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Wag Review

Friday, February 23rd

2024 Pet Sitter Service Reviews

Wag Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Free to join
  • Cat and dog specialization
  • Dog walking app
  • Options for in-home sits or check ins
  • GPS tracking for dog walks
  • "A" rating from the BBB

Wag has been open since 2014 and offers a variety of pet care services for dogs and cats specifically. When it comes to dog walking, Wag is a particularly popular choice. It offers a convenient solution for busy pet owners who cannot always provide the necessary attention and exercise for their dogs. If you have a kitty baby instead, Wag allows users to choose from a variety of professional check-ins or in-home pet sitters in their area. The service includes features like training for sitters and personalized report cards after each interaction, which makes Wag stand out as a free-to-browse option.

5 types of sitting services

To get started with Wag, you can choose from the 5 sitting options: walking, drop-ins, sitting, boarding, and training. Or, you can scroll down on the landing page to enter your local zip code to begin browsing. This will take you to a variety of listings that tell you when a sitter last provided services through Wag, whether or not the individual has completed a background check, and how highly-rated the sitter is in terms of their pet sitting experience. Further, you can read a short blurb about the sitter and their specialties while you browse. The first page of listings is available whether or not you have an account, but if you want to keep browsing, you will be asked to create one with Wag.

Top service for dog walking

One of the highlighted services on this website is the Wag dog walking and pet sitting app. It's designed to provide convenience for busy dog owners who may not always be available to give their dogs the exercise they need. Wag allows users to choose from a pool of professional dog walkers and pet sitters in their area. The service also offers insurance coverage, live GPS tracking during walks, and background checks on walkers. The app also provides personalized report cards after each interaction with a caregiver, including details as the distance walked, time spent, and whether the dog relieved itself.

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Security checks in place

To ensure safety, Wag requires every new hire to undergo a criminal background check and a pet care knowledge test. However, site users may not always have the option to choose who takes care of their pets when looking for short-notice pet sitters. Also, the availability of the service may also be limited in rural areas where fewer local pet sitters are available to begin with.

Middle-ground ratings from users

In terms of user experience and customer satisfaction, Wag is a great middle-ground option. The site has an average star rating of 3 out of 5 stars and a great "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. The reviews in general were mixed with some complaints about customers regarding the boarding services for pets or that they struggled with extra charges for services they didn't want. On the other hand, many reviewers loved their pet sitters from Wag. Though, these are primarily reviews for the dog-walking service, and not many mentioned the services for cats.

A competitive option, but not best in class

Overall, Wag is a decent middle-ground service. Although users may not have complete control over their service provider, and the app may not be suitable for those in small towns, the reviews note that someone looking for a trustworthy dog walker can definitely trust Wag for this service. While we'd love to see more options for exotic pets or even a bird or bunny, Wag is worth looking into for your dog or cat family members.

Where is the Best Place to Find a Pet Sitter?

Are you planning a fun getaway, but you're worried about your furry friends? Sometimes you can find a relative or a neighbor to watch your puppy, lizard, or bird. However, that doesn't always work out, and you still need someone you trust to watch the extra members of your little family who can't travel with you. Thankfully, there are lots of services that help connect pet owners to pet sitters out there today.

While pet sitters used to be a word-of-mouth service, or based on who you knew locally, the addition of pet sitting services online has made it much easier to find animal carers anytime you need them. Online platforms provide a convenient way for pet owners to find reliable and trustworthy pet sitters. With just a few clicks, pet owners can connect with potential sitters from the comfort of their homes.

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Pet Sitter Service FAQ

This will differ greatly based on a number of factors. How many dogs you have, how long you need them watched, and if they need to spend the night are just a few of the price considerations. Sitters generally set their own prices, so you can work out the specifics with them.
You can! Almost all of the services offer a background check for the sitters. You can then find the ones who have done this, and hire them with a clear conscience. Still, with the internet, you should always be wary of profiles with little information offered.
Using a service to find a petsitter can be a great choice. You can find people with exactly what you want in a sitter. It also works great if you don't know many people where you live who can watch your pet for you.
You do get to choose the sitter. Usually you pick preferences of what you are looking for and the site will recommend options. Ultimately you will pick the person who takes care of your pet, just make sure to look at different options.
This is an unfortunate possibility when using an online service. Most services recommend meeting with a potential sitter before you hire them, to avoid this. Always listen to your gut feeling, especially when it comes to your pet's care.
There is a lot of variety! Tons of people are eager to pet sit, so all you need to do is find the right match for you. There are lots of options for choosing your sitter, from the person to the level of care they will give your pet.
This depends on you. Some people prefer having their pets stay at home for the animal's comfort, while others don't want strangers in their house. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can look at several options before deciding the right fit for you.
You absolutely can! A lot of people are more comfortable having an informal "interview' first to meet each other. It's important to make sure you are comfortable with any caregiver before deciding to hire them.
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One of the primary benefits of using an online pet sitting service is security. According to a survey conducted by Pet Sitters International (PSI), approximately 40% of pet owners preferred using online pet sitting services or apps to find pet sitters. One of the main reasons for this is that users found a higher level of trust in online pet sitting services.

The same survey by PSI mentioned above showed that over 70% of pet owners felt confident in the professionalism and reliability of online pet sitters. This is partially due to the qualifications and details about the individual pet sitters provided on pet sitting sites.

Furthermore, pet sitting websites and apps offer a wide selection of pet sitters with various backgrounds, experience levels, and availability. This allows owners to find the perfect match for their specific needs and requirements, even on short notice.

So, how do you find the best place to hire a pet sitter? There are so many choices out there today, it can seem overwhelming when you start browsing. With your furry family members involved, we understand why you want to take extra care in finding the perfect match.

If you're not sure where to start, we've got your back. Here's a list of things to help you narrow down your search for the best pet sitter.

  • Price: Many pet sitting sites are free to use. Although some do charge for memberships, this could be worth it depending on the features you're looking for. Keep in mind what you're willing to pay for and compare those features to the free services.
  • Pet Types: While lots of pet moms and dads have puppies or kitty cats, some pet parents have more exotic animals like birds, reptiles, or fish. It's important to make sure that the sitting service you're looking at offers options for the type of pet you have.
  • User Interface: Shopping online is popular everywhere nowadays. For that reason, there's almost no excuse for a poor user interface. Keep away from sites that frustrate you, and make it easier on yourself to find that next pet sitter.
  • Security: For a lot of pet sitting situations, you're letting a stranger into your home. To that end, you want to make sure a pet sitting service does the background security checks for you before you hire. Look for things like ID verification or background checks before you hand over your house key.

To help you feel completely confident about leaving your pet in the care of someone else, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the most popular places to hire a pet sitter out there today. We hope this will make choosing where to find someone to take care of your furry friends a stress-free process so you can enjoy your vacation and know your family is in great hands.

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