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The Best Personal Trainers

Where Can You Find the Best Personal Trainers Online?

All of us have reached some point in our lives where we thought "Something needs to change and I need to get healthier." Right? For many of us, our next thought leads us to ask about personal training: we need specific advice for how, exactly, to get healthier - because, let's face it, winging it hasn't really been working so far.

Whether you're looking for someone who can meet with you in person and get you stretching and sweating, or you need the convenience of virtual sessions that you can do at home or at your local gym, you'll have no problem finding personal training online. Especially after the pandemic, today's top fitness professionals are marketing their services on the internet - which is a huge win for you.

Wednesday, July 17th

2024 Personal Trainer Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Forge Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Nutrition and fitness coaching
  • Price ranges from $125 to $225 per month
  • From 1 to 4 live video/phone calls with your trainer each month
  • Programming delivered via mobile app
  • Customized meal plans with thousands of recipes
  • No cancellation fees or contracts
  • Schedule a free program inquiry appointment if desired
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Forge Fitness & Nutrition Coaching was founded by Michael S. Parker, a fitness professional who has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years. This service offers custom training to clients from over 60 different countries, with a small team of certified trainers and a dietitian.

Get to know the trainers

To get more information on the coaches currently working with clients on the Forge platform, simply go to the About page. You'll see their image, a brief bio, a list of credentials, and the trainer's availability. This is a great way to take the first step in seeing if you connect with one of the personal trainers, and whether they're able to take on new clients like you. You can also go to the Appointments page and schedule a free program inquiry appointment, either with the personal trainer that you think you'd like to work with, or the first available staff member.

How often do you want to talk in real time?

There are three service tiers available at Forge, and the only difference is how often you'd like to have a live video chat or phone call with your personal trainer. You'll pay $125/month for one chat/call per month, $175/month for two monthly chats/calls, or $225/month for weekly live video or phone coaching sessions. Additional video coaching sessions are available at a rate of $50/half-hour; these are useful to get real-time feedback on your particular exercise technique, or to have a supplemental call with Forge's registered dietitian.

Lots of tools are included

Everything else is the same across all three plans. This includes all of the following:

  • Unlimited in-app messaging with your personal trainer
  • Custom cardio and strength training workouts based on whatever equipment you have (or bodyweight exercises if you don't have access to weights or a gym)
  • A video library demonstrating all exercises
  • A customized meal plan written by a registered dietitian
  • Badges and tracking tools in the Forge app

Customized meal plans

The website lists four categories of meal plans you can choose from: Balanced, Lactose-free, Gluten-free, or Vegetarian. However, you're not limited to just these. You actually have access to a database with thousands of recipes which can be customized with the Forge application. Your coach will help guide you in their meal planning system, using parameters to help ensure you meet your nutritional goals. All plans are written by a registered dietician. And if you follow a more specialized diet, like Vegan or Paleo, their team will work with you to create a fully tailored nutrition program centered around that.

Best Personal Trainers

Video testimonials

As you might expect, you can read a number of testimonials from satisfied customers in the About section on the Forge website. However, something that we enjoyed much more were the customer videos found right on their home page. In these informational clips, each one a few minutes long, real customers share their biggest roadblock to success before working with the Forge trainers. Hearing how they were able to overcome these challenges with Forge was truly motivational. It helps you see how you can move past the issues that have held you back with fitness and nutrition.

No contracts or cancellation fees

There are no cancellation fees or required minimum contracts here. If for any reason you're not happy with your progress and want to cancel, you'll just message your coach in the app messenger at least 10 days prior to your billing date. If you're simply unhappy with your particular coach, the company's founder would like you to email him directly so that he can conduct a review and set things right. They want to make sure their coaches are meeting their customer's needs.

Great FAQ section

When evaluating personal training programs, there may be questions that you haven't even thought of yet. How long does it take to get your customized program after you join? How long will it be before you see results? Can the program target sports performance? Forge provides a very thorough FAQ section with answers to these and more than 20 more questions. They really want you to understand their personal fitness approach and why it can be successful for you. Consider us impressed.

Bringing the personal to personal training

Forge specializes in providing customized fitness and nutrition plans to their clients. Their trainers and dietician are professionals in their craft, and they tailor their approach to meet each individual client's needs. Their pricing is fair and hassle-free, and they give you a wealth of information about their program right on their website before you ever sign up. If you want to be successful with a personal training program focused on your needs and goals, Forge is the place to start. They earn our highest rating.

Thumbtack Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Free-to-use database of personal trainers (mostly virtual)
  • Easy to see reviews and hire history
  • No prepaid sessions required
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Thumbtack is a platform that connects users with professionals in various industries, including home repair and improvement, as well as personal training. It works a little differently from the other personal training platforms in our evaluation, so be sure you know what you're getting when you start looking for a coach here.

Easy to find trainers

First off, Thumbtack makes it easy to find personal trainers. Just enter your zip code and you're presented with a list of personal trainers, with photos, that can service your area. The trainers shown in this list include both in-person and virtual trainers.

Filter your trainer results

If you want to drill down and find trainers that fit specific criteria, search filters help you fine-tune your results so that you're only looking at trainers that match your specific needs. Specifically, you can search by:

  • Training location. Do you want to train at your home or apartment? At the trainer's gym? Or are you looking for a remote personal trainer?
  • Client age. Select your age. Some trainers will specialize in certain age ranges.
  • Current exercise. How many times per week do you currently work out?
  • Gender preference. Are you looking for a male trainer, a female trainer, or have no preference?
  • Fitness goals. Do you want to build muscle? Lose weight? Boost your stamina?
  • Frequency. How often do you want to work out?
  • Event to prep for. Are you trying to get fit for a specific event, like a vacation or a wedding?
  • Group size. Will you be working out by yourself, with a partner, or as a group?

Fantastic level of detail to consider

The level of detail on Thumbtack is very good. At a glance, you can see each personal trainer's ratings and how many hires they've had on the platform (which is useful, since not every client takes the time to leave a review). You also see the estimated cost, and how long it typically takes the trainer to respond to inquiries.

Best Personal Trainers

Deeper dive

When you view an individual profile, there's even more to consider - from introductions, to client reviews, photos of previous customers and their progress, credentials and more. You can message the trainer directly with specific questions, or fill out a short questionnaire if all you want is a quote. From there, once your trainer makes contact, you'll work out the details on payments, scheduling, and so on.

No contracts, no minimum commitment

Another thing we liked about Thumbtack is that you aren't obligated to purchase training in 4- or 6-session packages or subscribe in any way. The setup for your personal training will depend entirely on the trainer you choose.

Great reputation

As a platform in general, Thumbtack has a solid reputation. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an "A+" rating and accreditation, and user reviews elsewhere are very positive. Of course, there's always the chance that the professional you hire doesn't live up to your expectations - that's where some of Thumbtack's complaints come from. But, specifically with personal trainers, it's easy to see which ones have good client reviews and lots of hires, so that you know you're getting the real deal before you reach out to ask about availability.

Good site for finding a personal trainer

If you're looking for a personal trainer, this site is a very good resource. You're not obligated to a minimum number of training sessions, you can browse until you've found someone that feels like a good fit, and you can ask any questions you want before committing to any particular trainer. Thumbtack could be a great way to find the right personal trainer for you, no matter where you're starting from.

Born Fitness Review 4 Star Rating

Born Fitness

4 Star Rating
  • 100% customized personal training/nutrition program
  • $249/month or $1,999/year
  • 6-month minimum commitment
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • In business for 15+ years
  • Have to apply and be accepted as a client

Do you find it stressful deciding what to eat and how to exercise? If your answer is a resounding "YES" and you'd like a knowledgeable professional to tell you exactly what you need to do to get the body you want, Born Fitness should be one of the personal trainer options you consider.

You'll have to apply in order to be a client

But, you should know right off the bat that you have to be accepted as a client to get services here. Click on the "Apply for Coaching" button to fill out Born Fitness' application: answer questions about your goals, your previous experiences with nutrition/exercise/personal training, and so forth. You'll get a response within a few days, letting you know if you've been approved to start with one of Born Fitness' trainers.

100% tailored to you

If you're approved, congrats! From there, you'll be contacted by your assigned coaches (usually one for nutrition and another for fitness) to work out a completely customized program. There is zero one-size-fits-all approach here. Your coaches will get to know you very closely, and whatever you are trying to incorporate into your health and wellness routine, they can accommodate it. Paleo and CrossFit? No problem. Vegan and aspiring yogi? Sure. Total newbie who has no idea where to start? Perfect.

No live sessions required - or offered

The one thing that's not incorporated here is live personal training: you won't be on a video call with your fitness coach, going through a workout. You'll mostly interact with both coaches via email, text, or through the Born Fitness app: there's a set time period each week to ask any questions you have and get feedback, discuss any upcoming challenges or changes you anticipate, and request modifications to your nutrition or workout plan. It's meant to be a team environment, working back-and-forth with the trainers, but not necessarily in real time.

Best Personal Trainers

Expensive, but 30-day money back guarantee helps

Wondering what this will cost? You'll pay $249/month or $1999/year. Ouch, right? Plus, Born Fitness requires a minimum commitment of six months, so you do the math. But, to help you have some peace of mind about that investment, this company offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. Try the platform and coaching for that first month; if you wind up feeling like Born Fitness isn't the right fit for you, you'll get a full refund of that first month and no subsequent charges going forward.

Get to know the platform first

While there aren't thousands of client testimonials to consider, the ones you'll find on the Born Fitness site are pretty compelling. There's even an endorsement by the Terminator himself. We encourage you to read through that section of the site, watch the videos introducing you to the Born Fitness team, maybe even subscribe to the weekly newsletter and go through some blog posts. You can get a great feel for this service before applying for coaching.

Costs more, but you get what you pay for

Yes, you're going to spend quite a bit more here, but chances are you'll get your money's worth. How much would you spend to get personalized feedback from a nutritionist on a weekly basis, plus the input of a personal trainer on all of your workouts, out there in the "real" world? Do the math and you'll see that Born Fitness offers a lot for what you pay.

Excellent choice to transform your life

Born Fitness is a great way to go if you've tried other personal training, or even diets, to no avail. And, with that 100% satisfaction guarantee in the first 30 days, you can try this service risk-free if you're accepted into the coaching program. Although you'll have to look at a different resource if you want live workouts with a personal trainer, Born Fitness is a worthwhile option for anyone wanting to transform their body and their health.

Fitness Trainer Review 3.5 Star Rating

Fitness Trainer

3.5 Star Rating
  • Live, in-person training or virtual sessions
  • Satisfaction guarantee: get a refund if you're not satisfied with the first session
  • 6-hour minimum commitment

Fitness Trainer lets you choose between live, in-person training sessions or virtual coaching - an improvement compared with the last time we reviewed the service. The company has been in business for about a decade and is part of the My Tennis Lessons brand.

Answer some questions to see available trainers

To get started, you'll answer a few questions: do you want to train in person or online? In what zip code will the personal training sessions take place? Who are the sessions for (yourself, a child, a spouse or partner)? How old is the client? You get the idea. At the end of the questions, you'll be asked to create a Fitness Trainer account - but you can always click on the "no thanks, just show me the results" button if you'd prefer.

Plenty of in-person and virtual training options

We were impressed with all of the results in the area we sampled, the suburbs of a mid-size city in the South. There were over 30 matches within a 15-mile drive of the zip code we entered. It was really easy to sort the results by best match, distance, client ratings, or by hourly price - which ranged from $34 to $102. We also liked that we could click on the "online" button if we also wanted to see what our virtual options were - it was just a little glitchy trying to get back to the in-person options once we'd selected the online results.

Lots of details to help you decide

Each personal trainer's profile gives you all the details you'd need to decide if they're a good fit for your needs. You'll see an About Me section that usually features the trainer's background and certifications/education, a What to Expect section that details a typical personal training session, a section with Client Success Stories, plus a list of specialties. You can also see where the trainer works: if they'll come to you or if they offer training at a particular location (like a gym, or a YMCA). Fitness Trainer also has a section for client reviews, but most of the trainers in our area didn't have any - more of an indication that not many clients are using this platform (or at least not leaving reviews when they do) than any reflection on the quality or experience of the trainers themselves.

Best Personal Trainers

6-session minimum

When you've found a personal trainer you like, you'll book a package. Fitness Trainer requires a minimum commitment of six sessions, but you can also select packages of 12 or 20. It's worth pointing out that the rates featured on each trainer's listing are based on a 20-session package: for example, the highest-rated trainer in our selected area was shown with a starting rate of $68/hour, but that was for a package of 20. His base rate for a six-hour package was $74/hour. On a brighter note, you won't actually be charged for any package you select until you've spoken with the trainer.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Fitness Trainer still offers a satisfaction guarantee: if you're not happy after your first session with your personal trainer, you can get a full refund for it and they'll get you set up with someone you might like better. We noticed that some clients had problems after the first few sessions - the trainer ghosted them or couldn't meet the desired scheduling - but feedback seems to indicate that Fitness Trainer will work with you to get that taken care of with a refund or with applying your prepaid fees to a different trainer.

Decent reputation

Fitness Trainer's reputation has changed a little since our last evaluation. The Better Business Bureau listing (under its affiliate brand, My Tennis Lessons) has dropped from an "A+" to a "B" , though the company still has accreditation there. There were just 14 complaints filed there over the last three years, all of which were resolved to the clients' satisfaction, so we're not sure why the BBB dinged Fitness Trainer/My Tennis Lessons' rating so much.

Good resource overall

We're happy to see some positive changes from Fitness Trainer. They've stepped up their game by providing both in-person trainers as well as virtual trainers, and they make it easy for you to see detailed information on all of them. You should be able to find the personal training you're looking for here - if you're willing and able to commit to at least six sessions to get started.

Trainerize Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • App-based personal training platform
  • Syncs with wearable devices
  • Choose your own coach

Trainerize offers an interesting hybrid of choose-your-own-personal-trainer and a mobile app used by every professional in their database. This app lets you stay connected with your trainer, get your meal plans and workouts wherever you are, and sync your wearable device (like Fitbit or Apple Watch) so that your trainer can see the actual data behind your progress (or lack of it... *ahem*).

Lots of trainers

Your first step is to find a trainer. Don't get overwhelmed when you click that button and get a list of a bunch of options: it defaults to "popular trainers" near your current location, but you can click on both dropdowns to indicate if there's a specific workout style you want (like yoga or pre-/post-natal training) or any other zip code you prefer.

No clear sign-up process

It's hard figuring out how to sign up with coaches on the Trainerize platform. For one thing, it's not consistent across the coaching profiles. For example, the very first personal trainer that came up as we browsed the desktop version of Trainerize had links to her Instagram and Facebook profiles, while the second had no contact information at all. There was no obvious way to sign up for personal training with either person directly through the Trainerize site: you'd have to do some hunting to find their phone number or some other contact information in order to reach out - and by then, are you even using the Trainerize platform anymore? Sometimes, in the About section of a personal trainer's profile, you'll find a link to that information - but not always.

Best Personal Trainers

Great when it works - but glitches are common

Trainerize gets high marks - a 4.9-out of 5 stars average across nearly 18,000 reviews on the Apple App Store and 4.5 out of 5 stars across 5,000 ratings on the Google Play store at the time of this evaluation. When this app works properly, it's pretty fantastic. However, more recent reviews described glitches that rendered Trainerize almost unusable: phones getting bogged down while the app is in use, workouts not tracked, constant crashing requiring regular reinstallation of the app (which still doesn't fix the issue), you get the idea.

Good but not great

We really wanted to like Trainerize. Maybe the experience is different if you take a leap of faith and go right to downloading the app instead of browsing coaches on your laptop first. Unfortunately, the user experience was too aggravating through the browser to make anyone want to use the app. You could use this site as a resource to find trainers near you - the results were pretty robust in several geographic areas we entered - and reach out to them on your own. Maybe they can explain how Trainerize would be incorporated in their services. But, as a standalone platform for connecting with personal trainers and getting started with sessions, Trainerize can't compete with the higher-ranked rivals in our review.

Transform Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • $14.99/month or $38.99/quarter
  • Heavy emphasis on nutrition changes
  • Schedule a free 15-minute assessment call with a coach
  • 7-day free trial
  • You customize your own meal plans and workouts from the app database

Chris Powell is the force behind Transform. You might be familiar with him from the worldwide hit TV show "Extreme Weight Loss" . Accordingly, when you look at the Coaching part of the Transform site, you'll find a heavy weight loss emphasis.

Focus on weight loss

A focus on weight loss isn't good or bad. But many people looking to access personal training aren't just wanting to be told how to lose weight. You can still sign up for Coaching here - just understand that it's going to be assumed that you want to shed some pounds.

3 Transformation packages

You'll see the focus on weight loss reflected in the three Transformation packages:

  • Elite: referred to as "complete weight loss coaching" , it includes weekly portal check-ins, a private Facebook group, weekly one-hour life lesson video calls with your coach and other group members, customized nutrition and workout plans, a life lesson worksheet, and full access to the Transform app.
  • Macro/Nutrition Coaching: this tier includes some of the features of the Elite plan, minus the full access to the app, weekly video calls, and life lesson worksheets.
  • Competition Prep: you won't get the life lesson worksheets or weekly one-hour calls here - probably because most people prepping for a physique competition are beyond that level of input.

More do-it-yourself than most personal training options

Although Transform says that you'll get "customized" workouts and meal plans, it really seems to be more of a DIY service: you'll get workouts and meals to choose from within the app database, but you're creating your goals on your own. You can "choose your transformation" - Lose Weight, Maintain & Sculpt, Gain Weight & Muscle - but you don't exactly have someone overseeing that process as you go.

Best Personal Trainers

Super affordable

The good news? Transform is shockingly cheap, compared with the other personal trainer options in our review. You'll just pay $14.99/month or $38.99/quarter, easy peasy. And, your first seven days are free; you won't be charged for your first month or quarter until that trial period ends. No contracts, no commitments are required here.

Schedule a consult - if you can

We would recommend taking advantage of Transform's free 15-minute consultation call, to get a better idea of what to expect and receive some recommendations for how to get started with the app. Unfortunately, the calendar link on the site first took us to a message that said the specific calendar wasn't available; the next time we clicked on it, we were told that there were no dates and times open in the next three months. Okay, then!

Not exactly personal training

While you definitely can't beat the price of using Transform compared with other personal training choices in our review, this site isn't quite what we imagine most people are looking for when they Google "personal training online" . If all you need is a database of workouts and meal suggestions, you could give Transform a go - it should be pretty easy to tell within that first free week if it's going to work for what you're looking for. However, most people wanting active, specific input from a personal trainer will wind up using a different service.

Trainiac Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Free to use
  • Requires a Gympass membership (usually through your employer)
  • Only available as an iPhone app
  • Personalized workouts
  • Intake/welcome call and assessment workouts used to customize your plan
  • Unlimited text/audio/video messaging for feedback and questions

Trainiac by Gympass bills itself as a leading individualized fitness platform, connecting people with a fully-vetted certified personal trainer. Users get one-on-one virtual coaching, customized workouts every week, and thorough progress tracking. Trainiac aims to help you have a workout routine you'll want to stick to: one that fits your busy lifestyle and gives you the energy you need to reach your goals.

Gympass affiliation comes with limitations

Although Trainiac used to be our #1 choice for connecting with personal trainers, we've had to drop this service quite a bit on our list. Why? First of all, it's only available as an iPhone app - Android users are completely out of luck here. But, that's not the only limitation Trainiac has made since our last review: it's now part of the Gympass family, which is only available as a benefit from an employer. In other words, there's no way you can access Trainiac unless your company offers Gympass and you sign up that way. We've seen some health insurance companies offer Gympass as a wellness add-on, but again, that limits who can use this platform.

Still active in the US?

We also wonder if Trainiac is being geared more towards the Brazilian market: when we scrolled through the company's Instagram posts recently, the profile itself was in Portuguese and the majority of posts weren't in English. Even the ratings on the US version of the Apple App Store tapered off after early 2021.

Best Personal Trainers

Good if you meet all of the criteria

That being said, if you have an iPhone and a membership to Gympass, Trainiac could be useful as an online personal trainer. No matter what type of equipment you have (or don't have), you'll get on-demand video workouts that you can do at home, at the gym, even in your hotel room on a business trip. The app syncs seamlessly with Apple Health, letting both you and your trainer see your progress and consistency - which also helps the personal trainer adjust your program as needed, based on the data.

Work one-on-one with a trainer

You'll get started by completing an intake and then choosing a trainer among the many profiles available on Trainiac. You can expect an intro call and a few assessment workouts, so that he or she can get a feel for where you're at on your fitness journey. Your Trainiac app also lets you reach out via text, video, or audio message to get unlimited feedback and answers to your questions.

Too limited to recommend

For anyone who already has Gympass and wants to try out working with a personal trainer, there's no reason not to give Trainiac a look. We can't vouch for the changes that have been made since they were acquired by Gympass in late 2021, but it shouldn't cost you anything to see what you think. But, since the vast majority of people looking for personal training aren't going to have Gympass access (and might not have an iPhone either), this platform is too limited for us to give Trainiac a very enthusiastic recommendation.

Wrkout Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • New to the personal trainer industry
  • In-person and virtual personal training available
  • Not as many trainer details as other platforms

Wrkout is extremely new to the online personal training industry, getting its start within the last few years. You may wind up feeling, like we did, that it's still getting up and running: it's not as easy to connect with trainers here, and it may take some trial-and-error before you can launch your journey to self-improvement.

Hurry up and... wait

For example, consider what happens when you click on the Find Your Coach button. Enter your name, age range, current activity level, workout goals, and so on. You'll need to provide your name, phone number, and email address in order to receive your coach recommendation. Not exactly the "start right away" experience you might find with some of the other personal trainer platforms we evaluated.

You might not find many matches

In the meantime, you can browse the personal trainer listings posted to the site. Most trainers here offer virtual sessions, but Wrkout has a network of brick-and-mortar studio locations that their coaches can use too. Still, you might not find too many matches, depending on the filters you select. For example, when we selected Florida and "data-driven" as our only two criteria, Wrkout told us that they didn't have anyone that matched those. Hint: you might want to reach out directly if you find a personal trainer on Wrkout that sounds like a good match. Most profiles include enough information that you could contact them on your own and get more details about the training they offer, rates, and so on, instead of filling out the contact form on Wrkout and waiting for your request to be processed.

Best Personal Trainers

Not a lot of details on the trainers

Even when you poke around in the About and FAQ on the Wrkout site, you don't find much geared towards clients - or, rather, the service currently focuses on the personal trainers as its clients, not on the people like you and me who are hoping to get matched with just the right coach. What can you expect to pay for training? How long is a session? Do you have to commit to a certain number of sessions? As far as we can tell, that will depend 100% on the personal trainer you wind up choosing or being matched with - and Wrkout doesn't tell you if they guarantee your satisfaction, let you change trainers at will, or really much of anything else about how their platform works for you.

Good social media presence

When we look through Wrkout's very active social media channels, we like what we see (although about half of the posts are geared towards recruiting new coaches and not towards personal fitness per se). This is very clearly a company that wants to leave its mark on the fitness industry and give top-notch personal trainers a platform for getting and keeping clients.

Room for improvement

But as far as being a resource for the average individual hoping to start on a new fitness journey, Wrkout isn't as polished as quite a few other options that have been out there for a while. If you fill out the coach form and find someone you love, it's up to you to ask all of the pertinent questions about contracts and fees - because Wrkout surely isn't going to give you that info upfront.

Fyt Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Database of personal trainers in your area
  • Virtual options also available
  • 4-session minimum
  • Rates start at $29/session

Fyt (pronounced as "fit" ), rebranded recently from Find Your Trainer, can help you connect with personal trainers in your area or online. Each trainer in their database is certified, insured, and personally screened by the Fyt team before being approved to create a listing. For an extra level of peace of mind, some trainers opt into a third-party screening: those trainers are designated by a checkmark in their profile.

Answer questions to see matches

The easiest way to start with Fyt is by entering your zip code on the main page. You'll then answer some questions about your fitness goals (like prepping for an event or losing weight), how active you are currently, if you'd prefer to train in person or virtually, and so on. Be aware that Fyt will require you to enter your name and email address before revealing your trainer matches (no one says you have to give them your real info, though).

Fewer trainers, but they're legitimate

Based on our quiz answers, Fyt matched us with just 15 trainers in our area - which is less than half of the matches we got when using several rival services in our review. We also noticed that some of them were designated as "virtual only" , even though we had specifically indicated our preference for in-person sessions. On the plus side, one of them was someone we know in real life - giving us the confidence that the trainers on Fyt are legit.

Profiles give important information

Each personal trainer's profile will give you an idea of who they are, what areas they specialize in, any NCCA accredited certifications they have, plus any client reviews. Many of the matching trainers in our area didn't have any ratings, but a few had a dozen or more. And, unlike any of the other in-person trainer databases we evaluated, Fyt tells you upfront if the trainer has been COVID-19 vaccinated.

Book your first session right away

Another perk here is that you can book a specific date and time for your first session. You won't be charged until you have a complimentary phone consultation first. Sessions are purchased in packs of 4, 12, or 24 sessions, with discounts on the latter two. Rates through Fyt can start as low as $29/session (when you purchase a 24-pack), but that depends on the trainer. In our searched area, about half had $29/session as the lowest available rate while the other half started at $59 or higher.

Best Personal Trainers

Watch for discount offers

We spotted several ways to save money on personal training packages here. There was a pop-up offering a $20 discount, as well as a code at the top of the page with a seasonal promo of $50 off (we're pretty sure those don't stack, so be sure to look for the biggest savings as you browse the Fyt site).

Platform has a horrible reputation

Despite all of this, of the various "find a personal trainer near you" resources we reviewed, Fyt is our least favorite. Especially considering recent feedback, this service has a terrible reputation: clients and trainers alike rant about how little support is offered by the company. Need a refund? Good luck. Want to cancel? There's no button on the site: you have to send an email to their team (which we had to dig up in the FAQ) instead. Toll-free number? Nope. When you're committing over $100 (or much more, if you go all in with a 24-session package), you want to know that the company is going to have your back if your trainer is a no-show or something else goes wrong - but we found reports that not only did Fyt make it difficult for customers to get a refund per the satisfaction guarantee (a full refund if your first session isn't good), but also that people were charged multiple times for packages that never even had a first meet-up.

Great trainers, terrible service

And those 600+ reviews featured on the Fyt site? They're all about the trainers, not about the site itself. We don't doubt that there are amazing, professional personal trainers listed here - in fact, the one who came up that we know personally is indeed an expert at what she does - but this site isn't the way to go about connecting with them if you're going to get almost no support from the platform if something isn't right.

You'll be happier on a different platform

If you're sure that in-person training is what you want, we recommend using one of the higher-rated resources in our review. You'll probably get more matches than you'll find on Fyt, and since trainers can be listed on more than one website at a time, you may even find Fyt's choices on those platforms too. Fyt needs to step up its game with respect to customer service and support before we can consider moving it higher in our rankings.

Future  Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Over 150 available coaches (all virtual)
  • $149/month
  • Risk-free trial for the first 30 days
  • Cancel at any time
  • Membership can be paused for 1-3 months
  • Requires an Apple Watch and iPhone for maximum features

Unlike some personal training resources that spread your attention out over workouts and nutrition, Future is strictly fitness-focused. While your Future trainer might offer insights or suggestions for your nutrition, the main goal will be to provide safe, effective, and realistic workout routines. This company is an "early-stage startup with a small but talented team" , so manage your expectations accordingly.

150+ trainers and counting

During our most recent visit to the Future site, there were over 150 personal trainers to choose from. You can easily browse all the profiles, use filters to narrow them down by coaching style or other criteria, or take the Future questionnaire to help you pick. We like how this service gives you some descriptors to consider for each trainer: are you looking for someone motivating? Results-oriented? Even-keeled or high-energy?

Average monthly fees

You'll pay $149/month for personal training through Future. This gives you unlimited access to your coach and unlimited customized workouts. Once you've signed up for Future, you can look in the app under Account to access prepaid membership packages too. When you join, you'll be scheduled for a strategy call with your coach, getting to know each other and discussing your goals and preferences. Your personal trainer will stay in touch through app messages, and you can schedule other check-in calls as needed.

Complaints are concerning

Reading through some of Future's reviews gave us cause for concern. More than once, we found complaints from clients who said, in essence, "This is a service for people who are already in decent shape, and my coach didn't make the modifications I needed." People said this lack of customization led to injuries. We imagine that will completely depend on the personal trainer you select, and you can switch at any time, but it's disappointing that several clients had the same issue - especially for something that should be pretty basic and common-sense with a supposedly customized personal training program.

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Limitations you should know about

There are other limitations with this personal training platform that are worth mentioning. It's heavily iOs-focused; in the past, an Apple Watch was required, but the service has recently expanded to include an Android app. Still, the Apple Watch was the only syncable wearable device at the time of this review, so Garmin and Fitbit users are still out of luck for the time being. Future is also available only to residents of the US: sorry, Canada, Mexico, and beyond.

Pause or cancel if needed

On a more positive note, you can try Future at no risk for a month. If you're not satisfied with their personal training platform, you can get a full refund of your first payment. And, at the time of this review, there was a 30-day free trial promo in place - no first month's payment required. You can also cancel your Future membership at any other time; you won't get a refund of any fees paid previously, but there's no contract obligating you to further payments once you've stopped your plan. Also, you're able to pause your membership for one to three months as needed.

Needs to make some changes

Future has a lot of room for improvement. Rival services are more comprehensive for the same monthly fee, offering both nutrition and workout guidance and much more interaction with personal trainers. Future has potential, but we'd need to see a lot more positive feedback from clients of all experience levels to move this service up in our rankings. We recommend that you look at the higher-rated personal trainer platforms in the meanwhile.

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Continued from above...

When you're looking for a personal trainer, you're not relying on word-of-mouth referrals from your neighborhood walking club or the fitness fanatics you see on Instagram. Instead, you can browse at your own time and pace from a wide range of coaches and trainers until you find a great match.

So, should you choose a local personal trainer or a virtual one? The real question is, what's going to work for your schedule and keep you motivated? Not everyone wants to be face-to-face with their fitness coach, but it can help with accountability if you know you're going to have to see him or her on the regular. Some virtual options offer that same benefit via live coaching calls, without the inconvenience of having to drive somewhere to meet up.

Another dimension to consider is how comprehensive you want your personal training to be. Are you looking strictly for workout help - like knowing how much to lift and how often, mixing cardio with strength training, increasing your mobility - or do you want a nutrition component added too?

Finally, how much of a commitment are you willing to make? Some personal training systems have a minimum requirement of four or six sessions, which could cost you $125 or much more. Other platforms give you a refund after 30 days if you're not satisfied, a free one-month trial, or simply let you pay as you go with no contracts. You decide if having a requirement will keep you motivated or if you prefer greater flexibility.

What else should you keep in mind as you look at personal training options? Here are a few factors that could influence your decision:

  • Cost. This is probably one of the most obvious factors. What can you afford to spend to get the personal training you want? Most personal trainers charge at least $30/session; the more comprehensive programs can be $150+ per month.
  • Customization. Do you just want a one-size-fits-all plan to follow, or do you want a certified fitness professional to create a plan tailored to your current health and fitness levels, dietary preferences, and so on?
  • Availability. While most personal training options online let you start whenever you like, some require you to apply first and may put you on a waitlist to start receiving coaching.
  • Reputation. Have other people had good experiences with the personal trainers on the platform? Are there ratings and reviews you can browse as you choose a particular coach? Have clients gotten good customer service from the platform, if applicable?

To help you make progress on your health and wellness journey, Top Consumer Reviews has researched and ranked the most popular online resources for connecting with a personal trainer. Here's to a stronger, healthier you!

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Personal Trainer FAQ

A personal trainer works with clients to design plans for exercise, nutrition and/or flexibility goals. While anyone can say that they're a personal trainer, certain certifications can demonstrate that they've put in the work to learn best practices for working with clients effectively and safely. Look for a personal trainer with certification(s) from NASM, ACE, ISSA, NFPT, or ACSM, which are widely recognized as experts in the industry.
That will depend on you. What are your goals? What is your current level of fitness/experience? Most experts recommend meeting with a trainer for 1-2 sessions a week for up to 6 weeks, especially if you're a beginner. But, if you are fairly comfortable with working out - you know how to do various exercises with good form and just need someone to give you a structured plan - you might be able to cut that timeframe down.
Yes and no. If your trainer is also certified within the nutrition field, he or she can prescribe meal plans. However, most personal trainers don't have dual certifications and can only make nutrition suggestions based on gym performance or weight loss/muscle gain efforts - like recommending that you count macros, get enough rest and water, and when to time your meals based on your exercise schedule. If you want a day-to-day schedule of what to eat, you'll need to work with a nutritionist in addition to your personal trainer in most cases.
If you have a gym membership, there are probably options for working one-on-one with a trainer on staff there - but that might not be the best way to get a personal trainer that's well-suited to your personality, needs and goals. We recommend using an online personal trainer site, either to find highly-recommended professionals in your area or to choose a virtual program you can use at your convenience.
Absolutely! While you'll lose the advantage of having someone right next to you in the gym, you gain plenty of perks. Virtual personal training is often much less expensive than an in-person format, and you get much more customized workout plans. This is a great option if you're working out at home or need options you can take on the road with you.
Yes. There's a growing network of personal trainers who specialize in providing in-home workouts. Even if you choose an online personal trainer, you can tell them what equipment you have at home if any, and they'll design a plan that incorporates whatever you have available. There are plenty of exercises that can be done simply with your own bodyweight!
That depends on many different factors. If you choose an in-person trainer, you can expect hourly rates anywhere from $20 to $100+, while online/virtual personal training is typically $200/month or less. For face-to-face personal training, rates are impacted by the experience level of the trainer you choose and your geographic area as well.
Sometimes. It's more common to find free trials, satisfaction guarantees and refund policies when you choose an online personal training platform. In-person trainers usually charge as you go; you wouldn't get money back for training sessions that already happened, but you wouldn't have to pay for future sessions if you were unhappy with the service. And, of course, no personal trainer is going to guarantee specific results - since what you do the other 23 hours of the day is going to have a big impact on your success, beyond what you accomplish in your personal training sessions.
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