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Big Feet PJs Review

Wednesday, May 29th

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Big Feet PJs Review 3.5 Star Rating

Big Feet PJs

3.5 Star Rating
  • Onesie-style pajamas (with or without feet)
  • Styles available for all ages, most sizes
  • Most pajamas priced between $10 to $70
  • Free shipping on all orders in the US
  • 30-day return policy
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • Over 1,000 5-star reviews

Since 2005, Big Feet Pajamas, based in Port Orchard, WA, has been a trusted family brand, renowned globally for its high-quality footed pajamas for men, women, and children of all sizes. The company, recognized for reintroducing the iconic drop seat, or butt flap, footed onesie pajamas for adults, has earned numerous accolades for its commitment to comfort, style, and innovation. Its distinctive aesthetic has graced the stages of Broadway, screens big and small, and the social media feeds of celebrities from the realms of music, film, television, and professional sports.

Year-round source of onesie pajamas

Obviously, this style of pajamas is rather niche. Goofy Christmas photos? Themed sleepovers? You got it. If you've been disappointed by the limited selection of onesie/footie pajamas at Target and Walmart at the holidays (or the absolutely nil selection anywhere at other times of the year), Big Feet PJs will 100% have your back (...and bottom... and feet... ).

Selection isn't as vast as you might expect

Big Feet Pajamas doesn't separate their sleepwear by men's or women's styles, just adults. So, we looked at the whole big-person selection for our comparison, and came away a little disappointed by the meager options. Across all of the styles for adults, there were just 11 choices at the time of our visit to the online store: camouflage with or without feet, a couple of plaids, a couple of patterns, and that's about it. Not exactly the onesie wonderland we were expecting. They were all reasonably priced between $29 and $54.98, and all orders in the US ship for free, so at least that's a plus.

Some people might be sized out

How about family sets? Most of the patterns in the adult section were there, as well as a silly "Blasting Area Butt Flap" design that would probably land fairly well as a Dad Joke if that's your thing. Just be aware that for adults, anyway, the sizing only goes up to people who are 6'3" and 230 lbs. as a rough estimate; these aren't truly "something for everyone" onesies by any means.

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Well-liked by most customers

We're happy to report that Big Feet PJs has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and zero complaints there. Feedback via Trustpilot is lukewarm at best, but most of the reviews there were from several years ago. Fortunately, when we looked at the link on the Big Feet PJs site to their 1700+ independently-verified reviews, we saw that almost 1400 of them gave this pajama store a perfect five-star rating. Most of those were from recently-placed orders, so the shoppers didn't have much to say about the pajamas themselves yet, but we still read lots of comments praising the selection, quality, and fit of the PJs here.

30 days for returns

And, if you get your jammies and, well, they don't fit after all, you're covered by a fairly standard 30-day return policy. You're on the hook for the return shipping fees, but as long as they're in new, unworn/unwashed condition, Big Feet PJs will give you a refund.

Shop here if onesies are your thing

Big Feet Pajamas is a solid place to shop for onesie pajamas in pretty standard patterns: nothing that will make you look like a furry (unfortunately? fortunately?), but certainly some plaids, camouflage, and patterns that everyone in your family or friend group could rock for a fun photo or cozy fireside party. It's a little too narrow of a niche to earn a higher rating from us, but overall Big Feet PJs is an okay option among pajama stores if you're into what they offer.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Pajamas?

Picture this: it's the end of a long day, you've tucked yourself into bed, and what's the icing on the relaxation cake? Pajamas! Ah yes, those cozy, comfy, and sometimes downright quirky clothes that can make bedtime feel like a luxurious affair.

Gone are the days when you have to buy pajamas from a department store. From indie designers crafting one-of-a-kind prints, to specialty shops offering personalized pajamas tailored to your wildest dreams, the online pajama-sphere is bursting with creativity. Whether you're into celestial patterns, quirky animals, or retro vibes, there's a pair of pajamas out there with your name on it.

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Pajama Store FAQ

There are lots of types of pajamas! Sleep shirts, sleep sets with coordinating tops/bottoms, pajama pants paired with a favorite t-shirt, robes, onesies and nighties are the most common options you'll see when shopping for pajamas.
That's a matter of preference, and probably has a lot to do with temperature. If you tend to overheat at night, you're not going to want heavy flannel at bedtime! For those with texture sensitivities, a satin or silk may be ideal - or irritating! Your most comfortable pajamas will be whatever material and design lets you rest at the right temperature, fits comfortably, and doesn't get in the way of a good night's sleep.
Absolutely! That's one of the biggest trends in pajama retailers: selling matching sets for the holidays, for photos, you name it. Not every store carries these sets (especially not if it's a retailer that specializes in women's pajamas only), but you'll find plenty of possibilities for those cute matchy-matchy moments.
Selection and pricing, of course. Most brick-and-mortar stores don't carry a huge selection at any given time, and you might have a hard time finding the size and style you want. That's especially true if you're shopping out of season: maybe you need something lightweight for a winter getaway to the Caribbean, or you're taking your Southern self up to Alaska for a once-in-a-lifetime camping trip and your thin cotton jammies aren't going to cut it. Many online stores carry all types of pajamas year-round.
You can easily spend less than $20 on pajamas - or over $100! If you're buying matching pajamas for men, women and children, don't be surprised by a price tag of at least $30 per person. Just shopping for yourself? Your cost will depend on the material, design and brand - and it's okay to treat yourself to luxurious sleepwear for many delightful nights of rest, too!
How about "free" ? Many stores will give you complimentary delivery, though you may need to meet a certain order amount to qualify.
Check the return policy before you buy, especially if you're usually tough to fit. Most stores let you send your pajamas back within 30 days of purchase, but they'll usually need to be in unworn condition with the tags attached.
You do you...but picture yourself being awakened by a smoke alarm in the middle of the night and running out to the street, well, buck. Sure, that's not super likely, but it could happen! In some cases, sleeping in the nude would be frowned upon, and if you're a sleepwalker it's probably even more important to have some jammies on!
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Continued from above...

The history of pajamas is a fascinating journey through time, taking us back to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Indians who draped themselves in loose-fitting garments for sleep. Fast forward to the 17th and 18th centuries, pajamas became all the rage in the West, thanks to the influence of exotic Eastern cultures. These early versions were more like loose trousers and jackets, often made from silk or cotton, and were reserved for the elite.

Nowadays, pajamas come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, catering to every taste and preference imaginable. There are classic button-up sets for those who like to keep it timeless, cozy fleece onesies for the perpetual kids-at-heart, and silky slips for those who prefer a touch of elegance even in dreamland. Let's not forget about the novelty pajamas adorned with everything from cartoon characters to punny phrases, perfect for adding a splash of whimsy to your bedtime routine.

One of the best things about pajamas in the modern age is the ease of finding the perfect pair with just a few clicks. Thanks to the wonders of online shopping, you can explore a vast universe of sleepwear options without ever having to leave your cozy cocoon. Want a matching set for a family photo? No problem. Planning a stay-in-your-PJs vacation or a pajama-themed holiday party? The internet has you covered, quite literally.

Ready to slip off into sleep or set up that perfect Christmas card photo with matching PJs? Here are some things to keep in mind as you pick the right pajama store:

  • Selection. Naturally, the first consideration is the selection. The more options a pajama store has, the more likely you are to find the PJs you're picturing.
  • Price. What's your budget? In the world of pajamas, you'll find everything from inexpensive nighties under $10 to linen sets at $200+.
  • Returns. Clothes can be tricky to buy online when it comes to fit and feel. The best online pajama stores understand that, and want you to feel at ease with taking a chance on their sleepwear, so look for a retailer that has a hassle-free return and/or exchange policy.
  • Reviews. Look for a pajama store that provides customer reviews on their PJs. That's an easy way to see how they look and feel in real life. Also see what shoppers have said about the retailer itself. Is it easy to get help from customer service if needed?

Whether you're a pajama purist who swears by classic styles, or a pajama pioneer forging new fashion frontiers, one thing's for sure: the world of pajamas is a whimsical wonderland just waiting to be explored. That's why the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have taken a close look at today's most popular online pajama stores: there's no need to settle for boring bedtime attire when you can let your imagination run wild and slumber in style!

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