating and accreditation by the BBB

Rocket Lawyer stands out as the sole online divorce service in this evaluation that operates on a membership-based payment model, distinguishing it from others that rely on one-time purchases or monthly payments. This unique approach allows Rocket Lawyer to offer a wide array of legal assistance, making it a great option for individuals who foresee requiring support in multiple legal aspects of their divorce proceedings. From divorce filing assistance to guidance on child support and preparation of financial affidavits, Rocket Lawyer provides comprehensive help throughout the divorce process.

All in one place

Rocket Lawyer provides everything you need to complete a divorce in one page. There are a total of 8 documents included in the Rocket Lawyer divorce packet. The different documents include:

  • Divorce Settlement Agreement (for alimony)
  • Divorce worksheet (for organizing before filing)
  • Request Marriage or Divorce Documents (to get a copy of documents filed already)
  • Demand for Alimony Payment (to remind former spouse of alimony due)
  • Marriage Separation Agreement (for terms of separation)
  • Financial Affidavit (for sworn financial statements)
  • Divorce Records Request Letter (for getting a copy of your divorce records)
  • Name Change Notification Letter

It's important to note that filing the documents yourself is required as Rocket Lawyer's service does not cover that aspect. This also makes this service less competitive than some options that help you along throughout the process.

Low cost monthly membership

Joining Rocket Lawyer for online divorce is a simple process. They offer a free 7-day trial to draft your divorce documents without any financial risk. And, if you want to try out their more advanced services, you can also access a $5 trial of the Premium plan. It's worth noting that the $5 trial may not be easily visible on their website until you've made progress with your divorce papers. After the trial period, you'll be charged $39.99 per month unless you cancel. Alternatively, you can choose the annual payment option at $239.99 per year, which is a 50% discount compared to the monthly payment. Despite not offering additional support beyond the prepared documents, this service is cost-effective for those seeking to save money on online divorce. However, considering that you shouldn't need this for more than a month, you could be looking at only $39 to put together your divorce agreement, which is a steal.

Can't just buy the docs

Currently, it seems that Rocket Lawyer no longer allows customers to purchase the required documents for online divorce papers for a one-time fee. Instead, customers must subscribe for a month for $39.99, granting them access to the complete range of services offered by Rocket Lawyer. This subscription approach proves to be a cost-effective decision if you require more than the 7-day trial period to complete your online divorce agreement especially when compared to the cost of divorce when going with an attorney.

Best Online Divorce Services

Free to consult

One cool perk of having a Premium membership (otherwise known as the monthly membership at Rocket Lawyer) is that you get a free 30-minute consultation for every new legal matter you bring to Rocket Lawyer. So, once your divorce documents are done, you can have them reviewed by a professional lawyer who understands marriage and divorce laws in your state. This way you can feel extra confidence about filing the papers once they're complete.

Fill it out yourself

When it comes to divorce papers, Rocket Lawyer offers the necessary documents for your divorce, but the responsibility of completing and handling the paperwork is entirely on you. They provide the templates and forms you need, but you're expected to fill them out and navigate the process on your own. While this approach may be suitable for individuals who feel confident and capable of handling their divorce proceedings independently, it's important to consider your comfort level and the complexity of your situation before opting for this self-service approach.

Rave reviews for Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer has garnered a strong reputation within the industry. With an impressive "A+" rating and full accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, along with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from reviewers on the BBB site, this service has gained the trust and loyalty of its users. On top of that stellar score, it boasts an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 from reputable third-party review sites, with tons of positive customer reviews highlighting the user-friendly experience and excellent value for money. Customers with a wide variety of legal concerns and needs are happy with the service at Rocket Lawyer, making it a reliable choice.

Lowest price for divorce papers

With a fantastic track record of assisting individuals in accessing comprehensive and affordable legal assistance that is recognized in all 50 states, Rocket Lawyer has established itself as a reliable platform. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to complete your online divorce, Rocket Lawyer emerges as a solid choice at just $39. It is worth mentioning that this service puts the work in the hands of the customer and doesn't have as much help as some divorce-specific websites. However, if you desire a convenient one-stop destination that offers a wide range of low-cost legal services, Rocket Lawyer is certainly worth exploring. The platform's extensive experience, coupled with its commitment to providing accessible legal solutions, makes it a trusted option for individuals seeking reliable support for their legal needs - including divorce.

DivorceNet Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Cost: $159 for one time fee
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Parent company has "A+" rating with the BBB

Another service in this review owned by Nolo, DivorceNet is a service that's committed to providing documents that are 100% guaranteed to be approved by the court. DivorceNet's service offers instant form generation, editing, and a comprehensive step-by-step process, and with just a one-time fee it is fairly competitive in terms of price, though not the lowest cost or most impressive service in our review.

Easy questionnaire-based process

The process at DivorceNet is conducted through a series of brief eligibility questions. Users can then proceed to answer straightforward questions at their convenience using the online platform. Once all the questions are completed, the service generates printable divorce documents and provides step-by-step instructions for filing. After signing the documents, they can be filed with the court, and upon review and approval by a judge, the divorce will be officially finalized.

Competitive cost for one-time fee

The cost for DivorceNet is competitive, but not the lowest in this review. For the services, you pay $159 once. We couldn't find any indication of follow-up fees from DivorceNet, which would make this price even better. Many options in our review charge maintenance fees each month, and DivorceNet appears to be a one-time-fee-only service, which is highly competitive.

Concerns about a time limit

While DivorceNet promises individuals the flexibility to work at their preferred pace, there is a concerning feature. It is important to note that extended periods of inactivity in an account may result in the deletion of your account from the system. If you anticipate a prolonged period of account inactivity, you may need to contact their customer service to get reinstated. It doesn't say if you will be required to pay the membership fee a second time, but either way, this is a confusing and frustrating hassle and could be a problem for some customers.

Best Online Divorce Services

100% money-back guarantee

Another feature is that DivorceNet offers a 100% approval rate with courts. So, when you go with DivorceNet, you can be sure that your divorce will be approved by a court, or you will get your money back. This is a great way to provide confidence to customers, and if you're worried about spending the money, it takes that stress out entirely.

Security isn't so tight

While most sites provide information on the security systems they use, DivorceNet doesn't do a great job with this. Further, DivorceNet notes that personal information may be shared with third parties under specific circumstances. These instances include when third parties are contracted to provide services on behalf of the platform, encompassing tasks such as maintenance, hosting, data storage, security, analytics and data analysis, payment processing, marketing, email and text message distribution, customer service, as well as surveys and sweepstakes.

Not enough buzz

While investigating the reputation of DivorceNet, we realized it didn't have a dedicated page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. On the bright side, we found that its parent company, Nolo, has an excellent "A+" rating with the BBB. Unfortunately, DivorceNet itself doesn't have a lot of buzz with reviewers. While there were a few pieces of feedback on verified third-party websites like Trustpilot, there were just under 10 total reviews available. The average rating is 4.3 stars out of 5; however, this isn't a huge pool. Additionally, DivorceNet itself claims to have thousands of reviews on Trustpilot, which just isn't true.

Doesn't stand out enough for us

Overall, this site is competitive in terms of pricing, but considering the security concerns and the lack of reviews across different verified sites, this service doesn't stand out as much as it could. For these reasons, DivorceNet gets a middle-ground rating from us. Some rivals offer better pricing, better security, and better guarantees, so you might want to check one of those out first. But if you don't feel comfortable with those services, this one is still a competitive option for a low-cost online divorce.

LegalZoom Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • Priced at $499
  • Fees include access to toll-free support line

Notice: LegalZoom is revamping it's Online Divorce offering. This review is for it's most recent program, which is currently deactivated.

You'll regularly find LegalZoom at the top of the rankings when it comes to straightforward legal documents. Whether you need to draft a will or do the paperwork to create your LLC for the first time, you'll find that LegalZoom is trustworthy, easy to understand, and comes with a world-class customer support team in case you run into any snags and need some help.

Simple 3 step process

To file for an uncontested divorce online using LegalZoom, you'll go through a simple three-step process:

  1. Determine your eligibility for their service
  2. Complete the online divorce questionnaire at your convenience
  3. Print the completed forms and instructions for filing

You begin by selecting your state of residence. Next, answer a series of simple questions, such as "Do you know the location of your spouse?" and "Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?" If your answers to those questions determine that you're eligible for LegalZoom's online divorce services, you'll be taken to a more in-depth questionnaire to help you start the process. These questions relate to children you have with your spouse, assets and debts, and current living situation.

Pay the fee

Once those questions are complete and you've selected a password for your account, you'll have to pay the case processing fee. While that fee may vary depending on where you live, we found that for most people the cost is $499. It's worth noting that LegalZoom has decreased their fees considerably since our last review (when their fees were more than $700!), but at $499 they're still one of the more expensive providers of online divorce services.

Continue answering questions

After you've paid the fee, you'll have access to your account login and will be able to answer the remaining questions that apply in your situation. For those questions, you'll have access to help and explanations in case there's anything you don't understand. Plus, your paid fees also make you eligible for LegalZoom's support line, in case you need to speak directly with a documents specialist.

Best Online Divorce Services

100% satisfaction guarantee

All online divorce cases through LegalZoom are protected by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will need to make your refund request within 60 days of purchasing their divorce services, and it's possible that you'll be issued a credit in place of a refund. Also, keep in mind that if LegalZoom has already paid fees to a third party (such as a governmental entity for filing fees), those funds are non-refundable. Naturally, this satisfaction guarantee only applies to issues related directly to LegalZoom - not any "changes to your situation or your state of mind" - and they can't guarantee the outcome of your divorce proceedings.

Is it worth it?

So, is it worth it to pay extra for LegalZoom's online divorce service? At the time of our most recent review, that was difficult to say: the company had recently stopped working with a well-respected third-party partner to facilitate the process, instead taking everything related to divorce proceedings 100% in-house. With more than 4 million customers across their spectrum of services and an "A+" rating from the BBB, LegalZoom is easily a name to trust no matter what you need - but we didn't find their divorce process to be as transparent as it was in the past. Unlike before, you won't even know which specific forms you're getting until you've paid your case processing fee.

Excellent reputation, but really expensive

At the end of the day, LegalZoom is reputable and easy to use for your online divorce proceedings. But at twice the price of our highest-ranked service, they might not be your most economical option.

Hello Divorce Review 2.5 Star Rating

Hello Divorce

2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $400 - $3,800
  • Tailored experience
  • Free 15-minute consultation
  • Parent company has "A+" rating from the BBB

Owned by Financial Insights & Strategies, LLC, Hello Divorce is a newer player in online divorce services. Coming in as one of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing sites in our review, Hello Divorce stands out as a website that is visually striking and committed to providing individually-tailored experiences.

Your divorce, your way... but you're gonna pay

Their tagline "Your divorce, your way" helps customers feel supported by the company as soon as they land on the site's front page. However, for customers looking for bespoke treatment in their divorce, they're going to pay for it. The downside to Hello Divorce is that it's one of the most expensive options available in our evaluation.

Tailored and hands-off experience

The process at Hello Divorce is about crafting a "tailored experience" for your particular needs. Whether picking one of their 4 packages, or booking a planning sesh, Hello Divorce promises to take care of reviewing, filing, and serving documents on your behalf, while providing expert legal, financial, and emotional support throughout your journey. This is the ultimate hands-off online divorce service. Whether you're just starting or in the midst of the divorce process, Hello Divorce is here to assist you at any stage.

Expensive services across the board

What about the fees? Bespoke treatment doesn't come cheap. There are 4 total packages available with Hello Divorce, though the ones you can use will depend on your location. For example, when we checked out one particular state on Hello Divorce, only 3 of the 4 options were available. The 4 plans include:

  • DIY Plan: $400 - only available in California
  • Pro Plan: $1,500 spread out in 4 monthly payments - only available in 7 states
  • Plus Plan: $2,500 in 4 monthly payments - only available in 8 states
  • Mediation Plan: $3,800 in 4 monthly payments

No help outside of 8 primary states

So what happens if you need help and you're not in one of the 7-8 states serviced by the plans? Well, if you're not one of the lucky customers to live in California, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Washington, Indiana, or Florida, you're out of luck on online divorce. Instead, Hello Divorce only offers two services: Divorce Coaching for an hour ($150) or hiring a Divorce Finance Expert ($300).

Best Online Divorce Services

Free 15-minute consultation

The only thing that doesn't cost you at Hello Divorce is their free consultation call. But, unlike competitors who offer free consultations with no time limit, this one is only 15 minutes long. The goal of the call is to help you understand which of the packages will be the most helpful to you, so you can start spending the big bucks at Hello Divorce.

Almost no reviews out there

When we checked out the company's reputation, we were a little disappointed to see how few reviews there are for it. The company doesn't yet have any presence with trusted third-party review sites like Trustpilot or Sitejabber. The only reviews out there are on Google Reviews, which only has 8 total comments from customers. On the other hand, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive with the average rating being 4.8 stars out of 5. Unsurprisingly, the site doesn't have a presence with the Better Business Bureau either. However, its parent company Financial Insights & Strategies, LLC does, and the rating is impressive with a full "A+" and accreditation at the BBB.

Price tag is too high

Overall, there's a lot of cool stuff going on at Hello Divorce, but the bottom line is the site doesn't serve enough states and it's far too expensive. While the fact that Hello Divorce will file for you is impressive, if you don't have thousands of extra dollars lying around, this service just won't be possible for you. With many great and cost-effective options out there, we can't give Hello Divorce higher than 2.5 stars. Perhaps as the site grows we might see some positive changes in terms of serving more states or lower prices, but for now, Hello Divorce is too bespoke for most users.

Divorce Online  Review 2 Star Rating

Divorce Online

2 Star Rating
  • $139 one-time fee for online divorce
  • Operates in the US and Canada
  • In business for 7+ years
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Has reportedly helped over 45,000 couples

Divorce Online isn't a service that's really going to wow you when it comes to filing your divorce online. The company doesn't provide any background information beyond saying that they've been in business for more than 7 years and have supposedly helped over 45,000 people over that time.

Virtual office? Is anyone there?

Even the company's contact address tracks to a virtual office space in Washington State. And, when we called during the posted business hours, the recorded message from the "divorce service center" said that we should call back later or send an email (but didn't provide an address to do so). Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland might say.

$139 to fill out and download divorce forms

But, let's take a look at what we could figure out. To start, Divorce Online charges a one-time fee of $139 to fill out your divorce forms. You'll begin by entering your name and email address, plus selecting your state of residence. From what we could see, Divorce Online is offered to residents of all 50 states plus several provinces in Canada. You'll be asked all of the typical questions, such as whether or not there are minor children in the relationship, sources on income, assets, and so forth.

Best Online Divorce Services

See all the forms you'll get prior to making payment

From there, you'll get a list of the divorce forms provided by Divorce Online. In our test case, that included Answer, Waiver, and Request; Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Disclosure (Petitioner); Civil Cover Sheet; Default; and Family Law Financial Affidavit (Petitioner). At that point, we were asked to pay that $139 fee that was mentioned.

Some things just don't add up

There's a lot about the Divorce Online site that struck us as odd. For example, when we were trying to suss out more information about the "Premium" package referenced on the site and looking through the details, there was a dropdown for "We Help You Create a Will Online." That would be a nice add-on, but it seemed to be a typo (maybe a carry-over from a sister site of Divorce Online?) more than anything actually included in the package (especially since the description just referred to divorce forms and nothing about wills). Also, the fees for the higher-tier service were described as "symbolic" . Of what? Plus, during the checkout process, nothing was said about any platinum tier of service, which supposedly offers help with filing the divorce forms with the court. We're not sure at what point Divorce Online actually connects clients with those services, but it's not during the initial questionnaire and sign-up.

Risk-free refund policy? We're not so sure

Divorce Online also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but like many of the online divorce companies we've evaluated, it only applies to the first 30 days and doesn't come into play if you've used any of their services. In other words, if you speak to anyone or start filling out any of the forms, it doesn't matter if you're unsatisfied; you still won't get a refund. And yet, as we filled out the divorce forms and got to the checkout page, we got this promise: "We're so confident Divorce Online will save you time and money, we'll let you test drive it 100% risk free for one full week." So, which is it? Risk-free test drive or zero refund if you access any part of their services?

Best Online Divorce Services

No feedback that we trust

Unsurprisingly, we weren't able to find any external feedback for Divorce Online: no listing with the Better Business Bureau, no profile on Trustpilot, nada. Sure, there are some testimonials on the company's website, but at this point, would you consider them trustworthy? We don't.

Not recommended

There's very little reason for us to recommend Divorce Online. Everything they promise but apparently fail to deliver, you can find with many of the online divorce companies on our list. And, with most of Divorce Online's competitors, you can be much more sure that they're going to pick up the phone during business hours, have hundreds (or thousands) of independently-verified reviews, and do an overall better job of helping you handle a process that's stressful enough on its own (without having to wonder if you're sending your money into the void for a service you might not even receive). It's a no-brainer that this is one of our least-recommended options for online divorce today.

My Divorce Papers Review 1 Star Rating

My Divorce Papers

1 Star Rating
  • Cost: $139 one-time fee
  • $24 per month maintenance fees
  • SSL encryption

If you're looking for a site that instills confidence when you go to My Divorce Papers, all we can say is: Yikes! Have you ever come across a service that turned out to be a complete disappointment from beginning to end? If you delve into My Divorce Papers, you'll find that it fits that description perfectly. This online divorce platform is so subpar that it's difficult to fit all of our concerns into one little review.

Outdated design and cluttered interface

First impressions are important, and My Divorce Papers doesn't seem to care about them at all. When you first land on My Divorce Papers, you'll see a cluttered home page with tons of fonts and pixelated images, and get the impression that you might have traveled to this site by accident through a bad redirect link. A site that looks this old and poorly kept up doesn't strike us as a trustworthy place to spend your money, especially on something as important as divorce.

Clunky process with location errors

In terms of the process, at first glance, My Divorce Papers may appear similar to its competitors in the industry. The process begins by entering your basic information to confirm your eligibility for filing an uncontested divorce. The system then guides you through the necessary questions to complete your paperwork. However, customers encountered problems here: despite putting in a particular state, users were assigned a representative from a different one entirely. And, when they tried to go back to fix it, users encountered new pages or were addressed by the wrong name.

Pricing lacks transparency

The price for this service is promised to be a single purchase of $139. This fee is a flat rate and the site notes there are no hidden fees or membership costs. And yet, on top of this, after 30 days you will be charged $24.84 a month for continued access to the site. However, this statement is hidden in a long scrolling list in a very small script, so it doesn't feel honestly represented by My Divorce Papers.

Best Online Divorce Services

Not enough site maintenance

The worst part about this site is it doesn't even have the excuse of being un-updated. The copyright for the site is from 2021, so it's not very old. For there to be this many bugs and visually confusing elements on a modern-ish site is extremely disappointing. It may be important to note that blog posts on the My Divorce Papers site have not been updated beyond 2016, showing that many aspects of the site are completely ignored.

Surprisingly protective security policy

In terms of security, we were surprised to see that My Divorce Papers offers SSL-encryption to protect information on the site. My Divorce Papers also does not engage in renting, selling, or sharing personal data with any third parties, unless it is necessary to provide requested products or services, with the user's consent. The circumstances in which My Divorce Papers may share your data is in instances specifically related to the services and doesn't include any private information.

Horrible ratings

What's even more concerning is the claim made by the site that it is an accredited, "A+" rated company with the Better Business Bureau. The listing for My Divorce Papers can only be found under Divorce Place Inc, and the truth is far from what they advertise. Not only is the business not accredited, but at the time of our review, the BBB had given the service an "F" grade with nearly 50 complaints filed within the preceding three years. Shockingly, My Divorce Papers failed to respond to almost every complaint. Many customers reported being charged for unwanted subscriptions, facing difficulties in obtaining refunds when their paperwork was rejected by the court, or discovering hidden fees after they had already paid for the divorce documents.

Look somewhere else for your online divorce

If you need a reliable online divorce service, it is highly recommended that you avoid wasting any of your valuable time considering My Divorce Papers. The company appears completely unreliable, hasn't been updated in years, and doesn't practice clear and transparent pricing practices. Overall, there's nothing to recommend My Divorce Papers, so you'll be safer to try other services over this one.

TOPS Divorce Kit Review 1 Star Rating

TOPS Divorce Kit

1 Star Rating
  • Cost: $82.51 one-time fee
  • Physical book

If you've ever needed office supplies or legal forms for your business, you might be familiar with the longstanding TOPS brand. With a history spanning over 60 years, TOPS offers a DIY Divorce Kit.

Disappointing divorce offering

Unfortunately, if you are looking for an extensive or easy-to-use online platform, you're going to be disappointed. Instead of a helpful site, this kit is a workbook more than a divorce service. On top of that, the purchase process seems glitchy and unreliable.

Completely outdated

The most important thing to keep in mind with TOPS is that this is not an online service that will help you along the way. Instead, this is an information booklet to teach you about divorce papers and how to file. This raised concerns for us since most individuals seeking an online divorce expect a digital platform accessible through smartphones, tablets, or computers, featuring an intuitive process for completing necessary paperwork. Unfortunately, TOPS Divorce Kit falls way short in this regard. Though you can download PDF versions of some of the forms, overall there isn't a lot of digital support with this product. More than that, if you're not comfortable going through the divorce process completely by yourself, this isn't going to be a good option for you.

Low price but low value

The standout feature of the TOPS Divorce Kit is its affordability, priced at $82.51. At first glance, this may seem enticing compared to other DIY divorce options in the market that charge double or triple the amount. However, it's crucial to consider the value you receive for your money. Disappointingly, TOPS provides limited information on its product page, leaving customers in the dark about the process. The only details about the product include that the manual and PDF version have divorce forms, including filing forms, questionnaires, parenting plan forms, and an appendix of state divorce resources.

Best Online Divorce Services

Not a paper-saver

So, what are you actually buying here? According to the listing, which is only one short page of almost no information at TOPS, you're getting both user manuals for writing your divorce papers as well as PDFs for the forms. According to a photo example on the site, the PDFs are editable, but it doesn't say if you need an Adobe membership to fill in and sign, which some documents require and which could incur an extra cost. Not all of the documents are PDFs, however, and you'll have to do a decent amount of reading "how to's" on paper.

Shopping cart has bugs

The weirdest thing about this online divorce product was the purchase process. When we checked out the item in our cart it quickly went from the listed $82.51 to a whopping $1,980.24. According to the cart, you can't buy any fewer than 24 copies of the Divorce Kit. We're not sure if this is a website glitch or a cart error, but either way, nobody needs 24 kits, and the service is definitely not worth more than $1,000.

No buzz about TOPS

One of the most concerning parts of this online divorce service is the total lack of review presence. There isn't any page for TOPS specifically on the BBB, and we couldn't find any feedback from verified third-party review sites. This absence leaves prospective users with no means of gauging the efficacy of the product or how effectively it aids individuals in completing their divorce without incurring exorbitant attorney fees.

TOPS doesn't really do online divorce

Unfortunately, TOPS Divorce Kit does little to instill confidence in customers that their service will simplify the experience. In today's landscape, numerous user-friendly online divorce services with transparent operations and thousands of client reviews are readily available. Given these alternatives, it is puzzling why anyone would opt for TOPS' booklet product. Consequently, TOPS Divorce Kit remains one of our lowest-ranked options for online divorce assistance.

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The availability of next-day document delivery and electronic filing options makes it easier than ever to progress smoothly through the divorce process. Additionally, online divorce sites often provide resources and support to ensure that your legal rights and obligations are clearly understood and protected.

One of the key advantages of using online divorce sites is the emphasis on efficiency and accessibility. Reputable platforms prioritize the accuracy and completeness of divorce documents through thorough review processes. They offer intuitive interfaces and step-by-step guidance to simplify the completion of forms and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Moreover, these sites often provide access to experienced professionals who can offer personalized assistance and answer specific questions, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming in-person consultations.

Responsible online divorce sites recognize the significance of promoting fair and equitable solutions for all parties involved. They strive to uphold ethical standards and facilitate an amicable and respectful divorce process.

Since there are so many options and you're already dealing with a huge life event, it can be hard to choose a service to help with your upcoming divorce. Here are some factors we've identified that can help you narrow down your options:

  • Price. Price is a significant consideration especially with everything else going on in a divorce. Keeping an eye on the costs vs. benefits will help you stay on budget. Some services are expensive but take care of all the work, while others are cheap but make you do the heavy lifting with your online divorce.
  • Speed. Some services are able to help you out within 1-2 days while others will take time for lawyers to review documents. Knowing your ideal timeline may help you narrow down the best online divorce service for you.
  • Security. Information security is extremely important with your private documents and finances involved. Keeping an eye on what kind of security different sites have (or don't have) can help you determine which companies you feel safest with.
  • Guarantee. Since your papers do need to be filed, you may want to look for companies that offer a guarantee that your divorce will be accepted or at least a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. You don't want to worry about paying for multiple online divorce services if you choose one without a guarantee.
  • Customer satisfaction. By paying attention to verified reviews, you can determine which companies deliver on their promises and genuinely prioritize customer satisfaction. Since divorce is such a major event, you don't want to leave your online divorce services to chance. See which ones have solid reputations for helping their clients and who fall flat according to reviewers.

To take some of the stress out of a divorce, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best online divorce services out there today. No matter how it goes, divorce is a huge life event, so we hope this list will help you keep costs down and focus on moving forward with your next stage in life.

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Online Divorce Service FAQ

Yes and no. You can complete the paperwork online, but in most states you'll still need to file it with your county court, pay the applicable fees and appear for a hearing.
Most services require the divorce to be uncontested: both spouses are in complete agreement over division of assets and custody arrangements if minor children are involved. Not all online divorce platforms offer services in every state, so be sure that the one you're considering is available where you plan to file for divorce.
Online divorce services can range anywhere from free with a one-week trial to $499+. The fees charged by these providers don't include any corresponding court costs. You may also have monthly data storage and service fees, depending on the company you select, so read the fine print carefully.
In general, you'll answer a few brief questions to see if your situation is eligible for an online divorce service - mostly to determine if it includes your state and if your divorce is likely to be uncontested. Once you've paid your fees and entered your answers, you'll usually print out your completed paperwork and file them with your local court. From there, any timeframes and fees depend solely on your county government.
Almost every online divorce provider guarantees that your paperwork will be accepted by the court in your state. However, it's up to you to walk through the necessary steps for making your divorce final, like filing the paperwork and showing up for hearings.
That depends on your local court system. You can fill out the paperwork online in just a few minutes, but the rest of the process is determined by how quickly it's processed, whether you can get a hearing date scheduled in a timely fashion, and so on.
Absolutely. Whether you seek a lawyer's services on your own or through an online divorce service, there's nothing prohibiting you from getting extra legal help. Some divorce platforms can connect you with an attorney for an additional fee, if you don't already have a professional in mind.
Most online divorce providers only guarantee that your paperwork will be legal and accepted by the court in your state. In other words, if you sign up for an account and pay the fees for an online divorce but then you change your mind or don't like the service itself, you may be out of luck. But, some providers may offer refunds for other circumstances on a case-by-case basis - just don't count on it. Do your homework and sign up for an online divorce service only when you've determined that it's a program that will work for you.

What to Look for in an Online Divorce Company

If you or a loved one is currently considering divorce they are not alone. Approximately 50% of couples today end their relationships in divorce. While divorce is a common theme for many couples it still doesn't make the transition any easier. Divorce can be one of the most stressful events in a person's life and finding ways to reduce that stress can mean a faster healing process and less wear and tear on the body and mind.

A mutually agreed upon divorce generally reduces the stress level for everyone. Couples that are able to agree to splitting assets, debt and custody fairly have the option of expediting their divorce through uncontested proceedings. An amicable, uncontested divorce takes much less time and money. Uncontested divorces can be filed using an online divorce company which allows you to do away with expensive lawyers that can drag out the process and significantly rake up the costs.

The online divorce process is surprisingly simple. In lieu of visiting a lawyer at $250+ an hour, an online divorce company essentially has you answer the same questions a lawyer would ask but your responses are provided online. The legal documents, appropriate for your State, are created and sent to you along with instructions on how to file and what to expect in your specific area.

What to Look for in an Online Divorce Company:

  • Expertise. Just as if you were going to hire a local lawyer to represent you, you'll want an online divorce company that retains a team of lawyers that work to provide compliant, accurate, and up-to-date legal documents for your State. The company must also be compliant with family court standards in all 50 States if you have children with your spouse. The last thing you want is your divorce to be denied or delayed as a result of bad paperwork that will cost you additional money to fix. In the event that a legal question comes up you'll want to be able to rely on the response provided by the company you choose or an expert they recommend.
  • Education. A solid online divorce company will provide information to help you best understand their services and the divorce process. Many companies exist that have well designed websites that clearly walk you through what to expect and allow you to feel in control of the effort.
  • Customer Service. Should a question or problem come up you'll want to talk to a knowledgeable, friendly customer service representative that is able to assist with any question. Make sure any online company you choose has a quality customer service team to answer your questions.
  • Ease of Use. When you go through the questionnaire process you'll want a company that offers a well functioning website that allows you to respond to all questions with no functionality issues. This will reduce your number of questions and frustration level. When your documents arrive you'll also want well written, detailed instructions on how to execute the divorce without delay.
  • History. A company with a solid reputation of serving clients is more likely to provide a better service in the end with fewer issues. Check the Better Business Bureau website for a rating and any history of customer complaints.
  • Guarantee. Should the wrong forms be completed in error you'll either want your money back or a guarantee that they'll correct the mistake without hassle. Look for an online divorce company that guarantees their work or provides a money back offer. Most companies provide some sort of guarantee but not all guarantees are the same so look closely.
  • Price. Look at the price of an online divorce and compare to other companies before making a decision. In many cases you get what you pay for, but in some cases more expensive does not necessarily a better service over someone else.
  • Independent Product Reviews. Use independent product reviews to assist in finding a top online divorce company. This information will quickly allow you to compare services, websites, price and more with little effort.

Taking the high road and working with your spouse to complete an amicable, uncontested divorce is one of the best ways to help reduce your stress level and get on with your life. Uncontested divorces may be completed at a fraction of the cost using an online divorce company to assist with the necessary paperwork and details. When looking for a quality online divorce company consider using independent product reviews to assist in your search.

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