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The Best Paid Survey Programs

Which Paid Survey Companies Are the Best?

It's no secret that businesses want to know what consumers think. Focus groups have been around for decades, and you may even remember taking a survey at the mall way back when. But, as the world went digital, so did market research - and that's good news for you if you'd like to do paid surveys from home (or from anywhere that you have an internet connection).

How does it work? That depends on the survey company you choose. Some just give you basic surveys that match your profile. Others, however, take it to another level and have you watch video clips of ads, give you points back when you use their link to shop online, or even reward you for playing games.

Friday, July 19th

2024 Paid Survey Program Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Branded Surveys Review 5 Star Rating

Branded Surveys

5 Star Rating
  • Get paid via PayPal, Branded Pay (for direct deposit) or with gift cards: $5 for every 500 points
  • Earn by completing surveys, doing daily polls, making referrals, and doing challenges
  • 36,000+ five-star ratings from users
  • Accredited by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Branded Surveys wants to give you an excellent experience as a paid survey-taker, not only by offering a platform that makes it easy and fun, but also by showing you how your input helps companies make their business decisions. You can even stop by their Facebook and Twitter feeds to see some of the insights offered from recent surveys.

Preview how it all works

We love how easy Branded Surveys makes it to preview their paid survey platform, long before you complete the sign-up process. See a snapshot of the dashboard, watch a video explaining how it works, and browse all of the reward options.

Surveys and leaderboards and contests, oh my

All it takes to sign up is your name, email address, birthdate, zip code and desired password. You get 50 points from Branded Surveys just for signing up. From there, you can jump right into your dashboard. When you complete a certain number of surveys each week, you'll get bonus points under the Branded Elite program; the more consistently you do paid surveys, the higher you move in the rankings of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There's even a leaderboard, if you like that kind of competition - and there are points given out for making the daily, weekly, and monthly Top 50 leaderboards, plus a random winner in each one too.

Cash out at $5

On Branded Surveys, every 500 points equals $5 - and that's all you need to cash out. That's a big advantage over rival platforms that make you reach $10, $15, even $25 before you can get rewarded. You can choose to be paid via PayPal, direct deposit through Branded Pay (US members only), or exchange your points for gift cards from a wide array of retailers: Airbnb, eBay, Fitbit, Crate & Barrel, Krispy Kreme, Southwest Airlines, and many more.

Best Paid Survey Programs

BBB rating isn't what we anticipated

Usually when a company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it translates into a good rating from them too. In Branded Surveys case, the accreditation is there but the letter grade is a less-than-perfect "B" . That was due to just under 100 complaints filed with the BBB over the last three years - but when you compare that with rival companies that get higher letter grades despite having 10 or 20 times that number of complaints, we're not sure there's really a problem here.

Users say that Branded Surveys is awesome

We think that's an accurate conclusion, because Branded Surveys gets a ton of positive ratings from users - we're talking about more than 36,000 five-star ratings alone. Members say that these surveys are actually interesting, and they often hear the results featured on news stories not long after they participate. Some people who use more than one paid survey platform say that Branded Surveys is much easier to use, much less likely to disqualify you partway through a survey, and that payments happen quickly and with no hassles.

#1 among paid survey platforms

For all of these reasons, Branded Surveys earns our newest first-place ranking among paid survey platforms. It's extremely intuitive to use, payouts happen quickly and easily, and the surveys are not just fun but meaningful (and we're fans of the leaderboard aspect too). If you're looking for a fantastic way to make some money without the frustrations often encountered with other paid survey companies, make Branded Surveys the first service you sign up for.

Survey Junkie Review 4.5 Star Rating

Survey Junkie

4.5 Star Rating
  • Earn points through taking surveys, doing product testing, participating in focus groups, and connecting your online activity data
  • Points redeemable for digital gift cards or cash via PayPal once you reach 500 points ($5)
  • Over 25,000 five-star reviews
  • Accredited by the BBB

With over 10 million members who complete more than 50,000 surveys every day, Survey Junkie is one of the biggest paid survey platforms out there. Survey-takers have improved over 3,000 brands and products by providing their input here; these include automotive brands, restaurants, personal care products, financial services, food items, and many more.

Get points even when you don't qualify

Anyone that's ever done paid surveys online knows the frustration of spending time answering questions, only to be disqualified and get nothing for it. Survey Junkie actually gives you a few points even if you do not qualify. We love that. This survey platform estimates that if you do three surveys a day, you'll average about $40/month: nothing that's going to change your life, but still a nice bit of extra change. And, you can redeem your points as soon as you hit 500 (about $5). That's a big perk compared with some paid survey companies we evaluated, that make you wait until you've reached $10 or even $25.

Earning opportunities besides taking surveys

You have a few other ways to get points through Survey Junkie. Sometimes there will be opportunities to do product testing or participate in a focus group. Bonus points are often offered by doing a certain number of surveys in a specified promotional period. Finally, you can connect your online data through Survey Junkie's Pulse program; that's a separate opt-in that doesn't happen automatically when you sign up here.

Identity verification may be required

You can redeem your points for money via PayPal or for gift cards. Be aware that you may need to verify your identity before your redemption is processed: that could be via text, email, or phone call, and you may be asked to provide a photo ID. That rubs some survey-takers the wrong way, but Survey Junkie is trying to prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of their platform.

Best Paid Survey Programs

Lots of complaints - but they're handled well

Survey Junkie's reputation is a little mixed. They've got accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which is usually a fantastic indicator of reliability - but their letter grade was a somewhat mediocre "B" , due to more than 1,000 complaints filed against the company in the last three years. On the other hand, we saw appropriate responses to all of them (at least, the ones we scrolled through, because who has time to read a thousand complaints?), and the complaints most often related to members not understanding how the program works.

Plenty of praise from Survey Junkie members

And, all it takes is a quick look at the reviews (as opposed to the complaints) left on the BBB site and in other places to see why Survey Junkie continues to be one of our highest-ranked options for paid surveys. Over 25,000 people have given Survey Junkie a perfect five-star review, and more than 85% of people rate this paid survey platform as "great" or "excellent" . Most users say it's easy and fun to use, and getting paid is no problem.

Getting disqualified is normal

Like any survey company, there can be frustrations with going through a long, higher point value opportunity and then being disqualified after spending a long time answering questions. But, there's nothing scammy about that; it's just what happens as you're meeting criteria (or not) with your answers, or other people are taking the same survey at the same time and fill up the demographic profile that you also match. And, remember, you still get points here when you make the attempt.

Definitely a survey platform to try

Although Survey Junkie has been ever-so-slightly edged out of first place by another paid survey company, it's still one of the best in the industry (and there's nothing saying you can't sign up for this platform and that one too). It's easy to earn points and cash them out, and you've got some additional ways to get them that aren't offered by most of the rival paid survey companies we evaluated. Don't hesitate to try Survey Junkie and see for yourself.

Swagbucks Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • More than 20 million active members
  • Earn points by taking surveys, using coupons, watching videos, trying free samples, testing products, completing daily checklists and polls, shopping online, and more
  • $10 bonus if you spend at least $25 in the first month
  • Cash out your points via PayPal, prepaid Visa card, or gift cards
  • "A-" rated and accredited by the BBB

Swagbucks has over 20 million active members, and the company has paid out more than $750 million. Their survey-takers are so active, this platform gives out over 7,000 gift cards every day. It's one of three paid survey companies in our evaluation that are owned by Prodege, and you'll even find the other two referenced on the Swagbucks site.

Many ways to earn beyond taking surveys

Out of all of the paid survey companies we evaluated, Swagbucks has the broadest range of earning opportunities. Not only can you take surveys, but you can also test products, use digital and print coupons, complete daily checklists and polls, watch videos, and get rebates for shopping online through the Swagbucks platform. According to their FAQ, "motivated earners" can earn $100+ each month, and some Swagbucks members have earned over $1,000 (though they don't say if that's over a lifetime, in a year, or in a month). To reach that level, expect to spend at least half an hour daily on the site. Their advice is to "have fun and pace yourself" .

Online purchase required to get sign-up bonus

At the time of this evaluation, Swagbucks was offering a $10 sign-up promotion. The fine print explained that, in order to earn it, participants would have to spend at least $25 through their online shopping platform. That's not our favorite onboarding bonus, compared with other sites that give you the equivalent of $5 just for signing up.

You only need to earn $5 to cash out

On a more positive note, you only have to reach the 500 point threshold (equal to $5) to cash out with Swagbucks. We appreciate that they don't make you wait until you've reached a much higher amount; some paid survey companies make you get to $25, and it becomes suspiciously difficult to qualify for surveys the closer you come to that total. Not here.

Best Paid Survey Programs

Lots of complaints but still "A-" rated by the BBB

How's Swagbucks' reputation? As we mentioned earlier, it's one of three survey companies in our review under the parent company Prodege - so they all share the same "A-" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. That can make it tricky to determine which of the 2,000+ complaints filed there in the last three years pertained to each specific survey platform - but at least the BBB's assessment means you should get a sufficient resolution if there's an issue, no matter which of the three you're using.

Nearly 20,000 five-star ratings from survey-takers

And in general, survey-takers are happy with their experience on Swagbucks - to the tune of more than 18,000 five-star ratings. While some people have issues with getting in touch with customer service or are aggravated by getting disqualified after spending a lot of time on a survey, most Swagbucks members have a good time using this platform to earn a little bit of extra cash or gift cards.

A recommended paid survey platform

Swagbucks comes up a little short of earning our top rating, partly due to the number of complaints and the sign-up promo being tied to spending money instead of taking surveys. But, on the whole, this is a paid survey platform we recommend. It's used by lots of people, cash outs can happen much earlier than what's offered by some of Swagbucks' rivals, and it does a good job of keeping things fun.

Inbox Dollars Review 4 Star Rating

Inbox Dollars

4 Star Rating
  • Earn rewards by taking surveys, clicking on email links, shopping, using coupons, or playing games
  • $5 signup bonus
  • Payments made via PayPal or digital gift cards
  • Refer friends and family to earn 30% of their lifetime earnings
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business since 2000

Inbox Dollars calls itself "the online rewards club that pays" - and they really have, for more than 20 years in operation. It's one of three paid survey platforms in our review that fall under the parent company Prodege, so don't be surprised if you see some similarities among them.

Confirm your account to get $5

When you sign up for an Inbox Dollars account, you'll get a $5 sign-up bonus right away. Just be aware that you'll have to confirm your account to get the credit, so don't use a fake email address. Also, if you're planning on cashing out your rewards via PayPal, your Inbox Dollars email should match the one you use on the payment platform.

Many ways to earn money

There are lots of ways to make money here. Naturally, surveys are a big part of that, typically ranging from 3 to 25 minutes to complete and paying anywhere from $0.50 to $5 - but if you fit the demographic they're looking for, some surveys pay $10+. You can also get paid for reading emails, playing games like Solitaire or Candy Jam, shopping online and scanning grocery receipts. Another way to earn money on Inbox Dollars is by referring friends and family. You could get 30% of their lifetime earnings, plus a $1 cash bonus for each qualified referral.

Surveys may not be your big money-maker here

You may make more money with non-survey opportunities on this platform. At the time we signed up, there was only one survey available and it paid a fairly paltry $0.50. Be sure to check out everything in the links at the top of your dashboard, from Scratch & Win to games. We weren't so impressed with the games; a few worked as expected, at least one didn't seem to work at all, and there wasn't anything that made it obvious how they could be used to earn points. Magic Receipt offers were much more appealing: get $1 back for buying eggs of any brand at any store, ditto that for bread and milk, and so on. If you're already making those purchases, why not get some cash too?

Best Paid Survey Programs

"A-" from the BBB despite 2,000+ complaints

Inbox Dollars has an "A-" and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, but you'll find that under the name of its parent company, Prodege. Having more than 2,000 complaints filed there in the last three years isn't awesome, but the BBB's rating and accreditation can be taken as a reassurance that there are no patterns of sketchy behavior and that issues are resolved appropriately across all three survey companies.

Almost 21,000 five-star ratings from platform members

Looking at feedback from Inbox Dollars' members, we found close to 21,000 five-star ratings. In fact, nearly 80% of their reviews were four or five stars. It was great to see that people have used this paid survey company for years and haven't experienced any declines in available point opportunities, payouts, or overall client support. People are particularly grateful for the change since our last review that allows members to cash out via PayPal instead of waiting for a paper check.

A paid survey platform that's worth the effort

Overall, Inbox Dollars is a fantastic option for paid surveys. There are plenty of ways to earn, and you get to decide which ones you like the most. Payouts happen quickly and reliably, and you've got options for gift cards or good old cash via PayPal. While there were a few little things that didn't impress us (like broken games), this is still a paid survey company that will be worth your time.

My Points Review 3.5 Star Rating

My Points

3.5 Star Rating
  • $10 welcome bonus (when you spend $20 or more in the first 30 days)
  • Points mostly earned by spending money
  • Redeem for gift cards or cash via PayPal
  • "A-" rated by the BBB
  • In business since 1996

MyPoints is one of the oldest and best-known paid survey companies in existence, as one of three under the Prodege brand umbrella. As a new MyPoints member, you can earn a $10 welcome bonus of an Amazon or Visa gift card, just for signing up.

Most earnings come from online purchases

There's one little catch: you have to spend at least $20 through a MyPoints merchant in order to qualify for the sign-up bonus. That highlights the biggest difference between this paid survey platform and most of the other ones in our review, including those in the Prodege group: MyPoints is primarily focused on getting you points back on your online purchases, up to 40% back at retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Walmart. They can also connect you with sales, promo codes and coupons that you might not ordinarily find.

Surveys aren't the priority here

Yes, there are some surveys you can take, but those are almost an afterthought. You won't find it mentioned until you scroll well down the page. The same goes for watching videos, playing games, and reading emails.

Best Paid Survey Programs

Complaints aplenty but handled well

As we mentioned earlier, MyPoints is one of three companies under the Prodege umbrella, so they share the Better Business Bureau's rating of "A-" and accreditation. We weren't thrilled to see more than 2,000 complaints filed there over the most recent three-year period, but the BBB's rating and accreditation are a sign that problems are handled appropriately across all three survey platforms.

Great long-term reputation

And, looking at member feedback outside of the BBB, there's plenty of positive buzz for MyPoints: more than 11,000 five-star reviews, and a full 85% of people saying the platform is "great" or even "excellent" . Members say that MyPoints does what it promises, earnings are easy to redeem and are often delivered electronically within 24 hours. Given that MyPoints has been around since 1996, it's great to see satisfied comments from people who have used it for almost that long and never been disappointed.

Best for people who do a lot of shopping online

We give MyPoints high marks for being reliable and for offering many different places to earn points on purchases. However, not everyone wants to spend money to make money: if you're not a big online shopper, you're probably not going to earn much here. That keeps MyPoints a little lower in our rankings. But, if you're an avid internet shopper and you'd like to get paid for what you're already doing, why not connect your purchases to MyPoints? We can definitely recommend this paid survey platform in that case.

Dabbl Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • App-based platform for watching ad videos and answering questions
  • Cash out points for gift cards when you reach $5 or more
  • "A-" rated by the BBB

Dabbl wants to help you turn your downtime into gift cards. This paid survey platform works by giving you interactive games, quizzes and videos that help companies make decisions about their marketing and their products. Some of the brands that have partnered with Dabbl include Neutrogena, Folgers, Oreo, Yoplait, and Annie's.

Smartphone required

To use Dabbl, you'll need a smartphone so you can download the Android or iOS app. As you complete activities after signing up, like choosing your favorite image or answering some multiple-choice questions, you'll see your earnings posted in the app. Once you've reached earnings of at least $5, you can exchange them for electronic gift cards that will be delivered to the email address you provided. Those gift cards may include Target, Amazon, Disney, Walmart, and others.

One of the newest paid survey platforms

Dabbl gets an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Why not a higher grade, given that there were zero complaints filed there? It's probably because of how new this paid survey company is: the BBB didn't even open a file on Dabbl until early 2021.

Best Paid Survey Programs

Harder to earn points now

But, we found reviews from Dabbl users going all the way back to 2017. The older comments tend to be more positive than the ones we read from recent months. In the past, people could put Dabbl on in the background and let ads play, or upload receipts for a decent number of points. Changes over the last year seem to have reduced or eliminated both of those earning opportunities, taking users months to reach enough points to cash out for a gift card. We saw that kind of feedback everywhere: on Dabbl's Facebook reviews, their ratings on both the Google Play and Apple app stores, you name it.

Just okay

Dabbl gets a "just average" three-star rating from us. This isn't a paid survey platform we think you should avoid, but you should definitely manage your expectations: it could take you quite a while before you earn enough to get a gift card, unless Dabbl brings back some of the higher-value options users mentioned in the past.

RewardSurvey Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Payments made in reward points that can be exchanged for magazine subscriptions, downloads, or product vouchers
  • Points expire after six months
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business since 2012

RewardSurvey was launched in 2012 and boasts a community of over one million members. This paid survey platform works on reward points: for every survey you take, you earn points that can be exchanged for magazine subscriptions, vouchers for products, downloads, and so on - in other words, you won't make actual money through this service (we'll leave it up to you if that's a positive or a negative).

Get $30 in points for your intro survey

When you sign up for RewardSurvey, you'll probably be taken to your first survey right away. Ours offered $30 in reward points for answering basic demographic questions and a few about yogurt (?!). Next, we were asked to complete further questions about our profession. At that point, we had earned enough points to get a magazine subscription: a few were truly free (like Cigar Aficionado and Men's Journal), while others required a $2 payment plus points (such as US Weekly and Cosmopolitan). There were also a few audio downloads for some pretty random book titles, not exactly current NYT bestsellers.

Most rewards are magazine subscriptions

As we mentioned, you're going to see a big emphasis on magazine subscriptions here. Even those can be limited: the FAQ at RewardSurvey says that some are for new subscribers only, and they may substitute a different magazine if you've chosen one with a limited quantity. True, you can also give away subscriptions as a gift, but we're not sure most people today would be very excited to be on the receiving end of that.

Best Paid Survey Programs

Not much feedback

We're happy to note that RewardSurvey has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, with just one complaint filed there in the last three years. There's not a lot of feedback elsewhere, though - which makes it hard to know if this is a paid survey option you should consider.

Who actually wants magazine subscriptions these days?

That's probably because most people taking paid surveys want, well, to be paid. In cash. Or at least gift cards. RewardSurvey offers none of that. Even if you decide to use your points to get a "deep discount" on select products, you're still paying money out of your own pocket to do so (and the discounts aren't that special). RewardSurvey isn't a scam, but it's not exactly a way to make some spending money or get gift cards - which are probably what you were looking for in the first place.

Too limited to get a high ranking

If you want a quick and easy way to get a magazine subscription for free (or for very little money), RewardSurvey can do that for you. But, as we've pointed out, you're not going to make money here - ever. It's just not how this platform is set up. You'll need to choose a different paid survey company in our review for that.

Opinion Outpost Review 2.5 Star Rating

Opinion Outpost

2.5 Star Rating
  • Options include paid surveys, product tests, ad reviews, location-based services, diary studies, and Google ADH
  • Get paid via PayPal or with gift cards
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

Over 350,000 people use Opinion Outpost to do paid surveys. The company says they pay out over $390,000 every month (but, does the math on that mean that their average user is only making $1 every 30 days?). This is one of several online survey platforms managed by parent company Dynata, so you may see some similarities with other services you've used in the past (or even currently).

Confirm your email

When you create your Opinion Outpost account, you'll enter your name, age, gender, zip code, and email address. Once you click the link in the confirmation email, you'll be good to go. You can also click on the little bullseye in the upper left corner to preview what your dashboard will look like, if you're still waiting on that confirmation. One of the most important parts is completing your member profile, so that you're more likely to be matched with surveys that fit you. This covers a wide range of demographic questions, like Personal Banking, Health Conditions, and Mobile Devices.

Surveys and more

Surveys aren't the only way to get paid on Opinion Outpost. You may also be invited to do a product test or review ads before they launch online or on TV. You can also give your permission to use your data for ad-based Google surveys, diary studies, or location-based services that pop up a survey specific to where you're walking, working, or shopping.

Get paid via PayPal or choose gift cards

Rewards here can be taken out as cash via PayPal or as a gift card. At the time of this review, some of the gift card options included Domino's, CVS, Target, Home Depot, Amazon, Apple, and Nike. Feel free to check out the Rewards link on the Opinion Outpost site before you sign up, to see what the current merchants are.

Best Paid Survey Programs

"A+" from the BBB

You'll find Opinion Outpost listed by the Better Business Bureau under the name of its parent company, Dynata. The BBB gives Dynata an "A+" rating, despite having more than 1200 complaints filed there over the three year-period leading up to this evaluation. There are several survey companies under the Dynata umbrella, and it's challenging to determine which issues were specific to the Opinion Outpost platform. Some of those complaints obviously came from the transfer of members from one Dynata company (One Opinion) over to Opinion Outpost - often without them being aware that the change was coming.

User feedback is mixed

But, in looking at comments specific to Opinion Outpost, we didn't find a ton of love for this platform. There were lots of complaints from users who got locked out of their accounts and had to wait for a verification postcard in the mail - which, for many of them, never came. Other complaints said that the support team was rude, when they answered at all. But, we found respectful, timely responses on most issues, and some members enjoy these paid surveys with no issues. It's hard to say which one you'll get when you sign up. Will you be one of the 2,000+ people giving it a five-star rating, or the nearly 500 who'd give it a 1-star, "bad" rating? There were more of the latter over recent months, and we wonder if it had something to do with that One Opinion merger we mentioned.

Might not be your best option for surveys

Could you make some money doing paid surveys with Opinion Outpost? Maybe, if you can get your account set up and manage to not get locked out of it. We're just not impressed with this platform, and it seems to be having some growing pains as they try to merge several different survey companies into one common service. We don't think there's anything fraudulent going on, but you're likely to have a smoother experience with a higher-ranked paid survey platform.

Premise Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • App-based
  • Complete tasks like answering questions and taking photos in stores
  • Payments made by PayPal and other mobile money platforms
  • Must reach $10 threshold to cash out on PayPal (may be more or less on other payment platforms)

Premise calls itself "a mobile app that rewards a global community of Contributors to complete tasks by answering questions and taking photos to map life around the world." This company sounds pretty amazing at first, given that they work with global organizations like USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to "improve visibility and awareness of the quality of life around the world" .

Most surveys have to be taken on location, not at home

So, how does Premise work? It's based on a task marketplace that asks you to take surveys, share local information (like the price of a gallon of milk or where a construction zone ends), all while you explore your own city. This paid survey company is strictly app-based and you won't be able to participate without a smartphone. You also won't make much money on surveys alone, making this a less-appropriate choice if you're looking for opportunities you can take advantage of at home.

Doesn't give enough detail prior to signing up

Premise doesn't tell prospective "Contributors" much at the outset, beyond inviting them to create an account by downloading the app for iOS or Android, entering their email address, and starting to explore the task marketplace. The only way to know in advance how this paid survey company works in any detail is by reading through Contributor comments on the app page.

Biggest money-makers aren't available anymore

From there, we were able to see that surveys here tend to be a paltry $0.20 each. The real money comes with in-person tasks, like price monitoring on certain items (like a gallon of milk). Many comments expressed frustration that the biggest money-making task, price monitoring, had been discontinued at the beginning of 2022. They also said that when going to stores to locate items, the target products were hard to find - and often had the wrong UPCs once they were found. That made the task invalid, wasting the Contributors' time despite having found the right items.

Best Paid Survey Programs

Where's the bonus?

Premise may also offer bonuses for completing multiple tasks in the same category. One Premise user said that they were offered a $60 bonus for five product ID tasks and a $100 bonus for completing 10. Unfortunately, this Contributor said those bonuses were never paid out, and that they couldn't get a response from Premise's support team to resolve the issue.

Poor reputation

We weren't happy to see that Premise has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. At first, we were willing to cut them some slack because there were only seven complaints filed there - but then we realized that Premise reps had failed to respond to any of them. Those complaints all said that it was impossible to actually get a payout from this company. Looking at user feedback in other places painted the same picture: people frequently describe Premise as "a scam" , "no cash" , and "you'll never get paid" even when you reach their designated payout threshold.

A paid survey platform to avoid

A few years ago, Premise might have been a paid survey company we could recommend. Many Contributors say they used to love being a part of this community. However, with so many of them now saying the platform has declined, that it's almost impossible to get paid or to even complete tasks in the first place, most would say to avoid Premise. Based on that feedback and on the failure to respond to complaints filed with the BBB, we would agree.

Unique Rewards Review 1.5 Star Rating

Unique Rewards

1.5 Star Rating
  • Take surveys and get paid via Bitcoin, check or PayPal
  • Coupons also available
  • "Click cash" section that pays a penny a click
  • 10% bonus on all actions completed within two days of registration
  • In business since 2003

Unique Rewards has been in operation since 2003 (and, if we're being completely honest, their website looks like it hasn't been updated once since then). This paid survey company offers several ways to make money, from answering questions to earning cash back on shopping you'd be doing anyway. Payments are made via PayPal or check.

Read the FAQ

We strongly suggest that you click through their FAQ section before you sign up for Unique Rewards. It spells out all the ways that you can earn money - and you'll soon see that surveys are just one small part of how this platform works. That's also where we spotted the detail that they'll pay you a 10% bonus on everything you finish within the first two days of signing up here.

Relevant - or not?

Unique Rewards puzzles us. When you go to their Facebook page, there are plenty of current posts - but they're filled with random topics like eating pizza on the beach or wine pairings, with no connection to their surveys most of the time. Their site copyright only went to 2021 when we did our most recent evaluation, and yet their social media was quite active (if random).

Best Paid Survey Programs

No obvious BBB listing

The mystery continued when we couldn't find a listing for this company with the Better Business Bureau, which seems odd given that Unique Rewards has been in business for about 20 years.

Unclear payment options

Turning to feedback from people who signed up for Unique Rewards, we didn't find anything that impressed us. Several users said that this company was terrific in the past but has gone downhill in recent years. One mentioned that payment was only available via Bitcoin, even though the FAQ says PayPal and checks are still an option. Yet another said they were able to get a payment via PayPal recently, but only after going back and forth with customer support for several weeks - only to find that the transaction fees on PayPal's end were taken out of the survey payment, and not covered by Unique Rewards.

Not a good survey platform now

There's nothing much to love about Unique Rewards when it comes to paid surveys. They might have been fantastic in the past, but it doesn't seem like anyone has good feedback for how they're operating now. You've got much better options to choose from, and we recommend staying away from Unique Rewards.

Shopper's Voice Review 1.5 Star Rating

Shopper's Voice

1.5 Star Rating
  • Complete one survey to get coupons, samples, and offers
  • $1,500 sweepstakes every month

Shopper's Voice is part of the Epsilon Interactive brand family. That's an important distinction to be aware of, because Epsilon itself is a data processing service often criticized for selling individuals' contact information to third parties... but more on that later.

You'll get more than you bargained for

We thought it was interesting that even the sign-up form on Shopper's Voice is described as a survey - and that the company requests that it be filled out by the main grocery shopper in the household. What if we just want to fill out surveys and we're not the one going to the market on the regular? You should also take the time to read the Privacy Policy that's linked in that sign-up page - because that's where it spells out that when you sign up for Shopper's Voice, you're consenting to being sent "product samples, valuable trial coupons, product information, and other offers" . Also, your personal information may be transferred to third-party service providers for purposes of "market research, data processing / warehousing / verification" , and many other circumstances.

Not really a paid survey platform

Here's another questionable aspect of Shopper's Voice when it comes to paid surveys: notice that it says when you complete that one survey (the signup process), you'll get coupons, samples, and money-saving offers, as well as a chance to win a $1500 prepaid card prize. That's literally the only survey here; everything else is just whatever Shopper's Voice sends to you throughout the year.

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Too much junk

That's pretty consistent with what we read from people who signed up for Shopper's Voice: sometimes they got coupons and products, but what they got the most of was unsolicited telemarketing calls... and who needs more of that?

We recommend passing on this platform

If you want to give Shopper's Voice a try because you like the idea of getting free samples and coupons, that's up to you. But if you're looking for a reputable paid survey company, this just isn't it. You'll have much more luck (and far fewer spam calls and postal mail pieces) if you sign up with one of the higher-ranked paid survey platforms in our evaluation.

Zap Surveys Review 1 Star Rating

Zap Surveys

1 Star Rating
  • Guaranteed $3 on your first survey
  • Available on desktop or via mobile apps
  • Payment via PayPal or gift cards

Zap Surveys offers cash or gift cards for taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, and even keeping up a daily streak of logging into your account. When you sign up, they'll give you a guaranteed $3 for filling out a "survey" that's really just a basic demographic profile - easy-peasy.

Low-paying surveys

Once you're signed up, it's easy to see the surveys that Zap thinks are a good match for you. We weren't super-impressed with those: $0.25 for nine minutes? $0.80 for 28 minutes? That math sure doesn't sound like a great use of our time. Scroll down to see the ones under "Short Surveys" , but keep in mind that the rating shows how likely you are to qualify to complete it - and you could get almost to the end and find out that you've been disqualified (and wasted your time). You can also click on the Daily Cash tab to build a streak and earn a little more.

You won't really know what you're getting into

Zap is pretty quiet about who they are, which companies they work with, and any other basic background info you'd expect from a business. Ironically, only the Support link at the bottom of the page worked. The Blog and FAQ buttons didn't even go anywhere. So much for getting answers to any questions you have prior to signing up.

Lots of complaints from app users

You can also look at the feedback on the Google Play and Apple app stores. That will give you the most up-to-date comments for how the apps are working. We spotted a lot of frustration with apps freezing, logging out in the middle of a survey, and other issues that made it hard for people to earn money here.

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"F" from the BBB

Zap Surveys is part of a company called Apps That Pay, which we found at the Better Business Bureau with an "F" rating. Granted, there were only 15 complaints filed there over the last three years, but Zap had failed to respond to 11 of them. And every single one says the same thing: "I reached the $25 threshold to cash out [sometimes as a gift card, others on PayPal]. Zap says they sent it. I never got it. Now they won't answer my emails." That mirrors the feedback we found elsewhere, with almost 75% of users rating this paid survey company as "bad" .

Show us the money already

You'll see that when you visit Zap's social media accounts too. We thought it was almost funny how, on most posts, Zap is promoting itself - while the comments fill with users saying "where's my money?"

Worst of the paid survey platforms

For all of those reasons, Zap gets our lowest ranking among paid survey providers. Not only is their payout low already (one person estimated that the average survey paid a few cents per minute of work), but you're very unlikely to get what you've earned. Choose a higher-ranked survey platform and avoid Zap altogether.

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Continued from above...

What you can earn by doing paid surveys also depends on the platform. One of the most common payment methods is PayPal: today's way of getting good old-fashioned cash... but digitally. Or, you may get more for your rewards by choosing to redeem them for a gift card or towards a big discount on something you've been wanting to buy.

You should be realistic, though: you're not going to replace your full-time income by doing paid surveys. They often pay out at a rate that's less than a few dollars per hour, and sometimes you'll get almost finished with a survey only to find out you've been rejected (because one of your answers didn't fit the demographic they were looking for). However, if you can tolerate a bit of frustration, paid survey platforms can be a fun way to get some gift cards or money in your free time. After all, when has Netflix ever paid you for spending time online?

There are lots of websites offering paid surveys, and you might get overwhelmed trying to choose one (or several). What should you look for? Here are some criteria to get you started:

  • Free to sign up. This is the most important factor. You should never have to pay to use a paid survey site. If you're asked for payment, it's probably a scam. Run away!
  • Reward type. Are you looking specifically for cash? Make sure the survey platform offers that; it'll usually be via PayPal, though we've seen some companies going completely high-tech and offering payment in Bitcoin. Most survey platforms offer a choice between money and gift cards; you may be given more for your points if you choose the gift card over cash.
  • Other ways of earning. Surveys sometimes pay pretty little, and if you don't have many that you qualify for, it could take a long time to cash out any rewards. Many paid survey companies also include other ways of making money, like using their link to make online purchases and getting a percentage of points back, playing games, or taking advantage of offers from their partners.
  • Reputation. What have other members of the survey platform said about the experience? Is it easy to redeem your points? Will you spend a lot of time filling out surveys only to be disqualified near the end? How responsive is the support team?

So that you don't waste time with a survey company that won't deliver, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular options out there. Check out our highest-ranked sites and start earning gift cards, merchandise, and cash today!

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Paid Survey Program FAQ

Absolutely! While you shouldn't expect to "get rich quick" , you can earn a decent amount in cash and gift cards by taking online surveys.
Definitely not. In fact, that should be your first red flag: any company that requires you to "pay to play" is not on the up-and-up. There are dozens of reputable sources of paid surveys that give you free access - and, in fact, many of them will give you a bonus just for signing up!
You will be asked to share your perspective on a wide range of topics. These could include your shopping habits, entertainment preferences, and even your opinion on national and global events.
That depends on the company. Some paid surveys work on a point system, letting you exchange your accumulated points for gift cards or cash. Others are cash-only. You may get your gift cards in the mail or as an online code; cash payments usually come via PayPal or paper check.
Each provider of paid surveys works differently. You might be paid weekly, every other week, or only when you've accumulated a minimum number of points or cash balance.
Most platforms have daily opportunities to increase your earnings. You may not qualify for all of them, depending on the demographic the surveys are targeting.
That's an important question. There are definitely some shady survey "opportunities" out there. Fortunately, there are also many reputable, well-established platforms that work exactly as advertised: no fees, no tricks, just a way to make some money by sharing your opinion. It's a good idea to check out the reputation of the company you're considering before signing up to do their paid surveys.
There isn't one, but there are some downsides to be aware of. You may spend 10 minutes filling out a screener survey, only to find out you don't qualify - and you may not get any rewards for your time. Also, a small number of paid survey companies base their biggest rewards on signing up for third-party offers - meaning that you'll have to spend money to make just a little. But, if you've got the time on your hands and don't mind sifting through the surveys to find the ones that are worth doing, paid surveys are a legitimate way to get some extra spending money.

How Paid Surveys Work

Paid surveys are designed to gather opinions and information from an individual and, in turn, offer a financial reward to those who are willing to take the time to complete the survey. Companies who want to improve their marketing strategy and/or product are the most likely candidates to offer a legitimate paid surveys work at home opportunity.

When it comes to online surveys, the best opportunities are those that use demographics to select their participants. This means that many paid surveys require the participant to first answer a series of pre-survey questions to ensure that they are a good fit for the program. If an individual is selected to participate in the actual survey based on the answers they provide, they will be compensated according to the terms of the program.

Online surveys are one of the simplest ways to earn money online because companies are always conducting marketing research. What this means for those who participate in paid surveys is a consistent stream of opportunities for sharing their likes and dislikes. Basically, you can use online surveys to get paid for your opinions.

As with any online work at home venture, there are both legitimate opportunities and there are those that are nothing more than a scam. It's always important to know how to recognize these as every company will sound legitimate at first glance. When it comes to online surveys, there are two types of scams. The first type involves collecting money for a subscription and then providing outdated information or, in the second type, some companies may simply take your money and run.

So, how can you spot the difference between a genuine opportunity in online surveys and those that are not worth your time? You may be surprised to learn that it's not as difficult as you may think. The best way to compare online surveys is to read product reviews and ratings from a trusted resource, which can provide you with some early insight and help you choose the best way for you to earn money from home in your spare time. Just like online auction feedback and retail product reviews, it's essential that you take the time to read reviews relating to online surveys. Once you become familiar with experiences that others have undergone with a specific company, you will be better able to choose the right option to help you earn money from home.

If you still wish to conduct some independent research, you can check with the Better Business Bureau and find out if the paid surveys opportunity that you are considering has received any complaints from other consumers. Once you are ready to start working with online surveys, be sure to read the terms or agreement associated with the survey and look for information relating to payment. Because each paid surveys program is different, payment schedules will also differ.

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