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Walmart Review

Friday, December 2nd

2022 Pool Table Store Reviews

Walmart Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Over 1,000 pool tables to choose from
  • Prices range from $6 to $5,410
  • Free delivery on some pool tables
  • Customer reviews on many items
  • In-home installation available on some tables
  • Return policy depends on fulfillment (Walmart or third-party seller)

Who doesn't love a good deal at Walmart? The next time you're filling your online shopping cart, you might be tempted to just sneak a "little" pool table into your order - right along with your groceries and shampoo. With over a thousand styles to choose from, you're bound to find something that could work for your game room.

Tabletop toys under $100

As you'd expect, the pool tables sold by Walmart range from cheap little toys to mid-range, sturdy models you'd see in a typical game room - but nothing super-high-end or fancy. In the Under $100 range, you'll get little tabletop styles that are more for amusement than anything else. Since most people researching pool tables aren't exactly looking for plastic toys, let's take a look at the more traditional styles sold by Walmart instead. To get started, you should probably use the filters to narrow down the results by size or another aspect you have in mind, like the price range.

Want a $5,400 table in under a week?

The most expensive pool table offered by Walmart at the time of this review was the 8' American Craftsman Ashwood Slate design by AFD Home, which cost $5,410. It didn't have many details: only one photo, no customer reviews (but are we really surprised? Who buys a $5k pool table from Walmart?), and one long description with a few bits of info that might be important (like the limited lifetime warranty and the materials used in the pool table's construction). We were impressed that we could get it delivered for free in less than a week.

Best Pool Table Stores

More than 200 reviews on an $850 pool table

Walmart's most popular pool table, with almost 300 reviews averaging 3.4 out of 5 stars, is the Barrington Billiards' Ball and Claw Leg 90" Pool Table, which comes with a bonus dartboard/cue rack. Priced at $849.99, it's a pretty solid value for the size and is available in burgundy, brown, or green felt. Despite being much less expensive than the one we described earlier, this pool table had much more to go on. Not just the 200+ reviews and ratings, but also a detailed description, multiple product images, and the helpful tidbit that it "does not fit in most vehicles" if you were thinking of ordering online and picking it up at your local Walmart.

Pay attention to items offered by Walmart vs. third parties

Speaking of which, there's one aspect of buying your pool table (or anything else, really) from Walmart's online store that you need to be aware of: not everything sold there is actually fulfilled by Walmart itself. For example, the highest-end pool table was on offer through a third-party seller offering free delivery and 30-day returns, while the Barrington Billiards model came via Walmart's freight shipping but with a 90-day return window. This "marketplace" style of the Walmart store isn't a bad thing, but it makes a difference if you think you might need an exchange or refund - and it influences whether or not in-home installation is offered as an add-on service.

Surprisingly good for budget-friendly pool tables

You might be surprised at how much Walmart really has to offer when it comes to buying pool tables. No, you're not going to get anything truly high-end, but this could be just the right retailer if you want a decent pool table at a reasonable price. Just keep an eye on which business will be fulfilling your order and how that may impact your shipping costs and returns.

Who Sells the Best Pool Tables?

Sometimes referred to as billiards (though that's a slightly different game), pool has been played since the 1300s. While there are many ways to play, the most well-known is 8-ball or "stripes and solids" . The rules vary depending on where you play and with whom, but from dedicated pool halls to family game rooms alike, it can be as fun or strategic (or both) as you want to make it.

Buying a pool table can be challenging, mostly because of its size. Pool tables often weigh more than 1,000 pounds, so your average retailer isn't going to have many of them on display even if they offer them for sale: they just take up too much room and they're too hard to move. You might have a specialty store near you that sells recreational furniture (like foosball tables and barstools), but even then they're limited to the amount of floor space they have.

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Pool Table Store FAQ

That depends on who you're asking! Billiards usually means any tabletop game that uses a cue ball and stick, while pool refers to a game with pockets. And then there's snooker, which has very specific rules related to the color point value of the 22 balls involved.
Obviously you'll need enough room for the table itself. But, don't forget to take into account the pool cues when you're playing! You need at least five feet of clearance on all sides of the table, since most cues are about that long.
There are cheap pool tables that cost under $100, but they're usually more like toys than actual equipment you'd use in a game room at your home. Most traditional pool tables start around $2000, with the most luxurious, high-end models coming in at $10,000 and up.
At a minimum, you'll need a pool cue and set of pool balls. They may or may not be included as part of the package when you purchase your pool table. Other common accessories are chalk for the cue tips, wall racks for holding your cues, a bridge stick for hard-to-reach shots, a table brush, and racks for setting up the balls on the table.
Pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. When your table is installed professionally, it's leveled for that particular spot; moving it can make the slate shift and cause the table to no longer be level. You may want to consider having your table moved by a technician; if you choose to do it yourself, a professional leveling and adjustment may be in order.
Brush, brush, brush. It can take months to break in new cloth on a pool table, and there's no such thing as "brushing too much" . If you choose to use a vacuum, make sure to use an attachment and not rotating brushes. You can also use a damp, lint-free towel every so often to wipe down the pool table's cloth.
You can - but you shouldn't. You could scratch the finish, damage the cloth, or even wind up making the table not level. It's recommended that you keep your table out of direct sunlight and use a pool table cover to protect it from dust.
Check the retailer's policy before making your purchase. Most stores won't accept returns on assembled products. Also, if you return a pool table that you haven't assembled yet, you'll likely have to pay restocking fees and/or return shipping costs. You might be better off trying to sell the table locally instead.
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The solution? You guessed it: buy your pool table online! Many brick-and-mortar stores offer their complete selection through their internet storefronts, and some retailers can save you money as an online-only merchant (since you're not paying for overhead on an actual shop location). If you want a truly customized table, with felt that perfectly matches your decor and every possible upgrade, this is the best way to do it - all while avoiding any pressure to buy something on the sales floor that isn't what you really had in mind.

But isn't delivery really expensive? No, because most online pool table stores give it to you for free. However, that usually doesn't include anything beyond curbside drop off. If you want professional installation - which we recommend, so that you get a perfectly-level pool table and an intact product warranty - you'll pay extra, either through the retailer's network or by hiring someone on your own. That can add $200 or much more to your cost, so keep that in mind.

What else should you consider when deciding where to buy your pool table? Here's a list of criteria you can use:

  • Selection. How many pool tables are in stock? Are there multiple options within your desired price range?
  • Price. What will you pay for the pool table you want? How much will it cost to upgrade to the felt color or other features you'd like, such as a ball return or a premium accessory kit? Is delivery included in the price?
  • Delivery Timeframe. How long will it take to get your pool table delivered? Some pool table stores can get it to you within a week, while others can take a month or longer.
  • Customer Service. What do people say about the overall experience with the pool table store, from sales to support? Will the installers show up on time? Will you get a fast, appropriate response if your pool table doesn't hold up as expected under normal use?

To help you find the best pool table for your game room, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked today's most popular retailers. We're sure this information will make it easy to find the right pool table for the space you have. Rack "em up!

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