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The Best Pet Insurance Companies

Which Pet Insurance is the Best?

We love our fur babies and want to help them live as long and as healthy as possible. Pets take daily care, and they also require vet visits, whether for wellness, to update vaccinations, if they are ill or in an accident. Veterinarian bills can be expensive, so many owners have chosen pet insurance.

Pet insurance has only been around since 1982, so if you don't know much about it, that's understandable. Pet insurance can be similar to human health insurance where you can see a provider for wellness visits, illness, or accidents. There are in-office visits, telehealth, and 24/7 availability for answering questions.

Thursday, June 20th

2024 Pet Insurance Company Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Healthy Paws Review 5 Star Rating

Healthy Paws

5 Star Rating
  • Covers dogs and cats
  • Alternative therapies included
  • No maximum annual or lifetime payout
  • Submit claims through app
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Healthy Paws makes it easy to get good insurance coverage for your pets. There's one policy that covers not only illness and accidents, but also alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic. You choose your deductible and reimbursement percentage, and that's it. This is also one of the few companies that will pay the vet directly in certain circumstances, rather than the typical routine of you paying and then getting reimbursed. Speaking of reimbursement, they have a fast, two-day average reimbursement period.

2-week waiting period

There's about a two-week waiting period from when your policy begins until when you can make a claim. Waiting periods are common with pet insurance, and two weeks is not unusual. There's also a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia if your newly-insured pet is under six years old.

Broad coverage in all 50 states and Canada

You can be covered no matter which US state in which you reside, and you can use a vet within any US state or Canada. Illness and accidents are covered. Diagnostic treatment, cancer, surgery, hospitalization, alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic are covered. You'll select between 70% and 90% reimbursement.


  • Dogs start at around $31 per month (one-year-old mixed breed)
  • Cats start at around $14 per month (one-year-old American short hair)

A few exclusions

Exam fees are not covered, nor are curable pre-existing conditions. There's no hip dysplasia coverage for pets enrolled after age six, and if you'd like your aging pet to be covered, they must be enrolled before they turn fourteen.

Additional one-time fee

There's a one-time processing fee of $25. Although it's pretty standard, not all companies charge a sign-up fee.

No maximum annual payout

With Healthy Paws, there's no annual or lifetime cap on their payout. This is quite rare, as with most companies you need to select your maximum payout, which then helps determine your premium.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Submitting a claim and direct reimbursement available

This is one of the few companies that will pay the vet directly instead of you paying the vet and then getting reimbursed. But if you can't cover your vet bill, Healthy Paws will pay the vet directly. In normal circumstances, you submit a claim to Healthy Paws through the app or online. Believe it or not, many pet insurance companies make you fill out the form and then wait for a check in the mail. Your claim can take up to 10 days to process, though many customers have appreciated a two-day turnaround, and you'll get your money via a direct deposit.

Discounts not needed (or offered) here

There aren't any discounts offered. Healthy Paws' approach is to offer everyone their best rates, not just those who fit certain qualifications. But, if you have several pets, there are companies that we've rated highly that offer multiple-pet discounts that you may also want to consider.

30-day Free Look

Healthy Paws offers a 30-day Free Look period. If you haven't used the insurance, cancel the policy and you'll get the full refund. Free Look is a fair and honest description, because with pet insurance, "satisfaction guarantee" is almost a misnomer since you're not allowed to get money back if you've actually tried it out by making a claim.

They care about homeless pets

For every quote they give, Healthy Paws makes a donation for medical care to animals in a shelter. They claim that as of September 1, 2021, more than $1.6 million has been donated to help sheltered pets.

Customer feedback is strong

Most people are happy with Healthy Paws. Their pet insurance policies cover what they say they cover and have good customer service. When there are complaints, it tends to be that customers thought the policy would pay for vet exams, but they don't - and most companies don't. Only specific services performed during the exam are covered, and that's standard, but can be upsetting. The other complaint, with a few clients, is that Healthy Paws requests more documentation than the vet may have, creating a difficult-to-resolve back and forth.

#1 for pet insurance

Healthy Paws gets a big thumb's up for their app, easy claim filing, and quick two-day average turnaround for reimbursement. We also give a thumb's up for unlimited max benefits per year and lifetime. If we had a third thumb, we'd raise that one as well for including alternative therapies and not having them unavailable or as an add-on. We would like to see wellness care and vet exams included or optional, if Healthy Paws really wanted to take their coverage to the next level. Even so, the prices here are competitive and the coverage goes well beyond what many policies cover. For all of these reasons, Healthy Paws earns our highest ranking among pet insurance providers.

Pets Best Review 4.5 Star Rating

Pets Best

4.5 Star Rating
  • Covers only cats and dogs
  • Optional Routine Care coverage
  • 24/7 pet help line with veterinary experts
  • Option for Pets Best to pay the vet directly

Pets Best has two main policies, and you can add on your choice of two wellness plans if you desire. There's a large range of choice in deductible, rate of reimbursement, and annual max payout to work with the needs of your pet as well as your budget. They're especially friendly to older pets as Pets Best can cover prescribed wheelchairs or prosthetics. Remember to always compare prices, as premiums between companies can vary particularly as the pet ages.

Two types of coverage

The first type of coverage is for traditional accidents and illness. The other is a less expensive, more basic coverage, which is accident only. The Accidents and Illness policy covers accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, cancer, emergency care, and hereditary and congenital conditions as well as other conditions and care. There are three tiers for this coverage, which are Essential, Plus, and Elite. Essential is their basic policy, Plus adds vet exam fees for covered conditions, and Elite adds rehab, chiropractic, and acupuncture treatments, also for covered conditions.

Be aware of what's not covered

Pre-existing conditions except for curable conditions that don't require continual treatment, bilateral conditions, spaying/neutering, cosmetic procedures such as tail or ear clipping, intentional injuries, injuries related to organized fighting or racing, breeding, holistic or alternative care, experimental treatments, cremation, and burial are all on the list of what Pets Best doesn't cover. This list may seem extensive, but it's quite similar to most rivals' plans. If you're interested in coverage of some of the above, check out Pets Best's optional coverage for wellness or routine care.


  • Dogs start around $14 (for a one-year old mixed breed)
  • Cats start around $6 (for a one-year old American short hair)

Optional wellness/routine care

We want to keep our fur babies healthy with routine care, and it's nice when pet insurance can help us with it. Pets Best add-on coverage includes vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, preventive screening tests, fecal exams, urinalysis, deworming, parasite exams, microchipping, dental exams and more. There are two tiers of wellness care so you can choose the tier that best benefits your pet and budget. The higher of the two options adds in the cost of the wellness exams, teeth cleaning, and spaying/neutering, where the other wellness plan doesn't. The exact coverage you receive could vary, so double check when you sign up.

No age limit

Pets Best will insure your pet starting at seven weeks of age, and even insure your older pet with no age limit. Many companies won't insure a senior pet, and they will stop coverage at a certain age.

Special needs

If your fur baby is prescribed a wheelchair or prosthetic device, or is prone to ligament or degenerative joint disorders, keep Pets Best in mind, as they cover these if needed.

Waiting period of 14 days

Most pet insurance companies have a waiting period. The waiting period is the time from when the policy starts to when you can make a claim. Pets Best is pretty normal with a 14-day waiting period. They reduce the waiting time to 3 days for accidents and 1 day for wellness, but raise it to 6 months for a cruciate ligament.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Price customization

You can control your price by choosing 70%, 80%, or 90% as your reimbursement rate, from $50 to $1,000 as your deductible, and $2,500 to $10,000 or unlimited as your annual benefit limit. There is a wide range of choices in each category, which can seem daunting; instead, think of it as a way to control your price if your pet is young and healthy, or to have a lot of coverage for an illness-prone or older pet.

Useful app

Pets Best offers an app with a tab called the ID card, bringing up with a quick click your pet's basic info and the name of the plan you have. There's another tab for the coverage you have and one for the claim history. You can make a claim on the app by uploading a photo of the vet bill and other info needed. Pets Best has said that at times it can take 25 days to process a claim, which is good information to have, and we're happy that people have received it as quickly as two days. End result: be patient and contact them if there's a delay.

Pay the vet or get reimbursed

Normally, you'll pay the vet and then get reimbursed by your pet insurance company. With Pets Best, you can choose to go that traditional route or to have Pets Best pay the vet directly, and you pay any balance.

Reimbursement as quickly as two days

If you submit through the app and use direct deposit, you can expect reimbursement in about two days. If you would prefer a paper check, you'll receive the payment about five-to-seven days after the claim has been processed.

Discounts available

There's a 5% discount if you have more than one pet enrolled in the program as well as 5% off for military members and their families.

Customer feedback is very positive overall

Pet parents are, for the most part, super pleased with Pets Best, appreciating the quick turn-around time for reimbursements and customer service. Those who aren't happy with Pets Best complain about conditions they thought would be covered, such as allergies. But because allergies can be recurring, they're not covered and can be expensive. Another complaint is filing claims, especially the first one. People are tired of submitting and re-submitting documents on the first claim. Pets Best wants to make sure that there's not a pre-existing condition, so they seem to want an extensive amount of documentation from the vet before they will take care of the claim. Unfortunately, these complaints can be typical with pet insurance as, well, it's insurance, and insurance can be complicated and detailed.

It's quite flexible

There are two Pets Best policies to choose from, two wellness options to add-on if you desire, and a wide range of choices for deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual maximum benefit. Your plan can be quite customizable for coverage as well as premium cost. Customer feedback is generally above average, and we rate Pets Best highly.

Spot Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Covers cats and dogs only
  • Choose accident and illness or accident only
  • Exams fees related to accident/illness covered
  • Access to a 24/7 vet helpline

If you're looking for a pet insurance plan where you can choose the options to fit your pet's needs as well as your budget, Spot is a good choice. There are two plan choices, two optional routine care choices, and a wide range of ways to lower premium or raise coverage.

Two policy choices available

With Spot, you can choose between an Accident and Illness policy and a less expensive Accident policy. The Accident and Illness policy covers the following if they're related to an accident or illness: MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, stem cell therapy, surgery, hospitalization, and cancer treatment. Other features are covered such as prescription medications, supplements, and food (if prescribed for a treatment covered with your policy), medical supplies such as bandages and casts, treatment for behavioral issues, and microchipping. The Accident policy won't cover anything related to illness.

What's not covered is pretty standard

Spot's list of non-eligible treatment is similar to other pet insurance companies, and that includes pre-existing conditions, supplements for general health maintenance, illness or injury from intentional, negligent, or malicious activities, cosmetic procedures, breeding, pregnancy, whelping, nursing, or boarding. These items are quite consistent with other pet insurance companies.


  • Dogs start around $16 per month (for a one-year old mixed breed)
  • Cats start around $8 per month (for a one-year old mixed breed)

Optional Routine Care coverage

There are two levels of routine care policies you can get with Spot: Gold and Platinum. With the Gold package (at $9.95 per month), you can get up to $250 per year reimbursed for wellness exams; vaccinations; fecal, Feline FELV, canine heartworm tests, deworming, and dental cleanings. The Platinum package (at $24.95 monthly) will allow you all of the Gold features plus spaying/neutering, Bordetella vaccine, flea and heartworm prevention, blood tests, urinalysis, and a health certificate, and will reimburse you up to $450 for it. Note that there's a limit per year specifically on the flea/heartworm prevention and wellness exam.

Waiting period of 14 days

Typically, there's a waiting period from when your pet insurance policy starts to when you can make a claim, and Spot is no different. Spot has a 14-day waiting period. Many have the same, and a few have shorter waiting periods. Some companies have a several-month waiting period for cruciate ligament issues, but Spot does not.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Choose your premium

You have ways you can adjust your Spot policy and premium to fit your needs and budget. You can choose a deductible between $100 and $1,000, reimbursement amounts between 70% and 90%, and your max annual payout from $2,500 to $10,000, or unlimited. The less coverage, the lower the premium, and vice versa. Consider the age, breed, and current health of your pet along with your budget and choose your options accordingly.

Older pets covered here

Older pets can be expensive to insure, but consider that some companies won't insure older pets at all. Spot will insure an older cat or dog, regardless of age.

Discounts may apply

There's a 10% discount if you have an additional pet in your home to insure, and there's a 10% employee discount if your company offers this benefit.

Customer feedback is usually good

Most customers whose reviews we've seen are quite pleased with Spot, stating that they've experienced ease in making a claim and receiving quick claims payments. We noticed that a few have said that they had a hard time getting an answer on Spot's customer service phone line.

There are a lot of good choices with Spot

Spot knows that our pets are members of the family, and they offer pet insurance that covers treatments your pet may need. What they cover is typical and what they don't cover is also typical. What stands out to us is that there are two policy choices and two optional routine care choices, along with the wide range of choices in deductible, max payout, and so on, to fit your budget. There are few complaints about Spot, so we feel very comfortable giving them one of our highest ratings.

ASPCA Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Coverage for dogs, cats, and horses
  • Covers accidents and illnesses
  • Covers behavioral issues and hereditary conditions
  • Visit any vet, specialist, or emergency clinic
  • Submit claims online, by mail, or by fax

We've all shed a tear and sung along with the ASPCA ads to please save a pet as we see the sad faces of lonely animals in need of adoption. This most-trusted humane society has been saving and caring for animals since 1886. Since 1997, ASPCA has offered pet insurance through Crum and Forster. They have good coverage, and you can choose the Accident-Only plan or the Complete Coverage plan, adding preventative care if you like. ASPCA even offers chiropractic care if medically necessary. They have it all - but only for dogs and cats, with a separate plan for horses.

Complete coverage for dogs and cats

If you only own a dog or cat, consider ASPCA as they can offer minimal coverage or complete coverage for your accident-prone or ailing pet that may have hereditary conditions, or require alternative therapies, behavioral therapies, and more. They show their humane-society side in covering microchipping and they don't stop coverage for elderly pets. They don't cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, preventive care, or breeding/pregnancy costs.

Totally customizable

You can pay as much or as little as you want with ASPCA, with as much or as little coverage as you need. It's a give and take. If you don't think you need much coverage, you won't need to pay as much in premiums. If your fur baby is high-maintenance health-wise, get more coverage and pay the higher premium.

  • Choose a high or low deductible - $250, $500, or $1,000. A $250 deductible means that you pay $250 before the insurance company pays anything. This low deductible means you'll pay higher insurance premiums for it. If you choose a $1,000 deductible, your premiums, or payments, will be lower.
  • Choose a high or low reimbursement percentage - 70%, 80%, or 90%. Once you meet your deductible, how much money do you want reimbursed from the insurance company? The more money you want from the appointment fee, the more you'll pay in premiums, and vice-versa.
  • Annual coverage limit - $3,000 up to $15,000. If you are concerned about health issues with your pet requiring expensive surgeries or other procedures, you can choose the higher annual coverage limit. You'll be reimbursed for up to $15,000, but again, it will cost you in premiums.

Preventative care is an add-on

Neither the Accident-Only nor the Complete Coverage plan offers preventative care. However, you can choose it as an option for $9.95 per month. You'll get $250 to use for wellness exams, rabies vaccines, or deworming. For $119.40 per year, you can get $250 for preventative care - up to you to decide if you think the math on that works out.


  • Dogs starting at $20 per month (for a one-year-old mixed breed)
  • Cats starting at $11 per month (for a one-year-old American short hair)

It's so easy to submit a claim

Unlike human health insurance, the vet doesn't submit claims - you do. But ASPCA makes it easy. Even before you leave the vet's office, you can jump on their app to submit a claim. You can make a claim via mail, fax, or the app. If you use the app, you can even submit the receipt right there at the vet's office. You can expect reimbursement in about 30 days regardless how you submit. If you need to contact their office, they're open during regular business hours Eastern Time, and you can also contact them through email.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

App greatly simplifies things

You can even make your payments through the app, track claims, find nearby veterinarians, and review your coverage details. This can be quite handy in the vet's office to have what's covered at your fingertips so you can choose the next steps for your pet.

Discounts on multiple pets

There's a 10% multiple-pet discount, and if you pay the year's premium up front, you can save the $2 per month transaction fee. The least expensive plan for a dog can be $14 per month if you choose the accidents-only plan and also choose the higher deductibles.

14-day waiting period

From the time you subscribe to the program, there's a 14-day waiting period before you can make a claim.

Positive customer feedback

Most reviewers seem to appreciate ASPCA's pet insurance, saying it delivers what it says it will and that it's easy to submit a claim. Those who are unhappy were disappointed that the rates went up as the pet got older and the site isn't user friendly. Others said that the time to get the reimbursement took too long as the company itself says it can take a month. The time to hear from Customer Service can take a long time as well.

Pet care is great, but they're lacking in human care

We love that your dog or cat can get comprehensive care, including chiropractic or other alternative care. We also love that you can customize your ASPCA plan. We've heard complaints about customer service - but they're great once you get a hold of them. Their app could use updating and their website isn't user friendly. A common complaint is that reimbursement can take 30 days, and there's a $2 transaction fee unless you pay the full year up front. But, if you can tolerate some of the frustrating aspects of this pet insurance option, ASPCA still does a great job of covering your pet's healthcare needs.

Nationwide Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Coverage for cats, dogs, and even exotic pets
  • Some pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Offers illness/accident, wellness only, and "whole pet" coverage
  • Acquired the oldest pet insurance company in the US

"Nationwide is on your side" is a newer jingle, but this insurance company has been around since 1926. You're singing it right now, aren't you? They sell homeowners, renters, car, and life insurance, as well as investments. Pet insurance began with Nationwide in 2009, both individually and through employers. They acquired Veterinary Pet Insurance in 2009 - which was the oldest pet insurance company in the US.

They've been around a long time

Nationwide has quite a bit of experience and it shows in how much they will cover in comparison with those who cover only the basics. You can choose major medical or other plans, and they are praised for their customer service. However, pet owners would often like more choice in their premiums and plan prices. Nationwide offers no choice in deductible, and very little choice for reimbursement percentage and max payout.

Four possible plans

Most pet insurance companies offer one plan, accident/injury coverage, but this company with longevity has choices for you.

  • Avian & Exotic Pet Plan. Nationwide is the only one to offer a plan for birds, reptiles, rodents, sugar gliders, goats, ferrets, chinchillas, and hedgehogs. One other offers for horses, but that's as far as it goes.
  • Pet Wellness. It covers features to keep your fur baby healthy with wellness exams, testing, and vaccinations.
  • Major Medical. This is the typical plan most companies offer, including exams, prescriptions, chronic conditions, surgery, hospitalization, and certain hereditary conditions.
  • Whole Pet. In addition to what Major Medical covers, Whole Pet adds prescribed pet food, supplements, parasite treatments, gingivitis, and Cesarean sections.

Typical exclusions in coverage

The enrollment age limit with Nationwide is ten years old. Some pre-existing conditions aren't included unless the condition has been considered cured for at least six months. Cruciate ligament problems within the first 12 months of the policy aren't covered. Wellness and preventative care (unless you purchase the wellness plan), experimental treatment, dental cleaning, and spaying or neutering aren't covered, either. The Major Medical excludes, in addition to the above, some hereditary conditions, various dental issues, behavioral therapies, age-related issues to the eyes or ears, parasite treatment, prescribed supplements or food, and breeding or pregnancy. It sounds daunting, but most or all of these exclusions are the norm with pet insurance, no matter who you choose.

Easy and quick to enroll

Fill out a quick survey about your pet. Click which type of insurance you want, and voila, there's your price. You have a choice with your policy, but you don't have many choices when it comes to what you pay. You must take the $250 deductible, where most companies let you choose the deductible and reimbursement level. With Nationwide you only can choose 50% or 70% for your reimbursement. There's no obvious information on their max annual or lifetime payout. Be sure to check the fine print or contact customer service if this is an area of concern for you.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Waiting period is the standard 14 days

Most pet insurance companies have a waiting period, which is the time between when your policy starts and when you can file a claim. Nationwide is 14 days, which is common.


  • Dogs start around $31 per month (for a one-year old mixed breed)
  • Cats start around $15 per month (for a one-year old American short hair)

Discounts if you have more pets or Nationwide policies

There's a 5% discount if you have any other Nationwide policies. Add an additional pet and save 5%.

Consumer feedback

On the Nationwide website, you can get a quote, apply for a policy, file a claim, and get free access to their VetHelpline to consult with a vet. The app offers help for their other policies, but not much for the pet insurance - mainly the VetHelpline and information on previous claims. Many consumers are happy with Nationwide, especially their customer service. Complaints have included the length of time to receive reimbursement and that policy premiums can increase greatly as the pet ages. Policy-premium increases are common with most companies because when a pet gets older, they may need more care.

They're good but could offer more flexibility

With Nationwide's history in the pet insurance industry and insurance as a whole, they've got this down pat. They give you choices of plans, where other companies may not. They are the only pet insurance company to cover birds and exotic pets, and they have great customer service. Where they lack is in flexibility, and Nationwide could easily earn our top ranking in the future if they provide an app that does more, along with a wider range deductibles, quicker reimbursement, and a specified max annual payout.

Fetch Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • For dogs and cats
  • Includes dental coverage
  • Even older pets can be covered
  • No sign-up fees

Fetch is a newer company. They have a lot of features in their accident and illness policy, and even offer a few that other companies don't, such as holistic care. If your pet is lost or stolen, the cost of finding your pet, including the reward, is included in the premium.

A new name

If Fetch is a new name to you, that's because it is. The original company was Petplan, and that was acquired by Warburg Pincus in 2019. The following year, The Dodo acquired a minority stake in Petplan, and later rebranded it as Fetch by Dodo. The policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC, and underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company as well as AXIS Insurance Company.

Generous coverage

If your pet becomes injured or ill, Fetch covers the vet's exam fees, emergency visits, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, as well as acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, homeopathic therapy, and specialists, if needed. Dental disease and dental injury are covered, including each tooth, not just the canines. Virtual visits are also covered, whether they're via video, phone, chat room, or text, for up to $1,000 per year. Some purebred conditions like diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and cancer are covered, as long as they didn't affect your pet before insurance coverage started.


  • Dogs start at about $28 per month (for a one-year-old mixed breed)
  • Cats start at about $20 per month (for a one-year-old American short hair)

Standard coverage exclusions

Like many insurance companies' policies, wellness visits aren't covered, nor are pre-existing conditions, spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, or flea and tick treatments. Declawing, ear cropping, and tail docking aren't covered unless deemed medically necessary.

Additional features

What's nice about Fetch is that certain issues that aren't always covered by pet insurance are covered by Fetch. Behavior issues, alternative and holistic therapies, vet-recommended supplements, and - wait for it -the cost of advertising plus a reward if your pet is lost or stolen are all part of your policy here. If you become hospitalized, pet boarding is covered for up to $1,000.

They care about your breed

Fetch's pet insurance policies cover all breeds, which isn't necessarily true for all companies. Even better, Fetch allows coverage for breed-specific issues, which you may not find anywhere else.

15-day waiting period

Most pet insurance companies have a waiting period. Fetch has you wait 15 days from when your policy starts until you can make a claim.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Many different discounts available here

If you have adopted your pet from a shelter or rescue, if you're an AARP member, are on active duty, your household family member is a veteran, you're a veterinarian, or veterinarian's staff, you can receive a discount. If you pay quarterly or annually, you can avoid the installment fees. If there's a certain period where you don't file claims, you can earn up to 30% off of your premium. If you're wondering if there's a multiple-pet discount, there isn't, so hopefully one of the above applies to you.

Customize your price

Like most of the pet insurance companies, you can customize your Fetch premium price by selecting your limits. Choose an annual deductible of $250, $300, or $400. Choose your reimbursement from 70%, 80%, or 90%. Lastly, your maximum annual payout will be $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000. Mix and match for the coverage you want and the price you want.

Annual wellness visit required for policy renewal

In order to renew your Fetch policy from year to year, you'll need to have an annual wellness visit. Those aren't included in your coverage, so you'll have to plan for that expense if you want to get your pet insurance here.

Use the app to make a claim

The app can help you file a claim when you upload the requested info from the vet. Accepted claims can be reimbursed in as little as two days with a direct deposit to your account. Even so, claims can take up to 22 days to process.

Full-body coverage

We like that Fetch covers the whole body, including all of the teeth, and they cover alternative therapies. We also like that they'll insure older pets, and that if you are hospitalized, Fetch will cover your pet's boarding costs. They don't cover wellness visits, but that's commonplace.

Customer feedback is sparse but positive

Most clients are happy with Fetch, especially their customer service. Those who are disgruntled complain about the timeliness of reimbursement. Since Fetch by the Dodo is a relatively new company, there's not a lot of feedback to be seen.

So far, so good

Fetch covers illness and accidents, alternative therapies, and even boarding while you are in the hospital. It also covers older pets, issues that come with certain breeds, and has a competitive price. People are pleased with the customer service, but complain about the time it takes to get your reimbursement. Routine visits and wellness care aren't included, yet a wellness visit is required each year for renewal. If you weigh the pros and cons and decide that Fetch is the right pet insurance policy for you, it'll probably be a good experience - but we'd recommend getting quotes from our higher-ranked insurers too, before making your final decision.

Pet Assure Review 3.5 Star Rating

Pet Assure

3.5 Star Rating
  • Covers ANY pet
  • No medical condition or service is excluded
  • No waiting period
  • Not an insurance company

Pet Assure is a rare breed. It's not a pet insurance company but rather a veterinary discount membership. Unlike insurance plans, which have procedures, exams, and pets that they won't cover, Pet Assure covers it all: give the vet your card and get your discount. They cover pets of any type - not just cats or dogs -and of any age, with any condition, including a pre-existing condition, and there's no waiting period.

It's unique

Pet Assure has the most unique plan we've seen. In fact, it's so unique because it's not pet insurance, it's a membership into a discount program. Pet insurance typically has a waiting period before you can make a claim, and excludes several treatments. There can be a lot of fine print. Since Pet Assure isn't insurance, it's not complicated like insurance.

Pre-existing conditions covered

Every pre-existing condition is covered under a Pet Assure discount card, even if your pet's breed is prone to certain types.


  • Pets start at $10 per month

Illness or injury are always included

If your pet is ill or has been injured, Pet Assure covers the visit, even if it's due to a pre-existing condition or a condition typical of your pet's breed.

All animals - really

Any pet you have is covered. Where most insurance companies offer coverage for only cats and dogs, Pet Assure covers every single pet, even a llama. And every exotic pet is covered at the same price as a dog or cat.

No waiting period

Insurance companies typically have a two-week waiting period from the time the policy starts until you can make a claim. Pet Assure says you can use your card even on the date you enroll.

No deductible

Deductible is an insurance concept. Since Pet Assure isn't an insurance company, there's no deductible; so you don't have to pay a few hundred dollars on your own before the plan kicks in. Pet Assure jumps in right away.

Priced affordably

Price per pet starts at $10 per month, and is determined by the type, age, and health condition of your pet, as well as where you live.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Use where accepted

With Pet Assure, you'll need to use a participating vet. You can find a list of them in your area on the website. We highly recommend checking for a participating vet or two in your area before you sign up for Pet Assure, as your regular vet may not be included.

How to use your membership

First, sign up. Then take your ID card to a local veterinarian that's in the Pet Assure network. That vet will give you a discount on all of your in-house medical services. If you do not have your card with you at the time of the visit, you may not get your discount.

What's covered

Illness, accident, and wellness care are covered. Several of the procedures and treatments that are included are wellness visits; dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays; routine care and vaccines; spays and neuters; diabetes management; sick visits; emergency care; surgical procedures and hospitalization; cancer care and tumor removal; ultrasounds; and allergy treatment.

What's not covered

Vets that are out of their membership network will not give you the discount. Only medical services and procedures that are in-house are covered, not the lab work that's sent out. There's no discount on non-medical services such as boarding and grooming, outside specialists, and anything to take home such as food, medications, and supplements.

Discounts when you add pets

For each pet you add, there's a 50% discount. That's unheard of in the pet insurance industry.

Refunds within 45 days

If you're not satisfied for any reason, contact them within 45 days and you'll get a no-questions-asked refund.

Additional benefit

You can sign your pet up for free in a lost pet recovery service.

Customer feedback is solid

Most customers are happy with Pet Assure. No pet is excluded and no condition is excluded. Some have said that the program can be free with some employers. Complaints are few. Those who have written less-than-ideal reviews have said that you'll need to read all the details so you understand it's a discount program, not insurance. Another said that their labs which were sent out weren't covered under the plan. Others said that they forgot to take their membership card to the vet visit so they couldn't later get reimbursed by Pet Assure since they didn't follow instructions. All in all, most people seem quite pleased.

It's all encompassing

We like that Pet Assure covers any pet and under any circumstance. It's not complicated like insurance. You get a specific discount with a specified vet. Before you purchase, be sure there's at least one vet in your area that takes it, and always read the fine print. We don't rank Pet Assure as one of our highest pet insurance providers - because, after all, it isn't insurance and you may still wind up paying quite a bit out of pocket after your Pet Assure discounts are applied - but this is a nice, low-commitment way to save some money on your pet's procedures.

ManyPets Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Covers only cats and dogs
  • Holistic care included
  • Optional wellness exams
  • Dental cleanings

ManyPets is a Swedish pet insurance company that's new to the US since 2019. They offer great coverage at a fair price. They include alternative health such as chiropractic and rehab treatment with their standard policy, and signing up is easy.

Comprehensive coverage

ManyPets is pretty comprehensive, which is great. As is typical, they cover lab work, x-rays, MRIs, blood work, prescriptions, and treatments such as rehab, chiropractic treatment and acupuncture when vet recommended. Treatment for broken bones, digestive illnesses, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, and cancer are included as well. Some of our other highly-rated companies include behavioral health with alternative health coverage, but ManyPets doesn't. On the other hand, a majority of the companies only offer accident and illness coverage with holistic care as an add-on or not available at all.

What's not covered is typical with rival policies

Wellness isn't covered automatically at ManyPets, but there is an option for it. Pre-existing conditions aren't covered for a period of 18 months of treatment-free and symptom-free living - most companies have a 12-month period. Spaying and neutering isn't covered, either, and this is typical with pet insurance.


  • Puppies start at $20 per month, dogs start at $35 per month
  • Kittens start at $15 per month, cats start at $25 per month

24-hour waiting period when you switch from another insurer

There's typically a waiting period before you can use your pet insurance. ManyPets is consistent with many others at 15 days, but there's a huge advantage. If you're switching companies, there's only a 24-hour wait period for accidents and illness. No other company we've reviewed offers this fantastic feature.

Annual fees

Lots of pet insurance companies have one-time or annual fees, but ManyPets has none.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Premiums largely based on reimbursement and deductible

When you enter your pet's basic information, ManyPets will give you a quote. You can then get more or less coverage, and pay more or less in your premium by adjusting your plan. Choose between 80% and 100% reimbursement. Choose your deductible, between $0 and $500. If you don't mind paying a higher premium, you can pay $0 for the qualified treatments.

Wellness care add-on

Wellness care is optional at ManyPets, and can cost around $25 per month. They'll cover up to $150 per year for each category: routine exams and vaccinations; flea, tick, and heartworm prevention; dental cleanings; and holistic care such as skin, coat, joint care, or anxiety care, or vitamins and supplements. Mathematically, it seems you'll pay $300 and it seems you get $150 in care, but it's $150 for each of the above categories, making it worthwhile to consider.

Customer feedback

There are quite a few pet parents who praise ManyPets for being fair, reimbursing in a reasonable amount of time, and also are grateful to have their questions answered when calling. The few negative reviews are about communication. Either someone doesn't answer at all or doesn't have complete answers, and the customer is frustrated. There's no welcome email with clear and easy instructions to get started. The reimbursement time can be quite lengthy.

Growing pains

We're excited that this new company is growing and expanding to cover more US states, but the customer service and the reimbursement turnaround time need to improve. There's no 24/7 access to the customer care team. The app doesn't offer all the features we'd like to see such as our viewing our pet's history, filing a claim, and receiving reimbursement.

Great up-and-coming company

The standard policy here is consistent with other brands we have rated pretty highly, as ManyPets includes not only the basic accident and illness coverage, but alternative and holistic care are included, while their pricing stays competitive. They are one of the least expensive for younger pets, and the price includes features that others do not. Although the coverage is not for all 50 states yet, they seem to be on the right track. The long and the short of it is, If you're willing to be patient with your reimbursement and customer service, ManyPets offers a great pet insurance policy with wellness care as an add-on.

Trupanion Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Dogs and cats only
  • Offers enrollment from birth
  • Offers vet-direct pay at participating clinics
  • 24/7 online customer support

Trupanion's one choice in policy is basically the main one of most pet insurers, which is accidents and injuries. There are three add-ons you might choose: wellness coverage; a type of life insurance, if you will; and a breeder add-on, which is unique in this industry.

They keep it simple

They offer one main policy, and that covers accidents and illness. It's the type of policy that most insurers offer, though they may have more to choose from.

What's covered won't surprise you

Similar to most pet insurers, Trupanion's Accident and Illness policy covers the following treatments when deemed medically necessary: specialized exams and specialty care, emergency care, surgery and hospitalization, x-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, cancer, chronic conditions, rehabilitation, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, non-routine dental treatment, prescription medications, and euthanasia. There may be limitations on the above, so check your policy to be sure. Behavioral therapies are covered, which is good, as some other companies may not cover it. Alternative and holistic therapies can be an add-on. There's no option to cover wellness care or exam fees.


  • Dogs start round $38 per month (one-year old mixed breed)
  • Cats start at around $24 per month (one-year old American short hair)

Typical exclusions

As is typical with pet insurance, Trupanion excludes pre-existing conditions and cosmetic procedures, wellness and preventive care, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, flea/tick medication, routine dental care, and conditions as a result of racing or mistreatment. Most insurers will not cover breeding, but Trupanion offers a rider that will cover breeding and injuries or illness due to birthing.

Optional Pet Owner-Assistance add-on package

For $4.95 per month, you can add this optional policy. If you're hospitalized, your pet's boarding fees are covered. There's liability coverage for third-party property damage, advertising and rewards for your lost pet, and cremation or burial for deaths that are caused by an accident.

Recovery and Complementary Care

Another addition you can put on your policy is this one, where your pet's recovery is cared for. It covers acupuncture, behavioral modification, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, and rehabilitative therapy. The price can vary greatly from a few dollars to $30 per month.

Breeding rider

As we mentioned, Trupanion is one of the only insurance providers we've seen that offers an optional breeding rider which covers illness and injuries due to breeding, whelping, and queening.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Customize your deductible only

Trupanion feels that if you're going to get insurance, you should get a good reimbursement; that's why their reimbursement is a standard 90%. There's no max limit payout per condition, and that's for the lifetime of your fur baby. Choose your deductible, from $0 to $1,000. The deductible choice is quite wide, which is good. Having no max limit payout for the life of the pet is a great feature and can put your mind at ease; it's great if you can afford it.

Per-incident deductible

Usually pet insurance has an annual deductible. You should be aware that Trupanion has a per-incident deductible. This means that each time there's a new condition or incident, there's a new deductible. Once you meet this incident's deductible, your pet is covered for as long as you have the policy.

Waiting period from 5-30 days

Pet insurance companies typically have waiting periods, and so does Trupanion. Waiting periods are the time from when the policy starts until when you can file a claim. Although the waiting periods can vary greatly from company to company, we've found the average to be about two weeks. Trupanion's waiting period is typically longer for illness. They have 30 days for illness, cruciate ligaments, and hip dysplasia. Accidents are five days. Note that most companies also have a month or more waiting period for cruciate ligaments and hip dysplasia.

Transferring a policy

If your pet changes owners, your Trupanion policy can continue with the new owner.

Customer service 24/7

You can communicate with Trupanion's customer service department in a variety of ways. You can email, call, fax, and live chat with them 24/7. This feature is quite helpful if you are concerned about coverage and want to find out before you make that vet appointment if certain procedures or treatments will be paid for by your policy.

Trupanion Express

This is a claims process software that might already be installed on your vet's office computers. If they have that feature, you'll find out immediately what portion of the bill will be paid by Trupanion, and what you're responsible for. You can then pay for your portion only, and not worry about the rest, making the claims process non-existent.

Customers like the coverage but not the premium increases

There are many customers who are quite pleased that they trusted Trupanion for their pet insurance, saying that it covers what it says it will cover and they are grateful. One reviewer was told by the company, "Get whatever your dog needs." Those who are less than pleased are mostly shocked at the annual price increase. As the pet ages, the premium increases, and can be 15% - 25% per year, and they have done the math of how many thousands of dollars they'd paid over the life of their pet. A one-year old puppy's increase was 12%.

It's unique but expensive

What makes Trupanion stand out is the optional breeding rider and that their deductible is per condition for the life of the policy rather than an annual deductible. Although it could be costly for the first few claims, for the life of the pet it could be definitely worth it. It's certainly a reason to continue coverage with them once your pet starts to age, as lifetime deductibles may have already been met by then if you're using a different insurer. Unfortunately, the premiums here are quite high, even for just the main policy, and for that reason we cannot put Trupanion closer to the top of our list.

Embrace Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • For dogs and cats
  • Total protection
  • Decreasing deductible
  • Rewards for wellness

Embrace sold its first pet insurance policy in 2006, and it came about as the winning business plan in the 2003 Wharton School of Business competition. The claims process is super simple and quick as it's done through their app and there are no claims forms to print and send. With every new policy created, a small donation will be made to an animal charity. Although there's a Wellness Rewards service that covers routine services, there's no wellness care insurance coverage here.

Waiting period of 14 days

Just like most pet insurance companies, they have a waiting period between when your policy starts and when you can make claims. Embrace requires only a two-day waiting period for accidents - that's practically unheard of - and 14 days for illnesses, six months for orthopedic issues.

Covers pre-existing conditions

Many pet insurance companies won't cover pre-existing conditions, but if your cat or dog has been free of symptoms and treatment for a full year, you can be covered by Embrace.


  • Dogs start around $29 per month (for a one-year-old mixed breed)
  • Cats start around $10 per month (for a one-year-old American short hair)

Holistic care

If your pet requires alternative or holistic therapies such as chiropractic care, Embrace covers it. There's even $1,000 covered annually for dental illness.

Their regular insurance plan goes to age 15

Embrace's insurance plan will cover accidents and illness for puppies and kittens until your pet turns 15.

Senior pets

Embrace covers pets under the regular policy until their 15th birthday. This sounds cruel, but many companies drop elderly pets starting at age 10, so Embrace is actually generous. After the 15th birthday, the pet won't be dropped totally. They'll be eligible for the Accident-Only policy, so illnesses won't be covered. If you're looking for care throughout your pet's senior years, there are other policies that we've rated highly that have that option.

Accident-only plan

This plan covers care for poisoning, cuts, vehicle-caused injuries, and the like. After the $100 annual deductible, this plan covers 90% of veterinary bills, up to $5,000 per year. Embrace will allow pets aged 15 years or older to have their accident-only policy. They'll cover the exam fees, diagnostic tests, surgery and hospitalization, prescription meds, and behavioral therapy if needed.

Customize your plan

You can choose your limits to either keep costs down or coverage high. Your annual deductible can be from $200 to $1,000, the reimbursement limit can be between $5,000 and $30,000 - higher than most competitors - and a reimbursement percentage from 70% to 90%, which is typical of most companies' plans.

Wellness Plan - but it's not insurance

This isn't actually an insurance plan, but rather a budgeting tool, which covers care such as neutering/spaying, wellness exams, vaccinations, teeth cleaning, nutritional supplements, grooming, and nail trimming. It doesn't affect your deductible or your annual maximum coverage since it's not part of the insurance. When you sign up for this offer, you can earn a $25 annual enrollment reward that you can use to pay for routine pet expenses.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

What's not included

Embrace's policies are similar to others where they don't cover pre-existing conditions unless they are symptom/treatment free for a year, cosmetic procedures, DNA testing, breeding, pregnancy care, or whelping (birthing). Although pre-existing conditions aren't covered, congenital conditions are.

Pricing here tends to be higher than average

Embrace can cost a lot more than other pet insurance companies. You can help offset a high premium by choosing the 70% reimbursement rather than the 80% or 90% reimbursement.

Discounts for various situations

You can get several discounts if your situation applies. There's a multiple-pet discount of 10%, 5% for active military and veterans, up to 15% for eligible USAA customers, 5% if you pay annually (and live in NY), and 10% if your company offers Embrace as an employee benefit. The best discount is that your deductible is reduced by $50 annually if you don't receive a claim payment. Check each discount according to the state in which you reside, as that can limit or increase your discounts.

Take note

There's an enrollment fee of $25 and a waiting period once your policy has been approved. Both of these are pretty common with pet insurance. There's also a $1 transaction fee, but that can be waived if you pay your premium in full annually. If one leg has a pre-existing condition, such as CCL (ACL) injury prior to enrollment, the other leg won't be covered as the condition itself is pre-existing.

Reimbursements for claims can take a while

You'll file a claim online, wait 10-15 days for them to process a claim, then they will send you a check for reimbursement for qualified claims.

Refunds in first 30 days

If you are unhappy with Embrace or change your mind about enrolling in pet insurance, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you've filed a claim within those 30 days, you can get a prorated refund.

Online help

The Embrace website has a blog with resources, a quote tool, and a help center for FAQs. You can submit a claim, make payments, change your pet's coverage, or add a pet to your policy, all online. If you're interested in contacting a real person, there's no online chat or 24/7 customer support.

Customer sentiment is mixed

Some customers are happy with Embrace, giving kudos for good customer service and timely claims payouts, while others are quite upset. Many who complain are upset that once their pet had a claim, everything in that claim was now a pre-existing condition and wouldn't be covered in the future, including what seems to be "common" ailments such as vomiting and diarrhea. Also, as pets age, they are more prone to illness and accidents, so premiums can rise greatly from one year to the next. In addition, there are complaints about claims not being paid in a timely fashion - with people waiting months to be reimbursed.

Good plans, bad feedback

Embrace is a good pet insurance company, keeping it simple by offering two choices of policies, a policy for your older pet, Wellness Rewards, and online services. There's no 24/7 live help, and customers have consistent complaints regarding the breadth of what Embrace considers pre-existing conditions. There's a 30-day refund policy, but with the waiting period, there's not much of a chance to try out the product to see if you like it before you can cancel. You may want to look at your other options for pet insurance before you get onboard with Embrace.

Petco Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Covers cats and dogs
  • Covers elderly pets
  • Covers alternative therapies
  • Coverage in US and all its territories

We all know Petco pet supply stores, which have been around since 1965 providing supplies and wellness care to pets. They expanded to include pet training, grooming, food, supplies, and even vet services throughout the years. Petco started their pet insurance feature in 2017, so it's relatively new.

Two plan choices

There's an Accident and Illness plan which is pretty comprehensive in scope, and also an Accident-Only plan for unexpected accidents.

Accident-Only Plan

You can choose the Accident-Only Plan, which would be for cuts, bite wounds, broken bones, torn ligaments, lodged foreign objects, and toxic ingestions. This more basic coverage is only for accidents, not for illness.


  • Dogs start around $32 per month (for a one-year old mixed breed)
  • Cats start around $15 per month (for a one-year old mixed breed)

Accident and Illness Plan

Petco has an accident and illness policy, which is the policy most pet insurers offer. In this policy, you'll get coverage for vet exam fees, diagnostic and testing, cancer treatment, surgery and hospitalization, chronic conditions, microchip placement, and genetic and hereditary conditions. They also cover prescription food and meds, medical supplies, and non-routine dental coverage. They even cover microchip placement, alternative therapies, behavioral therapies, and euthanasia. Your pet is covered in the US and its territories, plus Canada.

No surprises with what's not covered

An exam to set a health baseline will not be covered by insurance. Breeding, whelping, and pregnancy aren't covered, and neither are cosmetic procedures such as tail docking or ear cropping unless medically necessary. Experimental meds or procedures, organ transplants, funeral expenses, dental cleanings, boarding, grooming, and training are also not covered. Pre-existing conditions aren't covered unless your pet is symptom-free of their pre-existing condition for more than 180 days. This list might seem pretty long, but it's quite typical of pet insurance.

Optional wellness plan

Vital Care, their wellness program, comes with a welcome gift of a free bag of food, or a discount on vaccinations or full-service grooming services at one of their Petco locations. You can even get the wellness care program without getting either of the insurance plans. Check the details of this plan to see if what you gain from it will outweigh what you spend on it.

Getting a quote requires an account

Just like with most pet insurance companies, you put in the age and breed of your dog along with your zip code, and you have to give them your email address. Petco adds an additional annoyance of you having to create an account and log in, just to get a quote.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Submitting a claim takes awhile to process

Use the online portal within 270 days of the appointment to get a reimbursement. You can use direct deposit or get a check mailed to you. A pleasant but somewhat less common option is to have Petco pay the vet directly. It can take about 30 days to process claims. This processing time is quite a bit longer than most of the other pet insurers we've reviewed.

The app is somewhat lackluster

You'll get access to the Petco app where you can check your claims status. We'd like to see more features offered than it presently does.

Pet concierge service

You can use this free service to ask Petco's vet consultants and pet health professionals about the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Waiting period is 14 days

Like most pet insurance, Petco has a 14-day waiting period. This means that from the date your policy starts, you must wait 14 days to file a claim.

Guarantee within first 30 days

There's a 30-day money-back guarantee if you haven't filed any claims. Realize that you have a 14-day waiting period plus you still cannot use the policy for the remainder of the month if you are going to consider a refund.

Discounts for multiple pets

There's a 10% multiple-pet discount if the pets are from the same family.

It's pretty new

The primary policy here, for illness and accidents, is similar in nature to that of its competitors. It's good that Petco also offers accident-only coverage as a basic option. And we like that it offers a wellness plan, but we're not sure the wellness plan will be worth the money you spend on it. Because insurance is a newer Petco product and it doesn't have much history nor a significant quantity of customer feedback, we couldn't effectively rate it higher at this time. Circle back to Petco only if you don't find the pet insurance you need with one the other providers we evaluated.

Figo Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Only dogs and cats
  • Pre-existing conditions covered if deemed curable
  • Reimbursement of up to 100%
  • Optional add-ons to basic coverage

Chicago-based Figo will let you see a licensed vet anywhere in the world, so you don't have to worry about your pet care being covered when you travel with them. You can choose optional wellness care, an Extra Care package for lost pets or end-of-life care, or have the vet's exam fees covered, which is not a common inclusion. There's a 24/7 help line so you can chat with a vet at any hour, and the app has quite a few helpful features.

Understand what's covered

Figo's standard policy covers surgeries, vet specialists, prescriptions, dental illness and injury, and cancer treatments. Emergency care, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, congenital and hereditary conditions, and chronic conditions are also covered. If your pet has a curable pre-existing condition, it can be covered if there haven't been symptoms within the past 12 months.

What's not covered is what you'd expect

Pre-existing conditions aren't covered under most companies' policies, but Figo covers those that are curable, not the incurable ones. Pregnancy, cosmetic surgery, experimental procedures, and most parasites aren't covered.


  • Dogs start around $31 per month (for a one-year-old mixed breed)
  • Cats start around $21 per month (for a one-year-old American short hair)

Fees may be applied for sign-up

There may be a one-time administration fee depending on your state. Some other pet insurers also have this feature, some do not.

Choose your coverage

Although there's one basic policy, you can choose your premium. Select your reimbursement, from $70 to $100, your deductible from $100 to $750, and your maximum annual coverage from $5,000 to unlimited, and your premium will adjust accordingly. Be aware that your pet's age, gender, and breed will also affect your policy premium.


Figo offers quite a few add-ons for your coverage. Choose Wellness (about $10 to $17 per month) if you want spaying/neutering, dental cleanings, vaccinations, and routine blood work covered. Choose Exam Fees (about $7 per month) if you want exams for new illness or injury covered, prescription food for a specific illness, or behavioral treatments covered. Choose the Extra Care Pack (about $7 per month) for cremation and burial, lost pet advertising and reward, boarding fees, pet theft costs, and third-party property damage by your pet.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Nice features

If your cat or dog is hurt or ill during non-business hours, or if you just want a consult before going to the vet, Figo offers 24/7 access to licensed vets to help your pet stay healthy and give you peace of mind. Most companies don't insure older pets, but Figo doesn't have an older-pet age limit.

The app can be helpful

Their app can help you manage your fur baby's wellness. You can set up healthcare reminders, chat with a vet 24/7, view the medical records, file claims, and track your claim's status. It also helps you find pet hotels, day cares, groomers, pet-friendly restaurants, and emergency pet hospitals.

Waiting period varies by state

Most pet insurance companies have a waiting period, which is the time between when your policy starts and the time you can make a claim. Figo is no exception. Although there's normally a certain standard waiting period, Figo's depends on the state, but should be three days for injury, fourteen for illness, and six months for a dog's orthopedic issues.

Discounts for multiple pets and no claims

There are two discounts with Figo: 5% multiple-pet discount and $50 per year if there's no claim payment that year.

Money-back guarantee

Figo has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you haven't made a claim. We find 30 days to be a little tight as within those 30 days there's the waiting period where you can't make a claim - in other words, there's no chance to test it out. Administrative fees aren't refundable.

Customer feedback is positive

Figo offers a pretty complete app, which makes it easy to track your pet's health, chat with a vet 24/7 especially if it's outside business hours, and track your claim. People love that with the app you can find resources for your pet such as pet-friendly restaurants, even while on the road.

It's good, but costly

Figo offers a wide variety of coverage, but it comes at a cost. Even their basic coverage costs more than most. We do like that there's optional cremation and burial coverage, pet theft and loss coverage, and third-party damage liability. We also like that you can select unlimited maximum coverage per year. All of this is great, but you can hear the cha-ching each time you choose an add-on or special feature such as unlimited max benefits. Figo is great if you've got the money, but many pet owners will find this pet insurance to be cost-prohibitive.

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Continued from above...

However, you should be aware of some essential differences between human health insurance and pet insurance. The vet doesn't file a claim, like your own provider would. You pay the vet bill, submit the claim online or on your phone, and then you're reimbursed by the insurance company - the vet doesn't get involved. Wellness care can be an add-on rider to cover a routine exam, vaccinations, spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, and so on.

Although accidents are the most common to be covered, many companies don't cover illnesses such as diabetes, allergies, or infections. Younger pets may cost less to insure, but that will greatly increase as they age; and when they are elderly, the company may even drop the coverage, so be sure to ask about aging pets, even when your pet is young. You can choose your deductible, copay, max annual reimbursement, and optional add-ons. Find out what coverage they recommend for your breed, and ask about multiple-pet or other discounts.

More dogs have pet insurance than any other animal, and the rate for cats is about half that of dogs. Owners of indoor cats might think they don't need pet insurance, but older felines can have chronic or recurring conditions which might require costly care or frequent vet visits.

While you might not expect your pet to become ill or have an accident, those vet bills can be quite costly, especially if a procedure, surgery, or ongoing care is needed. Unless you're budgeting in anticipation of these, pet insurance could be quite the relief for when you need it. If you have an older pet or pet prone to certain conditions, prices can vary greatly between companies, so we suggest getting quotes from a couple of your favorite companies before you make your final decision. In addition, even if you are getting a puppy or kitten, ask about coverage and premiums as if they were older so you get a look into the future.

When choosing which pet insurance provider is right for you, here are a few things to consider:

  • Your pets and their age(s). You may have a cat or dog now, but if there's a possibility of someday adding a hamster, bird, or turtle, will your pet insurance cover the exotic pet? Is there a multiple-pet discount? As your pet ages, he might be prone to diabetes, accidents, and more-frequent office visits, so be sure to ask if coverage lessens, gets more expensive, or even stops with these conditions.
  • Reimbursement. If you have a pet that might require a lot of medical bills, you should consider a plan with up to 100% covered on the vet bills.
  • Choice of vet. Similar to a human's health insurance, your pet's health insurance company may have in-network vets and others that are out-of-network that they won't cover fully or at all.
  • In-office or at home. Typical plans will offer in-office visits. You should consider telemedicine, in-home care, or availability in other countries if you plan on traveling.
  • Pre-existing conditions. See if your potential pet insurer will look at your pet's medical record to find out upfront if there are any pre-existing conditions that wouldn't be covered, so there are no costly surprises. Do this even before you purchase.
  • Type of plan. You might want your insurance to cover more than just routine vet visits. Consider accidents, wellness care, routine care, preventative care, behavioral treatment, and alternative therapies. Your pet could have better health coverage than you!
  • Discounts and rewards. Some companies will give a multiple-pet discount, and others offer rewards for wellness and routine care.
  • Helpline. Whether you're new to owning a pet, have a different breed than you're accustomed to, or just worry about your pet, some insurance companies are available 24/7 for help or even for telehealth visits.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed the best pet insurance companies available today. We hope this information helps you to get the best pet insurance for your fur baby so they can be well cared for in a long, happy, and healthy life!

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Pet Insurance Company FAQ

Generally speaking, all ages are welcome when it comes to providing your pet with pet insurance. As the pet gets older rates may be more expensive than if you would have gotten coverage at a younger age. Please keep in mind some companies have age restrictions for when they can accept a dog or cat into their insurance plan. Typical restrictions are around 12+ years of age.
No one can forecast when your dog or cat is going to digest something they shouldn't have or have an accident related injury. Luckily, pet insurance helps to protect the pet owner against unexpected veterinary bills that can reach into the $1,000s.
It is recommended to get pet insurance before winter or summer seasons. During those seasons, there are more dangerous elements that are exposing your pet to potential illness and accidents. As far as age goes for the puppy, insurance companies recommend getting your pet insurance when your new best friend arrives home.
Typically, insurance companies only insure cats and dogs. But some companies will insure dogs, horses, other large animals, cats, other small animals, rodents, reptiles, and birds.
Depending on the company, a pet insurance claim can be sent via several different methods. Methods can include email, fax, or regular mail. When completing a claim make sure to include all of your paid vet bill invoices, and any other required documents. When the claim is processed it will either be accepted with a reimbursement, more information needed (i.e. incomplete claim form), or denial (i.e. due to non-coverable services)
Of course, your pet insurance travels with you, wherever you go. Some insurance companies may have restrictions when it comes to international travel. Make sure to check with your pet insurance company if you plan on taking your furry friend across the border.
It depends greatly on which company and plan you decide to go with. Most pet insurance companies cover accidents and illnesses after a waiting period. If the illness is a preexisting condition, you're likely not to receive any coverage. It's important you understand the fine print of any plan you may decide to go with.
In general, veterinarians do not handle pet insurance claims. Veterinarians and the owner make choices for the pet's medical care and overall health. If the care is covered by the insurance, the insurance company will reimburse the owner a percentage of the bill (depending on the chosen insurance plan's coverage) after the care and service has been performed.

How Pet Insurance Can Save You Money

If you asked every pet lover you encountered in a day how they feel about their pets, they'd likely tell you they view them as family members, not pets. As such, most pet owners want their furry family members to live long and healthy lives.

One of the best ways to make sure that happens is by investing in a pet insurance policy.

Like their human counterparts, animals can get sick or be involved in accidents which can cause severe injury. They also need routine preventative healthcare in order to stay healthy - all of which can cost a pretty penny. Pet insurance plans are designed to help shoulder the burden of these costs, helping pet owners to have the choice in caring for their pet, versus euthanasia due to insufficient funding to pay for necessary medical procedures.

Currently, only one percent of the U.S. pet population - just under 3 million animals - is insured. However, industry trends indicate that pet health insurance policies are growing in popularity in the U.S., with an anticipated increase of up to 10 percent within the next five years.

The first official pet healthcare policy was sold in Britain in 1947. Britain trails only Sweden in the number of pet owners who provide insurance for their pets. Dogs are the most-insured pet, followed by cats and small exotic animals. While it is sold under the name "healthcare insurance," pet health insurance is actually under the insurance umbrella for property. According to insurance laws, pets are seen as property, so the insurance policy which covers them is similar to that for any other property owned by an individual.

Most pet owners understand that cost for care, as well as the likelihood that the pet will suffer from certain diseases and conditions, significantly increases as the pet ages. However, not many pet owners have stopped to ask themselves what they would do if their pet suffered a serious or unexpected injury. Average cost for mending a broken leg, for instance, can run between $2,000 and $5,000 without insurance coverage. Dogs, which are known for eating and swallowing items which can be harmful, may need emergency surgery to remove the item and repair any internal damage that may have been caused. That kind of procedure can cost up to $3,000. Many pet owners cannot afford such high up-front costs and most veterinarians require payment in full at the time of the procedure. That leaves many pet owners struggling with what to do for their pet when they can't afford the procedure that could help them.

Other conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, are on the rise in the pet population. One out of every 400 dogs and cats will be diagnosed with diabetes at some point in their lives. With the advent of medical procedures and interventions not previously available to our pets, many are living longer, which increases their chances of developing age-related conditions and injuries. Take for instance, a pet which develops diabetes. That animal would require insulin injections, much as its human counterpart diagnosed with the same condition would need. Monthly costs between insulin and the syringes needed to administer it can cost a couple hundred dollars. Then there is the glucose monitoring system required to keep track of your pet's insulin levels. Animal-specific monitors such as AlphaTrak can cost $200 by the time you purchase the monitor, the lancets and the testing strips.

Most pet policies cover these issues and many more, making them a good investment for pet owners. With a variety of plans from which to choose, pet owners can find one that is not only affordable to them, but which also covers their pet's annual medical needs.

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