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Picaboo vs Snapfish

Friday, June 21st

2024 Photo Card Company Reviews

Picaboo Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Around 450 photo card designs to choose from
  • Create-your-own option
  • Prices from $1.29 per card
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee (but no refunds)
  • In business since 2002

Since 2002, Picaboo has offered customized photo cards, calendars, home decor, and photo books. They provide around 400 photo card designs and a user-friendly preview tool. Otherwise, this platform has some limitations, prices are higher than average, and customer feedback highlights concerns about photo quality and customer service. We recommend checking out Picaboo's rivals first, where you'll get a better satisfaction guarantee and thousands more designs to choose from.

Snapfish Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Over 6,000 templates for photo cards
  • Design Your Own feature available
  • Pricing starts at $1.20/card
  • Have cards shipped to you or pick up at nearby Walgreens
  • Can have cards stamped, addressed, and sent for you

Snapfish, a photography service since 1999 based in San Francisco, doesn't shine bright in the customer satisfaction department. With a "D-" rating from the BBB and a slew of unhappy customers, it's a bit risky to order photo cards here. They do offer over 6,000 designs, starting at $1.20 per card, with options for convenient pick-up at Walgreens or stamping and sending your cards. However, reports of website glitches, pixelation issues, and a challenging customer service experience have left many unimpressed. With a 1.3-star average rating on Trustpilot, Snapfish is not your best bet for photo cards.

What's the Best Place to Order Photo Cards?

Photo cards have been a timeless way to capture and share moments of significance in people's lives. While they were once primarily associated with graduation and wedding announcements, photo cards have evolved over the years to become a versatile and popular tool for personal expression, celebration, and communication. In this era of digital-everything, photo cards offer a somewhat nostalgic, tangible and heartfelt way to convey emotions and commemorate special occasions.

And in recent years, photo cards have seen a surge in popularity. In this visual age, where swift info consumption is key, photo cards shine. Visual stories are mightier than just words, and appeal to our quick-paced lives. These cards crystallize moments, capturing feelings for both the sender and the receiver.

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Photo Card Company FAQ

Photo cards take your images and turn them into mailable greetings. Some of the most popular types of photo cards are wedding announcements, graduations and holidays.
That depends on the photo card shop you choose. Many of them have a minimum number of cards to place an order, usually 10 or 25, but some let you buy a single card. Of course, you'll pay more per card for a one-off purchase than you will for an order of 100.
Not necessarily. Again, if you're ordering multiples of the same card, you can easily get them for less than $1 each. You'll also find single-card options for less than $2. And, as you'd expect, the more premium options you include - like foil, embossing, and so on - the more you'll pay per card.
Yes, most of the time. A standard white envelope is usually included, but you'll often find options for color-coordinated or pre-addressed ones too (for an extra fee).
How much time do you have? You can personalize most photo cards to your heart's content, playing with shapes, fonts, colors and image placement until you have the design you're excited to send out.
Definitely. Most photo card sites have thousands of options ranging from casual to elegant, classic to whimsical, and everything in between. Just upload the photo you want to include, enter the accompanying text, and you're ready to go - no artsy tweaking required.
That varies. You could get them as quickly as two or three days from when you placed your order. Most print shops estimate a one-week turnaround on photo cards.
Don't panic. Many photo card stores have generous satisfaction guarantees in place. You can usually get a reprint (with expedited delivery) at no cost. If the error was on your side, like misspelling a name or putting in the wrong date, you might have to pay a fee for the new order - but less than the price of the original purchase.
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As proof, you can look no further than social media. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and the rest have blossomed because of pictures. People sculpt their online selves, turning stories into visual timelines. Photo cards extend this digital tale into the tangible realm, offering a physical side to the online identity. They let people share treasured moments beyond the fleeting nature of digital posts.

Naturally, you may be looking at photo cards exactly for those two typical occasions: weddings and graduations. There's no shame in that game. People love receiving pictures of the happy couple or the accomplished graduate, especially if it's someone they don't get to see in real life as often as they'd like. But, there are plenty of other occasions where a photo card could lend just the right touch.

For example, custom holiday photo cards have become a beloved tradition, allowing families to share their joy and highlight memorable moments from the year. New parents often choose photo cards to introduce their newborns to family and friends, adding a personal touch to the announcement. The same goes for birthday invitations and thank-you cards (and those might be the perfect follow-up to those wedding invitations and graduation announcements).

Aspiring creatives can also make great use of photo cards. They're a terrific way to share art prints, inspirational quotes, or as a platform for showcasing photography.

If you're on board with the notion that photo cards are a great way to share your holiday or special occasion, do you know where to buy them? There are many online stores that cater to photo card production - but they vary widely in cost and quality.

When selecting a platform to create photo cards, here are some criteria that can help you get the best product and experience:

  • Price. Compare the pricing structure, including card options, sizes, and quantity discounts. Look for hidden fees like shipping costs. And, if you need a large quantity of cards for events like weddings or corporate functions, inquire about bulk ordering discounts.
  • Editing tools. You want a site that doesn't give you a headache when you're putting together your photo cards. The ability to customize layouts, add filters, text, and adjust colors can significantly impact your final product.
  • Integration with social media and cloud storage. If you have photos stored on social media or cloud platforms, consider whether the service allows easy access to these sources for card creation.
  • Reputation. Read reviews to see what customers say about the quality of the final product, including paper type, color accuracy, and image clarity. High-quality printing is essential for a professional look. Also, what do they say about the availability of customer support, including live chat, email, or phone? That can be crucial if you encounter issues or have questions during the design and ordering process.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Look for a satisfaction guarantee or return policy that provides peace of mind in case you're not satisfied with the final product.

Photo cards continue to be a beloved means of commemorating life's milestones and expressing creativity, so the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have researched and ranked today's most popular platforms. We're confident that this information will help you get photo cards that exceed your expectations and deliver a meaningful way to share your cherished moments with others.

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