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Piano Marvel Review

Sunday, April 21st

2024 Piano Lesson Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Piano Marvel Review 5 Star Rating

Piano Marvel

5 Star Rating
  • Priced at $15.99 per month or $119.99 per year
  • Free trial
  • Lessons based in app technology
  • Connects with teachers and students
  • Used by renowned universities
  • Play-along tools
  • Video lessons
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Accessible to anyone with a device that supports apps
  • Offers sheet music
  • 14-day full refund policy
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Piano Marvel stands out as a highly effective online piano learning tool suitable for individuals, educators, and academic institutions. Schools with renowned music programs like Baylor University, BYU, Colorado State, TCU, and Utah Valley University have incorporated Piano Marvel into their curricula.

Self-paced or teacher's tool

This platform provides teachers with a valuable tool to assess their students' progress and streamline grading. Meanwhile, individuals using the software are connected with a self-paced learning experience, offering them the opportunity to monitor their own advancement. Piano Marvel offers a unique blend of connecting teachers and students with self-teaching methods.

Guided video lessons focus on technique

Piano Marvel's teaching methods are noteworthy due to their video lesson approach. In these videos, instructors' hands are displayed playing the piano alongside the sheet music. This synchronized presentation enables learners to observe and comprehend the music concurrently teaching both music reading skills and finger/hand placement. With the flexibility to toggle between various modes such as prepare, assess, and sight reading assessments, students can tailor their learning experience, pace themselves, track their progress, and put their knowledge to the test.

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From beginner to expert

The method helps students from beginner level up to college-level musicians, so there's a lesson at Piano Marvel for everyone. Another of Piano Marvel's standout features is its extensive repertoire. With over 10,000 songs available for learners, you can choose between the latest chart-toppers to beloved classics and holiday favorites so you can start playing your favorites ASAP.

Impressive accessibility for teachers and students

Piano Marvel has impressive accessibility. For educators and schools that have adopted Piano Marvel, the platform allows the uploading of custom exercises and songs to cater to specific teaching needs. An automated tracking system records students' practice sessions, including the time spent and exercise scores, providing instructors with valuable data to assess student progress, set goals, and efficiently evaluate assignments. Piano Marvel's compatibility with PCs, Macs, and iPads offers both students and teachers access to their music and data with ease from the classroom to at-home practice sessions.

Flexible membership options

Piano Marvel offers flexible payment options, with a monthly subscription priced at $15.99 per month or pay by the year at $110.99. If you want to try it out before committing, you can stick with a free account, which gives you access to the level one lessons and songs. Once you've subscribed to the premium membership, you can access all of the lessons and courses available at Piano Marvel. In addition, they have an online shop where you can purchase sheet music individually, with prices varying from $1.99 to $3.99. Piano Marvel regularly updates its music library with fresh content, making it a dynamic and comprehensive resource.

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14-day refunds

Piano Marvel's commitment to user satisfaction is evident through its 14-day refund policy. In the rare event that users find the platform unsuitable for their piano learning needs, a full refund can be obtained within that 14-day window. While this isn't the longest return policy out there, it's highly competitive with other piano lesson platforms in the industry.

Top scores from app reviewers

Like a few other sites in our review, Piano Marvel is app-based for the most part. This means most of the reviews are available only on Apple and Google Play. There isn't a page on the Better Business Bureau for the company, so the app reviews give us the best look at this site's reputation. Coming in with an impressive 4.7 stars out of 5, Piano Marvel holds praise from teachers and students alike. Several reviews say that this app is the closest thing you can find that compares to a real teacher. Customers also loved the collection of sheet music which helps them play particular arrangements of songs through Piano Marvel's learning system. Plus, don't forget this is a tried and true method used in renowned music programs at the college level, which is an impressive endorsement.

Top pick for reputation and function

Based on Piano Marvel's established reputation as a top-tier resource for online piano lessons, we are confident that students who engage with its lessons will experience significant progress and success. Given all the bonuses including flexible costs, refund options, and an impressive library of both music and sheet music, you can easily find pretty much anything you need to start (or continue) playing the piano. For these reasons Piano Marvel stands out as our top pick for piano lessons online today.

Where's the Best Place to Find Piano Lessons Online Today?

Have you always wanted to plunk out a tune for your friends and family? Are you seeking to grow your piano-playing technique, or perhaps to elevate your existing skills to new heights? Maybe you've got a little remorse for neglecting those childhood piano lessons (hey, don't worry, we understand!) and are now yearning to revisit this musical journey.

While some might argue that digital piano lessons (no matter how they're taught) can't replace the in-person quality of piano, we're here to check out all the options for you and tell you what's what. Which sites are worth your time if you're just starting out? Which sites are best for enjoying the music and learning along the way?

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Piano Lesson FAQ

The real question is how well do you want to be able to play? If you just want to play the basic one-finger rendition of Hot Cross Buns, you can have that down in just a few minutes! Of course, most people have bigger goals like playing a song they love or accompanying singers at church. Piano instruction is often measured by levels from 1-10, and the average student will master one level per year of instruction and practice. Your results may vary.
Absolutely. No one is too young or too old to learn the basics of playing the piano. Naturally, the type of instruction used for children who aren't reading yet will be different from what is used by older kids and adults.
Yes! In fact, some piano lessons are used by respected universities to provide self-paced instruction to their students - without having to set foot in the music department!
If you're taking lessons from a local teacher, you could pay anywhere from $20 to $50 for a half-hour lesson. On the other hand, if you're using an online system or another form of self-guided instruction, you could learn to play for less than $10 per month! Costs vary depending on which program you choose, but all of them are much more affordable than one-on-one instruction.
Not usually. A small keyboard will usually suffice. Some piano lesson platforms use a specific electronic keyboard to interface with the computer and deliver lessons.
That completely depends on the lesson format you select. Old-school piano lessons might require a DVD player, while more technologically-advanced platforms use a laptop or tablet. The most important equipment, though, is your willingness to practice!
Don't worry: if Chopin makes you cranky there are options that use much more modern pieces to help you learn. There's even a piano lesson program that has famous instructors like Quincy Jones and Harry Connick Jr.!
Most of the time. Policies vary, but it's common to see a refund policy or free trial, to ensure that you've chosen a style of piano lessons that works for you.
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Mastery of the piano is a versatile skill, and music is known for being an invaluable pursuit not just for impressing your friends with expert renditions of the Piano Man, but also for helping your mind and body connect with memory skills and the beauty of musical expression. And, it's something you can use surprisingly often.

Whether you want to step in as an accompanist in a school play for your kiddos, regale and entertain guests in your home, find solace and expression through therapeutic musical outlets, or even work towards that dream of taking center stage as a professional performer, your decision to learn piano is one that you'll undoubtedly cherish. As with any pursuit, success hinges on your dedication to practice and your unwavering commitment to the online lessons that will unlock your latent musical prowess, ultimately allowing you to savor the joy of your newfound talent.

For most of us, piano lessons have traditionally been offered in two primary settings: private lessons at home where a seasoned piano professional teaches you theory, performance, and technique from a variety of method books, or at a local studio, fostering a collaborative environment where students frequently showcase their burgeoning talents to their peers. While some students find these settings to be invigorating opportunities for growth, others may feel a certain apprehension, preferring the intimate setting of solitary learning from the comfort of their homes.

In-person piano lessons also carry a hefty financial burden. Learning in your home means paying for the teacher and their travel fees, which can mean you're looking at lessons over $70 an hour. However, in the age of technology, there are new and exciting ways to learn the piano without those long-term financial commitments.

No matter your reason for seeking out piano lessons, there's plenty of places to choose from. As the digital age unfolds, a multitude of online piano lesson options, each ready to cater to your unique musical aspirations, are available to you. There are plenty of different learning styles, but the bottom line is: you can find instruction that's similar in content and methodology to that private teacher feel, and we're going to help you find which ones.

To get you started on your journey through treble and bass clef, to arpeggios, scales, and music technique, we've put together a quick list of key things (pun intended) to help you find the best fit for your new piano lessons. If you're not sure where to start, take a peek at these factors first:

  • Cost. Choosing online piano lessons will get you savings every time when compared to traditional in-person lessons. However, not all online courses are created equal. Variations in pricing often correlate with the inclusion of supplementary materials, access to live instructors, and an extensive catalog of songs for learning. So making sure the site has what you need at a reasonable price may help you make a decision.
  • Format. The format and teaching methods for piano courses are extremely important. Looking for courses that offer one-on-one feedback or live lessons can really help you take your piano studies from beginner to advanced. On the other hand, some students do much better with a gamified approach. Knowing your learning style and what kind of methods each site uses can help you find the best fit.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. While you want to get started with piano ASAP, not all methods and courses will harmonize with your individual learning journey. It's perfectly normal to discover that a particular course may not be the right fit for you. So, keep an eye out for piano courses that offer money-back guarantees or a refund window so you can feel secure with trying out a piano course without committing to long-term fees.

Guided by a love of music and experience with piano, the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have reviewed and ranked the top online piano lesson sites out there. Our aim is to give you the proverbial theory book on how to find your way to piano mastery. We hope you find a harmonious and melodic fit, where your musical aspirations can flourish unencumbered.

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