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Blue Apron Review

Thursday, May 30th

2024 Pescatarian Meal Delivery Reviews

Blue Apron Review 3 Star Rating

Blue Apron

3 Star Rating
  • Price per serving: Starts at $7.99
  • Shipment frequency: Weekly
  • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner): Entrees
  • Calories per meal: Not disclosed
  • Number of recipes: Not disclosed
  • Prep time: A few minutes in the microwave or 35 minutes for Meal Kits

Blue Apron kicked off with a mission to make cooking at home simpler and more accessible, tackling the "complicated food system" head-on. The idea was to bring better ingredients to the table through partnerships with farmers and a commitment to sustainability. They offer two kinds of meal kits and several different plans.

Discounts are sketchy

Upon visiting their website, you might be greeted with a spin-the-wheel discount mini-game. Landing on the $110-off wedge feels like a win, but the reality - that everyone "wins" the same amount - is gimmicky. And while Blue Apron offers a discount of 65% off for people like healthcare workers, veterans, and students, it seems they make these people jump through hoops to redeem them.

No Pescatarian plan

Blue Apron has a handful of plans, including Chef Favorites, Wellness, Family Friendly, Fast & Easy, and Veggies. Notice how there's no Pescatarian plan here? When you get to the meal-choosing stage, you'll have the option to filter out certain protein types, although that's not ideal.

The more you buy, the lower the price

Customers can mix and match meals according to their dietary needs or cravings. The Meal Kit pricing structure, however, is where things start to get a bit steep. If you're opting for a smaller plan, say 2 servings per meal for 2 meals a week, you're looking at $12.49 per serving. The price per serving decreases to $7.99 when you scale up to 4 servings for 5 meals a week.

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Microwavable meals subject to higher prices

There are also Prepared & Ready meals available from Blue Apron. These come in single servings only and you can opt for 6, 8, or 10 of them per week. Prices range from $9.99 to $10.99 each. Shipping for either meal type is $10.99.

Can't say with certainty how many meals there are for Pescatarians

Blue Apron tries to cast a wide net with its sample menu variety, boasting "80+ weekly options". However, keep in mind this number encapsulates all of Blue Apron's plans, so the number of dishes that fit a Pescatarian diet will inevitably be much smaller. When we took a look at the Cookbook page, the potential for a diverse and interesting meal plan seemed promising for Pescatarians, especially when we stumbled upon dishes like Provencal Fish Stew, Cod with Szechuan Sauce, and Chipotle & Fig-Glazed Tilapia. These examples are a refreshing departure from the ubiquitous "lemon salmon" that often dominates Pescatarian offerings elsewhere.

A few minutes to half an hour of prep

When it comes to prep, you have two routes available: a few minutes in the microwave with a Prepared and Ready meal, or half an hour in the kitchen with a Meal Kit. One benefit of the Prepared and Ready meals is that they can be frozen for later. All those individual ingredients - not so much. Use them up before they go bad.

Seasonal ingredients straight from the farm

When compared to their competitors, Blue Apron is refreshingly honest about where they source at least some of their ingredients from. You can read about specific farms and purveyors on their website. Could this be a clever marketing tactic? Sure, but we still enjoyed getting to know some of these farmers and their families. When it comes to fish, Blue Apron abides by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch standards.

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Not the most allergy-friendly

Blue Apron advises against ordering if you have a severe food allergy due to potential cross-contamination with allergens processed in their facility. They provide allergen information on nutrition labels and recommend checking ingredient labels for up-to-date information.

Visit the Market to try without commitment

Blue Apron's Market is a solution for those not ready to commit to a subscription. With meal kits priced from $60.95 to $94.99, offering 2-3 recipes each, it's an easy way to try their service or send a care package to someone in need. The availability of gift cards is a smart addition, perfect for when you're unsure about someone's food preferences.

You can pick your delivery day

The shipping cost of $10.99 per delivery aligns with what you'd expect from meal delivery services. The perk of choosing your delivery day is a nice touch, fitting better into busy schedules that leave it up to third-party carriers. Issues like missing items or damaged packages are not uncommon, but it seems Blue Apron is on the ball with customer service, addressing problems as they arise.

Cancellation is hassle-free

Blue Apron makes it surprisingly easy to skip orders or cancel your subscription, a relief compared to services that make you jump through hoops before they'll relinquish their grip on your credit card information. The ability to manage everything online, from skipping a week to pausing or canceling your subscription, puts control in your hands - where it should be.

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Trustpilot likes them; the Better Business Bureau doesn't

Blue Apron finds itself in a peculiar spot with a "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, mostly due to issues with discounts not being honored. This is a significant concern for customers expecting to save on their meal plans. On the flip side, a 4.2 Trustpilot rating from nearly 6,000 reviews indicates a more favorable view from a broader audience. Let's find out what those people have to say.

Just "meh"

According to customer reviews, the food from Blue Apron is generally good, but there are concerns about the overall value due to increasing prices. One review mentioned that all the recipes were delicious, but a side dish was missing most of the ingredients. Another reviewer said that while most of the recipes are enjoyable, there is a recurring issue with the quality of rice. The Pescatarians in the roundup said Blue Apron occasionally sends them chicken instead of fish when they use the auto-order function. Overall, customers appreciate the good recipes, decent produce, and easy instructions provided by Blue Apron.

Nothing exciting

Blue Apron doesn't have much we're really excited about when it comes to pricing. Customer service can be a little sketchy; you might have a good experience, but you might not. On one hand, the cookbook looks great - lots of variety and interesting recipes. On the other hand, the preview menu was vague, so who knows if you'll actually be eating those meals or how often. Basically, we wouldn't warn you completely off Blue Apron, but we think you might be happier with one of our higher-rated Pescatarian meal delivery services.

What is the Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Service?

In today's busy world, Pescatarian meal delivery services are super helpful for those who choose to eat seafood but not meat, along with veggies, grains, and sometimes dairy and eggs. Whether you're all-in on being Pescatarian or just checking it out, how great would it be to get meals that fit this diet delivered right to your door?

That's what Pescatarian meal delivery services do - they make it easy to eat healthier with meals from the sea and the garden. And there's a number of reasons why these companies have become so popular in recent years.

The Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Compare Pescatarian Meal Delivery Compare Pescatarian Meal Delivery Reviews What are the best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Reviews

Pescatarian Meal Delivery FAQ

A Pescatarian Meal Delivery Service is an online service that delivers meals to your doorstep, focusing on a diet that includes fish and shellfish as primary protein sources, alongside vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, dairy, and eggs. These services can help you adhere to a Pescatarian diet by giving you variety without the hassle of meal planning and grocery shopping.
When selecting a Pescatarian Meal Delivery Service, consider factors like the source and sustainability of the seafood, the variety and nutritional balance of the meals, customization options, packaging sustainability, customer reviews, and cost. The best service for you will align with your dietary preferences, budget, and environmental values.
Many Pescatarian Meal Delivery Services offer customization options, allowing you to select your preferred dishes, specify dietary restrictions (like gluten-free or dairy-free), and sometimes even modify the ingredients of your meals. You can also choose how many meals you would like to receive per week, and how many servings of each meal you'd like.
Many services strive to be environmentally friendly by sourcing seafood sustainably, using recyclable or compostable packaging, and minimizing food waste. However, the level of environmental commitment varies by service, so it's worth researching their specific practices if sustainability is important to you.
These services make it easier to stick to a Pescatarian diet, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lean proteins, and a variety of vitamins and minerals from plant-based foods. This can contribute to heart health, weight management, and overall well-being.
Pescatarian meals can sometimes be more expensive due to the cost of sustainable seafood. However, prices vary widely between services. Some may offer competitive pricing comparable to or slightly higher than regular meal delivery options, depending on the quality and source of ingredients.
Meals are typically delivered on a weekly basis, packed in insulated boxes to keep them fresh during transport. You can usually choose your delivery day and sometimes even adjust delivery frequency or pause your subscription as needed.
Many Pescatarian Meal Delivery Services take food allergies into account and offer the ability to filter meals that contain common allergens. However, it's important to communicate your allergies clearly when ordering and review the nutrition labels when your box arrives to make sure there haven't been any mix-ups.
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First, there's a growing awareness of the health benefits associated with reducing meat consumption. Pescatarian diets, which include fish and seafood but exclude other animal meats, are often perceived as healthier alternatives. Fish is a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, while being lower in saturated fats compared to red meat. As more people prioritize health and wellness, pescatarian meals emerge as an appealing dietary choice.

Of course, it's hard to deny the convenience of having pescatarian meals delivered straight to your door. In today's fast-paced world, many people struggle to find the time and energy to plan, shop for, and cook nutritious meals. Pescatarian meal delivery services fill this need by providing pre-prepared, ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your doorstep. This eliminates the need for grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Another feature that people enjoy is the variety and creativity offered by pescatarian meal delivery services. This especially appeals to people who relish culinary adventure and exploration. These services often feature diverse menus with a wide range of seafood dishes inspired by various cuisines from around the world. From sushi bowls to grilled salmon with quinoa salad, pescatarian meal delivery services offer a good variety of flavorful and satisfying options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

For those new to it, the Pescatarian diet includes fish and shellfish as the main protein, plus lots of fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. You can also have dairy and eggs. This diet is known for being really balanced and full of good nutrients. It brings together the best of vegetarian eating with the benefits of seafood, like omega-3 fats that are great for your heart.

Why go Pescatarian? People choose it for health reasons, like lowering the risk of heart disease and maintaining a healthy weight. It's also a choice for those who want to eat in a way that's better for the planet, since eating less meat from land animals can reduce your environmental footprint.

Picking the right Pescatarian meal service can be tough with so many options out there. Here's what to look for:

  • Seafood quality and sustainability. Are the seafood ingredients responsibly sourced, wild-caught, or sustainably farmed for both health and environmental preservation?
  • Variety. Are there lots of different meals to keep things interesting, or just a few that you'll have to repeat?
  • Customizing your plan. Can you change your meals to fit what you like or need? Is it easy to stop orders for a while if you need to? What is the minimum or maximum number of meals you can order per week?
  • Eco-friendly packaging. Do they use recyclable packaging? Do the meals arrive fresh?
  • What people say. Do customers like the taste and quality of the meals?
  • Cost. How does the per-meal price compare to other services?

At Top Consumer Reviews, we've taken a close look at the top Pescatarian meal delivery services to help you find the best one. Our goal is to help you effortlessly incorporate the Pescatarian diet into your daily life, finding that sweet spot between deliciousness, convenience, and commitment to a diet rich in seafood and plant-based nutrition.

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