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Checks In The Mail Review

Sunday, April 14th

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Checks In The Mail Review 2 Star Rating

Checks In The Mail

2 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • 20% off your first purchase with email signup
  • Free shipping
  • Discounts on first orders

Headquartered in Texas, Checks In The Mail has a company history that goes way back to 1922. Each year they make and distribute over a billion checks to people all throughout the United States. In addition to personal and business checks, Checks In The Mail supplies customers with address labels, checkbook covers, debit caddies, address stamps, card and ID cases, security stamps, and more.

No custom designs

Your choices of personal check designs from Checks In The Mail include characters from your favorite TV shows and movies, floral designs, Disney scenes, scenic landscapes, unique patterns, inspirational/religious designs, and more. We did notice they don't have options for custom personal checks with your own photos, so if this is something you're looking for you'll need to go elsewhere.

Take advantage of discounts

To save a bit on your first purchase, Checks In The Mail offers 20% off if you subscribe to their marketing list with your email address. They also have a new customer special offer where you can get a box of checks for $6.99 and $5 for each additional box plus free standard shipping and handling. Normal costs for checks outside of discounted pricing includes:

  • Single Checks
    • 1 pack of singles: $24.99
    • 2 packs of singles: $44.69
    • 4 packs of singles: $86.25
  • Duplicate Checks
    • 1 pack of duplicates: $28.25
    • 2 packs of duplicates: $50.99
    • 4 packs of duplicates: $99.25

You can also receive up to $25,000 of fraud protection for an additional $4.99/pack. Pricing is slightly more expensive than what we've seen when compared with other retailers, so taking advantage of the discounts offered will give you the best value.

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Security guaranteed

Checks In The Mail guarantees the security of the checks they sell by using four industry-approved security features to guard against check fraud that include chemically sensitive paper, a CheckSafe backer, an MP padlock icon, and an MP icon. All of these features are designed to prevent an individual from making copies of your checks or altering your personal information.

No return policy

There is no return or refund policy listed for Checks In The Mail. We wish they would at least state that they don't accept returns if that's the case rather than not having any information at all. We would assume that all sales are final here, but if you have an issue that needs to be taken care of regarding your order, your best bet will be to contact their customer service team by sending an email through their website.

Lots of recent complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Checks In The Mail an "A+" rating. This is great, but we found that customers aren't always thrilled with their purchases here. They have average reviews with complaints about receiving checks with incorrect information printed on them, poor customer service communication, orders that were never received, random order cancellations, and more. The majority of customer reviews over the last year have been negative and it appears that Checks In The Mail has gone through some ownership changes, which may be a contributing factor to this. Unfortunately, they don't seem like a reliable place to buy personal checks so we don't recommend shopping here.

Who Sells the Best Personal Checks?

Although most financial transactions these days are digital, paying by check is still a big part of our economy. Even now, some companies and government entities require that all payments are made by check, so it's important to keep a checkbook handy for these instances. You also might find that it's an easier way to pay a young babysitter or an individual that you're doing a personal sales transaction with. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone needs to have their own set of personal checks.

There are a few options when it comes to buying personal checks, but some are more expensive than others. If you've ever purchased personal checks directly from your bank or credit union, you know that not only do they have boring design choices, but it's also more costly. You might as well save some money and show off your style at the same time by purchasing personal checks from a reputable online company. You could find a cute floral pattern, highlight your favorite sports team, or even make checks with custom photos of your loved ones.

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Personal Check Store FAQ

Believe it or not, not all payments today are digital. From sending a check for a graduation present to paying a babysitter who isn't old enough for Venmo yet, people still use personal checks on a regular basis.
Because you like to save money, that's why! Personal checks from the bank are usually bland (blue or green, no designs ,and so on) and cost much more than you'll pay if you use a well-established service.
Absolutely. You can choose a fun design or logo ranging from sports teams and universities to photos of your family or pets! You may also want to consider duplicate checks for added convenience.
You can expect prices starting at less than $7 for a box of 150 single checks, and a little over $7 for the same number of duplicate checks. While you might be able to get fewer checks in your order, 100-150 is the most common minimum number available to purchase.
That depends. If you are willing to wait awhile and don't want trackable shipping (...though we're not sure it's a good idea to skip it!) you might be able to get free shipping. Otherwise, you'll probably pay around $5.99 for First Class Mail with tracking.
Most providers offer an overnight option - but it's expensive, usually around $45. You'll pay half that for two-day delivery with most personal check printers. If you go for free shipping or First Class, your checks may take up to two weeks to arrive.
Almost 100% of the time, yes. These companies would go out of business if their checks didn't work exactly like the ones you'd buy from the bank. When your checks arrive, double-check your bank routing number and your account number to make sure there aren't any errors. If you spot a problem, you'll probably get either a full refund or a reprint with expedited shipping.
Yes. Some of the companies offering personal checks have been around for decades and have the reputation - and rating from the Better Business Bureau - to prove it. You'll get much more for your money when buying your checks through one of these trustworthy businesses, compared with getting them from your financial institution.
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It's perfectly safe to purchase personal checks from an online company since they follow the same criteria as your own bank. You'll choose the design you like, select the total number of checks and packs you need, and add personal details for printing like your name, address, email, and checking account information. Your personal checks will be printed and mailed directly to your house, so it's an easy, hassle-free process!

There are many companies that sell personalized checks. You'll want to make sure you buy from a retailer that is highly-rated for accuracy and timeliness. A few other factors to consider when buying personal checks online include:

  • Cost: How does the cost of checks from one retailer compare to another? Are there a wide variety of designs, fonts, styles, and features all included in one single cost? Do you get a discount for buying in bulk? How much do they charge for shipping?
  • Variety: Does the company offer a wide variety of designs to fit your personal style? Are you able to create custom checks?
  • Reputation: Is the company rated by the Better Business Bureau? What do other customers have to say about their experience buying personal checks from the retailer?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best places to purchase personal checks online. We hope this information helps you find stylish designs at affordable prices to meet your needs!

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