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Hungryroot Review

Thursday, May 30th

2024 Pescatarian Meal Delivery Reviews

Hungryroot Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Price per serving: Not specified; around $70 per delivery
  • Days of food: Depends on number of people on your plan
  • Shipment frequency: Weekly
  • Daily meals (breakfast/lunch dinner): All meals, plus groceries
  • Calories per meal: 400-600
  • Number of Pescatarian meals: Unspecified, but plenty according to reviews
  • Prep time: 10 minutes

Since 2015, Hungryroot has been doing more than meal kits; it's your online grocery for a Pescatarian lifestyle and beyond. They blend the convenience of meal delivery with the variety of an online grocer, offering everything from fresh produce to snacks. The really unique part is their credit-based pricing structure, so stick with us and see what we mean.

Savings right off the bat

Right from the start, Hungryroot welcomes you with open arms: 30% off your first order and a free gift. It's a compelling way to start your journey with them, offering a taste of their service with a nice little bonus.

Detailed quiz to create your plan

Hungryroot's approach to meal planning is thorough. Before seeing any plan or pricing, you're asked to complete a detailed quiz. This quiz covers your dietary goals, the number of people you're cooking for, your dietary restrictions (including a Pescatarian option), the kitchen appliances you prefer to use, and much more. Rank your preferred seafood options from "absolutely" to "so-so" to "no thanks," including fresh fish such as cod and salmon, smoked fish such as lox and hot smoked salmon, and shellfish such as shrimp and scallops. After completing the quiz, you'll need to create an account to see your tailored plan and apply the 30% discount.

Credit-based system is different, but not necessarily better

Once you've shared preferences, Hungryroot introduces you to their credit system. This isn't your typical meal plan; it's a flexible, credit-based approach where every recipe and grocery item has a credit value. You get a certain number of credits depending on the plan size you choose, allowing you to mix and match items to fill your box. We've heard from customers that plans are priced between $60 to $100 weekly, with a $6.99 shipping fee for plans under $70 but free shipping for those above. Not everyone is a fan of this marketing move: instead of the coin logo used by Hungryroot instead of displaying the actual prices of the food, some would (understandably) prefer full disclosure about the cost of their purchases.

Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery

Glitchy recipe page

When it comes to variety, Hungryroot's recipe page, designed with filters to tailor your search, initially appears to be the dream tool for finding your perfect meal. Want a Pescatarian dish for four? Prefer low-calorie options or a specific spice level? The filters are there to narrow down your choices. However, we noticed a significant glitch; despite setting our sails for Pescatarian options, we encountered some culinary stowaways - since when is beef a kind of fish? It seems the filters might be more for show, as further tweaking and refreshing didn't net the expected results. Subscribed customers haven't made any complaints about filtering, though, so we think the interface is more functional once you're committed to a plan.

Plenty of fish in this sea

Either way, there were so many recipes we didn't get to the bottom of the page, and from a glance, a lot of them were Pescatarian-friendly. Recipes are rated by customers and you can see which ones are best liked. Each recipe listing shows you the percentage of people who gave it a thumbs up and from how many reviews total. For example, 90% of 5.1k reviewers gave the Oven Roasted Salmon with Tzatziki + Zucchini a thumbs-up. One satisfied Hungryroot customer raved about Hungryroot's variety and options for Pescatarians. They mentioned that they love being able to delete specific ingredients they don't want or already have at home. They also appreciate the wide range of choices available, including gluten-free and dairy-free Pescatarian options. The customer was excited about how quick, easy to follow, and delicious the recipes are. As a picky foodie with a Pescatarian diet, they mentioned that Hungryroot meets their tastes perfectly every time.

Full-sized groceries come together in 10 minutes

For those of us who are always on the go but still prioritize healthy eating, Hungryroot seems to hit the sweet spot. Offering meals that promise to go from package to plate in as little as 10 minutes, it's a game-changer for busy lifestyles. Customers back up these claims and add that the portion sizes are generous, often leaving enough for a delicious next-day lunch. As a hybrid between a meal kit and grocery delivery service, Hungryroot allows you to stock up on snacks and extra ingredients, making it possible to skip the grocery store run. Also, they send full-sized groceries, not pre-portioned ingredients, meaning you can tweak recipes to your heart's content.

Often organic

On the ingredient front, Hungryroot focuses on nutritious, easy-to-prepare options, steering clear of nasty things like partially hydrogenated oils and artificial additives. While not all their offerings are certified organic or non-GMO, they do make an effort to source such items. The transparency around sourcing could be better, but it's clear they're aiming to offer wholesome ingredients even if they're not fully committing to the organic label.

Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery

Delivered in recyclable packaging

Hungryroot delivers its goods in insulated boxes to keep your food fresh until you can get to it. The packaging leans heavily on recyclability, from the box itself to the ice packs, which can be drained and recycled. They even use Enviro Ice, which doubles as plant food - a nice green touch. However, the use of single-use plastics and unclear recycling instructions for some containers has not been a hit among Hungryroot's most eco-conscious customers. The day your delivery arrives will depend on your location and your third-party carrier, but it will be sometime between 8am and 9pm.

Easy to cancel or skip

Hungryroot is one of only a handful of meal delivery services doing cancellation right. Skipping deliveries or pausing your subscription is as easy as it should be: you can skip or pause deliveries to adapt your meal plan to your schedule without hassle. To cancel, all you have to do is click a button and provide your reason for leaving - no need to jump through hoops with customer service.

Mixed experiences with customer service responsiveness

We've found some mixed accounts of what the customer service at Hungryroot is like. On the one hand, some reviewers say customer service is easy to reach, generous in making complaints right, and knowledgeable. On the other hand, some have reached out to customer service via email and not received a response back after several days. We think it would be a smart move for Hungryroot to add a live chat option with real representatives on the other end, or at the very least, a phone support option. That said, they maintain a fantastic score of 4.4 on Trustpilot and an "A-" with the Better Business Bureau.

Excellent choice among Pescatarian meal delivery services

Overall, we think Hungryroot performs very well in the Pescatarian meal delivery service realm. There are plenty of Pescatarian meal options according to both the recipe page and customer reports, even for picky Pescatarians with additional dietary restrictions like sensitivities or allergies. The credit system might take some getting used to, but it isn't necessarily a drawback; it could even be fun. Hungryroot seems to do the right thing when it comes to damaged or missing ingredients, which is something most other services have a lot of room for improvement on. We're confident in recommending Hungryroot's Pescatarian meal delivery plan, and they earn an excellent rating.

What is the Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Service?

In today's busy world, Pescatarian meal delivery services are super helpful for those who choose to eat seafood but not meat, along with veggies, grains, and sometimes dairy and eggs. Whether you're all-in on being Pescatarian or just checking it out, how great would it be to get meals that fit this diet delivered right to your door?

That's what Pescatarian meal delivery services do - they make it easy to eat healthier with meals from the sea and the garden. And there's a number of reasons why these companies have become so popular in recent years.

The Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Compare Pescatarian Meal Delivery Compare Pescatarian Meal Delivery Reviews What are the best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Reviews

Pescatarian Meal Delivery FAQ

A Pescatarian Meal Delivery Service is an online service that delivers meals to your doorstep, focusing on a diet that includes fish and shellfish as primary protein sources, alongside vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, dairy, and eggs. These services can help you adhere to a Pescatarian diet by giving you variety without the hassle of meal planning and grocery shopping.
When selecting a Pescatarian Meal Delivery Service, consider factors like the source and sustainability of the seafood, the variety and nutritional balance of the meals, customization options, packaging sustainability, customer reviews, and cost. The best service for you will align with your dietary preferences, budget, and environmental values.
Many Pescatarian Meal Delivery Services offer customization options, allowing you to select your preferred dishes, specify dietary restrictions (like gluten-free or dairy-free), and sometimes even modify the ingredients of your meals. You can also choose how many meals you would like to receive per week, and how many servings of each meal you'd like.
Many services strive to be environmentally friendly by sourcing seafood sustainably, using recyclable or compostable packaging, and minimizing food waste. However, the level of environmental commitment varies by service, so it's worth researching their specific practices if sustainability is important to you.
These services make it easier to stick to a Pescatarian diet, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lean proteins, and a variety of vitamins and minerals from plant-based foods. This can contribute to heart health, weight management, and overall well-being.
Pescatarian meals can sometimes be more expensive due to the cost of sustainable seafood. However, prices vary widely between services. Some may offer competitive pricing comparable to or slightly higher than regular meal delivery options, depending on the quality and source of ingredients.
Meals are typically delivered on a weekly basis, packed in insulated boxes to keep them fresh during transport. You can usually choose your delivery day and sometimes even adjust delivery frequency or pause your subscription as needed.
Many Pescatarian Meal Delivery Services take food allergies into account and offer the ability to filter meals that contain common allergens. However, it's important to communicate your allergies clearly when ordering and review the nutrition labels when your box arrives to make sure there haven't been any mix-ups.
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First, there's a growing awareness of the health benefits associated with reducing meat consumption. Pescatarian diets, which include fish and seafood but exclude other animal meats, are often perceived as healthier alternatives. Fish is a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, while being lower in saturated fats compared to red meat. As more people prioritize health and wellness, pescatarian meals emerge as an appealing dietary choice.

Of course, it's hard to deny the convenience of having pescatarian meals delivered straight to your door. In today's fast-paced world, many people struggle to find the time and energy to plan, shop for, and cook nutritious meals. Pescatarian meal delivery services fill this need by providing pre-prepared, ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your doorstep. This eliminates the need for grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Another feature that people enjoy is the variety and creativity offered by pescatarian meal delivery services. This especially appeals to people who relish culinary adventure and exploration. These services often feature diverse menus with a wide range of seafood dishes inspired by various cuisines from around the world. From sushi bowls to grilled salmon with quinoa salad, pescatarian meal delivery services offer a good variety of flavorful and satisfying options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

For those new to it, the Pescatarian diet includes fish and shellfish as the main protein, plus lots of fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. You can also have dairy and eggs. This diet is known for being really balanced and full of good nutrients. It brings together the best of vegetarian eating with the benefits of seafood, like omega-3 fats that are great for your heart.

Why go Pescatarian? People choose it for health reasons, like lowering the risk of heart disease and maintaining a healthy weight. It's also a choice for those who want to eat in a way that's better for the planet, since eating less meat from land animals can reduce your environmental footprint.

Picking the right Pescatarian meal service can be tough with so many options out there. Here's what to look for:

  • Seafood quality and sustainability. Are the seafood ingredients responsibly sourced, wild-caught, or sustainably farmed for both health and environmental preservation?
  • Variety. Are there lots of different meals to keep things interesting, or just a few that you'll have to repeat?
  • Customizing your plan. Can you change your meals to fit what you like or need? Is it easy to stop orders for a while if you need to? What is the minimum or maximum number of meals you can order per week?
  • Eco-friendly packaging. Do they use recyclable packaging? Do the meals arrive fresh?
  • What people say. Do customers like the taste and quality of the meals?
  • Cost. How does the per-meal price compare to other services?

At Top Consumer Reviews, we've taken a close look at the top Pescatarian meal delivery services to help you find the best one. Our goal is to help you effortlessly incorporate the Pescatarian diet into your daily life, finding that sweet spot between deliciousness, convenience, and commitment to a diet rich in seafood and plant-based nutrition.

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