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Rosetta Stone Review

Wednesday, September 28th

2022 Portuguese Lesson Reviews

Rosetta Stone Review 4 Star Rating

Rosetta Stone

4 Star Rating
  • Brazilian Portuguese lessons
  • 3-day free trial
  • Immersion-based learning with lots of images
  • Great speech recognition tool to help you sound like a native speaker
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Who doesn't know Rosetta Stone? Used by tens of thousands of corporations, organizations, and educational institutions - and many more individual customers too - this company often sets the standard for language lessons.


In the past, students could only use Rosetta Stone via expensive CD-ROMs. Fortunately, the company has moved their Portuguese lessons to an online model (like most other language-learning platforms). Pricing is much more affordable now too: $35.97 for three months, $95.88 for a year, or $299 for a lifetime access plan for all of the Rosetta Stone Languages. Depending on the promotions available, you might be able to get that full, unlimited access for even less: we spotted a deal that made it just $179. Good luck finding that kind of pricing somewhere else! Your purchase is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.


  • $35.97 for 3 months of Portuguese access
  • $95.88 for 12 months of Portuguese
  • $299 ($179 with promo pricing) for lifetime access to all languages

Definitely use the 3-day free trial first

You can get a free trial for three days: just enter an email address (doesn't even have to be yours, *wink*) and you'll get started. Rosetta Stone will ask you to choose your current level of Portuguese: Beginner, Intermediate, or Proficient. You'll also be asked what your purpose is for learning the language: work, travel, family or "basics and beyond" . That will impact the content you're given to study: for example, when we chose the Proficient setting and "basics and beyond" , our first week's lessons were about correspondence, the second week was careers, and the third was giving and following instructions. When we clicked "leave plan" and selected the Travel path, our first lesson was about time, arrivals, and departures.

Voice recognition set-up

As you set up your Rosetta Stone account, you'll be asked to select your voice type: adult male, adult female, or child. You'll need that for the speech recognition activities that are a hallmark of the language lessons here.

Best Portuguese Lessons

Get ready for full immersion

Prepare yourself for a learning experience that might make you feel a little uncomfortable at first. Rosetta Stone uses immersion-based instruction, so your Day 1, Lesson 1 will give you nothing but Portuguese! Wait, what? I don't speak it yet! That's okay. You'll be given easy-to-understand images, like boy-girl-man-woman and then asked to match the picture to the written and spoken word. Gradually, Rosetta Stone builds up your ability to recognize vocabulary, phrases, and full sentences, and then to produce it yourself: all without lengthy grammar explanations in English. That may be an acquired taste for some students who might be delighted to learn verb conjugations and get detailed, overt information about when to make contractions like dessa and numa.

Little content for more advanced Portuguese students

Rosetta Stone is a good choice for beginning students of Portuguese, but not as ideal if you've already learned it for a while. When we tried out the hardest content levels, we were still identifying colors and saying basic sentences in the present tense only. That's what you'd likely cover at the end of a Portuguese 101 class in college, or maybe the second year at a high school level. Comparing that with other Portuguese lessons that offer strong grammatical instruction ranging from all the verb tenses to complex discussion of current events, Rosetta Stone comes up short for more advanced learners.

Trustworthy, familiar option for learning Portuguese

This company has been around for a long time, and is one of the most recognized names in the language learning industry. We're so glad to see all the changes that Rosetta Stone has made, allowing more students to use their platform to learn Portuguese and many other languages. If you're new to the language (or to learning a new one in general), Rosetta Stone might feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning because of the immersion approach. But, we encourage you to give the three-day trial a chance: you could find it to be the perfect way for you to study Portuguese.

Where Are the Best Portuguese Lessons?

Maybe you're enchanted by the images of carnaval and your dream is to see it in person someday. Or you live in a tourist destination frequently visited by Brazilians and it would help you in your job to be able to speak Portuguese. Whether your interest in the language is for business or pleasure, it's important to know how to go about learning it!

The truth is, not many places offer Portuguese classes (unless you live near a university). It should come as no surprise that the majority of people learning it today are doing so online! From one-on-one tutoring to fun apps you can use on the go, there's no shortage of ways to improve your fluency and get ready to have actual conversations in Portuguese.

The Best Portuguese Lessons Compare Portuguese Lessons Compare Portuguese Lesson Reviews What are the best Portuguese Lessons Best Portuguese Lesson Reviews

Portuguese Lesson FAQ

Portuguese ranks seventh overall among world languages, with approximately 223 million speakers. 150 million speak Brazilian Portuguese, but it's also the official language of Portugal, Angola, and Mozambique.
Yes, but fortunately they're all mutually understood. Depending on the Portuguese lessons you select, you may learn European (as regulated by the Sciences Academy of Lisbon) or Brazilian (which is more commonly used worldwide). The differences between the two are similar to British and American English, with variations of accents and vocabulary but essentially the same grammar and structure.
E facil! For most native speakers of English, especially those that are already familiar with Spanish or Italian, Portuguese is one of the easiest languages to learn. And, with Brazilians being known as some of the most warm, friendly people on the planet, you should have no shortage of "helpers" with whom you can falar portugues.
The good news is that the alphabet is almost exactly the same, with the exception of accented vowels and one letter - so start by learning how the Portuguese letters are pronounced differently from English. You can also pick up some basic vocabulary based on how you'll be using the language: for travel, for business, or just for fun. Finally, it's a good idea to start watching movies and TV shows in Portuguese: it's the quickest way to develop a more native accent and learn new words and phrases naturally.
It's not easy to find Portuguese lessons in person unless you live near a university. Lucky for you, there are a wide variety of online providers that give you fun, informative instruction at your convenience. You don't have to fit a class into your busy schedule when you can study whenever and wherever you like!
Most smartphone keyboards make it easy: you may have to enable Portuguese in your language settings first, but from there you can usually select the base letter (like "o" or "c" ) and the accented options will pop up. On your computer keyboard, most systems have shortcuts you can use; alternately, there are online keyboard websites that let you copy-paste Portuguese characters as needed.
Not at all: you can learn basic Portuguese for less than $100, or under $25 per month with a recurring subscription. It just depends on the lesson platform you choose and how many features you want (e.g. basic words and phrases or a certificate of completion and live help from language instructors). No matter which type of Portuguese lessons you select, you'll pay much less than you would for a college course.
Possibly. If you're using a month-to-month program, you can almost always cancel future payments but you might not get any money back. With one-off purchases of Portuguese lesson packages, it's common to get a 30- or 60-day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund. It's a good idea to see if the Portuguese lessons you're considering have a free sample lesson or trial period before you make your choice: put it to the test and see if you like the way the class is taught and if it feels right for how you learn best.
Compare the Best Reviews

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Which Portuguese lessons are right for you? The first consideration is your current level of knowledge. Some providers are best-suited to beginners because they don't offer much beyond the basics of "Oi, tudo bem?" and "Eu gosto de comer frango" . You'll want to select a language service that has the right level and quantity of content for as long as you expect to study Portuguese.

Another important factor is how you prefer to learn. Some students want their lessons to be as game-like as possible, with lots of points, badges, and leaderboards. Others feel more comfortable with a traditional, straightforward approach: detailed grammatical lessons (preferably in English first!), lots of repetition, and no competition with other students. There are Portuguese lessons that suit both of those learning styles - and a few that even combine them!

Once you've identified a few good choices for your language learning, here are some criteria you can use to help make your final selection:

  • Value. What does the platform give you at no obligation, like a free trial or sample lessons? What fee-based options are there? Is it a subscription or a one-time cost? How much content will you get for what you pay? Even a "cheap" Portuguese lesson service can be a poor value if it doesn't give you well-structured teaching and plenty to learn.
  • Ease of Use. If you get frustrated with the Portuguese program, you'll likely find it hard to motivate yourself to practice. Take advantage of any options that let you give it a test run before you pay for a subscription. If you notice that you're excited to do just one more lesson or listen to one more dialogue, that's a good sign.
  • Reputation. What do other students say about the Portuguese lessons? Does the company have a good track record for offering quality content and a platform that works as expected?
  • Refund Policy. Once you've paid for your Portuguese lessons, can you get your money back if you're not satisfied? Many services give you a timeframe of 15-60 days to request a refund, but not all do. Understand the provider's terms and conditions before committing to a paid plan.

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the best options for taking Portuguese lessons. We're confident that this information will help you choose the right learning platform to get you falando portugues in no time!

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