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The world of vaping has witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity over the past decade. The reasons behind this surge are clear - a diverse array of alluring flavors, the capability to personalize the vaping experience, and the unmatched convenience that vaping offers all combine to make vaping an attractive option for many people.

The wide range of flavors available, including fruity, dessert, and beverage-inspired selections, injects a sense of novelty and enthusiasm into the vaping experience. This multitude of flavors can elevate the enjoyment and engagement for individuals who possess a fondness for varied tastes.

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2024 Online Vape Shop Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Vapeshack Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Free shipping on orders surpassing $99
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Diverse product selection
  • "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Vapeshack has rightfully earned our top rating for delivering an all-encompassing and dependable vaping product, combined with customer-friendly policies. While many companies grapple with meeting customer expectations, Vapeshack has consistently upheld customer satisfaction, even amidst the changing legal landscape governing vaporizer shipments in the U.S.

Unrivaled Product Variety

Vapeshack can be characterized by its thoughtfully curated selection of vaping products. This online vape shop features premier brands of disposable vaporizers and an extensive array of starter kits, all sourced from reputable manufacturers like Voopoo, SMOK, Uwell, Vaporesso, and Suorin. While the quantity might be more modest compared to other platforms, the emphasis on quality is unmistakable. Additionally, Vapeshack's assortment of Dry-Herb vaporizers, though limited, is meaningful, showcasing only the well-regarded, reliable, and highly-rated Pax brand. Collectively, every piece of hardware available on Vapeshack stems from reputable and high-quality brands, and they continue to offer a variety of cost-effective disposable alternatives.

Super Return Policy

Vapeshack's refund policy is among the finest in the industry, featuring a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should a product fail to meet your expectations, they pledge to refund the full amount, provided the product is returned in pristine condition, with original packaging and all supplementary components intact. Given the scarcity of meaningful return policies in the market, Vapeshack's approach is undeniably generous. While not explicitly stated, it's reasonable to assume that this guarantee (rightfully) does not extend to their disposable products. In summary, in a realm where refund conditions are often stringent, Vapeshack's policy stands as a refreshing departure, significantly contributing to their exemplary overall rating.

Insightful Guidance for Every Product Category

Another aspect that deserves your attention is Vapeshack's informative "tips-to-know" sections for each product category - from disposables to nicotine salts and e-liquids. While seemingly minor, these tips serve as a friendly and invaluable resource, particularly for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaporizers.

Best Online Vape Shops

Clear-cut Shipping Policies

Shipping woes plague many companies selling vaporizers online, yet Vapeshack's policies stand as transparent and commendable. They extend free shipping for orders exceeding $99, and the company demonstrates a vigilant awareness of local regulations concerning vaporizers. For example, on their shipping page, they explicitly outline states where shipments are not feasible (Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, Utah, APO/FPO & U.S. Territories).

Excellence in Adapting to Shipment Challenges

Vapeshack also provides insights into additional shipping costs that might arise when shipping to states with stricter regulations regarding tobacco product shipments by mail. Beyond the allure of free shipping, what truly reassures us is Vapeshack's apparent expertise in navigating the shipping bureaucracies that have transformed vaporizer deliveries.. This might be the very reason behind their impressive rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Stellar BBB Rating

Vapeshack boasts an impeccable "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, accompanied by a clean slate of zero customer complaints. While general reviews about Vapeshack are relatively scarce, the absence of complaints on their BBB profile speaks volumes about their overall dedication to customer service and fulfillment. In an industry where many once-pristine companies have suffered due to customer grievances related to shipping, Vapeshack's unblemished record is nothing short of remarkable.

Excellence in Quality

Despite not flaunting the flashiest bundles, web layouts, or deals, Vapeshack solidifies its status as a dependable e-retailer, underscored by a magnanimous return policy. Amid a market where numerous companies grapple with inconsistency, Vapeshack's complete lack of customer complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau is indeed noteworthy. Additionally, their user-friendly website and overall premium product offerings have collectively earned them our top rank. They warrant a strong recommendation for consideration, whether you seek a new box or pen rig, or simply desire an exceptional online retail experience.

VaporDNA Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • 45-day return policy
  • 20% Military discount
  • Rewards program available
  • Free domestic shipping for orders exceeding $77

Situated in Torrance, California, VaporDNA extends its influence far beyond the confines of its physical vape shop with an attractive website and a range of good vaping products. VaporDNA has earned our positive review across various categories.

Diverse Product Selection

VaporDNA boasts an impressive inventory of vaping pen and box kits, along with an extensive selection of hardware from renowned brands like SMOK, Geek Vape, Vaporesso, and Suorin. Notably, their clearance section showcases offerings from top-tier brands, setting it apart from competitors with relatively sparse clearance and sale sections. In addition to this, VaporDNA caters to the disposable segment, featuring a good inventory at market prices. It's worth mentioning that VaporDNA does not offer materials typically found in local head shops

Robust Rewards Program

VaporDNA's rewards program is commendable although somewhat complicated. Points can be applied to any purchase and can be earned by reviewing products, including photos or videos with reviews, and receiving 1 point for every dollar spent on their products. The rewards program consists of three tiers, contingent on the amount spent:

  • Bronze Tier: This serves as the base level and offers 50 points on your birthday.
  • Silver Tier: Spending $300 grants a 1.25 point multiplier, 100 birthday points, and a 50-point reward.
  • Gold Tier: With a 1.5 point multiplier, this tier grants you 150 birthday points and 100 reward points.

Earn points easily

This rewards program also extends to a friend-referral initiative, allowing you to offer a $10 discount to friends, and if they spend $50, you receive $10 in points. Although a referral program for vaporizers and similar products might appear a bit tacky, it could hold mutual benefits if your friend is also a vaping enthusiast. Notably, VaporDNA provides a significant 20% military discount to servicemembers.

Best Online Vape Shops

Generous Return Policy

VaporDNA maintains a fair returns policy, allowing you to return devices within 45 days of purchase, provided the device is clean and free from burnt residue. While they do not cover shipping costs for returns and may impose a 15% processing fee for user-damaged, uncleaned, or non-easily fixable devices, their overall effort to assist customers within a generous 45-day window is noteworthy.

Challenges in Shipping

Unfortunately, VaporDNA has not escaped the challenges inherent in shipping. While the BBB reviews are limited to just four over a span of three years, they do highlight difficulties related to shipping and contacting customer service, which contributed to a "D-" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Despite VaporDNA's commendable performance in most categories and their generous return policies, these poor shipping-related reviews cannot be overlooked, particularly since they do not provide shipment insurance through third-party providers.

A Solid Choice Despite Shipping Concerns

VaporDNA is a reputable company that embodies excellence across various categories, including good return and shipping policies, accessibility, high product quality, and the presence of discounts and rewards. They appear to have succeeded across many aspects, though the one stumbling block lies in partnering with a reliable shipping service or offering insurance for shipped packages. Still, if you're looking for a quality online vape shop, VaporDNA hits very high marks.

Smokers World Review 3.5 Star Rating

Smokers World

3.5 Star Rating
  • Same-day shipping
  • 20% discount for first order
  • Disposable "Bundles" available in quantities of 3, 6, and 10

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Smokers World is a good vaping company, particularly for those interested in bulk disposable vaporizer purchases. Here's a comprehensive overview of what this online vape shop has to offer.

Thoughtfully Curated Selection

Smokers World boasts an impressive array of vaping box kits, pens, and hardware, showcasing offerings from top-tier brands like SMOKtech, Voopoo, Uwell, and Geekvape. Their product range extends to a good variety of third-party e-liquids and replacement coil packs, ensuring a well-rounded shopping experience. In essence, Smokers World offers a commendable selection of pen and box-kit vaporizers. Moreover, their range includes a limited but respectable variety of glassware, vaporizers, and grinders for dry-herb use, featuring renowned luxury brands such as Storz & Bickel and DaVinci. It's worth noting that their glassware exudes a sense of quality, both in branding and pricing, suggesting enhanced durability.

Bulk Disposable Offerings

One of Smokers World's primary attractions is their popular disposable vapes in bulk. Nevertheless, purchasing in bulk does not always result in a more favorable deal than what competitors offer. For example, their 10-pack bundle of Elfbar disposable vaporizers is priced at $149.99, while the average price on other platforms stands at $15 each. Despite Smokers World's "non-bundle" price of $300, buying a bundle from Smokers World still equates to the market rate, which was rather disappointing.

Initial Order Discount

While Smokers World may not provide a loyalty or reward program, they do extend a 20% discount for your initial order. Moreover, registering your email with their mailing list grants access to their "community" deals. If you're inclined toward special offers or time-limited promotions, creating an account with Smokers World could save you money.

Best Online Vape Shops

Shipping and Timing

Aligned with prominent online vaporizer retailers, Smokers World has seen longer shipping times due to the U.S. vape shipping restrictions. They promise "same-day shipping," yet this translates to an actual shipping duration of 4-6 business days. Recognizing the fragility of shipping vaporizers, Smokers World has partnered with Route to offer shipping insurance. For high-value orders, investing in insurance could be a prudent choice, despite the unfortunate necessity of specialized shipment services.

Challenges in Returns

Despite receiving commendations for their diverse and premium-quality selection, Smokers World's returns policy falls short of expectations. They only offer refunds for incorrect items sent and, if a product is defective, they provide a gift card applicable to their own website. It's disappointing that an online vape shop boasting such an extensive range lacks a satisfactory return policy, although it's somewhat understandable given the inherent cost and complexities associated with shipping vaporizers.

Mixed Reviews

It appears that Smokers World has encountered shipping-related challenges akin to other platforms. However, they seem to be proactive in addressing the issues that arise, responding to customer complaints on various review sites. Notably, they do not possess a Better Business Bureau rating, making it somewhat challenging to comprehensively evaluate their current performance.

A Reasonable Option Overall

While Smokers World may not excel in terms of return policies and lacks a rewards or loyalty program, they do make a mark with their broad selection of high-quality and popular products. Nevertheless, their "bundles" proposition appears more illusory than substantial in terms of value. In light of this, Smokers World warrants your consideration, though it might also be prudent to look at higher-rated companies on our list, particularly those with more favorable return and shipping policies.

Vapingland Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Wide selection of popular disposable vapes
  • 100 rewards points earned on signup
  • Refer-a-friend for $5 off
  • Free shipping on orders over $49

Vapingland, a California-based retailer specializing in vaping products, finds itself with a less than favorable rating due to its highly disconcerting website and middling deals and rewards system. Here's what we found.

A Website that Aggravates

Vapingland's website is, to put it frankly, a chaotic and overwhelming experience. The screen is dominated by a persistent chatbot positioned in the bottom right corner, adorned with a "notification" badge at the top. Furthermore, a small pop-up incessantly materializes whenever a purchase is made on Vapingland - by anyone. The need for customers to receive updates on others' purchases is baffling. Adding to the experience, these updates aren't even in real-time; they repetitively flash across the screen, remain incessant, and stem from transactions up to an hour prior. The bombardment of these notifications appears geared to overwhelm visitors. Moreover, the website is riddled with glaring typos ("flavonrs" instead of "flavors" in a disposable vaporizer's description). In essence, Vapingland's site interface and the evident lack of attention to design significantly detracts from their overall score.

Noteworthy Brands and Average Deals

While their interface is a glaring issue, Vapingland does offer commendable merchandise. Their collection of disposable vaporizers encompasses a variety of brands and flavors, including names like Lost Mary, Geekbar, Elf Bar, and Horizon. For box mods and starter kits, Vapingland presents a "2 for 20%" deal, enabling the purchase of two starter kits with a 20% discount on the entire order. Notable brands featured here are Vaporesso, Geekvape, SMOK, Uwell, and Voopoo. Despite our reluctance due to their exasperating website design, it is only fair to acknowledge that Vapingland's products are of good quality and stand on par with more thoughtfully designed websites on our list.

Rewards Points Program

Vapingland does extend a rewards points program, but the conversion rate offered is disappointing: each 100 points earned results in a mere $1 discount on an order. Considering you earn 1 point per dollar spent (or 20 for submitting a review), this equates to a meager cashback equivalent, amounting to only about a cent. Registering for their rewards program scarcely seems worth the effort given the paltry returns. As part of this program, Vapingland includes a "refer a friend" bonus - referring a friend earns you a $5 discount on your subsequent order. However, we can't help but feel somewhat hesitant about encouraging friends to engage with a website as vexing as Vapingland's.

Best Online Vape Shops

Free Shipping Over $49

Despite its horrible user interface, Vapingland manages to offer favorable shipping policies, including free shipping for orders surpassing $49, and a commitment to initiate item shipping within 48 hours. However, it's important to note that Vapingland doesn't offer shipping insurance and asserts no responsibility for any defects or errors arising from shipping. In essence, while we appreciate the free shipping and relatively swift delivery, it would be ideal if they extended shipping insurance through a service partner.

Lack of Reviews and BBB Presence

When it comes to customer reviews, information about Vapingland is conspicuously scarce. We could only locate a single complaint about subpar customer service in a thread on a popular vaping discussion platform. Regrettably, this paucity of customer feedback leaves us with limited data to assess their overall effectiveness and customer support.

Fine Products Wrapped in Irritation

If the prospect of navigating irksome pop-ups, dealing with an unsatisfactory rewards program that yields minimal returns, and enduring other inconveniences doesn't faze you, then Vapingland might suit you as a viable online vape shop, given their broad range of well-regarded brands. Nonetheless, we generally find companies with deliberately overwhelming websites less appealing, and you can likely find equivalent products with significantly less irritation by opting for higher-rated providers on our list.

Eightvape Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • "8 under $8" special deals
  • Rewards and referral program available
  • 14-day limited warranty policy
  • Stocks popular brands such as SMOK, Wismec, iJoy, Uwell, Geekvape

Eightvape appears appealing on the surface due to its diverse product offerings and enticing deals. Despite these merits, the company falls short in terms of customer service and fulfillment, primarily due to shipping issues that arose following regulatory changes impacting USPS services. Unfortunately, Eightvape's commendable value proposition is overshadowed by its subpar performance in these crucial areas.

Wide Array of Brands and Competitive Pricing

Eightvape stands out with its comprehensive selection of popular brands and an attractive array of deals. Among their offerings, the "8 under $8" products, clearance items, and ever-changing daily deals provide customers with a range of cost-effective options. Notably, their pricing on well-regarded disposable vape product, Elfbar, is approximately $3 lower than competitors, offering potential savings over time. Furthermore, the clearance section showcases enticing discounts on a variety of products, demonstrating good value and pricing competitiveness.

Subpar Head-Shop Section

While Eightvape excels in offering high-quality vape brands and products, their delta-9, CBD, and dry-herb offerings fall short in quality. The selection of glass pieces tends to feature low-quality silicone or China glass, lacking the craftsmanship found in products from local glassblowers or smoke shops. Additionally, their assortment of dry-herb vaporizers comprises inexpensive options lacking reputable brand representation. For customers seeking reliable dry-herb vaporizers, exploring alternatives beyond Eightvape is recommended.

Loyalty and Referral Programs

Eightvape's loyalty program offers customers the chance to accrue points for various activities, including making purchases, writing reviews, and engaging on social media. Although the points-based discount system provides opportunities for savings, the conversion rate of 100 points per $1 discount may offer limited value to some customers. However, the "refer a friend" bonus extends a $5 discount for each successful referral, potentially enticing cost-conscious shoppers.

Best Online Vape Shops

Limited 14-Day Warranty

While Eightvape's 14-day limited warranty is appreciated, it falls short in comparison to warranties offered by other companies. The warranty policy covers defective products and partial coverage for buyer's remorse returns within the specified timeframe. However, a 20% restocking fee for buyer's remorse returns may deter customers from seeking refunds. Despite these limitations, the availability of avenues to address potential defects is commendable.

Third-Party Shipping Insurance Option

Recognizing the challenges posed by evolving shipping regulations, Eightvape collaborates with third-party shipping insurer Route to offer shipping insurance. This option provides customers with added protection for their orders, particularly valuable given the uncertainty surrounding shipping logistics for vaping products.

Dismal Shipping Reviews

Despite its promising offerings, Eightvape's reputation is marred by a series of distressing customer reviews, particularly related to shipping experiences. Complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau highlight instances of erroneous shipping charges, delayed deliveries, and unresponsive customer service. These unfortunate experiences overshadow the company's strengths and contribute to its "F" rating from the BBB. While Eightvape's potential appears promising on paper, the practical execution of its services often falls short of expectations.

Consider Shipping Insurance

As a result of USPS restrictions on shipping vaping products, Eightvape, like many other vape companies, has faced challenges in maintaining satisfactory customer service. If Eightvape aligns with your product preferences and you are open to purchasing shipping insurance and participating in their rewards program, they may be a viable option. However, prospective customers should be prepared for potential delays, lost items, and difficulties in obtaining responsive customer service. This cautionary note is underscored by the shared experiences of numerous dissatisfied customers who have engaged with Eightvape.

South Beach Smoke Review 2 Star Rating

South Beach Smoke

2 Star Rating
  • Starter kits available from $29.99
  • 15-pack cartridges priced at $39.99
  • 45-pack cartridges offered for $99.99
  • Lifetime battery warranty
  • BBB rating of "A-"

South Beach Smoke's distinctiveness lies in its proprietary disposable Vaping cartridges and accompanying batteries. Among legacy vaping companies, South Beach Smoke holds a relatively favorable position. However, unless your preference is specifically aligned with emulating the appearance of a traditional cigarette, opting for a refillable vape pen would likely prove more advantageous. Here's a closer look at South Beach Smoke's offerings.

Nostalgically Beachy but Unmodernized

South Beach Smoke exudes a beach-inspired aesthetic that once symbolized the relaxed allure of vaping e-cigarettes. Nevertheless, their product line feels rooted in the past, reminiscent of 2012. Essentially, South Beach Smoke offers disposable cartridges attached to compact batteries. Starter kits, priced at $29.99, include two batteries, a wall charger, and a 5-pack of cartridges or atomizers. Subscribing to auto-delivery of cartridges grants a 20% discount on the overall cost, which may be appealing if your preference leans toward e-cigarettes over modern pen or box-kit options.

Commendable Rewards Program

South Beach Smoke's rewards program provides customers with points earned through each dollar spent, product review submissions, enrollment in the auto-delivery service (earning 25 points), and a Birthday bonus (20 points). The accumulated 200 points can be redeemed for a $20 credit. While the rewards program lacks groundbreaking benefits, it does offer a modest discount to loyal customers.

Best Online Vape Shops

Sparse Reviews

Locating recent reviews about South Beach Smoke is challenging, likely due to a decline in product usage. Historical discussions on legacy smoking forums from around 2008 to 2013 consistently express dissatisfaction, citing the cartridges' poor flavor and a harsh, unpleasant vapor as key concerns. Nevertheless, the Better Business Bureau page features relatively few complaints and assigns an overall rating of "A-". Consequently, although South Beach Smoke's product may appear outdated, it seems to maintain reliability and good customer satisfaction.

Limited Recommendation

While South Beach Smoke may hold appeal for those seeking a classic e-cigarette experience over modern alternatives, there are few noteworthy aspects to endorse. Choosing South Beach Smoke would mean committing to a product that restricts you to their proprietary cartridges. Most people would probably find that investing in a modern vape pen or kit, which is well-reviewed and offers the flexibility to utilize third-party juices and liquids, presents a more appealing choice. For a price slightly lower than South Beach Smoke's entry-level starter kit, you can acquire a high-quality introductory vape pen with the capability to use a variety of third-party liquid options. If you're considering a vaping device, you should check out a more modern option that gives you greater versatility in product selection.

The Kind Pen Review 2 Star Rating

The Kind Pen

2 Star Rating
  • Lifetime warranty
  • "Kind" rewards program
  • Diverse range of vaping products, from budget to high-end
  • Product price range: $30 - $500

The Kind Pen specializes in an array of vaping products, encompassing dry-herb, e-liquid, oil, and concentrate devices. Although they may initially appear reputable, delving deeper uncovers a reputation for rebranding subpar and breakable products.

From affordable to Premium Price Points

The Kind Pen boasts an extensive product selection, encompassing a substantial number of budget-friendly oil and concentrate vaping products. They also offer a limited selection of higher-priced dry-herb vaporizers and gravity bongs. However, several of their offerings tread the line of cheap or kitschy, such as the "$35 Highkey" concentrate vaporizer, cleverly disguised as a key fob. While The Kind Pen boasts about the quality and ingenuity of their offerings, our investigation revealed that their manufacturing capabilities are less comprehensive than they claim.

Rebranded Wholesale E-Cigarettes and vaporizers

A closer examination of community discussions among vaping enthusiasts exposed numerous grievances regarding the notably inferior quality of The Kind Pen's products. Experts have identified many of their products as rebranded versions of more inexpensive items. For instance, "The DON" desktop e-cigarette by The Kind Pen mirrors UnicVape's "Dabble" Smart e-rig. Similarly, The Kind Pen's "Status" e-cigarette mirrors Airistech's "Herbva" portable vaporizer.

Identity of Manufacturers

The revelation that The Kind Pen markets supposedly premium products that are essentially rebranded versions of cheaper wholesale items casts a shadow over their credibility. If The Kind Pen is unwilling to disclose the actual creators of the products they sell, it becomes difficult to trust other aspects of their claims.

Best Online Vape Shops

Lifetime Warranty Offered

The Kind Pen extends a lifetime warranty policy, assuring consumers that their vaping gear is built to endure. Nonetheless, given the evidence that a significant portion of their "vaping gear" is not of their own creation, this warranty may not accurately reflect the overall quality of their products. The extensive warranty might be seen as a reflection of their willingness to replace products at a relatively low cost, particularly considering their practice of reselling subpar vaporizers.

Ambiguous Rewards Program

While their warranty page mentions a "rewards" program, it provides no clear indication of how these rewards can be utilized or their value relative to their products. Although The Kind Pen offers a flexible lifetime warranty, this policy must be weighed against their other less scrupulous practices.

Mixed Ratings, Astute Brand Management

The Kind Pen appears adept at maintaining a favorable brand image, evidenced by their abundance of positive reviews on third-party review platforms. Nonetheless, their "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau contrasts starkly with this image. Knowledgeable hobbyists online, well-versed in headshops and vaping firsthand, have expressed dissatisfaction with The Kind Pen's flimsy and easily breakable vaporizers. Many have also noted the tendency to rebrand and mark up cheaper wholesale products. In summary, The Kind Pen's low rating from the Better Business Bureau resonates with its reputation within online communities focused on budget-friendly and quality vaping supplies.

Better options available

While The Kind Pen excels in brand management, the volume of imitation vaporizers they offer raises suspicions about their credibility. For a premium dry herb e-cigarette priced around $250, opting for a reputable brand is advisable instead of settling for one that merely repackages and resells low-quality items. While The Kind Pen may be a viable choice for budget oil, e-liquid, or concentrate vapes with low expectations for durability and a willingness to navigate warranty processes, those seeking quality and reliability should consider a more highly-rated online vape shop from our reviews.

Smoke Tip Review 2 Star Rating

Smoke Tip

2 Star Rating
  • OHM sample kit priced at $19
  • Starter kit priced at $24.60
  • XL pod kit priced at $39.50
  • SmokeTip kit priced at $39.95

Diverging from some other legacy vaping device manufacturers, SmokeTip still sells its products. However, it's evident that their product never possessed remarkable qualities, and minimal innovation has taken place since their establishment in 2006.

Affordable, Yet Lacking Value

SmokeTip presents an array of e-cigarette kits, offering accessories separately.

  • Their "$19 OHM sample kit" encompasses a cartridge, USB charger, and battery
  • For $24.60, their "starter kit" includes a single battery, 5 flavor cartridges, and a USB charger
  • Priced at $39.95, the "XL pod kit" contains a battery, two XL pods (equivalent to 5 packs of cigarettes per pod), and a USB-C charger
  • Lastly, the "SmokeTip kit" features two batteries, five cartridges, a USB charger with wall adapter, all for $39.95

Although economically priced, SmokeTip's products are, quite honestly, subpar compared to rival offerings. Contemporary intelligent vaping pens with adjustable temperature, vapor, and airflow settings, compatible with generic juices and liquids, are available at lower costs than SmokeTip's proprietary system featuring locked-in battery and cartridge bundles.

Limited Reviews

SmokeTip appears largely absent from prominent review platforms and is seldom mentioned on vaping-related forums. However, delving into comment sections from 2013 reveals recurring customer service and quality concerns spanning the years 2013 to 2021. These range from frequently malfunctioning (or even flammable) batteries to declining juice and vapor quality, coupled with unsatisfactory customer service. In brief, while SmokeTip reviews are sparse, and a Better Business Bureau page is absent, the available reviews are negative in tone.

Vague Rewards Program

While SmokeTip has a rewards program, it either appears defunct or lacks crucial details. Customers are left uninformed about how rewards can be earned, and although rewards points can ostensibly be used for nicotine cartridges, the cost in rewards points remains undisclosed.

Best Online Vape Shops

Unconventional Warranty

SmokeTip offers an exclusive lifetime warranty for their lithium batteries. In case of battery failure, customers are entitled to free replacements with their cartridge orders, limited to three replacements per month. Though seemingly beneficial, this warranty stipulation raises questions. Why the cap of three replacements per month? If SmokeTip had confidence in their battery durability, why would customers need to receive three lithium ion batteries monthly? While warranties are appreciated, SmokeTip's specific warranty framework generates more questions than answers.

Functional Website, Limited Appeal

SmokeTip's terms and conditions remain unchanged since 2006, raising doubts about the evolution of their products. SmokeTip's lack of widespread recognition and limited availability outside their website is justified. Even when compared to disposable e-cigarettes, SmokeTip's offerings fall short. Despite their functional website, there is little to endorse about SmokeTip.

Seek Superior Alternatives

For those seeking quality vaping products, modern retailers offering premier brands are a far more beneficial option than an outdated entity like SmokeTip. You can acquire a reasonably priced box kit replete with modern conveniences for a similar cost as SmokeTip's outdated e-cigarettes, and superior quality pens are even more affordable.

Vapor Fi Review 1.5 Star Rating

Vapor Fi

1.5 Star Rating
  • Receive 15% off + email-exclusive deals upon email opt-in
  • Proprietary vaping products offered
  • Loyalty and refer-a-friend programs available

Initially an early entrant in the vaping industry with their own distinctive brand, Vapor FI has undergone significant expansion over the years. They now showcase an array of vaporizer products, accessories, and supplies. However, their unethical business conduct and subpar customer service have resulted in a poor rating from us. While appearing conventional and offering useful discounts, several concerning aspects have raised red flags.

Decent Product Range

While Vapor FI still retails their classic vaping products, they appear to have shifted their focus away from actively promoting these items. Instead, they prioritize presenting more popular and worthwhile advanced disposables, pens, and box-kit vaporizers. Their assortment of disposables could be more comprehensive; although they carry numerous major brands, certain trending options (such as Elfbar) are notably absent. However, their hardware collection is quite commendable, encompassing offerings from leading brands at competitive market prices.

Credit Card Information Breach

A closer examination unveils unsettling revelations about Vapor FI. Firstly, it's no longer an independent vaping provider but operates as a subsidiary of the International Vapor Group (IVG), which also holds ownership of the online retailer Direct Vapor-a business later acquired by the tobacco behemoth Turning Point Brands. Both Direct Vapor and Vapor FI customers fell victim to credit card information theft due to malicious code embedded within their e-commerce site. If the theft itself and corporate ties aren't deterrent enough, an alarming pattern of recurring customer service shortcomings surely should be.

Numerous 1-Star Reviews

Vapor FI has earned a "B-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, a grade that aligns with the grievances voiced by dissatisfied customers. Reviewing the customer complaints on the BBB listing highlights a company that relies on unreliable third-party shipping services, peddles expired products, and is plagued by deplorable and unresponsive customer service. Thus, although the active theft of credit card information through Vapor FI may have ceased, the protracted delivery of your order might still leave you feeling as though you've been defrauded.

Best Online Vape Shops

A Curious Advocacy of Nicotine Advertising

Possibly influenced by its corporate parentage, Vapor FI presents an extensive argument against vaping regulations, subtly suggesting that vaping is not marketed to youngsters. Regardless of individual perspectives, the existence of this narrowly focused discourse on Vapor FI's website, coupled with its association with Turning Point Brands, hints at a rather questionable ethos maintained by Vapor FI.

Loyalty and Refer-a-Friend Incentives

Vapor FI offers a loyalty program granting 10 points for every dollar spent, along with a refer-a-friend initiative allowing you to extend a $20 discount to a friend and receive $20 in return if your friend spends $40 on products. However, we have to ask, why recommend a friend to a company that has previously suffered a breach of customer credit card information and is marred by a multitude of negative reviews? It's advisable to exercise sound judgment and refer your friends exclusively to reputable services.

Steer Clear of Vapor FI

Other online vaping retailers surpass Vapor FI in quality, customer service, and reliable shipping.. We suggest that you choose a company that is not under the ownership and operation of colossal tobacco corporations, and that maintain functional customer support. Given Vapor FI's mishandling of customer credit card data, it's unsurprising that it occupies a near-bottom rank among the online vape shops on our list.

Smoke Stik Review 1 Star Rating

Smoke Stik

1 Star Rating
  • Established in 2008
  • Chargers and Smoke Stik accessories available

Smoke Stik experienced a fleeting period of success between 2008 and 2010, aligning with the dawn of e-Cigarettes and vaping. The company continues to tout its Pitbull-branded e-Cigarette and the endorsement from Katherine Heigl, but little has evolved since then-except for the fact that their website no longer facilitates purchases.

Discontinued Product Line

Our primary reason for awarding Smoke Stik our lowest rating is the unavailability of their products. Evolving regulations and legal frameworks impacted numerous vape and e-Cigarette sellers, which may have contributed to Smoke Stik discontinuing their product line. It's plausible that these changes prompted them to cease operations or that they were already on the brink before the new regulations took effect. While they still ostensibly offer a 30-day warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, these offerings are rendered moot since they're no longer actively selling any items. Whether due to regulatory shifts or business decisions, it's peculiar that the company's online presence persists even though their product line has vanished.

Outdated Technology

Contemporary vaporizers boast a range of features that Smoke Stik lacks, such as temperature and airflow controls, replaceable large capacity batteries, and compatibility with third-party cartridges and liquids. The absence of these features from Smoke Stik's offerings likely contributed to their decision to halt sales on their website.

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Operating on Limited Inventory

Upon visiting Smoke Stik's website, a conspicuous banner informs visitors that their "cartomizers" are in short supply and invites users to proceed with orders if they can add items to their cart. This suggests that Smoke Stik may no longer be actively manufacturing their products and is instead maintaining their online presence to liquidate remaining inventory for those who still possess their products.

A Dated Celebrity Connection

Smoke Stik's "celebrity" section is particularly peculiar, showcasing images of Katherine Heigl from 2010 using their product. While this might appeal to avid Grey's Anatomy fans, it remains an odd inclusion-especially considering it's unlikely that Katherine Heigl is aware her image is being utilized to market e-Cigarettes.

Superior Alternatives Abound

All things considered, Smoke Stik represents a vestige of a time when vaporizers attempted to mimic the appearance and experience of traditional cigarettes. If you're in the market for any type of vaporizer, it's advisable to explore the better-rated options available on our list (or, you know, those that continue to actively offer their products).

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Personalization stands out as another pivotal aspect that draws individuals to vaping. Numerous devices grant users the ability to fine-tune nicotine levels, vapor production, and other settings to align with their preferences. Exercising control over these aspects empowers users to shape the vaping experience precisely according to their liking, thereby significantly intensifying their satisfaction and contentment.

The element of convenience also plays a substantial role. Vaping products produce significantly less smoke and ash than conventional cigarettes, rendering them more suitable for use in environments where smoking is prohibited. Additionally, they negate the need for an open flame, thus eliminating any risk of combustion. This convenience factor amplifies the allure of vaping, particularly for those who seek a more discreet and hassle-free alternative to traditional smoking.

Navigating the realm of vaping products online can indeed prove challenging, and let's be frank - those disposable vape displays at gas stations with overbearing scents usually come with overpriced tags. Discovering a reputable online vendor can significantly contribute to saving you money and avoiding unnecessary visits to local stores or smoke shops.

Nevertheless, it's important to keep in mind - as you are probably already aware - that vaping can give rise to an addictive habit. While it might mean less harm than conventional cigarette smoking, it is still a costly habit that can be tough to break. Fortunately, most vaping companies offer cartridges with either 0% or low levels of nicotine, which can be very helpful for those people who want to quit or reduce their overall nicotine consumption.

While legitimate health concerns are relevant to vaping, some have been overly exaggerated. For instance, the "popcorn lung" scare in 2019, characterized by the sudden accumulation of lung scar tissue, was attributed to black market THC vaporizers containing Vitamin E acetate, not nicotine concentrates. Buying vaporizers and liquids/concentrates from reputable dealers means the risk of acute respiratory issues, such as popcorn lung, is minimal. In simpler terms, it is strongly advised to avoid purchasing vaping products from unauthorized sources.

Where should you buy your vaping gear and supplies? While recent regulations have imposed restrictions on shipping vaporizers and nicotine concentrates via mail, this doesn't mean that online purchases of such products are impractical. It just means that companies are obligated to require an adult with a valid ID to sign for the delivery. This has prompted companies to innovate and seek alternative shipment solutions that meet legal requirements.

Not sure which online vape shop to choose? Here are some suggestions tfor you to consider:

  • Shipping Insurance: Numerous companies offer third-party shipment insurance, providing coverage in scenarios involving lost or stolen parcels, particularly for more expensive pen or box-kit acquisitions.
  • Special Deals and Loyalty Programs: Many companies featured on our list present rewards programs for repeat customers. While not all these programs are equally advantageous, if you plan to be a loyal customer, saving a few dollars over time is a practical consideration.
  • Legal Compliance in Your Region: Several listed providers cater to vaporizing dry herb products, in addition to offering Delta-9 and Hemp-derived gummies. While it's improbable for a company to ship to an area where legal purchase is prohibited, it's wise to review local laws before engaging in online purchases of such items.
  • Customer Reviews: Exploring customer reviews on relevant forums or aggregate review platforms can provide valuable insights into the overall quality of your chosen vaping store. This step is particularly crucial when considering purchases of high-cost and high-quality hardware.

Selecting a trustworthy supplier for vaping products is a matter of significant importance; you're entrusting them with your time and money. That's why, here at Top Consumer Reviews, we have carefully examined the most prominent sellers in the industry to identify those worth your time - and the ones that merely offer empty promises.

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Online Vape Shop FAQ

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor produced by an electronic device known as an e-cigarette or vaporizer. The device heats a liquid (often containing nicotine) to create vapor that the user inhales.
Vaping devices heat up the e-liquid, transforming it into vapor. When the user inhales, the vapor is drawn into their lungs and then exhaled.
While vaping is generally considered less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes due to the absence of combustion and many harmful chemicals, it's not completely risk-free. Long-term effects are still being studied.
E-liquid, also known as vape juice, is the liquid that is vaporized in e-cigarettes. It usually contains a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and sometimes nicotine.
Vaping is often used as a smoking cessation aid by smokers looking to quit. While some find success in transitioning to vaping and gradually reducing nicotine intake, individual results may vary.
A pod system is a type of vaping device characterized by its compact size and replaceable "pods" that contain e-liquid. These devices are popular among beginners due to their simplicity.
E-liquids come in various nicotine strengths, usually measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). Options typically range from 0mg (nicotine-free) to 50mg or higher (high nicotine concentration).
Vaping policies differ from place to place. Many countries restrict vaping in indoor public spaces, workplaces, and areas where smoking is prohibited. It's essential to respect local rules and policies.
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